Can a Man Promote a Maternity-Related Affiliate Niche?

Updated: January 30, 2023
by Ray Alexander

1/5th of the 21st Century’s already gone (isn’t it scary?) and still many people assume that the maternity industry is for women only. But of course, brands are recognizing that men are just as capable of promoting maternity-related affiliate niches. The truth is that some pregnant women are looking for men or gender-neutral people to give them pieces of unbiased advice. So if you are a "maternity enthusiast", get ready to challenge outdated assumptions and take advantage of new opportunities!

Can a Man Promote a Maternity-Related Affiliate Niche?

What Kind of Maternity-Related Affiliate Products Are There?

Of course, this would be an easy answer for those who've already experienced pregnancy. It’s hard to know what’s in demand, especially for males unless they’ve attended maternity/pre-parenting classes with the mother of the baby. Here’s a list of some maternity goods that you can sell online:

  1. Clothes (maternity and nursing tops, dresses, bottoms, etc.) 
  2. Maternity support belts and bands 
  3. Breastfeeding pillows 
  4. Nursing bras and tanks 
  5. Pregnancy pillow sets and body pillows 
  6. Postpartum recovery kits 
  7. Stretch mark creams and oils 
  8. Baby carriers (wraps, slings, etc.) 
  9. Diaper bags and backpacks 
  10. Baby monitors (audio/video)

Can a Man Promote a Maternity-Related Affiliate Niche?

Yes, a man can promote a maternity-related affiliate niche as well as paternity. In fact, there are quite a few men who are successful affiliates in this niche.

Of course, it is important to understand that the pregnancy and childbirth process is primarily a woman's experience, and you should be respectful of it when promoting products in this niche.

The other fact I need to mention is that not only in maternity-related niches but with any kind of affiliate niche, It is more difficult to promote goods that you haven't actually used. Having said that, you can overcome this by regularly checking product user reviews (e.g. Amazon) so you can pass on your own unbiased version of your opinion to buyers.

There are still many opportunities for men to be successful in this niche. For example, there are quite a few products that are designed for both parents-to-be, or that can be used by either gender. Additionally, there are quite a few products that are geared towards new moms or dads that can be promoted successfully by either gender or no-gender people.

Why Would Anyone Pay Attention To Men Selling Maternity Goods?

There are three main reasons.

One is because men can, too, and it makes sense. 

Although there may be a stereotypical way of pregnancy, every baby grows differently in the mother's womb. One experienced mother's advice may not apply to another mother-to-be. 

It is better to receive advice from a man who has vast knowledge and experience of pregnancy than from a woman who does not have relevant knowledge. 

The second reason is that it’s their choice. 

Whether anyone wants advice from men or not is their choice. They choose to listen to either a man who is objective and unbiased or a woman who may be influenced by her own personal experiences (which can be biased). 

If you are a man and have a greater understanding of the complex medical issues involved in pregnancy, your advice is likely to be more accurate and helpful.

The third reason is, there still is a demand.

A man or a male same-sex couple who are expecting a baby from a surrogate mother may want to appreciate you for sharing your experience from a father-to-be’s perspective.

After all, it all boils down to trust with your audience. As long as you are genuine and honest about your experience - whether as a parent or not, whether with the product or not - your transparency will speak for itself when promoting your affiliate products.

Support-Related Affiliate Products

Support-related affiliate products

Your maternity audience is not necessarily pregnant women or new moms. Pregnancy can be a trying time for both the woman and her spouse. As the primary caregiver, they need to be understanding and supportive of their partner during this time.

Especially if they’re not attending prenatal appointments regularly, the knowledge/experience that you share may become very useful to them.

And there are, of course, a number of support-related affiliate products that can help to ease the stress of pregnancy and provide much-needed support for both partners. By promoting these products, you can help to make the pregnancy process a bit easier for everyone involved.

Emotional Support

During and after the pregnancy, they go through a lot of physical and emotional changes. So they particularly need emotional support from their spouse.

[Affiliate products]: Books and audiobooks about maternal mental health, courses and webinars.


Their bodies will be strained during pregnancy and resulting in a lot of aches and pains. Massages from their spouse can help them relax and feel better.

[Affiliate products]: Massage training courses and books. Massage oils and fragrances

Physical Assistance

No doubt, certain things become difficult for pregnant women to do. They also suffer from morning sickness. Their spouses need to give physical assistance as well as help out with all the household chores. 

[Affiliate products]: Pregnancy cookbooks, supplements, homeopathy treatments.

How to Promote a Maternity-Related Affiliate Niche

With any affiliate niche, the ways to promote products are;

  • Through a blog site and drive organic traffic (free but takes time.)
  • On YouTube (placing an affiliate link in the description field underneath the video.)
  • Via a sales funnel (website) by using PPC ads (Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.)
  • Via a sales funnel by using solo ads.

Solo ads never target demographically but only target the general public, so not recommended to promote specific niches such as maternity care. 

Which Affiliate Networks Should You Join?

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is probably the most popular affiliate network. It's a great choice for those who want to promote physical products because as you already know, Amazon sells everything. The disadvantages would be;

  • The affiliate commission rates are low (up to 10% of sales that you generate.)
  • Not totally ideal for targeting international visitomers - you’d have to sign up with all the Associates' programs (Amazon UK, Canada, Australia, etc.)
  • If you don’t make 3 sales in the first 180 days, your Associate account will be closed and all your existing affiliate links will become invalid.


Pregnancy Miracle

Pregnancy Miracle for sale at $47

ClickBank specializes in digital products, including several maternity-related information products, interestingly. So it’s worth taking a look. 

Signing up with ClickBank is free, and you can search products by keywords such as;

  • “Childcare”
  • “Pregnancy”
  • “Childrenswear”
  • “Toys”
  • “Mother”, “Baby”, “Babies”, etc.

The great thing about ClickBank is the commission rates - often you can get 50% of a sale price.

ClickBank Marketplace

ClickBank Marketplace

Other Major Affiliate Networks

...are all good and reputable for those who want to promote a variety of different products from different companies.

ShareASale is my favorite because of the friendly support from my personal experience, whereas CJ is my least favorite because of the slow-loading dashboard, and also CJ starts to deduct the admin fee if you’re not making sales for a while. But that’s only my personal opinion, CJ is undoubtedly a reputable affiliate network.

Steps To Create a Website To Start Affiliate Marketing

You need a landing page to drive traffic, so you can get people to sign up and promote your affiliate products at the same time. And to have a landing page, you’ll need a website. 

Creating a website is not as difficult as you think - setting one up won’t actually take a minute, and you can start building it in your own good time. So here’s how you start;

Step 1: Set Up a Site

You can do this by signing up with Wealthy Affiliate - all you need is your name and a valid email address.

Build a website with WA

Go to “Website” at the top menu and “Build a Website”. Then follow the instructions. It will enable you to build a WordPress website using a subdomain

This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and you can do this all for free to start with. You don’t want to pay any money until you know this is the right platform for you. 

Step 2: Learn The Basics

You can also take the first 5 affiliate marketing lessons for free. It’s all about how to make money online, and if you already have the basic knowledge, you can revisit the most fundamental areas.

Step 3: Start Creating Content

You’re ready to start creating the homepage, blog posts, menu structure, etc. Your legal pages (affiliate disclosure and privacy policy) will be provided, so all you have to do is upload the template, which won’t take you a few minutes.

Step 4: Tidy Up and Explore

Although you’re able to set up your own website very quickly and start posting blog content right away, you’ll need to make your site look decent. You also want to explore what kind of features you can take advantage of.

WordPress is so simple and easy to use - that’s why it’s the most used website builder in the world - but there are a lot of plugins (add-ons) that you can install on your site for free.

You might want to change the theme because each theme has a different layout structure. For things like that, you can explore using your spare time.

Step 5: Select a Domain Name

If you already have a domain name in mind (e.g. right from the beginning, you can select it at Step 1 (when setting up your website for the first time.) 

But otherwise, you choose a domain name whenever you’re ready. The Wealthy Affiliate website facility will let you do this with a few clicks - nothing technical is involved. 

Your domain name is going to be your brand, so you want to take time to come up with the best one because once you’ve chosen one, it’ll be difficult to change it. (It’s actually NOT difficult to change but there would be some tedious work to follow, like changing the name in the header/footer, legal pages, etc.)

Can a Man Promote a Maternity-Related Affiliate Niche? Final Words

Of course, it is absolutely possible for a man to become an affiliate marketer in the maternity niche. There are areas that men may never be able to fully understand biologically, and there are topics that need to be treated sensitively. But with all that in mind, your success as an affiliate marketer will come with care, compelling reviews, and honestly created content. Promoting a maternity-related affiliate niche could be a lucrative venture for any aspiring entrepreneur.

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February 2023: $5,760.00

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