Can I Promote LGBT Pride Merchandise and Make Money?

By Ray Alexander

Can you promote LGBT Pride merchandise on your website to make money? Yes, of course you can, and you should if you're in for the fight for equality.

You might regularly express your opinions on heterosexism / homophobia issues on social media, help your community and show your support for the activist groups. But how about the LGBTQ related shops? They do help our community just like you do, and since they're profit-making companies, many of them offer affiliate programs. Means if you promote LGBT Pride merchandise on their behalf, you can receive a commission on each sale.

Promote LGBT Pride Merchandise and Make Money

So How Can You Do That? 

By using your brand website. Not using one of those ready-made blogging platforms though. They may allow you to sign up and start blogging literally within a few minutes, but they don't allow you to freely advertise merchandises in your article space. What you want to do is to build your site using WordPress, which really won't take you more than 30 minutes either. You can freely express your opinion, you can embed images and YouTube videos wherever you want to, and insert advertisement blocks/banners that are provided by your favorite pride store.

Just to be clear before I explain further - when I say you can "freely express your opinion" it excludes anything that promotes violence, any other kinds of discriminations, anything illegal, etc. You'll easily be banned by the web hosting company, affiliate program, search engines and all, otherwise. I'm sure you know that but just in case.

And Why's That Good?

LGBT Ukraine Russian St Petersburg

LGBT-Demonstration against the war in Ukraine and Russia in Saint-Petersburg

Because sharing your viewpoints on your website will be influential in a much more sustainable way than by sharing across social networks.

The fight for equality is still on. Discrimination and prejudice will never go away. We know that, how? Via social media. And we spread our campaigns against them by retweeting/re-sharing. It's easy to rant over the latest homophobic incidents or the government's anti-trans policies. Easy to call for support for activist charity groups. The more social followers you have, the more effective for sure.

But your action for good cause can be seen spontaneous and quickly buried in other people's posts, you know what I mean? People continuously move on from one topic to another. Very few of them remember your posts from 3 days ago, if at all.

Whereas a blog space will give you more advantages such as;

  • It allows you to express your thoughts at any length you want and in any style you want.
  • All your posts will remain in history and searchable by readers (unless you delete them, of course.)
  • Your readers can react to your posts by leaving comments, but it's up to you to approve or disapprove them. So you can make sure that no abusive comments or spam comments are displayed in your site.
  • You can categorize your posts in the way you want (see below!)

What Can You Write About?

There are 3 types of website themes (=main topics) that you want to choose from. And you need to decide it in the beginning because it will determine what kind of domain name (=web address) you want.

  1. The whole site is dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ communities
    Basically, a 'gay site' - you can write articles that highlight a variety of topics such as LGBTQ awareness campaigns, entertainment news, Pride event news, your personal experience/thoughts. The domain name can be for example.
  2. The website is your brand. So you write a variety of topics and promote whatever your business or hobbies on your site. LGBTQ topics will be just a part of it. The domain name can be really, anything, e.g.
  3. Go more specific - make your site dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ communities AND your specialty subject (your hobby, career, an illness that you suffer from.)

No. 3 is the best, recommended option because the audience will see you as an expert, likely to bookmark your site and visit on a regular basis. For example, if you are senior, recovering alcoholic and gay. You can provide information about alcoholic anonymous and related action groups especially set up for the LGBTQ community.

If you know a lot about autism, another example. You can provide relevant information and even create your own "Autistic LGBTQ" community. The domain can be named accordingly, something like

You Too Can Blog and Make Money!

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Why Would You Make A Profit By Being An Advocate?

First of all, by all means you can create your website for 100% charitable purpose. You can promote non-profitable LGBTQ+ support groups by placing a link to their websites.

But there are some reasons you should be promoting Pride goods and take some commissions, because;

  • You want some money to cover your website running costs; your domain name will cost you around $10-14 per year. Your website needs to be hosted, which could cost up to $50 per month. You can use an all-inclusive service (web hosting, all the tools that you need, all the training, webinars, live chat and support community for $49).
  • By promoting LGBT pride merchandise, it will dramatically enrich the content of your website.
  • You want to show your support for those pride shops!

If you really don't like the idea of making money out of fighting for equality, then you can always donate all your profits to the relevant action groups, you know!

What Can You Promote To Make Money?

You can promote Pride shops, or recommend specific products from certain online stores to your site visitors. Rainbow Pride flags to start with, rainbow wedding/engagement rings, slogan t-shirts, accessories, pet products (e.g. rainbow dog collars).

Pride Shack

Pride Shack is an exclusive LGBTQ goods online store who offers an affiliate program. Perhaps you can take a look and see what they sell, i.e. what kind of products you can promote as an affiliate on your own website?

Firstly you join their affiliate program, and upon joining, you'll be given your unique affiliate link. You place that link in your web page. When a visitor likes the product that you recommend and clicks the link, they'll be directed to the online store. When they make a purchase, you will receive a commission, typically a percentage of the sales price. For example Pride Shack will pay you 20% on any products that they sell.

Redbubble sells great artistic products that include LGBTQ items.

Amazon is always an all-rounder, selling any goods you can imagine, as you know. You can join the Amazon Associates program from here. Commission rate that you receive from Amazon is lower (4%-10%). But the great thing about Amazon is that, once someone accesses to the Amazon site via your affiliate link, as long as that person buys something from Amazon within 24 hours, you'll receive a commission on the total.

For example you promote a rainbow t-shirt on your website. Someone likes it, clicks the link and directed to the Amazon site. Then she/he changes her/his mind and buys something totally unrelated - buys a DIY set, a packet of batteries and a book - you'll receive a % of commission on whatever they spend. For that reason, Amazon Associates is always a fabulous place to join as an affiliate.

Read Also: How To Make Money As Amazon Affiliate

Adult Contents?

You may be wondering by now, if you can promote sexually explicit materials on your site - that's a different story. Firstly there are not many web hosting companies who allow that, so you need to choose one that allows adult websites. Hostgator is one, Extreme Hosting is another one.

Secondly it's one way or the other - gay pornography sites do welcome affiliates, but almost all other affiliate programs prohibit you from promoting their products/services on adult sites. So if you intend to build a sexually explicit website, it will have to be wholly and exclusively. Amazon won't allow you to promote their products on your adult site.

Create Your Own LGBT Pride Merchandise Store

Another option - this is just another option - is a drop-shipping business. You can build your blog website just as normal and promote LGBT pride goods as an affiliate, as I mentioned earlier. In the same website, you can also build an e-store.

A WordPress plugin called Woocommerce allows you to do this. It's totally free to install and use on your site. Woocommerce will transform your site to a totally professional looking online store, and this is a fantastic idea if you want to establish your brand.

Pride Shack, especially offers a drop-shipping arrangement. Drop-shipping is where you don't have to store goods, not have to worry about shipping goods. You only have to take customers' orders and take care of any communications. The rest is taken care of the drop-shipping company (Pride Shack). I'll explain how it works very quickly;

  1. I open my own Pride online store ("Ray's Gaystore", create my own logo and all that.
  2. I see Pride Shack sells a "Love is Love" t-shirt for $20. I decide to sell it for $26 in my store. I list it in my page under "Pride T-shirts" category.
  3. Someone buys a "Love is Love" t-shirt on my site and pays me $26.
  4. I immediately buy the same shirt from Pride Shack, pay them $20 and tell them my customer's address as a shipping address.
  5. Pride Shack sends a package directly to my customer, but emails me a dispatch note. So I send my version of dispatch note (with my logo on it!) to my customer.
  6. The difference of $6 is my profit!

You see, if you're looking to create your own brand and start building your fanbase, this is a terrific way to start.

If you (are still reading this and) feel it's hard to get your head around it, I suggest that you start as an affiliate, keep writing whatever topics you wish to write about, and perhaps keep the drop-shipping option in mind as part of your future plan.

Can You Promote LGBT Pride Merchandise and Make Money?

Of course you can. If you think it takes too much hard work to build your own website, that's not the case. Yes, you may need to put a lot of effort, but you will be creating a platform that no one else can interfere. But much, much more importantly, you will be spreading awareness, helping people who suffer from stigma and discrimination at the workplace. Think about giving your strength and courage to those who are bullied at school and in small villages. Your website will create power, and if you want to generate a full-time income from it, you certainly can, just like I do!

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

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  1. Hi, Ray. I need your advice. I want to start selling LGBTQ goods on my site but I'm not prepared to post blogs regularly. What’s the best way to do this? Can I make an online store first then when I start making money hire a writer, if so how much does it cost? Thanking you in advance. Much appreciated.

  2. Hi Ray, I run an organisation that provides Tantra Events for Gay, Bi and Men who Love Men. We've created our own affiliate programme, rewards for our app downloads, rewards for online subscription and future rewards for helping bring attendee's to our events. We have a platform and our virtual currency called BlissCoins. We make a huge positive difference to men's lives. I need an Affiliate Programme Manager that can support my community to help them know how to earn, and to support them, coach them be effective. Someone with affiliate background. Can you make any recommendations of where I could find someone? About 10hours per week. Thanks Jason πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Jason, thank you for reaching out to me – I’ve known your site for years, have always admired you for what you do! Now I don’t know any affiliate manager or salesperson whom I trust on a personal level. I wonder if you’ve ever tried affiliate networks such as Awin, ShareASale (my favourite as an affiliate and now part of Awin), CJ, etc? I’ll ask some of my social network friends and will get back to you. If any of your coaches ever need a simple website built, then I can help you, please give me a shout. Good to hear from you, keep in touch πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Ray, I enjoyed reading your article. My brother is planning to marry his partner next year, was telling me about rainbow rings. As an affiliate marketer, I too thought about promoting some pride products. I am really interested in running an LGBTQ+ ecommerce site now that I know it’s possible from your article. I was wondering if you can sell them throughout the year or just during the pride months, plus holiday seasons perhaps, what do you think?

    Whether sell or not sell I still want to contribute my support to other ecommerce businesses like Pride Shack. Your article has given me great insights. Thank you for that, Ray.

    1. Hi Tomasz, thanks for your comment. From my own experience with my eCommerce site a few years back, yes, Pride products sold during May – July time, but other rainbow merchandise sold throughout the year. If you’re really interested, I suggest that you consider a dropshipping. Any questions don’t hesitate to get back to me. I wish you all the best πŸ™‚

  4. There are many ecommerce businesses who sell LGBTQ merchandise but the problem is that almost none of them offers affiliate programs. This is due to the scarcity of the niche and very few of them sell especially during the winter period.

    As a result individual ecommerce owners have no option but to reduce the price to the lowest possible way, meaning there is no room for a revenue share for affiliates.

    1. Hi Liam, thanks for your comment. Yes that’s true, if you are an individual eCommerce owner who hopes to employ affiliates to beat Amazon for example… You’ll have to pay a decent commission rate >20% and pay a fee to the affiliate network, the inevitably the sales prices will have to go up…!

  5. I’m impressed by your article. This is the best guidance if you want to promote LBGT pride merchandise to make money. I agree with everything that you say. Wow. Thank you for such an awesome post.

  6. Hiya Ray darling, congrats on your new blog — I love this! Just pop by to say I love it. If you ever start selling LGBT goods just tell me, I’m the first one to spend money! Not just to support your work because I genuinely love what you do — speak soon ,love xxx Danny

  7. Awesome content, Ray. There are so many points that I can learn from this page as well as other pages. I have always supported LGBTQ communities and this sounds like something I can do. Thank you.

  8. Selling LGBT products is good but the choice is limited and also the countries can be limited. Some countries where gay rights are frowned upon may not accept related import goods. I have experienced before and it wasn’t easy. But the door is open to any affiliates, there is nothing to stop them from trying.

    1. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. While we must continue to fight against homophobia, it’s probably the buyer’s responsibility to import ‘illegal’ products from another country? (e.g. medical cannabis) At least you’ve tried!

  9. Hello Ray, I found your suggestion from Instagram and YouTube. I would like to start this one because gay rights is my most interested topic to talk about.
    I am not ready or have my enough money but you told me before I can start free?
    Your article about gay rights in Russia is still my most favorite article.
    I would like to start writing something like that one.
    Thank you Ray. It’s good to hear your advice.

    1. Hi Jun, great to know that you’re willing to start up. Though I thought you already had a site?? Yes of course you can start for free, and if you haven’t already, I suggest that you buy a domain name eventually. Contact me at any time!

  10. I already promote Pride Shack products but find the range somewhat narrow. Good service but I find their response slow.
    Do you know any other companies who sell LGBT goods?

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. I personally find PS’s range of products wide enough though, any particular products that you’re looking for missing? There are many other companies (you can easily find them on social media) but I don’t know any others who offer an affiliate program.

  11. Rainbow vacations offer affiliate programs. I think they are based in Miami.
    It’s more profitable, think about making 10% commission on a $1000 vacation then making 30% commission on a tshirt, the answer’s obvious.

  12. Hello Ray, I have published a few books but have struggled to sell. What’s the best way, since you mentioned affiliates? Is there any way that I can ask affiliates to sell my books on my behalf, and if so how do I start?

    Thanking you in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Stephen, I assume that you’re selling your books on Amazon? I hear that it’s hard to find affiliates to promote novels on the writers’ behalf. If you have a website then tell me what it is, I may be able to promote your books on my other site. Contact me and let me know. Thanks for your comment.

  13. I think it’s a good idea. Especially we are in the pride month ? ? let’s all start that and spread ❀️ LOVE. There are too much homophobia and hate crimes in America and the rest of the world. We can beat them by promoting meaningful campaigns and also LGBTQ+ merchandises. Thank you for the inspirational post. Happy Pride! ???

  14. Hey Ray, long time. You’re still writing such inspiring blogs. This sounds great. It will be good for me to build a site and promote pride products especially we’re in the pride month. I guess it’s a little too late to start now though lol. Maybe by the next year’s pride. Blogging, good idea but what do you do when you run out of ideas…does that ever come across Ray, you can’t find anything to write about?

    1. Hi Zak, good to hear from you! I think creating a gay rights related website is a perfect idea for you. It’s all about building up, and there’s no perfect time to start, you can start now. You never really run out of ideas if you keep taking ‘notes’ on a daily basis. News, other people’s blogs and events happening around you can all inspire you to write, you see. Any questions get back to me at any time. All the best to you Zak, thanks for your comment.

  15. I’ve never heard of Pride Shack. Do they sell quality products though, I’ve bought a rainbow ring in the past from another shop but it was cheap & nasty.

    1. Hi Goldie, I’ve bought many products from Pride Shack, and the quality is reasonable for the price I paid, including rainbow rings. I recommend it. Thanks for your comment.

  16. Good suggestion but who else is on affiliate program apart from Pride Shack? Sounds a bit unfair on other pride shops maybe?

    Good to know about adult videos but how about adult toys and sexual enhancement drugs? Are you allowed to promote?

    1. Hi Peter, there are not many online stores who exclusively sell Pride products AND offer an affiliate program. If I know more I’ll list them up in this page in the future.

      Yes generally adult goods stores do allow affiliates who promote sexually explicit materials. I don’t know any pharmaceutical companies who offer affiliate programs though. I think because their sales terms are regulated (e.g. require prescriptions), otherwise unlicensed or illegal?

  17. This is a wonderful insight. You can reach out to more people by creating a platform like that, especially dating sites and forums where people can easily join both free or paid sites.

    1. Hi Cat, thanks for your comment. Running a dating site or forums is different from running a blog. Because those sites are user-generated and require a lot more bandwidth. They require a lot more technical skills, not something anyone could easily start. Most of them are paid sites inevitably, due to the high running costs. Thanks Cat!

  18. Good idea but it takes a lot of work to publish a blog. Like 500-1000words worth of blog? People express opinions on Twitter because it’s instant and you get good reactions. Blogging is not easy & not for everyone. But good. Great suggestion.

    1. Hi Brian, writing a lengthy article can be daunting, but it doesn’t always have to be so lengthy. A web space allows you to express your opinion at any length that you want. It may not get as many responses from the followers like you do on Twitter but yous posts will remain meaningful for years to come. As you say, it may not be for everyone. Thanks for your comment.

  19. Good suggestion. Ray. As an affiliate marketer you tend to focus on your own profit and help others with what you promote at the same time. The idea of promoting charity organizations can distract users from the profit making, but like you say if you see your income as only a supplementary bonus, it is something worth doing.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes my advice is always, firstly your website has to be about something you love. If you start one with a niche that generally sells but you’re not particularly interested, it may take a long time until you get on the track. This post is about building a site about the community you belong to to show your support, then to make some extra cash. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!

  20. I think it’s a good idea to promote pride goods personally have no objection. But why would anyone visit an affiliate site first then visit the pride shop. Most of us know where to buy things, if not we try Amazon. Unless your affiliate site is outrageously interesting I can’t see many people visit to be honest.

    1. Hi Benni, thanks for sharing your thoughts. My suggestion is that – anyone can become a blogger and everyone has different interests. A blogger doesn’t have to say anything shockingly funny to draw more attention. Some people will visit, and if they’re interested in the ads placed in the blog, they might buy. The affiliate side of it is secondary because the intention is not to compete with major online stores like Amazon, you see. But we can support LGBTQ shops such as Pride Shack for supporting our community. I hope this makes sense! I welcome any more comments. Thank you!

  21. Hi Ray, this is such an inspirational post. I guess it applies to not just for LGBT community but other minorities and disabled. If I can make a full time income by supporting a minority group and making money for myself, it’s the perfect opportunity for me also.
    Are there any shops that are specialized in anti racial discrimination group?

    1. Hi Hitesh, thanks for your comment. Yes by all means, whatever you want to promote, including any charitable organization, you can show your support by writing about the awareness. Whether you can make extra income as an affiliate or not, you just need to find out by googling. I don’t know any shops that exclusively sell ethnic-minority related products AND offer affiliate programs. If I find one, you’ll be the first one to contact. Thanks Hitesh!

  22. Great idea, 120% agree. I don’t believe in sharing anti-homophobic tweets to be honest because you only get superficial reactions. They agree with what you say and that’s it. It won’t change people’s attitude. I admire campaign websites more and actually buy stuff through their ads. Maybe it’s something I can think about!

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