Notion Cash Review – It May Steal Your Data [5 x Red Alerts]

Updated: May 12, 2019
by Ray Alexander

Notion Cash is another site that promises to pay you for completing tasks and answering questions. But what it says in the home page is dubious and full of contradictions. What it actually does to you is not how it's advertised. Not only will you waste your time but you'll also welcome some bad consequences. My Notion Cash review will look into this app, and also show you where the red flag signs are.

It's important for you to protect your personal data by staying away from any sites like Notion Cash!

Notion Cash Review

Notion Cash Review

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Notion Cash

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"Easy tasks for cash" scam


Notion Cash, LLC


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What Is Notion Cash?

Notion Cash is formerly named Kids Influencer Club (, and a mirror site of Kids Earn Cash (, run by a fake company. It claims to pay out suspiciously high rates. $25 just for signing up, $10 just for referring your friend each time, and $30 for answering a survey each time.

You'll see these amounts adding up in your dashboard as you do your given tasks. But you won't be able to cash it out. It will never physically pay you. Instead, this site is used for data harvesting purpose - it collects your personal data and sells it to third parties.

Your main task is to answer surveys to "win" a monetary reward such as a gift card. You need to give out your (1) email address, (2) your full name, (3) phone number and (4) street address before you start each survey.

Enter your personal information and they'll make full use of it. You'll most likely to start receiving unsolicited emails, phone calls, text messages and junk mail in the post. But there are possibly much more serious consequences. They can;

  • gather official documents and open a new bank account in your name,
  • borrow money from finance companies and get you into debt, and
  • steal money from your bank.

Are They Fraudsters? Then Why Not Call The Police?

Notion Cash itself may not be fraudulently abusing your personal data. But it's in partnership with other agencies, and these agencies may be. Potentially, in fact very likely.

When you click a button to "start your tasks", you'll be directed to a third party (the agency's) site who collects your information as it carries out a survey / prize competition. Most of these third party sites have their own "privacy policy" page, which does not necessarily promise to keep your personal data secure.

You Must Complete...

And what happens with the actual surveys - this may sound familiar to you if you've tried some of those. Just as you think you're about to complete one, you'll be redirected to another site (owned by another agency). The message will say something like, "You're almost there! Just take ONE MORE STEP to secure your position for the prize competition!" You click it, and It will ask your email address, full name, phone number.....all over again.

There'll be plenty of unrelated messages along the way, asking if you're interested in free restaurant voucher, free insurance quotes, to distract you from thinking "but I've already given you my name and address...?" Anyway these surveys are endless and insane.

If worse comes to worst, this is the scenario. Imagine a few weeks later, you discover that you are a victim of identity theft. You won't remember which website URLs you've given your personal data to. Even if you do, it's virtually impossible for anyone to prove how the data was passed across. If that happened, Notion Cash would likely to deny wrongdoings, insisting that they're just lending their webspace to third-party survey programs.

Still don't believe it? Then here are red alerts to tell you that Notion Cash is fake.

Red Alert #1 Companies Are Fake

Notion Cash says that the site is operated by a subsidiary of Notion Cash, LLC in New York. But this company cannot be found in the NYS Department of State's business entity database. However if you see the Notion Cash's terms of service, it says it's operated by the name of Kids Influnecer Club, LLC in the state of California. Again, this name doesn't appear in the database held by California Secretary of State.

Red Alert #2 Prize Competitions Are Fake

Notion Cash Tasks

You see the tasks - answer surveys to win gift cards, shipping vouchers and electronics products. There are two reasons why these survey competitions are fake;

1. They're Asking Your Sensitive Information 

What legitimate survey companies need to know is your living status (age group, occupation, education, etc.) NOT your name, full address and phone number. If they ran a genuine prize competition, they would only need the winner's detail after the draw, no need to collect every participant's detail before the draw. 

2. The monetary unit is extraordinarily high

Real survey companies pay out a small fee (as low as $0.20 per survey - a few dollars) to each and every respondent. Because they are looking for 'real answers'. They don't try to bait people who are only after free money because that would collect biased answers.

Occasionally they offer prize competitions, but the gift card values are $50-$100. They never offer a high value such as $1,000.

Red Alert #3 Unrealistic Payout Rates

If you see Notion Cash and think that you finally found a great place to make decent money online... Get real. Be logical. That's not how businesses work in this world!

  • If they charge you a monthly membership fee for say, $25 but make your first month free, then that makes sense. No one will give you $25 voluntarily just for signing up.
  • If they charge you a monthly membership fee for say, $20 but gives you $10 back if you get someone to join, then that makes sense. No company can afford to pay you $10 for referring someone to sign up free.

Notion Cash takes only a small fee from these survey companies. They don't have any other sources of income. They cannot afford to pay $30 each time a user completes a task. They cannot afford to pay random internet users that kind of money!

Red Alert #4 Fake Testimonials

Notion Cash Fake Testimonials

The video testimonials are created by actors, hired from Fiverr. These two guys below are both charging $5 to make the video appearance.

It proves that these are fake, but also proves that Notion Cash doesn't have money, at all. If they did, they could have paid more to more decent actors elsewhere other than using Fiverr! Do you still believe that Notion Cash has paid out $4.2 million to the users as it claims, and actually will pay you any money at all?

Red Alert #5 They Can Steal Your Bank Detail

Under the Payment Settings menu, you are asked to fill in how you want to get paid - by bank transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash App or by check.

The website itself is using an SSL certificate (https://), making it harder for hackers to steal information. But it's a simple contact form and it doesn't tell you how securely Notion Cash is storing your sensitive data. Whatever information you typed in is stored in the Notion Cash's database as it is, you never know who can access it, and you never know if Notion Cash is selling your bank detail or PayPal address to third parties.

Payment Settings

Having said that, the form is just a simple box. For bank transfer option for example, it should be telling you the required information (account number, routing number, bank address, etc) but it doesn't. Because it never intends to pay you in the first place!

What You Should Do With Notion Cash

I'd say, just stay away because you're not receiving a penny nor any benefits from it. But if you are really, curious enough to join and see what it's like, here are some tips for you;

  • Sign up by using a fake name and email address - it will not ask you to confirm - to protect your identity.
  • Don't share it on your social media in order to "earn" $15. Not only will it pay you but you'll also embarrass yourself!
  • (You know by now that) never give out your personal information to those survey sites. Remember, real survey companies never ask your name or address.

Legitimate Way To Make Money Online

You know, you won't make money just by sharing adverts on social media here and there. Everyone is - millions of social users are - doing it, hoping that someone will click the link and it will get them somewhere to start making money. Hardly ever.

If you're willing to learn a legitimate way to make a success online but you don't have anything to sell, don't worry. What you need to start is a niche affiliate marketing because;

  • It will get you to start with very little investment.
  • It will teach you how to promote products that you love in the way you want. 
  • It will teach you how to blog - how to write a product review, give your honest opinion and make money.
  • Over time, you'll build an enormous amount of trust from your blog readers.
  • It is scalable and considered to be the most sustainable way to earn passive income.

Signing up is free, and you'll be ready to build your own website (also for free) in the next few minutes - join me if you're up for it!

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January 2024: $7,250.00

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ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Theyre too many scams like this one you waste so much time!!!!! They should be banned!
    I don’t know why they survive without being shut down for such a long time! Theyre criminals!

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your comment. I think they’ve been repeatedly reported as spam/scam by the public, they’ll be busted sooner or later. Good lessons for users to learn though – stay away from any programs like Notion Cash.

  2. One of the spokespeople has ruined the reputation of the product that I sell. He offered to do a testimonial for $10. I was asked to provide a script which I did, which was a mistake. At least I know my product is genuine. Little did I know was he was appearing to promote many others including counterfeits such as this one.

    1. Hi Pauline, that’s right, those ‘spokespeople’ don’t speak on behalf of you but pretend to be your users, i.e. stealth marketing, unfortunately. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hey Ray, I find your review so interesting. It’s obvious to me that this company doesn’t do us any favor. But what I thought was just a survey for fun site turns out to harm your ID is a real threat. It’s intriguing but definitely, this is an alert. Thanks for your review. Great job. Dex

  4. Be careful of these scams because there are many more new ones. I have at least 30 people who have emailed me in the past few weeks promoting almost the same scheme. I signed up once then knew right away it was fake.

  5. Hi Ray, I too was a victim. I spent maybe about a week trying to get my money back. but I didn’t receive any correspondence. It was not Notion cash but it was Kids Earn cash. I now know I had to be careful. We should all complain to relevant authorities.

    1. Hi Corrine, sorry to hear that – when you say you’re getting your money back, I’m assuming it’s the points that you’ve earned? Then stop wasting any more of your precious time chasing it. You pass a complaint then they’ll disappear and come back by a different name. We have better things to do, in my opinion. What do you think?

  6. Hello Ray. I received emails to ask me to join Notion Cash. I didn’t know it was so dangerous to join. I tried to give my email address but it did not let me. Thank you for your review.

  7. Hi, there seem to be at least 5-6 websites that are very similar. I reckon they are all owned and created by the same scammer. I learned about a similar scammer arrested by the national crime agency on TV this morning. Maybe this is what will happen to this kind of site.

  8. Hi these survey sites are real scams they took my account detail. luckily my money wasn’t stolen because I had very little left at the time but I had to cancel my account to prevent it. But I had a warning from my bank manager. This is a real scam.

  9. Hi Ray, I find your warnings eye-opening because I have seen many times (hundreds of times) surveys asking for full name and address in the past and I tried to participate. I remember most of the prizes were gift cards with a large amount or Visa prepaid cards. I tried it many times but I cannot remember completing any of them.

    I see Notion Cash is just offering these survey scams on behalf of them. If I see someone who believes it, I will forward this page and warn them too. Thank you for your advice.

    1. Hi Hitesh, thanks for your visit and comment. Yes, they’re all data-harvesting scams that you should watch out for. The worst I’ve seen was $100,000 prepaid card to win, insane!

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