Referral Pay Scam Review

Updated: June 12, 2019
by Joe Garcia

Referral Pay is another scam, whose only purpose is to collect users' email addresses and sell them to other spam advertisers. We have seen so many identical or similar sites like this one since sometime last year, and this one is no exception. In our Referral Pay Review, we will show you our findings and explain why you should not believe anything that this malicious site tells you.

Referral Pay Review

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Referral Pay

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Data harvesting scam


Referral Pay, Pty Ltd.





Referral Pay claims to pay you $25 just for signing up. When you've signed up, you are given your unique referral link. It also claims that if you share the link on social media and each time someone clicks the link, you will also earn $2.

You will also earn each time you carry out a task: answer a survey question and Referral Pay will credit you with $30.

What's the catch? The catch is extremely simple. It's all a lie. They will never pay you, and they'll disappear soon.

It's too good to be true, and Referral Pay is no exception. No matter how much has been credited to your account, you will never be able to cash it out. Instead, the personal information you have given to Referral Pay and the associate survey companies will be passed around among illegitimate advertising companies. As a result, you will start receiving unsolicited advertising and promotional materials by email, by post and by text.

Referral Pay Review

How Do We Know It Will Never Pay?

First of all, you must understand how things work. Has anybody ever paid you cash just for signing up? Big companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, small investment or advertising companies or even charity groups - has any of them ever paid anyone any money (not a discount voucher but actual cash) unequivocally, just for signing up? No, they never do because if they did, it would (a) give no benefit to the company, (b) be unfair and unethical, and (c) make themselves go bankrupt for taxation reasons.

You may be thinking, so what does this mean? Are they totally making this all up? The answer is yes. They are totally lying, and this incredibly childish lie seems to work successfully for them. The site has only been open for a few weeks, and we can already find some complaints from the users on Twitter.

Referral Pay Complaints

Once again, if you stop for a minute and think how on earth anyone can pay that kind of money, you might understand. Referral Pay encourages users to refer the website to others. Imagine they gave out free money to millions of people, transferring via PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin or by check. In either way, it would cost them a transaction clearance fee each time.

Where would all the money come from? They claim it is from advertising. Whether it was from advertising or else, their profit would be taxable. They could receive tax relief only if they gave some money to registered charity groups. But not if they gave away a share of profit to any people randomly. Simply they would be throwing money away, and it would be the most stupid thing for any business owners to do.

They Will Steal Your Identity

My associate Ray has already written numerous reviews of similar scams, Viral Bucks, Notion Cash, Money Rewards, DoWeeklyJob, etc. and repeatedly explained how the fake survey companies harvest your personal data.

The "tasks" that you have to carry out are to answer surveys. They all require you to give out your full name, email address, phone number, postal address, all of which will be sold to malicious third party advertising companies. If you are lucky, you'll only be spammed with promotional mail online and offline. But there is a good chance that you will be a victim of identity frauds just like me. As I have mentioned a few times before, I had to have my bank accounts frozen and reinstated.

People are easily lured into these fake surveys because of the prize offers. The winning prizes are high in value, such as a new smartphone/tablet or $1,000 worth of shopping vouchers, none of which is real. Why do we know they're fake? Because these survey companies are unknown. If an unknown legitimate survey company was to run a prize competition and had a winning prize as big as $1,000 worth in hand, it would be a chance for them to promote themselves. They would be running a bigger campaign via social media and influencers well in advance, not be using an unknown scam site like Referral Pay.

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
January 2023: $7,080.00

Non-Stop Surveys

You think you can complete one or two surveys, but that's hardly the case. Because these fake surveys pop up one after another.

For example, you answer 10-15 questions and expect it to finish in any seconds, there will be another message popping up saying "Would you like to win a $1,000 summer vacation package?" You click "No" because you just want to complete the first survey. As soon as you click No, another message will pop up, saying "Congratulations! You are selected to win a brand new iPad!"

You cannot close the screen, so you enter your name, address and phone number again. And there'll be another survey question. You don't know if you're still on the first survey, or if you've completed it and now you're on the second one. This is what has happened to me. Referral Pay was supposed to give me $30 for answering a survey. I don't know if I completed one because I was distracted by the endless surprise invitations. I didn't complete it because $30 was never credited to my account.

How They Entice You

Referral Pay claims that there is no minimum threshold to cash out your credit, but you have to refer it to other people and complete many "tasks" before you may become eligible to claim. How many tasks to complete and how many people to refer are unclear.

Referral Pay Earnings

But one thing I can tell you is how quickly my "earnings" add up. I created a brand new Twitter account and posted my referral link. A few seconds later I noticed in my Referral Pay account that I had earned $8, received 4 clicks. It means (according to this), 4 Twitter users clicked my link. Hard to believe because the brand new Twitter account has no following or followers. I posted my referral link once more, and again I received another $8, 4 clicks. This is totally made up.

Within a few minutes of signing up with Referral Pay, I earned $61 in total. The amount would have motivated me if I didn't know that all of this was a scam and believed it innocently. I would have tried the "tasks" to earn more.

Referral Pay Pros and Cons


I was asked to list up Pros as well as Cons but unfortunately, there is no benefits of signing up with Referral Pay for you.


  • Data Harvesting: If you give out your real name, email address, phone number and postal address, they will likely to be used for malicious purposes.
  • It claims to pay money to anyone randomly, which is absolutely untrue.
  • Nothing to gain: You will only be wasting your time, even you sign up using a fake email address.

Referral Pay Review: Conclusion

If Referral Pay is the first of this kind that you have encountered, I hope you have learned that professional looking sites like Referral Pay can be scams. Nobody will ever give out money for nothing in this world, online or offline. If someone offers to pay you, the best thing is to think about how it benefits them, because there is always a catch (you have to buy their product first, then they'll give you a cash-back, for example). Referral Pay has no catch, meaning the whole system is a scam.

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About the author 

Joe Garcia

An adventurer who is self-starting, quick to learn, and well organized. It is my privilege to work with Ray Alexander as his assistant. I occasionally write for this website on various work-from-home business topics, with Ray's help as I am still learning English. Originally from Spain, I now live in the UK.

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  1. Please help me i lost so much money to binary options, forex and all kinds of illegal sites.
    Is there anyone who can recover funds for victims like me? I need a company who can act quickly & deliver service quickly. Otherwise I will be kicked out of the house very soon.

    1. Hi Bolu, thanks for your comment. There’s not much you can do, because it doesn’t allow you to delete your account, I’m afraid… One thing you can do is to give up the email address that you’ve been using. It’s always good to have one “disposable” gmail/hotmail/yahoomail account and use it for something like this, so when they start sending you nuisance messages, you can simply stop using that email account.

  2. Thank you all for the comments I’ll be very careful right now they ask me to chat dem up on Skype i was also doubting about i just think i should cross check about dem on goggle

  3. I sign up and was suppose to get pay $391.00 on 8/18/2019 but no money they are a fake I did all the right requirements and still nothing to show for it just a fake????

  4. All that glitters are not gold. Referral pay is just another piece of garbage. Thanks Joe for all the heads up.

  5. I earned $547 in just 2days. Wondering how it could happen. Although i just had to give it a trial. Today. The site has shut down?. I can’t have access to anything.

    1. Hello Ashu, the scammer has already opened some other sites (Clout Pay, MVP Bucks) in search of more victims.
      You just have to protect your Paypal account by changing your password to a strong one so that they cannot hack it.
      Thank you for your comment.

  6. This thing is a SCAM My husband and I signed up for it, Authentically invite all of ours friends to sign up as well. I was supposed to get my money on the 06/27/19 that very same day I received a stupid email in state that it was a scam on my end Which was not true. They are not BUT SCAMMERS……SCAM, SCAMS , ….google need to verify “ so called referral pay”
    I will not stop until both my husband and I received ours payment from them

    1. Hi Kenia, sorry to see you upset, but… Stop dreaming. Stop chasing them for payment. Have you actually read Joe’s review?

      You have to learn a lesson from it. What makes you think anyone in the world will pay you such a large amount of money just for signing up and just for referring to other people? Where would the money come from? If you think about how businesses work, you’ll know this is impossible.

      Remember, making money online is just like making money offline. You have to work to earn it.

    1. I know! There are many other similar sites though. When they’ve received enough complaints, they’ll shut it down anyway (and open another one!) We all just have to be aware of the trick and ignore them I guess…

  7. Am very angry at the moment for been a fool for the platform (referral pay) .. I was wondering how can I just make up to $511 in less than 20hours after signing up with the website.. so glad I decided to check more about the fake give away… ???????

      1. Hi Michael, for a positive side, it’s good that now you know about these scams. You might see a lot of similar ones in the future offering to give away money for nothing. But there’s never such a thing in the world!

  8. We all need to work together to get these sites taking down. they are illegal and are breaking laws. if you look at the contact info for referralpay it is in australia?

    1. Hello John, thank you for your comment. Most of them call themselves “PTY Ltd.” which should be Australians. But they are not listed in the PTY registration. Most likely to be fake.

  9. Hi Joe, great review! It sure looks like a scam. No pros, says it all by the looks of it. I guess there’ll be many more similar ones coming up on a monthly basis until they’re picked by news media (TV), until then casual internet users will continue to be scammed. Sad facts, I would say. Thanks for the useful review, good job.

    1. Hello Ben, thank you for your comment. I originally going to list “free to join” as a pro, but you will receive nothing but a cause of harm, I didn’t. You are right about many more scams come up until the problem becomes huge and picked by news media.

  10. I knew it was scam because I saw another site just like referral pay.
    It is not good and it is wasting. I do not believe you receive so much money so fast.

    1. Hello Api, thank you for your comment. I agree with you, you should never believe that there is a way to receive money so quickly and easily.

  11. Joe, this is so bad. I have never seen anything like that. I have just checked your other reviews also. They all have the same patterns so I suspect they are all made by the same syndicate. Thank you for alerting us.

    1. Hello Shah, thank you for your comment. I do agree with you that those sites may be built by the same people. But it doesn’t matter if they are or not. The main thing is not to get fooled by them.

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