ViralMarket Review – Another Scam

Updated: July 7, 2019
by Ray Alexander

My review can prove that this is another scam site, targeting social media users for data harvesting purposes. It falsely claims to pay users large sums of money for doing minimal tasks.

Just by signing up and sharing your ViralMarket link across social media networks, you can easily "earn" as much as $50. Motivated by this, you want to continue to do some more tasks and earn $100+ in a matter of a few hours. The catch is, you'll never be able to cash it out. Review

Product Name:

Viral Market

Website URL:


Data harvesting Scam


Viral Market Pty Ltd. (Fake name)

Launch Date:

June 2019




They'll Never Pay You

What they will do is spectacularly simple - just won't pay. They'll ignore all your messages. They don't care. They never have that kind of money anyway. Catch them if you can, their company name and address are all fake. Not only their identity but everything that this site tells you is actually untrue. FAQs, "proofs", help page, payouts and "real time" messages are all completely made up. 

When the "right time" comes, they'll shut the site down and come back with a totally different domain name. Unethical? They really don't care about that! Review

You Are A Perfect Victim If You've Signed Up

So why is Viral Market doing this? Telling you that you'll get paid so much so easy but all of this is a lie?

Their objective is one thing - to collect users' email addresses, so that they can sell them to third party traffic sellers. And they're particularly looking for people who believe in get-rich-quick schemes. People who really believe that there are ways to make a lot of money without doing much work. People who are desperate for cash, forever searching for lucky lottos online...

If you've signed up with sites like, you are a perfect victim. Because you believe in get-rich-quick schemes, right? You think that someone online can pay hundreds of dollars in exchange for signing up and sharing a couple of links on social media.

So long as you believe in that kind of thing, you'll never be able to get out of the online scammer's vicious loop. I'll explain what really happens.

Your Email Address Will Go 'Viral'

Supposedly is named after Viral Marketing - you as a user, will be sharing the link and promoting the site across social media, you're getting your followers to join and do the same. It's going viral and you'll be an 'influencer'. That's a superficial idea.

The only thing that's going 'viral' is your email address among spammers.

  1. 1
    You sign up with Viral Market and give out your name and email address.
  2. 2
    Viral Market will sell your address to other spammers (around $0.30 - $1.00 per email address)
  3. 3
    You'll start receiving emails like these;
Spam email examples

Spam email examples

  1. 4
    If you click the link in one of those email, you'll be directed to a scam site, such as to say "Discover How I Make $456.78 Every Single Hour!"
  2. 5
    The email spammer is advertising this site, and every time you click the link, they will make $0.30 - $1.00.

Now would you click the link? People who believe would click it because these emails are also get-rich-quick scam invitations.

In other words, people who don't believe these trashy emails would not sign up with trashy sites such as

Okay, I'll rephrase it once more; want to collect get-rich-quick dreamers' email addresses, because they are the ones who would likely to click the spam email links. If people don't click, they won't make money ($0.30 - $1.00 per email). It means that the only way to get as many get-rich-quick dreamers to sign up with ViralMarket is to use the same scam tactics - falsely offering a lot of money.

Task Wall - Fake Reward Programs

The other way to "earn" money with Viral Market is to enter a fake prize competition. When you've completed each competition, $30 will be credited to your Viral Market account, which can never be cashed.

Think about it once again very carefully. A legitimate prize competition or online tasks program will not pay you such a large amount just for entering a competition. They can't afford to pay. Nobody can. makes money as an affiliate - every time you enter one of those prize draws, it will receive around $1-$1.50 from the advertising company. How can it pay you $30 when it only receive up to $1.50? They can't. It's all a lie!

The task wall includes prize competitions such as "Win $1,000 Walmart voucher" "Win $100 McDonald's voucher" etc. When you click one, you'll be directed to another page, owned by an advertising spam page.


It will ask you to enter your email address first - which will be sold to other third-party advertising agents (legitimate agents or spammers - they don't care.) Followed by a few basic questions - are you male or female? Your age? Do you use Facebook? Regardless of your answer - yes or no, male or female, you'll be presented with welcoming news. "Congratulations! You are qualified for a Walmart voucher!"

It doesn't mean you've won it. You're qualified to enter the competition. You'll never win it anyway because these competitions are most likely to be fake. They're not officially approved by the brands.

More Data Harvesting

And if you proceed to enter one of those competitions, you'll be asked to fill in detailed personal data. Your full name, street address, birthday, cellphone number, and your email address once again... All of which will be sold to third-party advertising agents, so that they can bombard you with unsolicited emails, text messages, and junk mails to your door.

You'll be asked a series of survey questions and, upon completion you'll see a message that reads; "We will contact you if you are the winner." But that's not the end - a new invitation to another competition will start, typically something that sounds better than the original completion to keep enticing you to their endless data harvesting loop. If you click "Yes", you'll be directed to another fake prize draw, run by another spam site. It will ask your personal detail all over again.

There Are Many Other Similar Scams

There are so many other similar sites who use exactly the same tactics to collect users' personal data fraudulently. Clout Pay, Money Rewards, Notion Cash... I can see ViralMarket has duplicated Referral Pay - the creator has copied the format and hasn't even bothered to change the name in some of the pages.

ViralMarket ReferralPay

It has also duplicated Viral Pay, Viral Bucks and Viral Work, because the contact address at the footer of the home page "4459 Hillview Street, Columbia" is actually the same. 

However if you check the "Contact Us" page, is located at 6100 Wilshire Blvd, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA. Check that address on Google Map - you'll be able to see no such company is in the building.

6100 Wilshire Blvd

All these sites appear to be owned by different companies and each site displays the company's 'registered' street address. All randomly different locations across the world - USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. But they're all fake. Just like ViralMarket, if you closely check the postal address, you'll find no such company exists in that spot.

You Don't Deserve The Money

Listen, if you've tried one of these sites and feel you've been scammed, I'm sorry, but you really don't deserve to make that kind of money. You don't deserve $25 just for signing up or $30 just for answering fake surveys. Stop dreaming, because that's not how businesses work in this 'real' world.

At least you joined free. You haven't lost your money. You've wasted your time, that's all. If you've shared the ViralMarket link, make sure to tell your followers now that it was a wrong thing to do (so that they won't lose faith in you!)

Crucified Word Is 'Easy'

If you still think, there may be, there may be an 'easy' way to make money somewhere on the internet... Successful internet marketers never use the word 'easy' when explaining the method itself.

For example, Wesley Virgin's "Overnight Millionaire System" that I reviewed recently - Wesley motivates you and teaches you how to make a lot of money, potentially in a short period (join him if you haven't!) But he never tells you that it's 'easy'. Because nothing ever is, as far as making money is concerned. Online or offline.

"But...someone I know told me that he'd made $400 in a day. He said it was easy. How come?" That's because he's either;

  • A scammer.
  • An affiliate who's only trying to get you to buy stuff. He actually hasn't made that money. Or,
  • Just like, he has $400 "in his account ", he still thinks he's earned it. When he realizes he can't cash it, he'll know he's been scammed.

Make Money As An Affiliate

By now, I hope you understand that there's no way you can make decent money by doing such simple tasks. There are several ways to make money, most of which require you to work hard, otherwise require you to take risks (i.e. invest a lot of money and you may not make a profit).

You can start an affiliate marketing with little money spend - you can't go along without spending a dime. There's a lot to learn but none of which is technical. That's how I make money - join me if you are ONLY serious about it.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

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  1. hI ! I MADE MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS BY SENDING EMAILS TO ; hello@viralmarket. co ;
    Dear Sir,


    THANK YOU ! SyedZaidi

    1. Hi Syed, thanks for your comment. As explained in my post above, you’ll never receive a penny from the company or hear a response from them. You’ve never “earned” that kind of money. You need to move on. And protect your personal data – watch out for any scams who may try to access your email, phone number or any other sensitive data.

  2. Hi Ray,
    iam searching to google about this viral market and then i visit your website, thank you for this atleast now i know that this website is a scam.. but unluckily i already sign-up to this website and give my details including my social media account specially my gmail and paypal account… can you teach me what should i do to remove it from this website viralmarket or should i change my password only??? again thank you for this review hope you will continue to help more people like me.

    1. Hi Anthony, thanks for your comment. Initially when the same scammer created a lot of similar sites, more serious consequences (malicious intents) were concerned. But it looks like their only purpose is to send users to fake survey sites for spamming purpose. So the worst that can happen to you may be to receive advertising emails, texts, etc. You can go to your Account Settings page and replace your email address with a fake one, and also the payment page (“Cash Out” menu, I think) and put a fake email address just in case… People are already complaining across the social media, so this site will soon shut down, I guess….and they’ll come back with a similar site again!

      Thank you for your support Anthony, if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me at any time!

  3. is A BIG SCAM! I fell for it; They made all things look real, till you are qualified 100% to withdraw your funds and for you to withdraw, you will be told to download their app, after downloading,NO PAYMENT.

    1. Hi Kathie, sorry to hear that – at least now you know what it is. There are so many other similar sites who make the same promises (probably run by the same people) you’ll never be fooled by the same trick. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Hi Tebello, wow, sorry to hear that. If they really managed to steal money from your bank account without your authorization, that’s a real fraud. Your bank will take responsibility and get it back to you.

  4. I have earned more than $100 within the first few hours. I did not know it was a scam.
    Now I cannot access to my site then I know from people saying they experience the same. Don’t refer to people!

  5. I have read several reviews and I think yours is the closest to the point. Others say its a scam but they focus on the fact it’s not paying as promised.. At least it’s free to sign up and it’s not like these people can steal money from your bank account.

    1. Hi Hans, thanks for your comment. They cannot steal money, unless you give them your full bank detail – some hackers manage to withdraw money from a third-party account. We should really keep that in mind – we shouldn’t give out our ID to a scam site like this one, we’ll never know the consequences!

  6. Hi Ray, thank you for your review. I too have seen too many of those. I feel sorry for the people who feel scammed but my honest opinion is that, they should have known there was no way they can make money that easy. Just like Nigerian bank deposit scams, this one will soon be recognisable by anyone then I hope people will learn it very soon.

  7. i thought it was real coz it’s 150 dollars a day not 500. I thought less competitive I will be happy with 150 how wrong was I. All the websites should be shut down and sued.

    1. Hi Freddie, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately they can easily open similar sites at any time, as many of them as they want. All we can do is to be aware of this type of scam and stay away from it!

  8. I know there are so many of them. Viral Pay was the first one I thought it was real. They are all scams. I tried to contact so many times then I saw some complaints on facebook then I thought no chance. I am not wasting more time. Don’t use Viral market it’s a scam.

    1. Hi Alessandro, thanks for your comment. You’re right, it’s a waste of time chasing them, the main thing is to know what they do and stay away from any similar sites!

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