About Me

Hi, I'm Ray, an online entrepreneur living in London, UK. I grew up in Japan and emigrated to this country in my early 20's. I've always loved this city and am proud to be a Londoner.

I also started a web designing career in 2000's, and because my clients' sites were all marketed outside the UK (mainly US) my interest in global businesses started to grow. I'm not a technology expert - I was a failed programmer in my 30's with C++ and Javascript. In the fast developing technology world, I never made it as a programmer but my passion for online businesses has continuously grown since.

Currently I have several businesses running, all online. I am actually an accountant giving UK taxation advice and bookkeeping services, also work on internet marketing and have a small retail business. I'm now settled with my partner, married him 8 years ago, have a happy life in West London with Jack Russell and a cat.

Thanks for stopping by.


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