Art of Positive Thinking: Law of Attraction and Absolute Happiness

Updated: May 6, 2017
by Ray Alexander

The idea of positive thinking and the law of attraction are often discussed at the same time. In fact I first learned about them together 'as a set' almost 35 years ago, however after trying for a year I decided it wasn't working for me. I quit, and did not believe it again until many, many years later.

You could say I probably wasn't doing it right - no probably I wasn't.​ The only information I had was from some book and I had no one else to share my experiences at the time.

Art of Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction

At 17, my goal was to pass my university entrance exam. I (thought I) was controlling my positive attitude pretty seriously, tried what I learned every day for a year. Unfortunately I failed the exam. You can imagine how devastated I was, almost traumatised by the fact that something I had believed in without the slightest of doubt did not work.

The following year I simply stayed focused on studying. Passed the exam this time. Positive thinking? Law of Attraction? Waste of time. I am what I am and I just have to keep going with whatever I have to do. Don't rely on the influential power that may or may not exist elsewhere.

'Rely on' - in hindsight I was simply relying on the luck, blindly believed everything was going to be okay and neglected to follow it up, i.e. study harder, basically.

The More I Worried...

When I 'quit the positive thinking method'​, the only other way I know how to deal with was to face all the obstacles. What if I fail? What makes me fail? Find all the bad elements and clear them one-by-one... I just needed to be systematic because I knew I seriously could not afford to fail the second time.

I visualised the negatives first, then tried to find the way to avoid them. The more I worried, the more I seemed to succeed. It was my way of motivating myself. Fears and anxieties can fuel your determination to succeed, you know?

I was young and must have had some pretty good level of self-confidence and willpower in me. Fears and anxieties can crush you any time but they didn't crush me, I was lucky.

Challenge Beyond Arm's Reach

It was - to find 'my own method to success in life' was - basically to try to get on with whatever comes along in life. Ordinary way. Mediocre way. Moderate success with my own home, nice friends and nice salary.​ Setting realistic, achievable, modest goals and working towards them - well, frankly that's what everybody's doing, isn't it? The time came one day, when I realised I needed to challenge beyond arm's reach, I knew I needed to revisit the Art of Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction.

Fixing The Way To Approach​

I'm pleased to say that it worked this time. I can firmly say it works! I believe the Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction have helped my online business grow dramatically, and continue to grow in great deal.​

Now I will list up the summary of definitions, what I may have been previously doing wrong, and how I fixed the way to approach.

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking is literally about thinking positively as well as behaving positively.

  1. Create positivity: First believe in yourself, believe that you are creating a positive energy with whatever comes in your way.
  2. Take things positively: Focus on good things and search for things that bring benefits to you.
  3. Channel negative energy into positive one: Failures are lessons, each struggle is a learning curve, try to find funny side in bad experiences.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people: Friends, mentors and co-workers. Avoid contact with people who have negative attitudes.
  5. Maintain your physical health: Your mental and physical healths always affect each other, so look after your body to keep your mindset at high level.
  6. Be patient: You cannot transform the way of thinking overnight. Embrace the present moment, and take one day at a time.

What I was previously doing wrong was 1 and 2. I was basically repeating to myself I was lucky and everything was going to be great, like a mantra. By blindly feeling optimistic, you will not produce much out of it. The universe is not that kind to you! I realised I had to be strongly objective. I started to write down daily affirmations in much more constructive way, such as;

  • Today I will proof-read the article I wrote yesterday and publish it by 10am.
  • Send a message to all the current customers to ask they're happy with my service, by 3pm.
  • Make $1,000 by Saturday.
  • I feel positive, my mind is clear, my heart is strong and my spirits are high.

At the end of each day, I read my "daily affirmation notes" to ensure the progress. If I couldn't carry out the task as planned, ask myself why. And make a note of it for the next day.

The Law Of Attraction​

When we refer to the LOA we often talk about adopting good (or bad) environment, i.e. you vs the world, such as;

  1. Mind control and visualisation: you attract good or bad things based on your thoughts. The more you visualise, the more powerful it becomes. You will increase the chance of getting things done in the way you want as you think about them more.
  2. Your surroundings: Positive people will affect you positively. Negative TV shows, books and news such as crimes and illnesses will affect your thoughts negatively.
  3. How your mind responds to things matters: You cannot change what's already happened. Sad news, disappointing results, bad dreams you had at night, can all be used just as a guide to the future. How you take them will change for better or worse.

But the LOA is all about being in the 'right zone' - everything in the zone attracts one another and you are a part of it. A success of others is also your success, and yours is theirs too. So rather than trying to get good things coming in your way, taking yourself to the place you love best...intuitive rather than calculated, right?

My previous approach was all about myself and my own benefit - just taking but not giving. It's important to make sure that I 'belong to' the right place with people who have the same (successful) frame of mind, embrace their success as well as mine, and help others to see the positive outcomes too.

A Failure Is Also A Success

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

~ Winston Churchill ~

To me the word 'failure' is no longer an antonym of the 'success'. Just as the famous words by Winston Churchill above, it's totally normal to keep failing. It is necessary to fail in order to grab success in the end. It's not bad or sad, it's just a process.

The Art of Positive Thinking and the Law Of Attraction certainly put me in happy places, yet I continuously keep moving on, searching for bigger success in life.

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Really great article, a lot of info about positive thinking to make you think where your strategy might be placed, especially if you feel you are stuck like I am. I want to learn but how long does it take to master it? Do I have to learn positive thinking and law of attraction separately?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Johnny, thanks for your comment. I don’t personally think this is something to ‘master’, it’s the way to live your life so you’re continuously trying to keep your mindset high and interact with people with positive attitude. I started my ‘daily affirmation’ exercise and, I can’t remember exactly how long – after 1-2 months? I found myself being much more open-minded and also found myself naturally avoiding bad/sad/negative thoughts or people.

      This post does not give you enough information about the art of positive thinking and law of attraction. If you want to know more about them, just Goole-search and you’ll find many articles, tips & advice. As you get to know about these two subjects more in detail, you’ll see they’re closely linked and you’ll work out yourself. Any more questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout. I’ll try my best to help. Thanks Johnny.

  2. Thank you Ray for teaching us the art of positive thinking and law of attractions. I knew about them vaguely but it’s good for me to know that they work. I get depressed and moody if things go wrong generally both with my work or in my private life. I should learn to take things positively but it seems hard sometimes.

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for your comment. You cannot take everything in life positively. Like you and everyone, I too can get depressed and probably have a few mood swings when I’m having a hard time. But one thing to remember is there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and you can always get through towards it, i.e. taking the situation positively. That’s how I believe. I’m not a psychologist, but hope this post helps a little. Thank you!

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