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I've checked quite a few Home Income Millionaire reviews but couldn't find any real 'user' reviews. Everyone assumes that this is a scam, and quite rightly. If you have a little bit of experience in internet marketing, watch the first 10 seconds of the sales video clip and tell it's a scam. Or just by looking at the page. I decided to write my own version of Home Income Millionaire review because I was particularly interested in the price that it offers - $97. Not exactly cheap, means at least some parts of the actual content may be, just may be, something useful.

The world is becoming a better place as far as "make money online" scams are concerned (in my opinion!) Every year more of us are aware of them, no longer getting fooled as easily as we used to. Means scammers focus on targeting people who still have less knowledge - people who forever dream do-nothing-and-get-rich-quick schemes, who also don't want to pay. Perhaps that's the reason why many scammers choose to sell some outdated affiliate guidebooks for less than $10 - less profit per unit but more accessible to the potential victims.

Home Income Millionaire Review

Product Name:

Home Income Millionaire

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Internet Marketing


Marc Jennings / Olga Krasko?

Launch Date:

June 2019




What Is Home Income Millionaire?

I'm from the UK and regrettably Home Income Millionaire is not open to this country. I can get to the payment screen if I set my IP address in the US using VPN, but I have a good relationship with my banks and card companies, I'd rather not pretend to be in a different location when making a payment. It means my review too, is based on what's being said in the sales video, unfortunately.

Here's what it is and what your job is, according to the video.

  • It's a secret members-only program and it's called Millionaire Coach.
  • Likely to be an MLM because the seller says "The more money I help you to make, the more money I will make too."
  • Your job is to introduce people randomly to the team. Nothing else, because everything else is taken care of the team.
  • But you are also going to have your own millionaire mentor.

You can tell something's wrong here - all you have to do is to introduce people to the company, but you have to have a mentor. The seller says "You don't have to know if the people are looking for these products and services" because the seller's team is taking care of everything else.

He also says you'll be introducing people who are interested in the company's "high-end high-quality products and services", so that the team can close sales.

Home Income Millionaire Review

What he says is inconsistent, and it sounds like your job is not just to introduce people but to find the right people, in which case the story's totally different. Two concerns;

  • Every day, many businesses struggle to "find people"- identify the right audience and run advertising campaigns continuously to find potential customers. That's going to be your job - to introduce people to the team of Millionaire Coach, i.e. extremely hard.
  • You might jeopardize your reputation by bringing people in and simply passing them to the team who takes care of the rest. Because you don't know how these people will be treated and it will still be your responsibility. The team may be hard-selling using an unethical method, be unreasonable or even threaten them. 

Finding any potential buyers is the hardest part of any businesses. Whatever you're supposed to do with Home Income Millionaire system, you'll be extremely unlikely to "get checks of $1,000, $3,000 and even $5,000 direct deposited right to your bank" like the seller suggests.

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What Is NOT Home Income Millionaire?

Having said all that so far - it turns out that almost everything that's said in the sales video is a fabrication. It's completely misleading and irrelevant to the actual product. Because I've now found that the disclaimer page (https://homeincomemillionaire.com/legal/disclaimer.html) says something totally different;

  • Home Income Millionaire is not a job opportunity. It's an "opportunity for education" that can help people to earn money through their efforts.
  • You will not necessarily make money simply by purchasing Home Income Millionaire. It also says "Who knows you may never make any money."

But the seller clearly says in the video on the front page;

Home Income Millionaire USD5000
  • "You'll make $5,000 per day or more, like clockwork. Your money will be deposited straight to your bank." Means it's not theoretical, but you will receive that level of the amount in cash.
  • "Let me explain how everything works so you can get started and get your first $5,000 check deposit before this weekend is over."

This is a legal disclaimer. The seller officially says that this is not an opportunity to make money. Means he's effectively telling you that you will NOT make money.

False Declaration In Disclaimer

Even in the disclaimer page, the seller says "the testimonials provided are exceptional results" and they don't represent the results that anyone will achieve.

But the testimonials are fake - they are not real users but spokespeople that hired via Fiverr.com.

Fake Testimonials Home Income Millionaire

Although you would have worked out that these people were actors, because these testimonials just don't make sense for two reasons which contradict each other.

  1. The seller says it's a "private invitation to you only" and he says "this needs to be kept between us so that you and I can continue to make some serious money together." It's supposed to be a secret but he gets others to openly talk about it.
  2. The product is not a job opportunity, so what are these people talking about?

Now the fake testimonials seem to have made the whole thing too confusing. If this "money making system" was secret, the seller wouldn't have asked anyone to leave a testimonial. But without a testimonial, fewer people would likely to buy it. And the seller was to get a fake testimonial made and had so much money, he would have paid more than $5 for that.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Home Income Millionaire promises to make a full "no questions asked refund" if you claim within the first 30 days of your purchase. That's one good thing, although one sentence in particular in its Terms & Conditions that reads, "We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the products we sell" is questionable, since the sales page is so spectacularly misleading.

Home Income Millionaire Pros and Cons


  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • The legal disclaimer page reveals that you will NOT make money from it.
  • ...Means false declarations in the sales video.
  • Fake testimonials.

Home Income Millionaire Review: Conclusion

Home Income Millionaire is a scam, because the seller promises that it will help you make thousands of dollars "per day" on the face of the website, and denies everything in the disclaimer page to avoid any potential legal actions taken against him. It's hugely misleading. Don't buy it, it will only waste your time.

If You Are Interested In Making Extra Money

While it may be great to have a "millionaire mindset" - it's not something that you can build in such a short period of time. My advice is never to trust any products with the name that contains the word "millionaire", because hardly ever any of them are legitimate, reasonable, or suitable for everyone.

Think about it, you cannot just buy a product for $100 or even $1,000 to make yourself a millionaire. Think big, but start with something that's realistic and feasible to you.

If you'd like to know how I make a constant passive income online, but I should warn you upfront that it's not for everyone either. My niche affiliate marketing job involves a lot of writing and it takes hard work. But it gives me such joy and freedom. If you are prepared to put in some effort, I highly recommend it. Join me and discover the reason why!

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November 2021: $10,104.00

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. I have seen this one on Youtube. it’s definitely a scam. It’s expensive. But I have also seen it sold for 47 dollars. I think they are selling it cheaper because nobody buys it.

  2. I used to buy so many products like this one without knowing they were scams.
    It’s true there is no trustworthiness and they don’t care.
    I don’t recommend any products being sold by an unknown person without a face image.

  3. There is a woman called Jessica Williams who keeps sending me spam emails and promotes Home Income Millionaire. Watch out if you receive emails from her because she sends useless emails every day. All scam products. She is from Hollywood CA but the address may be made up.

    1. Hi Pete, thanks for your comment. It’s impossible to eliminate spammers, and it’s best to ignore them completely. The name is most definitely fake, so is the address. I suggest that you never click the link in the emails, because by clicking you’re telling them that you’re interested!

  4. This has been around for a long time with the different name. Before it was something ATM, it made it look like you can get money like the ATM machine. So many people complained but there was no support.

  5. No way I will pay 97 dollars for something that never explains. Now I know all the things that they say is a lie its a scam.

  6. Hi Ray, thanks for the helpful review. I too was wondering what this program was about. It if was networking I didn’t want to give it a try but if there was something worthy then I would be interested. This is good, you saved my time now that I know most of the content is made up of dishonesty. At least in the disclaimer page he tells the truth but if somebody has already purchased it, it’s too late.
    I receive too many emails that appear to be truthful but what they really promote is not.
    Thank you for your review. Keep going. Seb

    1. Hi Seb, thanks for your comment. You’re absolutely right, this type of sales page is obviously scammy but still some people are fooled by them. If you are receiving too many promotional (unsolicited) emails, perhaps you might want to consider creating a new email address? Thanks Seb, all the best to you.

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