Genesis Lifestyle Network Review – Ambiguous “License Fees”

Updated: June 16, 2022
by Ray Alexander

There are thousands, literally thousands of programs that promise financial success. Aren’t we all tired of hearing the phrase, “Hi! If you’re looking to make money online…”? Out of so many thousands of training programs and schemes, how would you choose which one to choose? It's value for money, isn't it? The value can be represented by its quality of it, or by the volume of it, or its reliability, like a good, trustworthy tutor. It’s your satisfaction level that matters. Today in my Genesis Lifestyle Network review, I’d like to focus on the real benefits that you may or may not receive; whether the membership and training are worth the fees you’ll be paying for. 

Genesis Lifestyle Network Review

Product Name:

Genesis Lifestyle Network

Website URL:


Affiliate marketing scheme


Not disclosed


$75 - $2,399



Genesis Lifestyle Network provides a ready-made sales funnel that enables you to promote plus marketing training lessons. However, there are too many uncertainties over the prices against the value - the license and the training curriculum. Despite the fact that it offers few explanations on its site, this scheme has a strict no refund policy. For that reason, I couldn't recommend it.

What Is Genesis Lifestyle Network?

Genesis Lifestyle Network (GLN) is one of those “done for you” systems that allow you to promote wealth niches online. It provides you with ready-made sales funnels, PLR products that you can sell, and general digital marketing training.

6 grades of membership are available; the lowest will cost you $75 to join and the highest will cost you $2,399. GLN also offers its affiliate program with referral commission rates ranging from 30%-100%, depending on your membership.

Genesis Lifestyle Network Review

Who Owns Genesis Lifestyle Network?

The domain was first privately registered in 2016, and the names Jared Meyers and Jesse Garcia appeared as co-founders in an earlier version of the site. But their names no longer appear anywhere. The Facebook group has 5 admin members and one of them is Jared, so it looks like he's the owner, or one of the owners of the scheme.

Free Membership

Anyone can sign up with GLN for free and as a free member, you’ll have access to;

  • One online marketing webinar replay which is one hour long, plus 5 sample videos for a few minutes each.
  • Invitation to the closed Facebook group as well as a messaging service Telegram so that your sponsors can contact you.
  • Some useful web tools and services, such as autoresponders, link trackers, solo ad sellers, etc.

The free membership is just the introduction to the scheme, merely allowing you to get the feel of your dashboard. It does encourage you to buy one of the premium membership options to be able to do anything, i.e. start creating your own sales pages and learning some more about the marketing methods.

Is Genesis Lifestyle Network a Scam?

No, Genesis Lifestyle Network is definitely a legitimate wealth-building scheme that offers done-for-you sales funnels and a relevant training program. There indeed are “multiple income streams” because the sales funnels will allow you to promote any of your affiliate products, sell PLR products and have an opportunity to earn a commission for referring the scheme to others.

However, I can find some negative points as well as some positives. I hope the following information will help you decide which one of the premium packages you should buy (or if at all.)

What I Like About Genesis Lifestyle Network

One thing I can agree with what GLN emphasises is that you’ll have to invest some money before you can start making money. You wouldn't expect a business to take off without initial investments, would you? Yet too many people look for ways to make money for free…or they’re not serious enough in the first place. I’ve heard so many affiliate marketing newbies say they’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. They say they’re ready to pay their fee. Then the next minute they ask for help because they can’t afford to pay. 

GLN suggests that if you can’t afford it, stay at your current job and make the money first. I think this is the fairest advice because you’re already told how much exactly to pay. GLN or any other wealth-building scheme is not an income support charity. Your own finance is yours alone to manage. No one can help you with that. 

What I Least Like About Genesis Lifestyle Network

On the other hand, the biggest problem I have with this scheme is its lack of transparency, especially over the types of membership. A few things that I find confusing;

We Don’t Know Who They Are

Firstly, the voices behind the video instructions. The webinar replay is by Janet, one of the Facebook admins, and one of the sample videos is by Jared. But most of the others are by AI voices just reading out scripts. 

The “GLN Overview” introduction video is created by someone else who says he lives in Australia, but he doesn’t reveal his name. 

I don’t understand the rationale behind it, because it’s not like selling a handmade necklace in the street market, is it? They’re selling online business packages. Staying incognito takes away all the credibility, in my opinion. I wouldn’t buy anything from a ‘team’ that doesn’t introduce themselves in the first place, you know.

“Online University”

Online University

The webinar replay for free members I think is useful if you are brand new with no previous experience in online marketing.

But is this really a ‘university’ worth of training course? From the sample videos, the quality is definitely questionable. Voice actors are reading out the scripts - they actually sound like real humans to me, not AI, I'm not sure. But whatever they are, they sound like TV ads from the 1960s. And the topics are theoretical, not practical, such as “What Is Vlogging”, “Why You Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy”;

"Regular updating of your social media marketing strategy will allow you to continue to make strides towards your goals."

What is a ‘stride’? That kind of sentence doesn’t actually help you, does it? I mean, freelance bloggers (including myself!) write meaningless marketing strategy guides day-in, day-out. We get that for free just by googling. 

What’s Included In The Price Is Unclear

Speaking of the “university” course, GLN doesn't tell you about the curriculum. So we don’t know how many lessons we’re receiving, what kind of volume, or which areas of online marketing the course covers. 

In other words, there’s no clear indication of what’s exactly included in the price. Each membership option (“product package”) comes with a number of products with reseller rights. But a PLR product can be obtainable for as low as $5, or even for free as part of membership elsewhere, so surely, they are not the main selling point of each membership option? 

The Product Packages

So there are 6 x product packages you can choose from; Beginner, Pro, Advanced, Elite, VIP, and Mastery. The higher the grade you purchase, the more PLR products you’ll get, and the higher commission rate you’ll receive upon referring others to GLN.

Beginner Package

  • Fees: One-time license fee $50 plus $25 annual membership
  • Referral commission rate: 30% of the license fee

Training will include:

  • Recorded webinars that cover “a variety of topics” on how to promote GLN.
  • Training on how to use the lead capture page, and how to use an autoresponder (e.g. AWeber, Conversion Pros, Sendshark) to build a list.
  • Facebook marketing

PLR products are not included in this package by the looks of it.

Pro Package

  • Fees: One-time license fee $100 plus $50 annual membership
  • Referral commission rate: 40% of the license fee

You will receive the same training as Beginner Package, but whether you’ll receive extra training or not is unclear. You will receive the following PLR products;

  • Fiver Gold (Video guides to help you sell your skills on Fiverr.)
  • Internet Marketing For Beginners
  • Social Media Marketing Made Simple
Pro Package PLR

Advanced Package

  • Fees: One-time license fee $300 plus $125 annual membership
  • Referral commission rate: 50% of the license fee

You will receive all the above, plus the following PLR products;

  • Modern Vlogging Video Course (How to create a video blog.)
  • Amazon FBA Success (How to use Fulfillment by Amazon to sell your own products.)
  • Smart CPA Offers (How to use Cost Per Acquisition/Action networks to earn revenue.)
  • ClickBank Marketing Secrets (How to use the popular affiliate network.)
  • Personal Branding Blueprint (How to build your personal brand and become influential to prospects.)

Elite Package

  • Fees: One-time license fee $600 plus $175 annual membership
  • Referral commission rate: 60% of the license fee

You will receive all the above, plus the following PLR products;

  • Facebook Ads Setup
  • Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing Secrets
  • Laser Targeted Marketing Made Easy (How to generate targeted traffic.)
  • Captivate With YouTube Live (How to create YouTube live streaming.)
  • Start Your Own Coaching Business

VIP Package

  • Fees: One-time license fee $1,200 plus $299 annual membership
  • Referral commission rate: 80% of the license fee

You will receive all the above, plus the following PLR products;

  • Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies
  • Udemy For Recurring Income (How to sell an online course on Udemy.)
  • YouTube Channel SEO (How to rank your videos on YouTube to generate traffic.)
  • TikTok Marketing Made Easy
  • Hyper Influencer Marketing (How to become a social media influencer.)

Mastery Package

  • Fees: One-time license fee $2,000 plus $399 annual membership
  • Referral commission rate: 100% of the license fee

You will receive all the above, plus the following PLR products;

  • 7 Figure Mastery
  • High Ticket Client Secrets (How to sell “high ticket items”.)
  • High Ticket Sales Secrets (Ditto)
  • Facebook Live Mastery (Guide to using Facebook Live to boost your brand, leads, and sales.)
  • Webinar Mastery
  • Zoom Master
  • How To Start a Freelance Business
  • 6 Figure Business
  • Customer CIA
  • Homerun Copywriter's Course
Mastery Package PLR

In the “GLN Overview” video, the guy (who lives in Australia) says he strongly recommends you to buy the most expensive package, just because it pays a 100% referral commission. Unfortunately, he fails to explain what the actual license fee and the annual membership fee include respectively. The questionable points are;

License Fees:

What kind of license GLN is selling is unclear. If it refers to the reseller licenses of the products it supplies, the total shouldn’t be that high…

Do you know that you can easily tell the current market value of each PLR product just by googling the name, followed by the abbreviation “PLR”?

For example, the product named “7 Figure Mastery” - just google search it by typing “7 figure mastery plr”. You’ll find that other sellers are selling it for as low as $7. 

So the most expensive package, the Mastery will cost you a $2,000 license fee, but the total actual value of the 10 x PLR products can be well below $100. What other licenses are we supposed to be paying for?

Annual Membership Fees:

We can only assume that the annual membership may include;

  • The landing page usage
  • Web hosting, and
  • Webinars.

But it doesn’t explain why the fee correlates with the package grades. The annual fee of the Mastery package ($399) is 16 times higher than the annual fee of the Beginner package ($25). Will you get 16 times more benefits? I somehow doubt it, based on my speculation.

Lead Capture Page Templates

GLN Lead Capture Pages

GLN provides you with a DFY (done-for-you) sales funnel platform, which makes it easy if you are a complete beginner. What you have to do is;

  1. Sign up with one of the recommended email marketing services.
  2. Connect the email marketing service to the platform (by copying & pasting the code provided.)
  3. Sign up with an affiliate program of your choice.
  4. Connect the affiliate product to the platform.
  5. You are ready to promote the sales funnel using viral mailers program or traffic (solo ad) vendors.

The lead capture page templates are standard ones that other marketers have been using for years. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to create the pages yourself, hence it will save your time. But the flip side of it is that you won’t learn. 

Let me rephrase it. I personally don’t recommend anything that’s called “DFY” for two reasons. Because;

  • Everyone else is going to use the same format, i.e. not authentic and not sustainable. And,
  • You’re not learning the mechanism behind it, which is actually pretty simple. 

There are tons of drag & drop website builder apps out there that allow you to create a simple sales funnel. They never require any programming skills in the first place. But the page-building skill that you learn will be useful in years to come. 

So the ready-made lead capture pages all prepared by GLN - good or bad, how you see it is up to you.

Can You Really Make Money with Genesis Lifestyle Network?

If your referral buys a higher level package than yours, you’ll still receive a percentage of the fee that they paid, which is good, logically speaking. 

For example, if you are a Basic member (paid $50 license fee) but you successfully get someone to buy the Advanced package ($300 license fee), you’ll still receive 30% on $300 = $90 commission.

Let’s work out some simple sales scenarios;

If you buy the Mastery package;

You’ll be $2,399 out of pocket to start with. In order to reach the break-even point, you’ll need to;

If you buy the Beginner package:

You’ll be $75 out of pocket to start with. In order to reach the break-even point, you’ll need to;

If you successfully sell the Mastery package to just one person, you’ll make a $525 profit. (30% x $2,000 - $75 = $525.)

I can tell you in the current climate, it is extremely tough for a new affiliate marketer to get someone to fork out $2,399 for an online marketing package. I’m just talking about simple probabilities here - selling the Basic package to a few people to make some money is better than not selling the Mastery package at all, isn't it? 

And don’t forget, you’ll be spending extra money on traffic (solo ads), plus an autoresponder (AWeber costs from $19 per month). So you might want to consider your budget very carefully before upgrading your membership.

No Refund Policy

GLN does not allow users to claim a refund under any circumstances. Before you pay any money to GLN, you’ll be required to sign the “no refund disclaimer” (digital signature). This may seem logical to you as it’s a digital product, GLN is operated in the USA, and there’s no federal law for refunds. 

Personally, I don’t think it’s totally fair because you’re not told what exactly each membership package includes.

Genesis Lifestyle Network Pros and Cons


  • It's a legitimate "wealth building" scheme.
  • It offers affiliate commissions.
  • Closed Facebook group for help and support.


  • The training course curriculum is not available before you upgrade.
  • What you pay the fees for is unclear.
  • It provides you ready-made sales funnels, i.e. not authentic, not sustainable.
  • The owner's information is not disclosed on the site.
  • "No refund" policy.

Genesis Lifestyle Network Review - Conclusion:

Many affiliate marketing schemes use maximum potential income as a selling point. Beginners are often blinded by it, and my advice is not to. You are paying for a service, so what mattress is the value you get for your money. The benefits you immediately receive in return for your payment, not your future ROI that no one can guarantee. 

I can’t say I would thoroughly recommend Genesis Lifestyle Network because the value for money it offers is too unclear to me. But I think the free webinar replay teaches you some of the basics which beginners may find useful. I suggest that you watch it and see how you feel about the content as well as the teaching style. Good luck!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
September 2023: $6,750.00

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  1. You google genesis lifestyle network to know it’s scam or legit. 9 out of 10 people say its scam but people who recommend it don’t say how to drive traffic or to get other people to join. They just try to make money but they are not telling the tru story.

  2. Someone called Joseph Oconnor from Ohio recommended to me. I went bankrupt due to *** and needed money to pay my bills and my children’s food. His name is Joseph Oconnor told me about Genesis Lifestyle Network.
    I followed all of their instructions but without success. I spent too much money in the end and
    this hardship became unbearable and unsustainable. But thankfully within 1 month I was able to turn this situation around. Thanks to Genesis Lifestyle Network, I received some cashout today. They are indeed lifesavers and life changers, I am forever grateful to them.

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