How To Make Money With Travel Blog

Updated: March 3, 2019
by Jack Stan

You know you could make money with your travel blog and make a decent living. And you also probably know that running a travel blog is not like a walk in the park - you should be traveling to start with! And you will have to put in a lot of work or effort for your travel blog to take off and run smoothly. But did you know - successful travel bloggers can earn a lot of money every month, taking home (if they have a 'home') more than some of the top executives can earn? If you can make your travel blog a success with such an incredible income, when you eventually go home, you might not have to return to work at all. For the rest of your life - it is not impossible. So, what are some of the ways though which you can make money with your travel blog?

How To Make Money With Travel Blog

Before Starting A Travel Blog

Travel blogging is like starting any other business since you will need initial investments for you to start making money. The main investment is unquestionably your travel costs. Also, you will have to invest a few hours each and every day to compose your blog, sort out the photos that you've taken, optimize your blog page before publishing it.

Starting out is always the biggest challenge to any endeavor. But once you have taken off, it will only be a matter of how you persistently keep going. You will be learning the writing technique as well as your audience's behaviors towards the types of posts you publish. You will soon be better at organizing the routine, writing your travel blog post in a tone and language that your readers will enjoy reading. This may all sound like more than just hard work but hopefully, your career as a travel blogger will be well-established in time.

Get Your Travel Blogs into Affiliate Marketing

Get Your Travel Blogs into Affiliate Marketing

This method of making money works best for those travel bloggers who have already established a fairly large audience in their websites and other social media platforms. Businesses and brands may let you market their products for them and reward you based on the number of visitors who click on the links that you provide and purchase products online.

You are not going to make money while you don't have many visitors to your site, but the least you can do is to start preparing for it. Start searching for good affiliate programs and request to join. The key strategy in this method is to promote products that you personally use and/or truly love. Your audience will try out the products that you recommend to them if they trust you. So it is important to market those products that you genuinely believe to be good.

The product/service can be travel-related, and the possibility is limitless. For example hotel booking sites, package tours and luxury holiday/accommodations, car hire, yacht hire or even private jet hire. Any country-specific souvenir products, and of course, travel books.  

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Sell Your Travel Photos

Sell Your Travel Photos

Photography is an essential part of travel blogging today. You could use photos to build or upload to your blogging website. This will give your website a beautiful visual appeal that will make your visitors want to read more about the stories that you write on your blog posts. Travel photos could also become a source of income especially when you sell the stock photos. You can sell them on a stock photo site, but it'll be a good idea to sell them on your own blog using an e-commerce plugin such as Woocommerce.

The idea is, the photos that you display on your blog need to be optimized by reducing the size. You can sell the original high-resolution version of the same photo, or make a set of 10 similar photos for sale, for example.

Monetize Your Travel Blog Videos

Monetize Your Travel Blog Videos

As a travel blogger, if you want to maximize your earnings from your work, you might want to consider showing the real personality of yourself to your audience. One of the ways that you could use to increase your earnings as well as the exposure is by monetizing your travel blog videos.

Firstly you create your YouTube channel, if you haven't already. Not just simply uploading well shot and edited videos to your YouTube channel, but talk to the viewers what you think of the place, give some travel tips, etc. Just as you write in your blog. Optionally you can make the information you're providing exclusively on the video. The YouTube video should also be embedded in your blog post. In this way, you will grow your viewers tremendously over time. And if you are consistent in your work, your subscribers and viewers will increase.

In YouTube, more views means more money. Once you have established a flourishing channel that contains videos with millions of views, you could increase your earnings by adding advertisement ads to them. Businesses or companies will pay you to include their ads in your YouTube videos especially when your videos always have millions of views. This is a great way to monetize.

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Create Your Own Product and Sell It

Create Your Own Product and Sell It

Write an ebook about your world adventure and sell it, but who would buy it, when they can visit your site and read your blog for free? You can, for two reasons.

The first reason is your ebook format. You can simply compose it in a word-processing document and convert it to PDF, or use Kindle Direct Publishing and publish it via Amazon, an ebook format can be much easier for many readers to search, bookmark certain areas, or start reading from where they left off previously.

The other reason is that you are offering something different from your blog.

You can add exclusive content to your ebook. Your blog will be accessible by just anyone - including people who are not particularly fans of you, those who don't appreciate your blogging effort. Whereas people who would buy your ebook surely support your work. In your ebook, you can tell the readers some secret tips, or secret stories that you might not necessarily want to share with everyone in your blog space.

Similarly but differently, you can make your ebook as a concise version of your blog. You can edit out all the lengthy episodes out of your blog posts and leave only the information in. Publish it as a handy guidebook for those who wish to travel to the same places in the near future.



You don't want to invest too much money for advertisements in the beginning. In fact, you will likely to waste your money on paid advertisements if your travel blog is not as established yet. But when your travel photo stock or an ebook is ready to sell, advertisements are certainly effective.

Google Ads or Facebook Ads could be very important to your travel blogs since they will popularize your blogs and familiarize your audience with your work. Also these ads will drive good extra traffic to your blog site, hence generate more money for you. Once you get your blogging routine going, get your products ready to sell and have some spare time, it will be definitely worth considering paid advertisements seriously.

Ask Your Audience

Generating leads (i.e. collecting email subscribers) is another way to expand your blogging business, because not only will you be able to promote your products by sending a weekly newsletter, but you'll also be able to ask your subscribers for opinions and requests. Ask them questions such as;

  • Where they want you to go to next (destinations/countries).
  • Places or things to do that they recommend.
  • What they think of the products you're promoting (like them / hate them / not interested)
  • Things you should include or exclude in your blog.

In this way, the whole blogging will become a 2-way experience. For example you are traveling around Europe right now and your readers' opinion poll tells you that they want you to go to Fiji. By then you'll be able to afford to travel any distance, but the problem is that Fiji in the Pacific Ocean is a long way away from Europe.

In order to find out the best route, you can involve your readers in the planning - what's the easiest route, what's the most economical? Keep your subscribers up to date with the plan, discuss it with them via email, or discuss it with your readers via the comment section of your blog... And your future travel blog posts will be something that they look forward to reading. 

You could also work on paid campaigns 

You could earn some extra income through spreading deliverable to your audience or customers through various platforms in exchange for paid trips and some cash. This money-making method works best for travel bloggers who have established their networks and have large audience base in their websites and video channels. Once you have established yourself as a travel blogger/influencer, brands will be seeking after you. 

How To Make Money With Travel Blog

I hope the above tips will help you decide to start a fabulous blog wherever in the world you are about to travel to.

Just remember that success isn't achieved overnight as you may wish. You will have to work hard to build your blog as a 'brand' and it may be at least a few months before you can see the bigger picture - to establish yourself as an authentic travel expert. "Dedication and Consistency" is the key phrase for successfully making money with your blog. Spend a good time building yourself up. And lastly never forget to enjoy the whole experience!

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