Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Review

Updated: June 18, 2022
by Cristian Morales

Welcome to my Sales Prognosticator Masterclass review. With more and more people experiencing remote work, the idea of running their own business is becoming more popular and competitive at a rapid pace. Whether you wish to monetize your talent or you are just solely interested in affiliate marketing, now is the time for you to get started if you are tired of working for someone else. You should be happy if you can earn more or less the same money every month, to begin with. But among so many affiliate marketing business training available, is Sales Prognosticator any better than others?

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Review

Product Name:

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass


Online business and affiliate marketing


Jamie G


$497 (one-off) or 10 months x $67

What Is Sales Prognosticator Masterclass?

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass teaches you a method to draw the attention of your audience in the best possible way without sounding selly. The method has already been proven by the tutor for selling over a million dollars, and this applies to any kind of niche. It uses several platforms like social media, chat facilities and voice calls. The tutorials are in video format so it is suitable for anyone who struggles to get their new business started or who has been trying for a while but just cannot seem to grow their audience.  

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Review

What You Are Receiving from Sales Prognosticator Masterclass

Tips and advice will be given on all-round sales techniques including:-

  • How to develop an enticing offer to prospects and turn cold leads to buyers.
  • How to sell high ticket offers without feeling salesy.
  • How to get prospects to be willing to buy without you pushing them.
  • How you can leverage a messaging app to build engagement rates.
  • You will get a sales script that helps you to gain confidence when speaking to your prospects. You will learn the right ways to say things without sounding like a sales call.
  • Content curation tool that allows you to produce the most effective sales copies constantly.
  • It’s important to have the right mentality and attitude towards generating revenue. The mindset training lets you earn good entrepreneurship.
  • Affiliate products to offer that you can use in case you don’t have anything else to sell. These products have huge conversion rates.
  • Other extra bonus tools that you can use to take your sales campaigns to the next level, like checklists and script files.

Who Is Jamie G?

Jamie G

Jamie G, or Jamie Gardiner, is the creator of the Sales Prognosticator Masterclass. He has over 15 years of sales experience but first started his online business in 2011. Like any other sales representative-turned online marketer, he struggled a lot at first, went through bankruptcy and experienced a lot of setbacks. 

Sales Prognosticator is the method that he finally cracked and he built a framework based on his actual success. He is now able to share with his students. Using this method, Jamie has helped his team earn over a million dollars in digital sales online, and won the coveted ClickFunnels’ 2CC Award.

What Makes Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Different?

You might be wondering what makes this course stand out from other online business training courses. There are several reasons:-

  • How to get people to want to buy. This is the core theme of this training. Most desperate entrepreneurs push their efforts toward customers so they miss the chance to make profits. A sale procedure should be seamless so prospects will want to make a purchase.
  • Focusing on building leads. One of the most important aspects of increasing revenue is to get people to be attracted to your products. But to do so, you have to build responsive leads. SPM teaches 3 x content hacks to build leads on a daily basis.
  • Bonus-offer hack. Most business owners miss sales opportunities because they offer bonuses the wrong way or randomly offer the wrong bonus products. SPM will show you exactly how to present the right products successfully.
  • The myths that you might have learned from gurus. Some things that gurus teach just don’t work in reality just because most of the time, they no longer work on the front line and their ways no longer work. SPM teaches what’s wrong and how to fix it.
  • ‘Affinity hack’ to engage with anyone and create good, instant connections that lead to a productive business plan.

Who Is Sales Prognosticator Masterclass For?

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass is a versatile method that can apply to any type of business that requires engagement through a website or social media. It doesn’t matter what kind of niches you are dealing with, but it’s suitable for:-

It does not require you to have any previous experience because jargon-free, and if you don’t understand any part of it, you can always ask for support. It is, therefore, suitable for new business owners and also existing business owners who have just tried everything but nothing seems to work for them.

Who Is Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Not For?

Jamie strongly advises you not to get this program if you are expecting some kind of magic formula. Because all businesses come with risks and they do require you to be willing to learn. Sales Prognosticator Masterclass is not an exception. 

Jamie himself managed to find his success and build his team because he stuck to his work ethic and did not lose focus. You will have to take each instruction seriously and take action on each point that you learn from this program. If you cannot be prepared for risks and consistent effort, this is not for you.

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How Much Does Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Cost?

SPM is for sale at a one-time fee of $497 but, it’s a piece of good news for people who cannot afford to pay the lot at once. This training program is also offered for $67 per month over 10 instalments. It means that the total you will be paying after 10 months will be $670, $173 extra, but hopefully, you will have made a lot better sales with your business by then, and the option may result as meaningful to you.

You might also wish to note that the price includes any future updates.

Is Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Worth It?

It’s worth buying if you think one of your weakest points is to fail to give your prospects the final opportunity to make a purchase. There are many online marketing training courses that offer masterclass-level of information. You will not gain any benefits from the training courses if you continue to struggle in extracting your sales potential. Putting everything your prospects are drawn to in front of them and letting them buy is the goal of the Sales Prognosticator. There may be some value for you in getting this training course if you are looking for ways to increase your revenue.


Most of the business training program owners sell theirs for low cost (less than $50-100) but they turn out to be just a taster training. You are advised to buy their upsells most of the time, and they are killers as they can cost thousands of dollars in total, and if you don’t buy them, some of the vital information is missing and you won’t succeed. 

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass, however, is a stand-alone product and no upsells are involved. The training itself may not be exactly low cost, but what you get is all you need: it includes all the tools and resources so you won’t have to buy anything else.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Money Back Guarantee

Although Sales Prognosticator Masterclass is suitable for any business in any industry, you might think ‘what if this isn’t going to work out for me?' In that case, you don’t have to worry because if you are not completely satisfied, there are two ways to solve the problem.

One is that Jamie will work with you until the level of your income becomes satisfactory for you. Jamie promises that he will work with you to make sure your success.

The other one is a full money back guarantee. For any reason, if you are not happy with the training content, you can claim your refund within the first 30 days of purchase. You can send an email to support and tell them your reason, and your refund will be arranged for you. This is good because no training program is perfect for everybody. Some things that are proven by everybody else can just go against you sometimes. Having peace of mind is important.

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Pros and Cons


  • The framework is proven by the level of profits made by the owner.
  • Easy to follow and digest.
  • Suitable for beginner affiliate marketers and business owners in any niches.
  • Success guarantee and/or 30 day money back guarantee.


  • The cost may not be affordable for everyone.
  • You will work hard on the method. Not for you if you don't believe in your potentials.

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass Review - Conclusion:

Probably the most important thing about making constant profits is to get an audience to be psychologically drawn to what you are offering. Instead of competing against other businesses by being bolder and more aggressive, you need to get them to approach you. Sales Prognosticator Masterclass’s framework is all about it, enabling you to sustain your business over the long run.

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Freelance writer and graphic designer with a can-do attitude. I became independent after spending 6 years in the hospitality industry and 5 years in banking & finance. I'm an all-rounder guy, open to working with like-minded people.

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  1. Thank you for the information. I first signed up free but I received too many promotion messages after that because I didn’t buy it.
    I don’t trust buying from Warrior plus, they say refund guarantee but they don’t pay back. I had bad experience twice with Warrioir Plus.

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