Overnight Millionaire System Review [Wesley Virgin] This Will Shut You Up

Updated: July 4, 2019
by Ray Alexander

Thanks for your visit to my Overnight Millionaire review. But you know what, there's no point in believing what I'm going to say. Believe what Wesley Virgin says. Read on just a little bit and you'll see what I mean.

We don't see many 'legitimate' make-money-online products with the word millionaire in the title. Most of them falsely promise quick success, which would only attract, you know, "think-big-but-do-nothing" dreamers. Whereas many ordinary affiliate marketers (including myself) would often deny that kind of thing without even looking at it. Promoting millionairism? That's so extraordinary that it must be a BS. It's all about building up your business over time. There should be gradual steps to take to get there... Well, who am I kidding? Am I a millionaire? No. Then who am I trying to convince?

Overnight Millionaire System Review

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Overnight Millionaire System

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Internet Marketing


Wesley Virgin


$27 with a bonus coupon code


Overnight Millionaire System - What Is It?

"Life is not a lottery based on luck", he says.

Wesley Virgin is a multi-millionaire, he calls himself "Billion Dollar Virgin" and one of his well-known products is Fat Diminisher. He teaches his ethos - millionaire mindset - through his other products, and the Overnight Millionaire System is one of them.

"Ah, millionaire mindset. I know all that. If you want to be a millionaire, start thinking like one. It doesn't work. It'll never work." That's it, right there. That's why we (including myself!) are not moving forward much from where we are now.

Of course, this "system" will not spontaneously make you a millionaire. It is a system that made Wesley a millionaire, and he tells you all about it. Is there anything that you can learn from it? YES. This is not a theoretical "how-to" guide by some mysterious seller from ClickBank. Wesley is real, and he will guide you to have the right mental attitude, and teaches a lot of practical tips in selling products as an affiliate.

Overnight Millionaire System is sold for $20, but at your checkout you'll be given a 10% discount coupon code - this 10% will be used on a good cause. I'll tell you about it later.

Overnight Millionaire System Review

What's Included?

10 x WHYs

Wesley asks you to write down why you want what you want. People are always after technical know-how. But Wesley says it doesn't matter HOW it's going to happen at the beginning. It's much more vital to clarify WHY you want to become a millionaire.

Audio Files

5-Sets of MP3 audio files "Overnight Mindset Hacks" to listen to for a minimum of 60 days - changes your unconscious mind for success and abundance.

Access to the "Millionaire Mindset Hacks"

The "Millionaire Mindset Hacks" includes video clips that are both motivational and educational, including;

  1. How to come up with all the ideas that could potentially make you $1 million or more, and write them down.
  2. How to visualize and reflect on having $1m in your bank account.
  3. How to become a "high-value person" with a successful skill set that people value and will pay for.
  4. It's important to listen to people who actually have $1 million or more saved up.
  5. Create unshakable belief in yourself to keep pushing forward so you can see results faster.
  6. How to find ways to create multiple streams of income in areas that already are in high demand.
  7. Learn how to become a master at sales, marketing and persuasion as a newbie without reading a lot of books.

What Made Him Determined

Millionaire Hack

Another video within the "Mindset Hacks" is Wesley's own emotional breakthrough story - he talks about his family and when he didn't have money. I know he's a great storyteller, but there was a moment that made him absolutely determined to be successful.

I personally think this 30-minute video is a must-watch. I'm sure Wes's story is relatable to many, and it makes me think, what's the point of life if you don't value yourself high? You are powerful. We all are. With the right mindset, you can do anything.


There are plenty of upsells, including;

  • Affirmation Cash Course ($17) - Affirmations designed to harness the power of the law of attraction and positive thinking, for you to chant them. Wesley's extremely confident about this product, offering 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee. He even says he'd give you 3x your money back if you weren't happy.
  • Million Dollar Persuasion & Psychology Techniques ($9) - What makes a person buy or not buy. "Cognitive psychological triggers" to get your customer (or anyone, spouse or a child) with you without resistance.
Unrevealed Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind

But the most powerful one is "Unrevealed Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind" ($99). It's Wesley's 10-day course with some mind-boggling subjects including;

  • Day 3 - "Disconnect" - Why your friends and family are the reason you are unable to create the life you deserve. Basically, you may have to cut some people out of your life. You might say "What!? I can't do that to my friends! Who the hell are you to tell me...?" Then fine. You'll be stuck where you are, you see? I can't speak on behalf of Wesley. See what the multi-millionaire actually says.
  • Day 4 - "When a millionaire speaks...shut up!" - All you need to know about socializing with millionaires, even down to what to wear, what to take and what to trash.
  • Day 5 - "A Millionaire's Best Kept Secret" - True reasons why you've never been successful in your life. As mentioned earlier, it's not about "how", but it's a "why" mentality that matters.
  • Day 6 - "Sexual Transmutation" - This is a very interesting one. An ancient method (use your sexual desires to create wealth in life), proven to 95% of millionaires and successful entrepreneurs. With Wesley's personal experience.
  • Day 8 - "Wealth Fundamentals Were Never Taught In School" - College won't help you become the successful person you deserve to be. I absolutely agree with that. People who have the least knowledge of money are teachers. (No disrespect - I'm from that kind of background myself).
  • Day 10 - "Be A Giver" - why you must give in order to receive. Why sharing your wealth will make you even richer. This is another one of most wonderful things that Wesley has, and teaches.

Create Better Sales Page

Of course, the product is not just about affirmations, but he will also give you some tips to increase sales. He advises Amazon and ClickBank have the best products, and all the tips he provides are invaluable for every new internet marketing hopeful. For example;

  • The importance of becoming an expert in your chosen niche.
  • Wes's "million dollar formula" - address a problem, find out how many people have the problem, and create the solution.
  • Create ideas instead of having to chase "tricks".
  • As an affiliate, the key is to make your sales page better than the seller's original page.

Wesley Is Raw

I think the difference between Wesley and other online gurus/tutors is that Wesley talks to your heart from his heart. Don't get me wrong, I know there are thousands of other helpful tutors, who dedicate their heart and soul and whatever. This is hard to explain - Wesley's very raw. He's got nothing to hide. He talks a lot about himself but many of his stories are so relatable to us, he's essentially helping us without consciously trying to help us. Does that make sense? That's how I feel anyway.

By the way he's so pumped up (literally) with so much energy throughout the videos. All of a sudden he would shout "Motivated!!" (#Ahhgg my eardrums.) But I must also add, there's nothing technical, no jargons, anyone can understand it.

He Spends A Lot On Good Causes

Wesley donates a lot of money to the local church and charities. He gives a lot of tips to the waiting staff in restaurants (100-300%!)

Not because he can afford it (well, he can afford it) but because that's what he believes to do. Share and people will share back. Give to receive. What goes around comes around. While you are reluctant to give a 15% tip because you didn't receive a good service... You spend your life forever worrying about "15% of the restaurant bill" level of money.

The Overnight Millionaire System - the price is $37 but he will give you a special $10-off discount coupon code. This discount will help feed homeless people. Wesley's father is a pastor, and he goes to his church every Sunday morning to help them.

Isn't that crazy? They normally ask you to pay 10% MORE to pay towards charitable causes. Anyway that's what he does. He's not making this up, there's a video clip to prove in the link destination. If you don't believe it, that's fine. Then that's what you are - do you see what I mean?

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not happy, you can ask your money back by contacting Wesley or via ClickBank within 60 days of purchase.

Overnight Millionaire System Pros and Cons


  • You'll get all the success tips from a REAL millionaire.
  • Extremely motivational.
  • Easy to understand (he talks to you from his heart).
  • Your money will be partly spent on a good cause.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • He's a bit loud (!?)
  • Not for you if you're expecting an instruction manual type.

Overnight Millionaire Review - Conclusion:

Before Wesley Virgin made his own financial success, he met a lot of millionaires who didn't inspire him. Now being a multi-millionaire himself, he knows how to help you set the right mindset.

If you are a moaner or skeptic but you haven't been successful, perhaps it's about time you considered listening to this guy. Maybe this what you need. I recommend this product to anyone who doesn't want to stay where they are, and take a bold step to make money online.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. This is very satisfied to say that wesley is a great guy he is doing his job. He is growing his business with his own method. I Can't find that he is a scam.

  2. I will love to say that It is real that wesley is a legit guy. Who is serving his all experience and try to make people rich.

  3. I appreciate this post. I bought many making money online training programs but with most of them I can tell they are not making as much money as they brag about. Wesley Virgin is so confident because he has the willpower to make money and knows how to pass it on to his students. Like you say it’s not for everybody but it’s for people who has some negative thoughts that might prevent them to go forward, exactly who I was before. Overnight Millionaire System is mind boggling I appreciate his motivational talks in each & every video.

  4. I was on youtube and searching for some videos of online earning. Suddenly I watch the video of Wesley. I watch every single video and found it like it was a scam. But I was thinking often that the course charges a little amount of money so I bought the course. Done everything well and It really helps a lot. I must thank Wesley for the millionaire course.

  5. Great Article.
    The systemโ€™s main goal is to hack your mind. More specifically how your mind thinks about wealth and money. This does work, but if anyone's expecting to actually become a millionaire overnight, it wouldn't work for obvious reasons. The system demands you to listen consistently and actually take action.
    Your article gives great insightful information about the system. Will look forward to more such content from you.

  6. I said a few comments numerous times but it was not approved. Can you tell why becouse I said governing millionaire is good * Wesley rocks I became

    1. Hi, yes you have left so many comments, thank you. You must have noticed a message that said “awaiting approval”. If you leave such a short comment repeatedly, you’ll be branded as a spammer and the bloggers/webmasters can block your IP address to prevent you from leaving any future comments. What you said in your comments is merely “Wesley’s awesome” “Wesley’s great” without explaining what you think he is. Followed by your affiliate link, which I cannot allow, legally, as per my disclaimer. Give me a quality comment next time and tell us why you think this program is good, with your name. I’ll approve it. Thanks, good luck! ?

  7. Hey everybody.
    My name is Kosta, I am 21 years old and a few months ago I used to go to college (Sports and physical education).
    For some time I have searched and searched online how to make money.
    Not knowing what to do i just wandered around the internet, and nobody would really share how to make money from home.
    I really wanted to drop out of college because I didn’t really like it and it just wasn’t for me.
    I wanted to become independent from my parents.
    I said to myself if I don’t take action who will, so I took all my savings which were a little more than 1000$ and said what the heck I am going to buy a program.
    So I went online started listening to Wesley Virgin, and saw that he has a program on how to run facebook ads.He also changed my way on thinking.LOVE him man he changed my life forever!!!
    OMG the second day of me watching and learning in the program I started earning 100$ a day.
    Which for me is a lot of money, because I live in Serbia where the average salary is 500$.
    Please anybody that needs money, wants a better life, wants to work from home making more money than their salary try it out.

    Go register.The TRAINING is FREE (insane value)
    If you chose to buy it you will be so happy when you see your first sale.
    Take action now!!! If you don’t who will?

    1. Kosta, everything that you’re trying to do is wrong. Every single line of your comment is wrong. You’re not making any money as an affiliate by leaving a comment like that. Message me if you want to know more about it and start learning. Good luck!

    2. It merits advancing bring in cash on the web items just as items those advance inspirations. As more individuals know that they can’t depend on vocations. They are happy to burn through cash on the best way to set up a business type of items as I would like to think. Good planning. Inform me as I want to enjoy all that life has to offer, a debt of gratitude is in order for your remark.

  8. Due to COVID19 the world is going towards recession, we all witness that millions of people are losing their jobs on a daily basis because of it and it means people spend less money and if it’s not affecting online business owners right now sooner or later it will affect them some time. What do you think about getting training courses like Wesley Virgin’s system, is it worth promoting for online marketers and is it worth buying for people in these hard times? I need your honest opinion because nobody knows what is going to happen in the next few years or even few months.

    1. Hi Carell, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can only say two things;
      (1) Just like you said, nobody knows what’s going to happen in the future. But you can’t run a business purely based on speculations anyway. We just have to keep going whatever happens.
      (2) Yes, it’s worth promoting “make money online” products as well as products that promote motivations. As more people are aware that they can’t rely on employments. They are willing to spend money on “how to set up a business” products in my opinion. The timing couldn’t be better.
      Let me know if you have any more questions. I wish you all the best, thanks for your comment.

  9. Hi Ray, thank you for your review and also thank you to teach me some guidance.
    I cannot find Overnight Millionaire from your link. Can you please give me the correct link.also can you say it’s suitable for me?
    Thank you very much for your advice.

    1. Hi Paco, I just checked the link and it seems to be working fine. Yes, you’re looking to make a success by promoting affiliate products and also said you needed to get yourself motivated in your message. I thought Overnight Millionaire System may be perfect for you. Check the link again, thanks for your comment and your messages. I wish you all the best!

    2. Overnight Millionaire System is the best platform you can use to make money online. I am using it every day and find it extraordinary. Wesley Virgin is incredibly helpful in showing you the direction and it’s true enlightenment for you to use this platform if you don’t feel you have enough success and also if you are willing to find a true lifetime career online. Due to the covid pandemic I know everybody is looking for something eye-opening to find happiness. Everyone should understand this overnight millionaire review and also my overnight millionaire review. Everyone should start taking once-in-a-lifetime opportunity action without questioning too much.

  10. Thanks, Chris. How much can you make ? I’m due to pay rather a large bill by the end of the month , looking for the quickest system that pays.

  11. Hi I’m more interested in Fat Diminisher but I can’t find the affiliate programme. Do you know where it gone? Do you also prmote it? If so do you promote it to your leads also?

    1. Hi, I would have thought it was sold via ClickBank, but no I’m not in the health/workout niche…When I have a body like Wesley (in my next lifetime) I’ll definitely promote it ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your comment.

  12. I had some issues with my business, I was looking for a solution to solve my problems.
    I wasn’t sure about Wesley Virgin in the beginning but I know now his teachings are truly motivational. so yeah I’m looking for any possibilities to make some money and this will be a new start for me.
    Thanks for your help with this.

    1. The primary issue with me was my fear. I was too afraid to take a risk, and so my business was running steadily. People think that steady business is good, but I wanted growth. However, the chance that the growth involved was too tight for me, and so I decided to let it go. A friend suggested the overnight millionaire program, and I decided to at least try it once. It was the most life-changing movement in my life. I was able to understand the reason for my fears and was also ready to take risks after viewing the videos. Thus, the guide helped me make my business successful.Overnight Millionaire System Conversions Are Crazy Right Now!

  13. thanks roy
    appreciate for your lengthy and detail review.
    vouch for your professional background… we are always details ๐Ÿ™‚

    How much + how long can we expect to make $1k month with overnight millionaitre? appreciate your knowledge sharing…



  14. Hi, I bought Done For You System last week and I’ve been learning 24/7 since. I’m really happy about it.
    But I spent a lot of money for it then noticed this one for just 27 dollars?
    Does this have the same training as DFYSS, I guess not but what is the difference?

    1. Hi Cameron, DFYSS is intense training specifically to sell particular ClickBank products (and it’s worth it) so I’m glad to hear that you’re happy with it. This one on the other hand, is the entry-level introduction to Wesley, and I think it’s great for the price too. But since you’ve already got DFYSS which is like the pro version, you won’t need it. Thanks for your comment, I wish you all the best of every success!

  15. When I 1st looked I thought it was a scam because he was talking about a lot of motivation stuff but I continued to watch & knew he is the one to follow. I know what you mean 100%. When you think you admire someone’s job whats the point of staying inactive. You don’t have a second to waste but commit yourself to follow somebody successful. ??? Nothing happens if you do nothing, man. Thanks. ?

    1. Hi Kay, that’s exactly it! I would say to anyone who hesitates to take action because of doubts, trust Wesley and take the first step. You may not make money so quickly so soon, but you will learn the importance of moving ahead. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

  16. I nearly got it with the bonus code iwantthisnow for 37 dollars i thought it was cheaper.
    I then saw 10 dollar off without the code. It was 27 dollars in total. is still ok I

  17. I admire Wesley millionaire mindset. If you want to earn big money you have to cut out poor friends and start hanging out with rich people. Also what you earn should be returned for good cause. He donates so much to his local church that is so cool thing to do. One day I hope I want to be like Wesley.

  18. It sounds like a scam how can you know you can become millionarr over night if you use this course. It sounds like I cannot rust it.

    1. Hi Godwin, no Wesley Virgin is a legitimate, successful entrepreneur who became a millionaire almost overnight. As I already explained, nobody is suggesting that you can become a millionaire so quickly, but you will learn to follow his ethos. He’s a very honest and trustworthy guy in my opinion. But thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    2. Read the post more carefully, nobody says you can get money overnight. If you watch the video you will know how Wesley himself got his success quickly almost overnight. That’s where the name came from.

  19. It’s a very good training if you want to be motivated. That’s it. Everyone needs some motivation because we go through ups + downs when we learn internet businesses, any kinds of businesses this training applies all round. When you think you may be going downhill and your business may lost direction then you look for Wesley Virgin he will assure you you are doing the right thing but you have to listen to him carefully all the time. Then you will have success. That’s it.

    1. Hi Ken, thanks for your comment. Yes we all do go through rough times, and one of the important things is to know how you turn them into something positive. You need mental stamina for it, and Wesley gives you good examples. Thanks Ken, I wish you all the best!

  20. Oh I love this man….. Always in high energy sperit he gives me such a motivationale high…..I have most of his videos when I need to concentrait on my work I always listen to what he has to say.

  21. I went downstairs to get my credit card, came back and my offer expired. I was highly upset. How do I accept an offer that expired?

    1. Hi Samuel, time-limited offers are usually cookie-based, which means if you clear the cache / browsing history and revisit the Overnight Millionaire page, the same offer will reappear.

      You can also use a different browser (if you’re using Chrome, use Firefox for example… Copy the URL from the Chrome browser and paste it on Firefox address bar)

      I hope it makes sense…!

    1. Hi Biju, assuming you’ve already bought this product, can you please tell me where you are at, by listing up 3 best things you think you’ve learned from Wesley so far? Then I may be able to give you advice.

    2. At first I was not convinced but now I’m a big follower or Wesley Virgin. I spent over 150 dollars on his training & video & products I did not waste it. I am making the most of it. Thank you for introducing this awesome guy to me. I am determined to follow his paths.

  22. At the end of the day it’s all about making money. If you make some money Wesley will and it’s going to be a win-win. Good program for 37 dollars including everything that you need. if something goes wrong you can ask for a refund.

  23. If you want to be a successful person in a single night, if you want to be a millionaire overnight,click the link and buy the best package
    Thank you.
    It will change your life.

  24. Thank you for your overnight millionaire review. It has a full of information. Everyone can make use of this post. I have never tried it but now I think it’s really convincing.

  25. Year he’s a bit loud but alright. I agree with you. Some people do nothin but complain they need someone like him to motivate them.

  26. All I can say is Over night millionaire works. I learn so much from Wesley Virgin. Not many people understand this how it is to be so determined when you are so desperate instead of looking for money to pay bills you just set the highest goal and focus on it and work on it.
    If you don’t get this it is not for you, some people think its the best way to start making money while others don’t believe it.

    1. Hi Mahmud, thanks for your comment. I see exactly what you mean. Using the negative experience as fuel and turn it into the absolute positive. I too have learned that from Wesley and I’m grateful for it!

  27. Hi I’ve been following Wesley Virgin since beginning of this year. He’s one of the very best teachers about online business. I learned so much from him. Specially he gives me a lot of energy when I’m feeling down. I hope I can make money in future very soon to use Overnight Millionaire. Thank you for your review.

  28. Hi Ray. I have been following Wesley Virgin for a while now, since I discovered Fat Diminisher program a couple of years ago I’m almost mesmerized by the way he continually motivates users with his talk.

    He’s a real deal, you are right. The best thing that I learn from him is not to be afraid to show your emotions. Everyone has ups & downs and when you are feeling down don’t be afraid of facing your feeling and turn it into positive energy. I can’t remember which videos but he’s said that a few times and it works.

    I trust Overnight Millionaire, it’s one of the best that Wesley offers for a handy price. Well done to your review, I think what you say is spot on. If you ever feel like complaining then take this and it will shut you up.

    1. Hi Martin, good to hear that you recommend this product and others by Wesley. Yes, he’s honest and a lot of his stories are relatable to many of us. Great training. Thanks for your comment!

  29. I’ve never heard about the Overnight Millionaire System before. I read this review and found out this system was worth my time and money? Read this Review to find out. I know becoming a millionaire is possible at any age. It may be a quick jump but there is no rule. Many people dream of becoming independently wealthy but less prudent in investing money in risky endeavors and internet scams. Lucky people turn pocket change into millions of dollars. I don’t have any money right now but Overnight Millionaire System will really help me.

  30. I just wanted to be added subscribers for his notification if Wes offers. Whenever he drops a new video or product or something i get it to my email.

  31. Hi Ray, thank you for your review. I find Overnight Millionaire very interesting. It looks like he is a truly helpful man. I think Iโ€™m positive enough towards my online

  32. This is one of the best systems that I have seen for a long time. I was completely impressed by it. It is true, some people just never stop complaining and never take action. That kind of people need a mentor who can motivate them and change their mind set.
    I know this man is helping a lot of people and this system works for many people who need to get a business started.
    It is a good price. Cheap enough to pay for anyone. Good luck to anyone who needs motivation.

  33. Many people think u can be a millionaire over night but this is not. Wesley became a millionaire so quickly so everyone should follow him. I got it long time ago and it became my blue print. This is one that we should tell people to buy.

  34. Waaawoo I just feel motivated and inspired. Am joining soon but I feel am going to do the beat thing in ma life. I like the energy u use while talking it’s realy cool. Thank u wis

  35. Hi, Ray. Thank you for your honest review. I got myself Overnight Millionaire and I love it.
    I think I’m on your side. I’m not normally fond of energetic people but it feels like Wesley has spared me a piece of positivity. I’m just about to get Unrevealed Secrets also because each and every chapter sounds tempting. I am now totally convinced that Wesley will never disappoint me.

    I am learning affiliate marketing right now and this is a big learning curve because I need to build up the confidence to carry on. Your review has helped me big time and it feels like this is a great start for me. I have one question maybe I’ll message you later (something personal) if you don’t mind. Thank you so much, I hope you have a nice day. Take care. J

    1. Hi Josh, thanks for your comment. It’s great to hear that you like it. Yes, we get a lot of energy from him! Thanks also for your messages – as per our conversation earlier, I wish you all the best of success!

  36. Wesley is one person I really trust. I have bought 3 products so far and I am more than happy with all of them. He keeps me motivated and teaches me the core of online marketing. The best thing for me was to change my mindset and the 2nd best thing was to make at least $20-100 every day. I am so glad.

  37. I was really skeptical at first but now watching Wesley’s video is my daily routine. My affiliate marketing income finally started to pick up thanks to all the training plus heads up motivational teachings. Without him I would not have been where I am now.

  38. This is real because I have seen the benefit of being a member of overnight millionaire system, I’ve been scammed a lot of money before, but I did not give up because I knew if I got things right, my life could change dramatically forever so I did not stop. Thanks to Wesley Virgin if you believe you can change your life you do not have to worry about it. Go for what you believe and your success will be there. This is a powerful program I am thanking God for this.

  39. Thanks for the heads up… You got the point about trusting the right people, I agree 120%. Wesley says about his brother and it’s all true. You need to cut off some people if you want to have a millionaire mind. You can’t keep hanging out with [poor people] and hope to become rich as the way of thinking has to change. It has changed my mind totally in the past few months.

    1. Hi Pe, thanks for your comment. Yes that’s what Wesley suggests and I do agree. You only attract the negatives while being surrounded by negative people. Good mindset training to start with!

  40. Hi Ray, thank you for your email & sorry it’s taken me a long time to update you. I have bought Over night Milllionaire and Unrevealed Secrets. I find both of them so useful in many ways motivationally and practically. US has numerous tips which I’m working on. Thank you for your recommendation. Top buys of the year. I’m so pleased.

  41. I spent over $400 on Wesley’s training and programs. Not even a single cent’s been wasted. He’s a real hero maybe you don’t know until you see the actual program. It’s just a tip of icebrg if you see him on Youtube etc free stuff. There’s so much he offers that’s valuable. I recommend ‘billion dollar virgin’ He’s awesome.

  42. Thank you for a great review. We feel the motivation is what we need best to be successful in any business world, especially in the world of technology nowadays.
    We have many clients who work from home. Because they work by themselves they don’t have someone to motivate them. It’s becoming a big problem for them.
    We teach them to have a mentor but many people find it difficult to find a mentor.
    This program will surely help them. This is a very good review.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes, finding a mentor can be difficult and costly. You cannot expect people like Wesley to become your personal mentor though, if you join you’ll get to speak to him.

  43. Hi Ray, thank you for your review. I find Overnight Millionaire very interesting. It looks like he is a truly helpful man. I think I’m positive enough towards my online jobs but I sometimes feel very down. I need someone to motivate myself to work better and faster. I think Wesley Virgin can help me. I have not tried his system yet. I will make a note of your page and if I am ever stuck I will need his help.
    I also like my gym exercises so I think he will help me to learn better to keep fit.
    Thank you for your inspirational review.

    1. Hi Junya, thanks for your comment. Check his other videos on YouTube, you might find them useful for gym fitness and motivation. Sounds like Overnight M.S will be useful to you too. Any questions don’t hesitate to get back to me. I wish you all the best!

  44. I have known and been following Wesley for more than 3 years. He is a true star for donating a lot of money for his local church but I learn a lot from him life in general to how to spend money to make money. Since I follow Wesley’s programs the only way is up with my business I cannot be happier with this.

  45. What kind of products do you promote or does he teach you to promote, and how can you make sure that you promote the right ones, is there a way to check?

    1. Hi Norman, are you referring to Wesley’s products? He teaches you in that area, it’s best to promote products from health, wealth, relationship and also best to promote products that you believe in. There are ways to check, yes!

  46. Yep it works. I’ve been in affiliate marketing for 5+ years on + off. Wesley’s method changed the scale dramatically. Your right. If you don’t listen to this guy who do you listen to?
    Spend a little over 100 dollars for the full package then you will never look back or regret.
    It works for me just right.

  47. I bought Overnight Millionaire just over 2 months ago. I can happily say it works.
    I see my mindset changed dramatically especially in the past week or so. Not only my attitude towards the online job and the prospects but the whole tactics has changed.
    I definitely recommend it. It works for me. it works for anyone.

    1. Hi Shelby-An, thanks for your comment. It’s great to hear that Overnight Millionaire is working out for you – it has changed my mindset to something very strong too. There are very few “gurus” that I feel I can wholeheartedly follow, and Wesley is definitely the top one for me. Congrats to you!

  48. Hi Ray, it’s great to know a training course like this one, and someone real can teach you how to make money online and how to motivate yourself at the same time.
    I agree with you, you have to have a positive mind to make a success with any businesses.
    Some people do nothing but complain because they are not making money, but the fact is they are not making money because they are not putting enough effort.
    Those pessimistic people should all learn from a real guru like him and change their mindset before anything.
    Your review is very helpful and the price is very affordable. I will make a purchase.
    Thank you. Seb

    1. Hi Seb, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes Wesley will give you positive energy! And sometimes that’s all you need when you feel like nothing’s working. And tons of practical tips to make a success online. Hope you’ll like it. Thanks for your comment!

  49. Thank you for your review. This is truly inspirational and motivational.
    I believe the most important thing about starting a successful business is to truly believe that you can do it. It’s important to be able to make affirmations in the right way. Regularly every day so you can truly believe yourself.
    You have a very good website. ===

  50. Wesley is very good. I’ve known him for more than 3 years now. His affirmation method is really good because it comes from his own experience. not some simple guide taken from a book. Its very motivational not only mentally but it keeps you healthy. Follow his method to keeps my serotonin level high.

    1. Hi Adrella, it’s great to know about your positive experience! Yes, I personally learn a lot from Wesley’s fitness videos also, they keep me physically motivated. I wish you all the best. Thanks for your comment!

  51. Hi Ray! Thank you for the review, I really love the idea of being motivated while learning to make money. I really would love to learn the technique but $99 seems to be a lot to spend. Is there full-time support, and do I get tips from Wesley myself? Not that I would like to contact him directly but if something doesn’t work out I’d like to speak to the seller himself and ask for a suggestion other than to claim a refund.
    I just watched the video and it really is motivational. Thanks for introducing us such a good product Ray!

    1. Hi Premia, thanks for your comment. Overnight Millionaire is $20. The price of $99 is one of the upsells which I also recommend. Yes I believe you can reach Wesley himself, but for this price, this is not a coaching service. You should have a valid reason for it though. If there’s a faulty on the product’s part, I’m sure he’ll get back to you to fix it.

  52. He puts his foot in weight training niche and weight loss niche then makes money niche what does he recommend to us it’s confusing. expecting us to do the same then I am not interested in body building then it’s not for me.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. He explains that to you actually – choose whatever the niche you’re interested in and focus on it. He doesn’t recommend you to promote multiple niches from the start. Any questions don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks!

  53. Hi Ray, great review. Good to read a positive review after reading so many scam programs. I’ve never heard of Wesley Virgin before but he sounds like a real positive helper. I’m really happy to see it.

    I also agree with you that you need to be positive. Too many people are moaning and not putting any effort to your work and say they don’t know how to make money online. First they have to believe they can do it. Looks like this guy will give that kind of people good guidance. Thanks for your article. Great job. Dex

    1. Hi Dex, thanks for your comment. you’re absolutely right. Do whatever it takes to make a success, then there’s no time to complain. I guess people who often moan don’t have the right coaches/gurus around them. They definitely need someone like Wesley to follow!

  54. This is an interesting one because we all know we cannot make money just by making affirmations and getting motivated. We have to have the right products and take the right method. All that said, if you don’t follow what a millionaire says, who do you follow? This is inspirational.

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. I absolutely agree with you. Affirmations, not easy. But it’s better trying than not trying and moaning. This extremely influential millionaire (I think, at least!) is saying so. It’s better to follow him than not to follow him!

  55. Hi Ray, great review. I’ve never heard about Wesley Virgin, and I was about to have a second thought because of the Clickbank. I’ve never trusted any products from Clickbank before. But this one seems decent from what you describe. I do need some kickass affirmations to get a positive day going. Maybe this is the one I need. I’m particularly interested in “using your sexual desire”… Lets see what he offers to us ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. Yes, ClickBank does have a lot of scam products but I do recommend Wesley, together with his Fat Dimisher program that’s been one of the best long sellers. All the best!

  56. Yes! It shut me up lol. I was really sceptical, expecting him to talk big but something so unrealistic. It wasn’t. I found it ‘Actually’ useful. Just listening what he said changed my mindset. Only slightly but it did.

    1. Hi Susan, I felt the same before I started to watch his video. You can’t tell how good by watching his introduction video for a minute or two. A great entrepreneur who produces a series of products with invaluable contents.

  57. Hi Ray, I see Wesley is very genuine and helpful. I also understand what you mean about the word millionaire keeps some people away because it sounds like a get rich quick scheme. I personally don’t enjoy chanting affirmations etc but I agree with the idea of copying what successful people do.

    I can also agree that these upsells sound like useful items. They are not exactly cheap but they are affordable. Thank you for very useful review. I will bookmark this page.

    1. Hi Tomasz, thanks for your comment. Positive thinking /LOA are not everyone’s cup of tea, you don’t have to do it. The decision is entirely up to you. Yes the fact that the upsells are affordable prices, is actually part of the marketing tactics that Wesley advises – set the price right so people buy, simples!

  58. I love this guy. He sure tells the truths. Just like the writer said if you don’t believe in him it’s fine, it’s your life. But it’s better if you listen to successful people than not listening. His bodybuilding tips are awesome also. Take a look if you haven’t.

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