[Revealed] How To Make Money Online Blueprints 2024

Updated: January 6, 2024
by Ray Alexander

You may have already searched for how to make money online and got a number of suggestions. Those lists may give you some ideas, but only a few of them are realistic. 'Answer surveys for cash' for example - you'd be clicking checkboxes frantically all day to make a couple of dollars. 'Sell your photos' or 'start a consulting business' - you would have already thought about using your special skill for sure, if you had one!

This guide is for anyone who doesn't have a professional qualification but wishes to make their main income source online. No easy way around it, because it is about your career.

And any careers require a learning process. None of the options here will fill your bank account with cash so soon. Some can take months before your effort starts to pay off, but they'll be worth it because it'll be your career!

How To Make Money Online Blueprint

#1 Niche Affiliate Marketing Business

In case you don't know - affiliate marketing is a practice where you recommend products to your audience, and receive a commission from the retailer or manufacturer upon sales.

Let Me Clarify... No Scam!

In this guide, I'm calling it 'niche' affiliate marketing because I want to differentiate what I'm referring to from so-called scamming businesses.

Affiliate marketing method is widely available and easily accessible by anyone. And I mean anyone, regardless of their occupation, personality, criminal records (!) Or any sort of living status. Except for some countries or states where the method is specifically prohibited. Easily accessible because very little or no capital investment is required to get it started.

But it also means the market is full of 'experienced' fraudsters trying to target innocent online business hopefuls. They continuously introduce fake products in the most deceptive way - products that claim to make a miracle happen (typically earn a large sum of money or dramatically lose weight) without any effort in a short period of time.

As a result, the term 'affiliate marketing' itself is often associated with internet scams. For that reason, I'm extremely reluctant to call myself an affiliate marketer. Many major email service providers such as Mailchimp refuse to serve affiliate marketers for the very reason. Quite rightly.

Sorry, long introduction...

'Niche' Marketing

What I mean by 'niche marketing' here is, you promote any niche (a class of products) that you have a passion for. You help people by recommending products or brands. You tell people what you know, voice your opinions publicly via your website, primarily. You will not 'sell', because you're not a seller. You will not 'advertise' because you're not an advertiser. You will help people.

I'll give you an easy example. You love leather shoes and you know a lot about them. You know how to take care of them, what kind of leather shoes can go with jeans or formalwear, which ones are the best value, etc. There are people who look to buy leather shoes for various reasons. Because they need a pair for work, need one for special occasions, just need something to wear, or because they simply want to look good. They're looking to buy products to make their lives better. So you help them, by recommending which ones you think is best. 

People will buy products via your special affiliate link in your website, and you'll receive a commission from the shoe seller. Your intention should be genuine. No hard-selling, no spamming, no deceptions. That's what you should do!

The following two articles will help you get started:

How To Create A Website For Affiliate Marketing

How To Create A Website For Affiliate Marketing

A complete guide for affiliate newbies, including step-by-step to display your legal disclaimer and privacy policy page.

Read More >

How To Make Money As Amazon Affiliate

How To Make Money As Amazon Affiliate

How to join the Amazon Associate program and safely promote their products.


[1] Comparison Review Articles

The concept is pretty simple. Gather 5-10 products from a retailer's site you have an affiliate arrangement with. (Above two links will help you with this.) Look for the best-reviewed ones, especially the ones with detailed feedback. Of course, you can pick more than 10 products - you often see reviews like, "35 best coffee makers" "50 must-have sci-fi books"?

Make sure they all perform the same function. So you’re reviewing a “specific item category.”

Then, present them in a listicle. Rank each one, their specs, special features, and describe their pros/cons. All products you select should ideally be part of one affiliate program. Programs from superstores such as Amazon or Walmart will make it easy for you.

Why use this format? There are mainly 3 reasons. Because;

  1. It's easy to structure. You don’t need to worry about content flow. 
  2. The format makes it easier to publish high word counts per article (2,500+). And that’s vital to rank high in search engines.
  3. It gives readers expectations. It gives them a numerical value to look forward to (Top 5, Worst 10, Cheapest 25, etc...)

Users are always interested in reading comparison reviews. Even if they don't, at least they like checking to see which products are picked in your article and they'll skim through your page.

The final tip: Feel free to structure them as you wish. Add more or fewer items, depending on what you compare.

[2] Major Problem Solvers

Problem Solver Fat Loss

Let’s say you blog in a niche whose services help to solve "negative issues". Weight loss is a typical example. The focus is on fat loss (the negatives) - people have a problem with it, they want to get rid of it. 

...As opposed to positives. Muscle mass, shoes and handbags... Men might think it would be nice to have bigger muscles. Girls might want a new handbag, maybe buy one on the next payday. These are not immediate problems that need to be solved.

Back to weight loss example. One of the problems obese people suffer from is a bad odor. That problem may go away with weight loss, but until then, they want a powerful short-term fix, right? This could be special deodorants, soaps, etc.

These products can solve major problems. If you know a lot about the issue, you'll be able to write a lot about it without searching for sure. But it's good to search and check how other people are dealing with the same problem. Google and look for chronic problems, then you'll soon find out what they're discussing in forums such as Quora. You'll pick up on patterns.

Then find a powerful product that deals with that issue. Write an article about it and place your affiliate link... Now how do you actually do this?

Demonstrate It!

In order to add authenticity, you might want to pick a product and actually try it (on yourself...or someone else!). So you can show concrete proof that your recommended product does work.

I'm not saying you should buy every product that you recommend and try it yourself. But you see, the more you know about a product, the richer, more in-depth review you'll be able to create. You'll know exactly what pros and cons are. Readers will know whether you've written an article as a real user or based on how it's advertised anyway. Which one's more believable? Of course the latter. 

This big, problem solving article can be your "cornerstone content" of your blog. And after all, this page of yours can become one of the most reliable sources to thousands of people in years to come.

The final tip: Take time with trial and error. Be a journalist, collect experiences, and write the best articles.

[3] Interviews

As you carry on blogging and your pages start to rank in search engines, you'll be likely to receive sponsorship requests from related businesses from time to time. They'll contact you and ask you to let them market their products/services on your domain. In return, they'll offer you some monetary value or equivalent, such as their products for free or one-year service for free.

So you can offer them an interview. It doesn’t need to be vocal. It can be scripted, where you coordinate questions, and they'll answer each question in PR fashion. In a sense, your post will look like a mini-FAQ section. But it’ll attract tons of attention.

Why? Because there’s more narrative. An interview article describes a story of people, businesses, how they succeed and what they stifle for. It discusses lessons learned, and showcases useful experience. So it will have an educational value.

Alternatively you can reach out to the affiliate manager of a company and request to interview them. This may not be a model you can apply often, but it will make your blog more genuine and will certainly stand out from the competition. It’s a post that commands a little more time to prepare, but it'll be worth a try.

The final tip: You can be picky. Don’t accept the first business that pays to post. Look for the best to write meaningful interviews!

How To Get Started!

Before I summarize anything, I want you to remember you're going to have a lot of fun with your niche affiliate business. You'll choose a niche that you love, and you're going to help people by blogging on your website. Don't try to pressurize yourself, the main thing is to enjoy the whole process. Just like any other success formulae, niche affiliate marketing requires patient and persistency too. Your success will definitely follow your enjoyable experience! 

There are two things you need to do immediately;

  1. Find out what your niche will be. Your hobby, your experience. What you know the most about in life, so that you'll be comfortable blogging about it.
  2. Build a website - building one is easy, it won't take more than a few minutes. But you're going to learn how to add menu bar, add images, tags, plugins and so on. You'll be learning how-to's as you build it.

The two essential guides I mentioned earlier can help you get started from Day 1.

As you progress with your site building, you'll gain knowledge about internet marketing, such as;

You don't have to know all this in astronomical level (nobody does!) but you'll certainly need to learn the basics as time goes by.

#2 Do You Have ANY Skills To Sell?

Internet marketers often advise in their blog as part of "how to make money" options and say this in a very casual manner - "If you have your own products/services, sell them online!"

...As if we are all artists, write novels and make papier-mâché and stuff. As if we're already equipped with an inventory warehouse. No, I do not have any products/services to sell, so this option's thrown out of the window...

Wait, do you really not have any skills?

I actually have experience in selling my skills; I gave bookkeeping service and Excel data entry using my spare time for extra money. I didn't want to carry on because I wanted to pursue my career in niche marketing. So there you go, I did have a skill and actually made money out of it.

Sell Your Skills On Fiverr

Fiverr Digital Marketing

Fiverr is a market place where you can sell your skill. You do a specific task for other people and get paid for it. Every day thousands of people look to hire others to do almost any kind of job that you can think of. Designing, editing script or audio, voiceover, relationship advice, fitness advice and all... Anything that can be delivered over the internet.

Fiverr allows you to sell "gigs" (Fiverr call job as gigs), starting from $5. You can make any gigs you like. In this case, Fiverr will get $1 and you will receive $4 for every gig you sell. You may think that the amount of money is not great. However of course, you can start charging more as you build your experiences. Some sellers sell a single gig for over $500, $1,000, and more. When it adds up, you could receive a decent monthly income.

Registration with Fiverr is free for both sellers and buyers. It's best to sign up and check out what's out there yourself and get the feel of it. You'll know what kind of gig/job categories there are, what they have to offer, how much they charge, how long it takes them to deliver (edit a 10-minute video clip for you in 3 days, for example).

The following are just a few of many ideas to offer gigs.

Content Writing

Content writing is highly in demand. If you have good writing skills, you can start offering a gig writing 400 words of an article for $5. If you can write ten articles per day, $50 less $5 administration fees = you will receive $ 45 in per day. If you have Facebook or Twitter with a significant number of the follower, you can repeatedly advertise your gigs.


Another popular gig in Fiverr is foreign language translating work. It can be any kind of documents or length, from blog articles to instruction books. Or even audio files and YouTube videos in foreign languages. We know AI technology in translation is not quite there yet, so there is a demand. If you are a bilingual, something to consider.


Needless to mention, if you have skill in web design, graphic design, programming or anything in the IT field, Fiverr is a place to consider. Some sellers design a logo for $5, while others offer to develop a mobile app for $5,000 or more.


If you think "consultants" are qualified professionals, not in Fiverr. If you are seeking to resolve a problem, there are people who can give you a piece of advice. From cooking/nutrition plan to business plan, trouble with the landlord, relationships. Lawyers are there who can write legal documents for you too. So you can use what you've learned through your career there. For example if you've been working as a recruitment agent, you can provide career advice.

Or Consider Buying Skills?

You can find anything there, which means Fiverr can be an option to help you in the future. Whatever you do to make money online, once your business is on the track you might want to invest some of your income to get a few things done professionally.

Pay to redesign your ads, write blog posts on your behalf, do some web research for you, or ask a virtual assistant to do some daily tasks for you... Just keep in mind, Fiverr is there to help you too. For a fee!

Okay, back to "make money with Fiverr"...

Be Professional

Fiverr is good if you want to start making money soon. They hire you, you do the job, and get paid upon completion of the job. So you can use this platform to build up your experience, while you're planning to set up your own business. You see what I mean, if you were to set up a new website and start your brand new business, it would be hard to bring customers in without testimonials to display or any kind of reputable background.

So it'll be good for you to work just like a "contractor" for Fiverr first. Boost your skill, learn what it's like to deal with customers (if you haven't experienced), discover unexpected through failures. You'll be much more confident when you become totally independent.

Having said all that, it's not an internship, Fiverr is not a discount marketplace. You shouldn't provide your service less than wholeheartedly. Otherwise it will cost you, i.e. receive negative reviews by your customers.

The tips to make good money with Fiverr can be found here ("5 “Insider Tips” To Make Money With Fiverr"). Be professional and always treat buyers with respect and sincerity!

#3 Drop-Shipping Business

Dropshipping is another way to make money without any investment capital. All you need is an online presence, through a platform like Shopify, or your own eBay store. 

The idea is simple. You simply act as a medium between suppliers and consumers. A customer places an order on your online store. You immediately order the same item from another shop and arrange to send it to your customer directly. So you don't have to hold inventory, don't need a brick and mortar structure.

I'll explain the procedure a little more in detail. You just opened your own e-commerce store to sell vacuum cleaners.

  1.  Pick vacuum cleaners from Amazon. Let's say Cleaner A is sold for $100.
  2. List the same item in your e-commerce store. You decide to sell it for $140. (Among many more vacuum cleaners from Amazon that you pick and list on your site with a profit margin, of course.) 
  3. A customer buys Cleaner A from your site, pays $140 to you.
  4. You immediately buy Cleaner A on Amazon, pay $100, and request the shipping address to your customer's address. State it as a gift, so Amazon won't enclose their invoice in the package to your customer.
  5. You send an e-invoice for $140 to your customer, together with "Thank you" message, dispatch information, etc.
  6. The margin (difference) of $40 is your profit.

But Not That Simple

Taking the step 1-6 above might sound so easy, but of course it's not. There are a few immediate points that you should be careful of...such as;

  • (If you use Amazon) your customers will receive the goods in the Amazon package!
  • Use of product images. Manufacturers of the goods hold the copyright of each image, and they allow online stores to use them. You can't just download images out of Amazon and use them on your e-commerce store. 
  • In fact the whole dropshipping business - some retailers don't allow you to dropship without agreement or special arrangement in advance.

Go For The Best or Go For The Cheapest?

Many dropship sellers use eBay. It's fairly easy to open a seller account, and the first few months you'll only be allowed to sell a small number of items. Then eBay will increase the threshold for you.


Selling on eBay can be an easy option, but eBay stores generally have no personality (sorry!) It would be challenging to show your own brand and make a difference from thousands of other successful power sellers there. So you might want to consider building your own e-commerce site and establish as a brand, as part of a long term plan.

With all that said...demand for necessities (e.g. household items) is evergreen. In fact, most drop-shippers sell mass-produced “warehoused” items. Anything from shirts to books, to gadgets like headphones, toys, etc.

If you're not bothered about branding and purely make money by selling 'anything', it's all up to you. As long as you see "value" in your work. "Meaning of life", that is! Enjoy what you do!

It takes a lot of creativity to go for the best - make your brand stand out and provide a unique customer service style. Whereas it seems simple and easy to go for the cheapest - just bring the prices down - there are competitors who do exactly the same as you. The moment you lower the price by 1 cent, they'll lower theirs by 2 cents. Customers who look for the cheapest will no longer buy from you unless you have any other unique selling points.

So here are 5 x marketing strategy tips for you to make a difference with your dropshipping business.

[1] Build Your Own E-Commerce Store and Blog

E-commerce = E-Store? Not Necessarily. All stores need a selling point. And in the sea of competition, what’s yours? What makes you stand out from “faster-delivering” and “more competent” online retailers? You need credentials to back you up. And nothing says that better than a “niche blog” whose articles discuss products that YOU sell.

Basically the same as niche affiliate marketing. You write product reviews - make "top 10-50" lists, comparing products one by one. It's a chance to present yourself as an expert in your niche...

...With affiliate marketing, when a user clicks a product link in your review, they're directed to a store page such as Amazon. They make a purchase and you'll receive a % commission. With drop-shipping, the product link will jump to your own store. They make a purchase, you proceed the step 1-6 I explained earlier, and the profit will be yours.

The point is, a blog markets dropshipping stores. It adds an authentic touch to your commercial activity.

[2] Focus on Trendy SEO Keywords

Check Google Trends periodically and keep yourself up to date with what's on trend. Write reviews of related products and include them in your drop-shipping store. It also works for affiliates (i.e. choose a niche that's on trend).

Google Trends 2018

But before that, there's something you can never get away from - keywords. Popular keywords won't simply get you more traffic. Many users are searching, and therefore many competitors are advertising also.

Use good keyword tools and find out long-tail keywords (3+ words) that are high ranking, low-mid competitiveness and that represent a hot topic. (Keyword tools that I recommend are Mangools and Jaaxy.)

Hot topics can be controversial, innovative breakthroughs, or anything interesting. If your review page is successfully ranked in the SERP first page, the topic will get you instant clicks. After all, good trends die hard. And articles that follow trends (with proper SEO) will stay memorable for longer!

[3] Use PPC Ads Wisely

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads could kill marketing budgets if you don't plan carefully and monitor closely. Again it's all about using the most effective keywords in your ad campaigns, so it can be complicated in the beginning.

I suggest that you focus on driving organic traffic by blogging and see how you do first (in terms of search engine ranking). When you're confident with your basic keyword research technique, perhaps you should start considering paid advertisements. Just to avoid nullifying the budget advantages of drop-shipping! 

[4] Build an Email List

Is money really "in the list"? Yes, it is. You know this by now...

You want recurring clients, so you'd better build an email list. People who've bought from you once will come back - that is, assuming they liked what you offered previously. To retain your existing customers, ask them to sign up with your newsletter.

Offer a free e-book, video or app in exchange for signing up. Find some PLR products if you don't have anything to offer in your hand. Once you gain their emails, you can start offering discounts or "hot products of the week" in your newsletter.

To do that, you need to build a compelling landing page, also need an email marketing tool, set it up, and need a little bit of trial and error. But the total effort will pay you off. Here are some related posts for you.

How To Build A Sales Funnel On A Budget

How To Build A Sales Funnel On A Budget

What you need is a landing page, "thank you" page and an autoresponder. Here's how to keep it all within a small budget.

Read More >

How To Create A Landing Page For Free

How To Create A Landing Page For Free

A premium landing page builder can help you create a stunning page. But you can actually do it all by yourself for free. 


[5] Invest Time

What you don’t pay for with money – you pay with time. Dropshipping business requires a pretty low level of expenses. The price you pay is patience... (Have you heard that before!?!?)

By mastering the skills (training course is available - see below), you'll soon be able to sell a few products on eBay. But you know the real success requires grit. It may take weeks to build your blog and email list. Then it may take months to work out the uniqueness of your brand and build a good customer base. 

In-Depth Drop-Shipping Training

The training course I took was this one; eBay Drop Shipping Guide with No Inventory - Work From Home by David Vu.

Drop Shipping Guide David Vu

The only part I didn't like was the first section - it's so overhyped. People come up talking about how drop-shipping changed their lives dramatically, one after another, and another. But from section 2 onwards it's a real step by step. David introduces tips that I didn't talk about in here. Extremely useful free tools. How to structure pricing, how to actually list (including image optimization technique) and so on. 

The course is particularly for selling on eBay but the technique can be used on your own e-commerce website.

Would I Recommend Drop-Shipping?

The question is whether you love it as your business brand or not. I have tried drop-shipping, I've made constant profits from it - because I was constantly at it. Did I like it? I thought I did because I had to, but now I'm not so sure. I was...busy!

Because my life was totally ruled by list managing and customer orders. The first thing to do in the morning was to check my inbox (to see if any new order's come in), spent all day sorting out product listings and analyzing the sales, while checking inbox. And the last thing to do before I went to bed was, you know. Inbox.

You will make good money from drop-shipping, but you'll have to be constantly at it. That's why it's important to find out your own brand authenticity.

About the Author

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  24. Hi, I believe affiliate marketing is the best way to work online.
    I tried it about 2 years ago but with my personal reasons I had to stop.
    I now lost my job. I want to start again. It is my biggest regret to stop 2 years ago. If I carried on maybe I don’t have to worry about financial situation.
    How can I get my confidence back, is my second problem.
    Please advice. I would very much like to make good progress this time.

    1. Hi Jahangir, thanks for sharing your experience. I understand you’ve had some bad experiences in the past but you know, everyone has ups and downs. No point regretting and wondering what may have happened about the past. This is your start now, and you can perhaps start listing up what you can do today. And also to believe that you’ll be successful. If you need a help, don’t hesitate to send me a message at any time. I’ll see what I can do for you. Good luck!

  25. These may be good methods but only okay methods. In my theory the only way to make 6, 7 figure income is from MLM. Sadly for some but you have to build your team. Encourage them so you will get a share of the multiplied commissions.

  26. Hi, I find your review very interesting. Because I have made some success with affiliate marketing in the past and now I’m kind of bored of it. I’d like to sell my skill I earned from my careers as a veteran and from calligraphy and stuff like that. I’ve never thought about Fiverr, although I’ve heard about it. I’ll give it a serious try. Thanks for your information.

    1. Hi Rasel, I’m glad to hear that the post has given you some idea. I wish you the best of luck! If you need some help please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me any time. Thanks for your comment.

  27. Hi, I have been in affiliate marketing for a while but have never thought about other 2 options, there are really blueprints. For example I used to deal with legal documents as a senior secretary for a large company, I do have good knowledge in that area, I can sell it on Fiverr. You made online jobs seem very accessible for many people, so thank you.

    1. Hi Eden, you know individual business owners do look for someone professional to draw up legal documents such as terms & conditions all the time, or just to have their documents checked by a professional, but are hesitant to spend hundreds of dollars when starting up. It sounds like a great idea for you to offer such a service for a low price in the beginning. That’ll be forever appreciated by many. Something you can definitely think about. Thanks for your comment.

  28. Hello Ray, I can see they are 3 of the most important blueprints. I have never imagined that I could sell the skills that I learned from my career, art, etc. I am now thinking seriously about writing an instruction book and sell it on Fiverr. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Martin, thanks for your comment. Sounds great about your ebook plan, if you need any help (not about writing but about marketing your book etc) do let me know I’ll be more than happy to give you a hand!

  29. I love to connect with new people so feel free to message us anytime. I have service on Fiverr you may like, it is working for me the best as the way to make money online. Have the most amazing day.

    N Hussain.

  30. Hi, I am into affiliate marketing, and I believe it is the best way to make money online. It’s only been less than 6 months since I started to learn it but I believe the consistency and determination I will make it through. I have many friends who are internet marketing experts who can help me. Your other suggestions such as selling your skills and dropshipping are interesting but for me affiliate marketing is the one I would like to stick to. Thank you for your post. It is very useful for everybody.

  31. Hi, this is true how to make money online guide, I’m very impressed. If you ever work offline and move to NYC, I have some suggestions for you. We can even collaborate to create something better. Contact me, I can send you full information. Thanks.

  32. Hi, I understand affiliate marketing is the best choice but I only have an old desktop plus a smart phone. I don’t have any necessary tools or anything right now. How long does it take to prepare all the tools so that I can start, I am prepared to pay some money towards them depending on how useful each one is. Thanking you for your guidance.

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment, also your message. I’ve replied to you but my mail’s been returned undelivered. You don’t need many tools. All you have to do is to get your website started, then I can take you through. You don’t want to / have to spend much money in the beginning at all. I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to hearing from you again!

  33. Hi, good to know the options. Sounds like affiliate marketing is the most suitable option for me. But I’m just curious as to how you managed to continue your dropshipping business, I initially tried, but found all the work too cumbersome. Optimizing photos were the most painful job for me as I remember. Would you do it again and if so why? Thanks, Kingsley

    1. Hi Kingsley, it’s great at least that you’ve tried drop-shipping and now you know it’s not the one for you. No I wouldn’t do that again personally…frankly the job was “too busy”! I had an assistant who did a brilliant job for me, including optimizing photos! But still, managing orders and sorting out your product list can rule your life… By all means, if you love the job, you’ll love it. Thanks for your comment!

  34. Hi, there are very good suggestions here. We have forwarded your page to our clients. Some of them are desperately in need of online money. Hopefully they will learn the necessary techniques and start turning their deficit into positives. Thank you for very informative site.

  35. Affiliate marketing is the best option to make money online because you don’t need to prepare goods etc as you say and you can start without any career background. However I am not so sure about blogging because I have promoted numerous products in the past using only sales funnels and I made some success. Now I try to set up a proof reading company myself. Fiverr is something I’m looking into. Thank you for good resources. Niko

  36. Hi what do you think of Udemy that you mentioned, does it offer any training how to make money online? If so how much does it offer for? Affiliate marketing sounds very inviting to me but I know I’ll have to learn a lot to start receiving enough money. For health reasons I cannot spend too much time. I wondered Udemy can offer something quicker.

    1. Hello, I actually don’t know much about Udemy. But if you’re interested in learning affiliate marketing, yes you’ll have to learn the technique but the most important thing is to take a step at a time and don’t rush yourself. There is no quicker way, unfortunately. You might as well start now other than wondering. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to let me know any time.

  37. Hey, its very useful. I’m not so sure about affiliate marketing tho. At the end of the day it’s not your own brand, you just approve someone else’s products and get a fraction of price as a reward. Not for me. Poss. selling some skills can take me somewhere in a long term but competition is fierce. Good advice tho.

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. Yes as you say, the competition in online marketing can be becoming tougher. But the fact that you can work from anywhere will give you so much freedom at the same time. As an affiliate, the rewards can be immense too if you are persistent and once you achieve your goals. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!

  38. There are so many things that I can learn from your page….
    I was teaching Aikido for long years but never thought about teaching it online….
    I didn’t know that there would be a way to teach online…
    Maybe I can write a basic introduction and sell as an ebook. Your suggestion is useful for not just somebody like me, but anybody who doesn’t think they can sell their skills.
    Because any body can worldwide…. You can start right here right now.

    1. Hi Fergus, thanks for your comment. It sounds like a great idea for you to write about your Aikido teachings and sell it. Other options will be running a teaching class via video and give advice to new learners, and/or write a blog and earn affiliate commissions by promoting related products such as uniforms and books. Anyone with any career background can sell their skills online as you say. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to get back to me any time!

  39. Hi, this post help me very much. I need to know how long it takes to make money online. I need any information that is possible for me to work by myself. Please can you send me any information that is useful for people like me. In return I can introduce you some affiliate access to a company run by my friends. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Tushar, I’m glad to hear that this post helps. As I mentioned, it takes a while (and your dedication) before you can start making constant income. All the information is on this site but if you need to know something specific, I can give you advice. I’ll try answering as much as I can. Thanks for your comment.

  40. Hi, I think drop shipping business is going downhill. I was doing it for 2 years, selling stuff on eBay, at one time my monthly income was well over $10k, then gradually halved.
    It became really competitive sometime towards last year when many people from SE asia started to sell stuff in USA. I was hardly making money earlier this year so I quit.

    Just a mild warning, you might not make good money with drop shipping any more. Thanks.

    1. Hi Arnold, thanks for the valuable information. Yes I have heard recently from a friend of mine in Singapore that she’s not making as much money as she used to. Perhaps it’s becoming a little too crowded/competitive… Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

  41. Hi Ray, Thank you for all your help in the past few months. I think this article is a really useful publication. I have recommended it to at least 5 friends of mine. By the way, my email has been returned… I wanted to ask you about Fiverr, I drafted my ad so can you please take a look at it. I just sent a message. I hope you will reply.

    1. Hi Yvonne, thanks for your comment. I don’t personally know any place that specially teaches how to write…if that’s what you wanted to know. To be honest, I never consider myself good at writing either. Far, far from perfect. My grammar’s awful. You can write though, however long it takes, perhaps you can write one post and see how you feel?

  42. Hi I am desperate to earn more than $10k per month recovering debt plus payment towards my previous failed business plus loss of cryptocurrency etc. I totally understand there is no such thing as fast way but I am hoping by the end of this year to clear the debt what do you suggest, is blogging definitely necessary. I have done email marketing previously now I quit. Thanks Augie

    1. Hi Augie, sorry to hear about your ‘failed business’ etc, but yes it is possible to earn that much of money per month via blogging (as an affiliate) also by selling your skill. You already have experience in investment as well as email marketing, you can sell a lot of stuff – it’s up to you to follow your gut instinct too. Any specific questions don’t hesitate to get back to me any time. Best of luck to you, thanks for your comment!

  43. This is the most comprehensive step by step. Everybody should read this one and learn a lot from it. Especially newbie affiliate marketers. Wow. Just wow. I am so impressed.

  44. Thank you it is good. I want to do something with Fiverr. Help me to make money when can I try with no money. I study now but I have no work. I want to start Fiverr but it is very very difficult to give work on Fiverr.

    1. Hi, thanks for leaving a comment. Firstly you’re telling me you study now. So perhaps you can think about what you can do with it. Without knowing what kind of subject you’re studying, it’s hard for me to guess what you can do, but you can build a website and start writing about the experience. Secondly, when your study subject/course is completed, you can start selling your skills. It doesn’t have to be in English, you can do all that in your own language? Any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me any time!

  45. Great how tos, I appreciate it but the question is how much can you make and how long it will take. I have been trying since 2015 and haven’t seen a big success for over 3 years. If you can explain what I am doing wrong it will be perfect for me. I have tried affiliate marketing. I don’t have anything to sell on Fiverr. Dropshipping sounds like a messy job to me. What do you suggest.

    1. Hi Deiton, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear that nothing’s worked out so far…I can give you a bit of advice but you need to tell me what you’ve been doing exactly so far. Perhaps you can contact me and let me know in detail. I look forward to hearing from you!

  46. Use warrior plus to make money. There are so many top sellers who can let you earn 50-70% commissions. You will be missing out if you don’t use this amazing opportunity.

  47. Hi, I’m so stressed about not receiving proper information from some affiliate networks. I must have applied for at least 10 shops and have no reply from any of them. It’s been over 2 weeks . Are there any other way to get around this?

    1. Hi Gemma, sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble joining some affiliate networks…? I don’t really understand that you ‘haven’t had a reply’ from any of them…? If you apply to join, you should be receiving an acknowledgment by email immediately. Then you’ll be hearing from them whether your application is approved or rejected. 2 weeks with no news from any of them, sounds very odd to me. Perhaps you can check with the network’s administrator? Thanks for leaving your comment. I wish you the best of luck!

  48. Hello Ray, I contacted you a long time ago (more than 2 years) and I don’t know if you remember me. You helped me transform my website. I’ll never forget what you did to me, your kindness and generosity. Thank you.

    I need your help again. I have moved now from Portugal to the USA, I lost my supplier but found a couple of new contacts over here. I need to start all over again. You don’t have to give me step by step like last time, I just need a few questions so that I can get things restarted by myself this time. Is it possible? Thank you so much for your help. I’m glad I found your site once again.

    1. Hi Sherrie, thanks for your visit and comment! Of course I remember you, it’s great to hear from you again. I’ve just sent you an email, hope you’ll reply. I’m ready to give you a hand any time 🙂

  49. Hello Ray, thank you for great review. I have been working online for many years and I can tell you affiliate marketing is the best source of income. I have not tried other methods because I’ve never had to. It’s good to know about selling a skill because I have a university degree and some work experience, so if my affiliate income dries up in the future I can prepare to make another plan.

    I wish you good success, Ray. Thank you.

    1. Hi Anya, great to hear that you’ve been successful with your affiliate marketing business. Hopefully your passive income will never “dry up” any time in the future! Thanks for your comment, and I wish you all the best too!

  50. Hello,
    I am wanting to generate optins to the capture page in the website section. I need a little help, I am generating optins through solo ads but I am not making any sales. I am looking to generate about 50-75 leads per day. If you could help me do that for the biz opp niche that I am in I would greatly appreciate any advice that you have. thank you for your time. Oh one more quick question. Is getting traffic to a capture page work for parked domains or redirect traffic. Thanks

    1. Hi Jeremiah, thanks for your comment and also your message. As per my response by email, any more questions don’t hesitate to reply. I’ll omit my answer from this page as the subject is not really relevant here. Good luck with success!

  51. Hi, it’s good for me to know more about drop shipping business because it’s been in mind, however upon checking drop shipping supporting companies, most of the products they have in stock are cheap, nasty products that you see in discount shops. This kind of business was the last thing on my mind.

    However now I know you can use Amazon or eBay to start drop shipping which means I can sell anything I want which I didn’t know. Thank you for the training link also, I will start learning more about it and I am hoping to make a success in the future.

    1. Hi Maurizio, thanks for your comment. Good to hear that the post has helped. The training by David Vu is a few years old but it’s still applicable. I hope it will be of use. Good luck with your business!

  52. Wow, it really is a blueprint! If I follow all of them can I make money by the end of 2019? I am anxious I have not had a job for over the past 12 months and my savings running out. Your guide seems promising and I am hoping to make it.

    1. Hi Matt, thanks for your comment. The three examples that I made in the post are different, you first need to see which one’s most suitable for you. If you have a little more specific question, perhaps I can help you?

  53. Hi Ray, there’s a lot of information for me to take in and so much to learn from your page. I have started affiliate marketing and I’m hoping to take off sometime later on this year, I have a long term plan. But I wish I had known about Fiverr, because I can do some graphic design and I had no idea that my skill could sell. For about 2 years I was making cartoon design and vector designs just for fun and not thought about monetizing it. Now I’m a little too busy learning to become a full time affiliate marketer.

    I understand about avoiding scam (not becoming one) as well. It’s all about helping people and not deceiving people. I am aware that a lot of scammers are affiliates and they’re bringing our reputation down. I try to stay away from that kind of marketing methods. Thanks Ray, I can learn a lot from your other pages also.

    1. Hi Ben, it’s good to hear that you have a talent in cartoon designing though, I’m sure your skill will come in handy in the future again. And if you haven’t already, you can use that as a niche and promote related products. A friend of mine is a designer and she always talks about tablet devices (?) Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your input!

  54. Hi, I’m very impressed by your advice but you are email marketer why not including email marketing course? I don’t wish to make a website but wish to learn online marketing as affiliate. Please help. Thanks

    1. Hi Afsar, good question. I didn’t include email marketing as one of the ways to make money online because it would require a lot of capital in the beginning. You’d have to have leads obviously in the beginning and it would cost you either a long time or money. It usually takes a long time before you get to the breakeven point then to see ROI.

      About becoming an affiliate without owning a website – as I mentioned in my post, it’s not impossible but harder. You could try WarriorPlus and promote some products on social media. Millions of people are already doing it and it’s not as effective. Any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks for your comment!

  55. I wish it was so easy to make money.. The thing is everything is more complicated than people think.. It takes time. You have to be too patient but life it too short.
    I appreciate what you are saying. But it’s not for me.

    1. Hi Begun, thanks for your comment. Yes, life is short, and you only live once. Just like it takes time to study to pass an exam, or for two people to get to know each other in a relationship… Some things take time. Online business is just like any other businesses, it takes time to build up before you see the fruits of labor. It’s all up to you to decide what you invest your time in the most. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  56. Affiliate marketing is easy, I make 10k every month just by sending emails to leads with the right programs from jv zoo and clickbank. You need to know the right timing and you need the right kind of leads. DM me to check the detail today.

    1. Hi Taylor, it’s great to hear that you’re making a great success with affiliate marketing. I agree JV Zoo and Clickbank are two of the best affiliate marketing programs especially with “make money online” niche. I wouldn’t say it’s “easy” though. Millions of marketers struggle because it’s a competitive business. A lot of dedication and persistency are required as well as knowledge and skills, not straightforward. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your input.

  57. I appreciate your suggestions and warnings. Too many people think it’s easy to start an online business and they all fail if they don’t take the right steps. I appreciate your scam warnings. If you really want a success you need to be sincere and show the true self, otherwise it’s impossible to survive in this competitive world. I personally don’t agree about drop shipping because it’s essentially a customer service and there is no passive income arisen from it.

    1. Hi AJ, thanks for your comment. Yes you’re right, if you’re after passive income, dropshipping is not the option. But it’s a business, the more profitable it becomes, the busier you will be! Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

  58. Hi, thank you so much for your advice. My brother has recommended your site to me. It is intriguing because I am trying to set up my own business right now. I can see affiliate marketing is good option, but to me it’s not my long term plan.

    But your suggestion about building a website is something I will definitely need. I have bookmarked this page so that I can reference it later on. Thank you.

    1. Hi Susie, if you have your own products/services to sell and already formed some ideas, that’s great. Any questions in building a site, don’t hesitate to contact me any time. Sounds like your plan is already taking off, and it’s great to hear that. Thanks for your comment!

  59. Good advice but how long it takes before making money is what’s important. If you don’t buy traffic and solely to count on google to pick up your site one day it could take a few years.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes, if you don’t buy traffic, you cannot expect to make money online so soon. But buying a traffic doesn’t mean you’ll make a quick buck. There’s no such guarantee. You need to build your knowledge and skill, just like any other jobs. You’re your own boss, of course you’ll experience a lot of failures before you make a success. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

  60. Hi Ray, I hope you’re well, long time no speak! You have another informative and educational page! I just read it and especially about Fiverr I had no knowledge of and it sounds like a very useful place both selling and buying. I’ve been thinking about guest blogging for money for a while, and if I can sell article in Fiverr it will be a good start (is it ghost writing only, or can I get my articles published in other people’s sites?)

    Drop-shipping information is very interesting also, and as always you are a top adviser for affiliate marketing. Well done, good job! Speak to you soon!


    1. Hi Seb, thanks for your comment again! To answer your question about Fiverr, to be perfectly honest I’ve never seen an article writer who says “I’ll write an article in my name in your website”. But you can certainly try advertising yourself that way and see what happens. Thanks for your compliment! I wish you all the best with continuing success Seb, speak to yo soon!

    1. Hi Amulya, thanks for your message. As explained in the post, if you are willing to work as an affiliate, it’s up to you to decide what kind of niche you’re going for. If you have a question in time management, I may be able to help you. Anything specific, please don’t hesitate to ask me again. Thanks!

  61. Hi, good advice. Where can I start to learn about web site business in general? About hosting, designing, IT in general and sell to make money?

  62. Hi, very informative article, there are so many things that I can learn from it. I’ve never sold or even bought anything from Fiverr. I thought because from the name everything was sold for $5 which is so little, I did not think it would be worth registering for. But if I can create a website and sell it for $100, $1000 or even more there, it will be worth it. I can create a website within a day. Maybe I can try Fiverr.

    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to make money online.

    1. Hi Juvelyn, that seems like a good plan. See how much others are selling for – always good to check the “market price” and competition rate, because for example if you are selling 5-page website for $100 and everyone else (who already has an experience as a seller there) was selling 6-page site for $90, you need to come up with a reason in your profile…Showing the quality of your works, for instance. Thanks for your comment, I wish you the very best of luck!

  63. Wow, I can learn so much from your advice. I didn’t know that affiliate marketing was associated with scam. We must be very very careful always 😮 )

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