MyWorkForLife PayEachMonth DoWeeklyJob Review

Updated: June 5, 2019
by Ray Alexander, and, and there are some more. BestDailyJob, DoPartTimeJob... They are all stupidly identical and they all offer "free money". Of course there's no such thing. Today in my review I'll explain what these sites are actually doing, hence why you should ignore any sites with this illustration below - a hairy man with raised arms. They'll never pay you!

MyWorkForLife PayEachMonth DoWeeklyJob Review

DoWeeklyJob Review

Product Name:

DoWeeklyJob, MyWorkForLife, PayEachMonth, BestDailyJob, etc.

Website URL:





Launch Date:

2018 onwards




What Really Happens

I'll go straight to the point. These sites collect email addresses and sell them to third parties. It does actually say so in the FAQ page, but they rather nicely put it.

"We are paying you in order to generate traffic to our advertiser's websites."

You sign up and provide them your email address, and within a few hours you'll likely to start receiving spam emails. If any of these "spams" looks interesting to you (especially more of "make money now!" types), then you might click the link and visit the site, i.e. you're helping them "generate traffic to their advertiser's websites" indeed.

To prove it, I have created a new email account and signed up with Shortly after that, I received the fast spam, here we go.

Travel Company Spam

Spam email from some Chinese travel agent

But They'll Never Pay You

Upon signing up, $10 will be instantly credited to your account. You'll be given your unique referral link, and every time you share the link on your social media, your account will be credited by $5-10.

I've tried that myself - it's quite clever (not that I'm particularly impressed). I shared my link on Facebook, but immediately deleted it. Went back to my DoWeeklyJob account and saw extra $5 added. But when I went back to the account a few hours later, that $5 had disappeared. I guess your social share post has to remain live.

But anyway, they won't pay. Nobody will pay that kind of amount just for signing up or sharing a link. Have you ever seen or heard some of the world's richest companies do that? Apple? Walmart? Some might give you a discount voucher code just for signing up, which will be deductible from your first purchase. But nobody ever pays you cash, you know what I mean? That's such a moronic idea. "If it sounds too good to be true..." right?

Look at the complaints. They'll never pay you, you see.

DoWeeklyWork Review Complaints

These people both mention $300 because that's the amount they have to "earn" before they can cash out, according to the terms (if that!)

It also claims to pay you through PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfer or by cheque (from the spelling this scammer is not based in North America). But when you've logged in, you'll notice that there's no account profile setting page. In fact when you sign up with this scammer site, you'll be asked to fill in your full name / "check payable to" name. Bank transfer option is nowhere to be seen.

The Trick

You actually don't have to use your real email address to sign up with any of these DoWeeklyWork sites because they never send you a confirmation email. Your registration is instant.

But you're asked to provide your "check payable to" name, where many users are tricked into and give out their real name, along with email address and street address. All of which will be used for one purpose - sold to email spammers.

The Websites Are Not Secure!

Website not secure

So you give out all your personal information but the website has no SSL certificate (http instead of https) - it means the site is not secure and your information can be easily leaked to hackers. Not only will your personal identification be used by third party spammers, but it can be used for more malicious purposed, i.e. identity fraud!

Who Will Be Fooled By This...?

You're reading this, I'm sure you won't be. But get-rich-quick dreamers will be. Sign up with these websites and you'll soon receive emails like;

Spam email examples

You've seen some of those, haven't you? And if you click the link you'll be directed a site like;

Spam Websites

These sites are created by solo ad sellers whose intentions are to collect as many get-rich-quick dreamers' email addresses and direct them to as many of their customers' advertising sites.

You will get zero benefits from all this, but by clicking one of those links, you're saying to them "I'm here! I'm interested in your email content!" (the email marketing software can detect that you clicked the link).

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Don't Waste Your Time

The best you can do is to ignore these sites (DoWeeklyJob, MyWorkForLife, PayEachMonth, BestDailyJob, DoPartTimeJob, etc) totally. It will tell them that this type of spam strategy isn't working.

...Or, Sign Up Using Fake ID

If you're really bothered by the system, you can sign up using a fake email address, which will then be sold to their customers. If thousands of us sign up with these sites using fake ID's, then that will be a help towards eliminating those fraudulent businesses.

Well, I'm just saying. Don't do that, why should you be an avenger, you'll only be wasting your time. Ignore them and use your positive energy for something more meaningful; to improve your own internet marketing knowledge and skills, as well as to help others.

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"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

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Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Hi Ray, thanks for your helpful review.
    I too have received similar promotions by at least 3 email marketers. I opened it and instantly knew that it was a scam. There is no way you can earn so much money so quickly just by joining a site. I hope everyone realises this.
    I can also see some people already complained. I don’t tolerate dishonest sites like this because it’s a kind of insult to people who put so much effort to make success online.
    Thank you for your help as always. Seb

  2. I think this site if already gone. I know many identical sites another new one’s coming up somewhere soon I know.

  3. Hi, I’ve seen this everywhere. For the 1st time I tried signing up with fake name + address + etc ok, I got usd 10 but it pays out by cheque only. There is not even a task to do like surveys. I know what you mean by spamm. This is also a scam.

    1. Hi Samir, yes that’s exactly what happens. Users will start complaining sooner or later, and the scammer will duplicate the site more. It’s continuous. Thanks for your comment.

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