How To Build A Sales Funnel On A Budget

Updated: June 12, 2017
by Ray Alexander

If you are looking to make a sales funnel for the first time, you probably want to start with a simple one by using an inexpensive tool. All you need is a landing page, "thank you" page and an autoresponder. It is possible to get it all going by using just one online tool. Today I will show you how to build a sales funnel on a budget, using GetResponse. It will cost you as low as $10.50 - $15 per month and it's extremely easy to create.

How To Build A Sales Funnel On A Budget

Sales Funnel With GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing service platform with a free landing page builder. It's your choice whether to use its landing page or not - if you already have your own website, you don't have to. But if you haven't, there's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of this free feature.

Usually in order to create a sales funnel you need to get:

  1. a content management system (such as WordPress)
  2. a decent landing page creator
  3. your website hosted
  4. optionally (but recommended) your own domain name
  5. an email marketing service with autoresponder facility.

If you think that's a lot to do...? Not really. But GetResponse allows you to have it all done within the same platform. If you opt to use GetResponse's subdomain, you can start the whole marketing process without using any other third party tools.

GetResponse Landing Page Builder

GetResponse Landing Page Templates

There are 120+ templates to choose from, categorised such as;

  • ​General
  • Opt-in pages
  • Promo pages
  • Download pages
  • Sales pages
  • About me pages
  • Webinar pages
  • Video pages
  • Holiday pages

Creating a 2-page funnel (landing page and thank-you page) is easy with its drag & drop WYSIWYG interface. You can add as many text boxes, images, optin forms, videos and buttons. You can also add a webinar invitation, but it's only available for Pro option or above.

GetResponse landing page and thank-you page

Landing page (Left) - Thank You page (right)

You can create more than one landing page for split testing, and this is easy to do; you can duplicate the original landing page instantly with a click of a button, then change whatever the contents such as words, colour and layout.

GetResponse landing page variance

The "Thank-you page", where your visitor's directed to after they've opted in, is also fully customisable. This is the page you will be selling more stuff - you can place as many text boxes, images, buttons and videos as you like. Or another optin form if you like (see below).

Button Integration

PayPal Buy Now Button

GetResponse's integration feature allows you to connect to third party apps. One useful part is its button integration to PayPal and Amazon. By connecting to your PayPal/Amazon account, you can place their original button. When a user clicks the button, they're directed straight to the PayPal payment screen or Amazon page, respectively.

Extra Opt-in Form

Optin Form Example by GetResponse

Optin Form Example by GetResponse

At what point you want your visitors to opt in, is your choice. Typically you place an opt-in form in the landing page​, so when a visitor opts in (enter their email address and becomes your subscriber), they'll be directed to your "thank-you" page.

Instead you can simply ​sell items on the landing page with a payment button. When your customer has completed a purchase, they'll be directed to your "thank-you" page. You can place an optin form there to invite them to subscribe to your newsletters (to receive discounts etc). It would probably not be such a great idea in terms of a sales funnel; the sale would be a one-off and the customer may never come back.

Or you can place an opt-in form both in the landing page and the "thank-you" page. The first opt-in will be your generic subscribers, and the second opt-in can be something else, for example for a different niche products.​

Landing Page Settings

Of course your landing page can be saved without publishing, and even after it's published you can come back and edit it as many times as you like.​ Now the other important part is various settings including the domain name.

#1 SEO Settings​

  • Page Title - ​enter the title of your page that you want to appear.
  • Description - the description will appear in search engine results. You describe what your site is about using the right keywords, max. 250 characters. If you don't want the site to be excluded from the Google web index, you can check the box to "noindex" it.

#2 URL Settings (Domain Connection)

GetResponse URL (Domain) Settings

You can use one of GetResponse subdomains, such as, or if you own a domain, you can set it up easy from here.

Even if you have your own domain (e.g., setting up a subdomain is mandatory, just in case if anything happens to your own domain, the subdomain stays as a backup.

There are 3 x subdomain prefixes to choose from;,, or

#3 Subscription Settings

  • Choose Campaign​ - if you have more than one campaign (group of subscribers), then choose which group you want the subscribers to be saved in.
  • Confirmed opt-in: Whether you want single or double opt-in (i.e. new subscriber must receive an email and click the link to confirm subscription).
  • Autoresponder: If you want the new subscribers to be automatically added to the autoresponder cycle.
  • Thank-you page: Whether you want to use the Thank-you page of your landing page builder, or elsewhere (any other URL)

#4 Google Analytics / Adwords

You can link your site to Google Analytics very easily by adding the Analytics ID number in the box. Also to Google Adwords by adding the Conversion ID and label that's extracted from your conversion tag.

GetResponse Basic Pricing Option


List size 1,000

$15 / month

List size 2,500

$25 / month

List size 5,000

$45 / month

List size 10,000

$65 / month

List size 25,000

$145 / month

List size 50,000

$250 / month

List size 100,000

$450 / month


List size 1,000

$12.30 / month

List size 2,500

$20.50 / month

List size 5,000

$36.90 / month

List size 10,000

$53.30 / month

List size 25,000

$118.90 / month

List size 50,000

$205 / month

List size 100,000

$369 / month

Pay Every
2 years

List size 1,000

$10.50 / month

List size 2,500

$17.50 / month

List size 5,000

$31.50 / month

List size 10,000

$45.50 / month

List size 25,000

$101.50 / month

List size 50,000

$175 / month

List size 100,000

$315 / month

GetResponse's basic ("Email") option start from $15 per month, or as low as $10.50 per month if you pay for 2 years in advance. This includes a full email marketing facility (autoresponder as well as to send newsletters), plus the landing page builder.

For bigger marketers, there are 3 more advance options (Pro, Max and Enterprise) allowing you other facilities such as running webinars. Check the pricing list from here if you're interested.

How To Build A Sales Funnel On A Budget

GetResponse is one of the most inexpensive but also the most reliable email marketing providers, with a free landing page builder...with 30 days free trial.

By now, hopefully you know how you can create a simple sales funnel and start promoting products using GetResponse. It is perfect for those who sell a few products, and also perfect for affiliate and niche marketers.

For any more questions, please don't hesitate to leave your comment below!​ But by all means, there's nothing for you to lose; sign up now for free and give it a try.

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ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. I have been looking for how to build a sales funnel on a budget for a long time because I used to have a consumer tech research related website but was unable to make money, ran out of funds and had to close the website. I have been desperate to start all over again and to promote some of my affiliate products but with such a low budget I thought it wasn’t possible. Now I know I can use Get Response and collect leads and hopefully make some sales at the same time, I have high hopes for my new adventure. I’m hoping to learn as much to maximize conversion rates and increase my revenue over time. Thank you for your advice.

  2. Great post, thanks. Everybody needs a sales funnel if they want to become an affiliate marketer. This post helps especially new internet marketers. I will make use of this information. Thanks.

  3. Hi, great suggestion about creating a sales funnel on a budget. People think it requires a high level of technical skills, organization skills and cost to build a sales funnel because it can be complex. But it’s surprisingly easy if you simplify and focus on what products you want to promote and at what timing. I have used GetResponse in the past and I recommend it also. This is a great entry for newbie marketers.

    1. Hi Sanjay, yes as you say, it’s not difficult to create a simple sales funnel, and you shouldn’t be wasting a lot of money on it. Good sales funnel builder such as ClickFunnels allow you to create complex funnels, but not every user is making good use of it. I’m glad to hear that you recommend the landing page builder by GetResponse too. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Thanks Cybercash for good advice. I just canceled my Clickfunnels account because it was too pricey and I was never after the affiliate programs.

    What do you think of BuilderAll?

    1. Hi Colin, thanks for your comment. I’ve written a review of BuilderAll recently, and I have a mixed opinion about it (Check HERE) For less than $10 per month you can keep your website running, but you still want an email marketing service subscription elsewhere (BuilderAll offers one called MailingBoss for extra fee, but it’s not as good). Still, you can create a good sales funnel for a low budget, I don’t think it’s too bad. Any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks for your visit!

  5. Hi, I’m exceptionally happy to find your first class article. I endeavor to peruse distinctive kinds of sales related articles every day. I was just surfing to find out about landing pages and found your exceptionally elegantly composed valuable article. I got and adapted some new ideas and exercises from your substance. I trust it will help me a great deal. Much thanks to you such a great amount for your amazing article. I value your push to compose such commendable substance. The data demonstrates that you are proficient about this subject and is useful for the amateur and the for the master alike.

  6. Can you tell me if any way to start a sales funnel for free. I have no money right now and I am looking for a free web hosting. I know Mailchimp is free. I would like to start affiliate marketing and when I earn enough money I would like to start investing in a decent sales funnel with get response as you suggest. If it’s possible please. Thank you. Kumal

    1. Hi Kumal, you can start building a website free with Wealthy Affiliate. Also as you say Mailchimp is free, but it doesn’t allow you to promote certain “make money online / work from home” products, so you need to be careful with it.

      Although you can start everything absolutely free, but you need to build up your site over time until you start receiving organic traffic, which could take 6+ months with a site with a free subdomain. Nothing’s impossible but it’s a hard work. If you contact me, I can take you through?

      Thanks for your visit, I wish you the best of luck!

  7. Great info, thanks. I use Getresponse alongside with Aweber and the open rate is not as good as AW in my experience, but the free landing page builder is a plus. I can promote extra products using it. Cheers.

  8. This is truly educational for me. I wanted to know how to build a sales funnel and I have almost no money to spend. I am willing to do anything to grab my own online business success but didn’t know what to start with. I’m going to follow exactly what you said and try GetResponse today. Thanks.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. I’m glad this post has helped you a little, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me any time 🙂 I wish you the best of luck with every success!

  9. I don’t know whether to believe there’s a way to make money when you are actually on a budget. You spend money to expect bigger profits really. Try to start with a few dollars you’ll only get a small return. I guess you can scale up.

    1. Hi Anson, you don’t necessarily need a lot of money to start an online business – that’s the whole thing about internet marketing as opposed to brick-and-mortar. Especially affiliate marketing is easy for anyone to actually start, many would start easy then quit easy, not because they don’t invest enough money, but they quit without learning the right way.

      This method in my post can let you build a sales funnel but it’s important to learn how to promote products, otherwise the funnel will be wasted.

  10. Takes the entire afternoon to go through it, mostly because of note synthesis and actually implementing some of the tips as I went through it.

  11. Very happy with your advice! Thanks! I don’t have much money to start my affiliate marketing. I need to follow what you exactly say step by step! Is Getresponse is the only company to provide a sales funnel?

    1. Hi Stevie, thanks for your comment. Yes, GetResponse is probably the only one right now who offers a free sales funnel for the most affordable price. Good luck, if you have any questions or problems don’t hesitate to ask anytime!


  12. I’ve used GetResponse before and didn’t like the format. I prefer Aweber. I find it easier to compose a campaign and schedule each broadcast. But AW doesn’t do a landing page for you and it’s slightly more expensive than GR so I guess I agree if you are on a budget you should go for GR. Thanks.

    1. Hi Saya, I appreciate your opinion. Some people do prefer the design of GetResponse particularly in the opt-in form, and both AWeber and GetResponse continuously develop and improve their features, but I can say they are 2 of the best email marketing providers especially for individual marketers for their handy prices. Thanks again for your comment!

  13. I think this is just what I wanted, good man. I’ve had a financial hardship a while ago and had to lose my web hosting, affiliate status and everything. I’ll try the method you recommend shortly. I read your other review of Click Funnels and it looks so good but too expensive for me. I’ve used a free autoresponder before but it wasn’t good. I’ll definitely go for Getresponse. Cheers Ray. D.

    1. Hi Danny, sorry to hear that you’ve had to lose some good tools in the past. But good thing about affiliate marketing as you know is you can start and restart with no cost (or very little cost) anytime, I’m sure you’ll make it great this time round. Thanks for reading & leaving a comment in my ClickFunnels review. Yes it is pretty costly. Whereas GetResponse provides a quick startup solution – you can build a sales funnel in less than one day. And it offers a 30-day free trial. Good luck, and thank you so much for your input Danny!


  14. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your advice on how to build a sales funnel on a budget.

    We are SBM based in Jeddah of Saudi Arabia. Our business is in the process of being incorporated. We do not have a website and feel our business will be unsecure. We need a basic sales funnel. Could this be done? If so how can we go about it? If in anyway you think it’s possible for us please advise.

    With my Best Regards,

    Omar Khan

    Saudi Arabia

    1. Hi Omar, thank you for your message. This page is all about building a sales funnel with very little to spend. If your business is being incorporated, you may have a little more to spend? If so ClickFunnels is extremely popular and if you follow the step-by-step, it’s pretty easy to set up your sales funnel.

      You could perhaps tell me what kind of sales funnels you’d like to create – as long as your website is going to be in English, I’ll be able to help you as much as I can. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at

      Thank you again for your visit!

  15. Hey Ray thanks for the awesome article again, it means if you use Getresponse during the 1st month you can promote affiliate products for free is that what you’re saying? Is there any hidden extra? I know someone from Sri Lanka who really doesn’t have money and he’s desperate to start selling while learning without spending much. Cheers, Z

    1. Hi Zak, how’re you doing? Thanks for your comment. The answer is yes, you can start promoting affiliate promoting using GetResponse’s landing page builder and its subdomain for absolutely free during the 30-day free trial period.

      But in reality with a brand new, 1-page site you cannot expect an organic traffic, your friend would likely to have to use a paid advertisement service. It’d be essential for him to have an opt-in form and, depending how many subscribers he’s able to collect during that time, it may be worth using a paid service such as solo ads like Udimi, or Facebook advertisements.

      Any more questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks again for your visit!

  16. hi, thanks for this article. I want to create a good sales funnel with not spending extra money first, so i will follow these above steps. I’ve just moved to getresponse. I used Mailerlite and benchmark before, both were good but provided pathetic mail open rates. Getresponse is much better i think in my opinion. Good job, cheers. Amir

    1. Hi Amir,

      Thanks for your comment, I have actually used those two providers too and was not happy with the open/click rates at all. Yes as you say, GetResponse is much more responsive hence active subscribers often send me positive feedback overall. And as for the sales funnel, it is very easy to set up and get it going. So good luck to you. Any more questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me!

      Thanks again for your visit.
      Best Wishes,

  17. Thank you for your advice in how to build a sales funnel on a budget. I don’t have much money right now so this is good for me. Someone recommended a company callecd click-funnels to me. Have you ever used it?

    1. Hi Kenny, thanks to you too for leaving a comment. ClickFunnels provides a great service but it will cost you $97 every month. They offer 14-day free trial, so if you’re really interested, why not give it a try 🙂 I’ve written about it recently – ClickFunnels Review 2017 – Do You Want It? Do You NEED It?

      GetResponse’s landing page builder is much more simple, allows you to build a funnel quick and easy, and much cheaper as you can see. So this is my recommendation especially for those who are considering creating a sales funnel for the first time.

      Thanks again for your visit.

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