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4 years ago... I never thought this was going to be more than a supplemental income!

You too can build your online business... Starting today!

Find Out Absolutely Everything about internet marketing here.

WHY Affiliate Marketing Is Best For You

Build your own website and write what you love about...and get paid. Why so good?

Power of Blogging

If you can spell, you can start blogging and monetise it. There's no age limit or personality barriers - this is for anybody. Join us and see how other 1.4 million members do it. If they can do it, you can too.

People Will Trust You!

Affiliate marketing is never about selling. It's about helping people. We'll teach you how to stay genuine and trustworthy. No scams, no lies. You'll earn your commissions for being truthful. 

It Keeps You Excited

Through blogging, you can express yourself, write about what you love, hobby, interest, business...anything you like. There's no time restriction either - use your own good time. So you'll never get bored of what you do.

Raymundo CCW

Hi, I'm Ray Alexander.

I'm here to help! With over 20 years of experience in web designing and programming... But my affiliate income has totally exceeded my expectation. I can take you through the best way to work from home and make passive income online. Any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me a message. I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Been There, Done That, Didn't Work For Me...

Some other ways to work online...that may not necessarily be suitable for you.

There's nothing wrong with them. They are great online businesses, but were not for me.

Didn't work: 1


In very short - dropshipping is where you sell goods on behalf of retailers. You take orders from customers. The retailers will take care of the dispatch of the goods.

I made good profits from dropshipping, but purchase orders would come in constantly day & night. It ruled my lifestyle - no fun. I got bored. I wanted to be in charge of my own working hours.

Didn't work: 2

Selling Web Traffic

I have helped over 1,500+ online marketers promote their products by sending traffic (visitors) to their websites. 

It's great to be able to see what my fellow marketers are up to. But promoting products on someone else's behalf can be difficult sometimes. Pretty repetitive, and there's no real engagement between myself and visitors.

Didn't work: 3

Network Marketing

Network marketing is essentially a recruitment job. You reach out to as many people and pester them one by one. Products and promotion methods are (not all but) often deceptive, unfortunately.

It's suitable for you if you like constant one-to-one communications. I found networking exhausting.

Affiliate Marketing Will Get You Happily Addicted!

I use my own good time to build my websites. This job allows me to be true to myself. I don't disturb anyone's life...

...and I make my living from it!

If you think this is your dream job - check this out.

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  • Training courses + weekly webinars
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