About Ray Alexander

Is there a difference between being proud of yourself and pretending to be proud of yourself?

To me, there isn't much.

In real life, I would be the nicest, most cheerful, and understanding person you could ever meet. But you would soon notice my poor verbal communication skills. I prefer to write. English is not my mother language (though my main language), but my writing has always been better than speaking.

I Just Couldn't Overcome This One

The ability to communicate - learning new things and helping others by sharing what you know - is probably the greatest gift given to human beings.

I have been an accountant all my adult life. I also did some programming in my younger days and have been involved with web designing for the past 20 years. I never got a senior/management position at work because I would be so rubbish at face-to-face meetings and presentations. I was a technician, I helped companies and business owners with my skilled work. And with email support. But that never seemed enough. My lack of good verbal communication skills always let me down.

They say "change your mindset and you can become any person that you want to be." I agree, to some extent. I spent hundreds of hours practicing speeches in the past but I just couldn't overcome this one. Maybe the drink & drugs from my younger days had already wrecked my brain. (I had great times, by the way. No regret. Well, just a little bit of regret - those days are long gone.)

Asperger's? Yeah!

I quit my day job and started to focus on internet marketing full-time from home in 2016. In the same year, I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Okay, my friends used to call me the friendliest black sheep in the crowd - it all makes sense now, but it doesn't matter. I can make money by researching online, typing, designing and uploading media online, without being interrupted by anyone. But most of all, I can help others solely through written communications. This has turned out to be my dream job. 

Proud To Be Yourself?

Accountancy was something I was good at but... Was I ever proud of my job, or was I just pretending? I was likely to be pretending, but it doesn't matter either, I've moved on. If you tell me I'm an Asperger, then that's what it is. I'm being who I want to be, making a living online, thanks to the web hosting, blogging platforms, and social media. 

"Make money online!" "Earn 6 figures in X months!" But you know, money doesn't give you the ultimate happiness. Accepting who you are and appreciating the value of life that you have will bring you happiness, I believe. I'm now semi-retired and have a happy life in west London, UK, with my husband who's also retired early.

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