180 Best Affiliate Marketing Niches 2023

Updated: December 22, 2022
by Ray Alexander

Choosing a niche is probably the most important step to take at the beginning of your affiliate marketing journey. Because you can’t really build the foundation of your business such as your website, logo and taglines until your niche is chosen. And once it’s chosen, you can’t really change it. You might want to take some time to find a niche that you won’t easily give up. But you certainly don’t want to waste time agonising over the decision before you even get going with your new venture either. So today, I hope the best affiliate marketing niches guide will give you some inspiration.

Best Affiliate Marketing Niches

What Is A Niche?

In short, an affiliate niche is a category of products or services that you promote. A niche can be either broad or very specific. If the theme of your website content or YouTube channels is about cooking in general, cooking is your niche, and that’s very broad. Within your content, you recommend cookware or recipe books to your audience as an affiliate. 

Your niche can be narrowed down as specific as you want; if you are a nerdy fan of Daniel Craig’s James Bond and you only want to talk about the last 5 Bond films within your content, then “Daniel Craig’s James Bond” is your niche. 

As for your affiliate marketing strategy, in this case, you can promote 007-related merchandise but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be also promoting some other non-related products. As long as it makes sense, i.e. you think the products will interest your audience, there’s no rule otherwise. 

How Should I Choose My Niche?

Some say “choose a high-paying affiliate niche.” A private jet charter. Lamborghini. Don’t listen to them. If it was that easy & straightforward, why would anyone choose to sell second-hand cars instead of Lamborghini for less commission? Why didn’t you decide to sell diamonds when you finished your college study?

To choose your niche, it’ll be easier to take the steps in this order;

Step 1: Identify your speciality subject

Find a niche that you have good knowledge of. Your hobby, career, or skills that you are passionate about. You can list up as many as you wish, and then narrow the list down later on. 

You may be tempted to pick a particular niche because “you’ve always been interested in it”. I suggest that you step back a little and do a little reality check. The real questions are whether you are;

  • different from your competitors or not,
  • more knowledgeable than the others or not, and
  • able to find more topics than the others or not.

Can you come up with hundreds of tips to share with your audience? In years to come? If yes, that might be it, but if not, you may want to look for something else.

Step 2: Do a competition check

Find out how popular the niche is. Generally, if a niche is popular, it’s competitive. If it’s low competition, it doesn’t sell. Finding out the average monthly search volume by using a couple of different SEO keyword tools (because they all show different results and suggestions.) I use SEOquake and Jaaxy.

SEOquake Analysis

SEOquake Analysis

Step 3: Find out what you can promote

Sometimes when your niche is scarce, you can’t find more than a few small affiliate products to promote. 

For example, if I was to build a website about history jokes for kids, what affiliate products would be available for me? I can only think of some joke books from Amazon, so I don’t think the niche would be worth it for me. But you may have better, some awesome ideas.

Step 4: Check the commission payout rates

Some digital products from ClickBank (affiliate network) can pay as much as 75%-100% commissions, while Amazon Associates’ commission rates are as low as just a few per cent.

For example, Amazon only pays a 3% commission on pet products, which means that in order for you to earn $1,000, you’ll have to sell $33,333 worth of pet products. Then you may want to find some other pet shops that offer affiliate programs.

Health and Wellbeing

The global health and wellness market was said to be worth US$3,294 Billion at the end of 2021. Accordingly, it is a hugely popular niche among affiliate marketers. The niche is subcategorised as you can see from the list below; physical exercises and body maintenance, ageing, gender-related, and natural remedies. 

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
    Home fitness
  4. 4
  5. 5
    Aerobic exercises
  6. 6
    Walking exercise
  7. 7
  8. 8
    Weight control (e.g. keto diet)
  9. 9
  10. 10
  11. 11
    Men's health (libido, hair loss)
  12. 12
  13. 13
  14. 14
  15. 15
    Massages (sport, Swedish, Thai, reflexology, shiatsu)
  16. 16
    Home remedies
  17. 17
    Dental health
  18. 18
    Eye health
  19. 19
    Mental health and wellbeing


Some of the health/wellbeing niches and self-development niches overlap each other, as maintaining good mental health is essentially about improving your perception of life. People seek ways to improve their personal qualities in all sorts of different ways. So as an affiliate, there are plenty of training courses, webinars by motivational speakers, and books to promote while you share your own experiences with your audience.

  1. 20
  2. 21
    Productivity/time management
  3. 22
    Spiritual enlightenment
  4. 23
  5. 24
    Motivational quotes
  6. 25
    Positive thinking
  7. 26
    The Law of Attraction
  8. 27
    Overcoming addictions (alcohols, drugs, gambling)
  9. 28
    Quit smoking
  10. 29
    Anger management/stress relief
  11. 30
    Depression/anxiety control
  12. 31
    Brain supplements

Love and Relationship

According to Statista, matchmaking dating services are expected to earn over 2.5 billion dollars globally by 2024. While many are looking for a new relationship, others are desperate to fix their bad relationship problems and the stigma attached to them. So if you are a relationship expert, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to monetise your skill by recommending dating apps, books, and counsellors as an affiliate.

  1. 32
    Online dating tips
  2. 33
    Relationship advance
  3. 34
    Marriage guidance
  4. 35
    Sexual advice
  5. 36
  6. 37
    Ill-fated relationships (e.g. domestic violence)
Niche Health Wealth Relationships

Wealth/Business Opportunities

Make-money-online is another huge industry. A career is closely related to a person's ability to earn a living, unlike relationships or health that not everyone has issues with. Now that remote work has become a new normal, an increasing number of people are looking for a work-from-home opportunity.

On the other hand, applying to anybody means the wealth niches are likewise highly competitive.

  1. 38
    Digital marketing in general
  2. 39
    Affiliate marketing
  3. 40
    Multi-level marketing/network marketing
  4. 41
    E-commerce (Sell affiliate products on your online store)
  5. 42
    Drop-shipping (Drop-ship of physical products as well as selling physical and/or digital affiliate products)
  6. 43
    SEO/content marketing (blogging, video marketing)
  7. 44
    Email marketing
  8. 45
    PPC (pay-per-click) ads
  9. 46
    GPT (get-paid-to) sites/surveys-for-cash
  10. 47
    Local business startup
  11. 48
    Other freelancing


While many marketers see the business opportunity niche and the investment niche as two sides of the same coin, that’s not really the case. An investment is an investment, it requires a lot of cash to start and is a long-term strategy. Whereas trading involves a lot of risks and you could lose a fortune overnight. Investing or trading without extensive knowledge is simply sheer gambling.

Over the past many years, I have seen so many affiliates sell investment/trading plans using hugely misleading phrases such as “high payout rates”, “profit daily”, etc. They’re effectively scammers, in my opinion. I would suggest that you choose any of these niches only if you have good skills to share because after all, affiliate marketing is about helping others. You won’t last long, otherwise.

  1. 49
    Stock market
  2. 50
    Precious metals
  3. 51
    Other commodities
  4. 52
  5. 53
    Real estate investing
  6. 54
    Day trading
  7. 55
  8. 56
    CFD (contract for difference) trading
Sharing your Pet Pictures


Over $126 billion were spent on the pet industry in the US in 2021. Dogs and cats are ridiculously popular, if you are a pet owner, you know how quite easily the photos or videos of your pet can go viral among your social media followers. Tips and advice on pet behaviours out of your own experience are always useful. As an affiliate, not only can you promote physical pet products but you can also promote online consultation services and guidebooks.

  1. 57
    Pet products (food, toys and accessories)
  2. 58
    Dog training
  3. 59
    Pet behavioural
  4. 60
    Veterinary practice/consultation
  5. 61
    Pet/animal therapy
  6. 62
    Exotic pets


New affiliate marketers often mistakenly choose a travel niche because “they like travelling”. The truth is that travel niches are as competitive as any other. If you only travel a few times a year, you’ll soon run out of ideas. It’s hard to keep producing new content without your own experience. I would suggest that you choose one of these niches only if you travel frequently enough to have many stories to share.

  1. 63
  2. 64
    Budget travel
  3. 65
    Luxury travel
  4. 66
    Cruise vacations
  5. 67
  6. 68
    Extreme travel adventures (e.g. climbing, scuba diving)

Fashion and Beauty

If you are already working in the fashion industry, I guess you know how you constantly keep up with the trends. Your access to tools and resources (i.e. physical products, toolkits, photoshoots, or image copyrights) should make creating content easy for you.

  1. 69
  2. 70
  3. 71
  4. 72
  5. 73
  6. 74
  7. 75
  8. 76
  9. 77
  10. 78
  11. 79

Food and Drink

Food bloggers make a lot of money from advertising, but they also make supplementary affiliate income by recommending related products - kitchenware, cutlery sets, and books.

  1. 80
  2. 81
  3. 82
    Healthy eating/diet
  4. 83
    Organic food
  5. 84
  6. 85
  7. 86
    Food allergy-related
  8. 87
    Kitchen utensils/cookware
  9. 88
  10. 89
  11. 90
  12. 91
  13. 92
    Home brewery
  14. 93
    Grow your own vegetables/fruits
  15. 94
    Restaurant/caterer reviews

Affiliate Marketing Industry Statistics: "42% of income that food bloggers generate is from advertisements, whereas 10% is from affiliate marketing."



"Mom blogs" have been ridiculously popular for years and therefore, they are proven to be a lucrative affiliate business. Not just motherhood blogs but any life niche that targets a particular group of people is popular, but popular also means competitive. If you have a lot to say and you think you can influence a lot of others by sharing your experiences, one of these niches may be for you to consider taking.

  1. 95
  2. 96
  3. 97
    Senior life
  4. 98
    Caring for the elderly
  5. 99
  6. 100
  7. 101
  8. 102
  9. 103
    Civil rights (race, feminism)

Technology, Tools and Cybersecurity

The good thing about digital niches (online, software or hardware-based) is that users can hear your advice and experience it themselves simultaneously. For example, if your niche is “Adobe Illustrator how-to guide”, users can view your step-by-step on one screen and replicate it themselves on the other screen. Plenty of premium digital services are available for you to promote as an affiliate.

  1. 104
  2. 105
    App developing
  3. 106
    Website building (WordPress, Wix)
  4. 107
    WordPress plugins
  5. 108
    Graphic designs
  6. 109
    Photo edits
  7. 110
    Web security
  8. 111
    VPNs (Virtual private networks)
LGBT Gay Pride Items #1 (Horizontal Banner)

Homes, Housekeeping, and Lifestyles

This is another popular group of niches that new affiliates tend to choose but unfortunately run out of ideas and give up relatively soon. The environmental issues are "hot" and everyone has a few things to say. But again, the question is whether you can continuously deliver valuable content for a long period or not.

If you think you are an expert, then these niches are great because you'll find a lot of physical affiliate products to promote. Some are at relatively high unit prices, hence higher commissions, such as solar-powered goods, electric generators, and home security systems.

  1. 111
    Sustainable/ecological living
  2. 112
    Luxury homes
  3. 113
    Budget lifestyle
  4. 114
  5. 115
    Location independence/digital nomads
  6. 116
    Van dwelling
  7. 117
  8. 118
  9. 119
    Home security
  10. 120
    Housekeeping tips (e.g. cleaning, space-saving)

Other Educational Niches

  1. 121
    Music (singing, instruments, score writing, sound effects, DJing, engineering)
  2. 122
  3. 123
    Foreign language
  4. 124
    Sign language
  5. 125
  6. 126
    Accountancy / Bookkeeping
  7. 127
    Laws and regulations
  8. 128
  9. 129
    World economy
  10. 130
  11. 131
    Paper craft, Origami
  12. 132
    Space and planets
  13. 133
    Science, maths, biology, etc, etc…
  14. 134
  15. 135
    Ikebana, Bonsai
  16. 136
    Career advice

Special Occasions

I wouldn't have thought people would buy wedding stuff online. If I google the average time couples spend on planning their big day, some say 6-10 months and others say up to 18 months. It's the big day, big-budget, a huge deal. Surely they would prefer to visit the venue and bridal shop personally to ensure everything is in order...

Turns out that many wedding affiliate programs are available online. I know nothing about wedding dresses but I can see such a wide price range starting from as low as a few hundred dollars. So there is a demand. It does make sense that some people would spend less on the wedding day and use the extra money for the honeymoon, family planning, etc.

Well, when I think about it, not just wedding planners but any kinds of party planners are affiliated with the venues and the other related services, anyway. This can be a profitable niche for you to establish.

  1. 137
  2. 138
    Party planning
  3. 139
  4. 140
    Fancy dress costumes


Psychic Supernatural Affiliate Niches

Astrology is said to have started 2,400 years ago, and without a doubt, billions of us across the world are influenced by it. Along with every other supernatural stuff, these niches are certainly popular even though some people refuse to believe those.

Controversial content is often banned or shadowbanned by Google, YouTube and reputable social networks, most notably the recent "anti-vax" campaigns. But paranormal content doesn't seem to get censored in the same way, so that's another good thing.

I was reading about ghost-hunting equipment the other day and was surprised to learn that EVP recorders were easily available to buy on Amazon for less than $40 or so. (Not that I'm interested to buy one personally.) Also, many psychic reading and astrology affiliate programs are available.

  1. 141
    Psychic reading
  2. 142
    Tarot reading
  3. 143
  4. 144
    Paranormal activities
  5. 145
    Life after death
  6. 146
  7. 147
    Past lives

Finance and Insurance

If you've been working for a financing or insurance company, you don't need to be told that affiliate programs are available. It's a big commission-based industry.

  1. 148
    Personal finance
  2. 149
    Retirement plans
  3. 150
    Mortgage/loan advice
  4. 151

Restricted Niches

These niches are so closely associated with spam, scams, and security risks, that they are harder to promote to start with. Email marketing service providers prohibit users to promote these niches, and Google won't rank your site easily. 

It may not sound fair to you if you wish to promote CBD oils genuinely to help treat mental illnesses, but it is what it is. You'll just need to take extra care to get around it. For example;

  • Don't promote the products in your email, but place a link to your helpful information/blog page instead.
  • Within your blog page, place a call-to-action to your product page.

This way, your blog page will work as a bridge page but will not appear to be selling CBD directly. Just a suggestion.

  1. 152
    Debt clearance
  2. 153
  3. 154
    Sexually explicit content
  4. 155
    CBD (Cannabidiol)
  5. 156
    Pharmaceutical (generic medications)


Entertainment-related niches are very popular, no doubt. You'll get opportunities to generate a good advertising income as well as affiliate income. I think the biggest challenge of an entertainment niche is the limitations of your image usage. Licensed images can cost you a fortune, but the user of only public domain images will make your site dull and unprofessional. 

  • Use images from Wikimedia Commons and follow the attribution rule.
  • Amazon Associates allows you to embed product images via SiteStripe.
  1. 157
  2. 158
    Cartoons, manga
  3. 159
  4. 160
    Celebrities gossips


Basically, anything you can think of can be your affiliate marketing niche. What matter is whether it's going to be profitable for you or not, and you can determine this by using the steps I mentioned earlier.

  1. 161
    Music instruments
  2. 162
  3. 163
  4. 164
    Videography/video equipment
  5. 165
  6. 166
  7. 167
  8. 168
  9. 169
  10. 170
    Hiking/mountain walking
  11. 171
  1. 172
  2. 173
    Comedies, fun, memes
  3. 174
  4. 175
    Children's toys
  5. 176
  6. 177
  7. 178
    Virtual reality
  8. 179
    Gaming (not gambling)
  9. 180
    Board games

Choosing The Best Affiliate Marketing Niches

I hope the list will help you get some ideas for finding the most suitable affiliate niche for you. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. If you ever feel stuck and need any help, you can always contact me. Good luck with your new affiliate business!

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  5. It’s a very helpful list for newbies who aren’t sure what niche to choose. I would add MLMs to the restricted niche as most of them are considered spam and autoresponders don’ usually allow them. Thanks

    1. Hi Sean, thanks for your comment. MLM is listed under Wealth/Business Opportunities. I do agree with you that MLMs are often associated with spam, but I don’t believe it’s restricted in the same way as others. Email marketing companies that allow wealth niches (e.g. AWeber, GetResponse) do allow MLM, it’s just a different business model. You can use a normal web hosting service to promote MLM as a niche. I hope this makes sense?

  6. Thank you dear, for such a wonderful compilation of 180 best affiliate marketing niches 2022, Luckily there are no training programs needed anymore for most of affiliate marketers, but still, some people are struggling to find the best niche and they worry about the future. This post would take away all the worries from these people and tell them they will get there. But I know, it’s not easy.

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