InfluencerCash Scam Review – Everything About It Is Fake

Updated: October 3, 2019
by Ray Alexander is another fake reward program that claims to pay a lot of money for social-sharing and doing easy tasks. All it does is sneakily steal your personal data, and will not pay you a penny. If you come across this site or any similar sites and wonder if the offer is too good to be true, your guess is absolutely right. I hope my InfluencerCash review will help you understand why you should never trust any of those "easy money" programs. Nothing will come out of nothing. You'll waste your pointless effort only to receive no benefits!

InfluencerCash Review

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Data harvesting scam



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September 2019




What Is InfluencerCash?

To simply put - everything that's being said in InfluencerCash is fake. The slogan on the homepage "Start Making $200 A Day" is false because there is no source of money for you to make. 

It claims to be an influencers' network, promising to pay; 

  • $25 just for signing up,
  • $10 each time you get your friend or social follower to join,
  • $30 each time you complete a (fake) survey, and
  • $50 each time you promote InfluencerCash on YouTube.

You will see your "account balance" grow very quickly, which will motivate you to continue sharing the link on social media more and participating in more fake surveys.

The catch is, you will never be able to withdraw the money that's sitting in your account. Your withdrawal request will be ignored and your message to the support will be ignored. The site will eventually shut itself down and that will be the end of it. 

There have been a countless number of similar sites such as CloutPay, ViralMarket, ReferralPay, etc. People who have fallen victim to these scams can do nothing but express their frustration on social media. 

InfluencerCash Scam Review

But Why Don't They Pay?

There are two reasons why they won't pay you.

#1 That's not how businesses work

This is something so fundamental. The FAQ says the money is "generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products". You might simply think, ah, that's how it works, InfluencerCash is sharing the advertising income with its members...

But think twice there - who on earth would share their revenue with some strangers so randomly? Have any of the richest companies in the world or the most influential Instagrammers ever given out cash to their followers in exchange for signing up or sharing their link? No, they never do. No one in the world would throw money like that. 

Imagine you run a business - any legitimate business - and made so much money. How would you use it? There would only be three ways;

  1. Use it for your own luxury,
  2. Donate it to charity, or
  3. Use it for the benefit of your business - e.g. run the most amazing discount sale, cashback for new customers, add extra points on each member's membership card. So that more people would love your business and buy more stuff from you in the future.

You would never waste your money by giving out $10-30 for "barely a job". Sharing a link on social media is not a job. A surveys-for-cash scheme does pay money, but usually 15 - 50 cents per survey. Never as much as $30.

#2 They don't have money

InfluencerCash receives "advertising income" from those fake survey companies - usually $1-2 every time a user completes a task (signs up with a fake survey company). That's all InfluencerCash makes, it has no other source of income. There's no way they can pay out $30 to every user each time. They're not going to pay you because they're not making enough money!

What Are They Doing This For?

Their only purpose is to get as many users to join the fake survey/reward programs and give out their personal information (full name, email, phone number, street address and birthday) so that they can send you unsolicited emails, calls, texts, and junk mails. 

Well, let's just hope that the worst that can happen to you is to keep receiving spams. For them to ask for your birthday is a real red flag, because why do they need it for? To send a birthday message every year, maybe. ("Happy Birthday! As a gift today, we'll give you a special discount on life insurance...") But if they obtain your birthday as well as your full address, they can use it for more malicious purposes. Such as contacting your bank pretending it's you, borrowing a huge sum of money using your name, etc. 

Fake Testimonials, Fake Manager

Don't believe in the "payment proof" displayed in the homepage because you know, anyone can create a montage using a graphic tool. Testimonials are fake, for example;

The woman in the photo is a stock photo model, and the same model was used in KashTree, supposedly owned by the same scammer. The same photo, different descriptions.

InfluencerCash Fake Testimonial

Some of the video testimonials may be created by the real members, because they're encouraged to upload a YouTube testimonial and say how much they've made so far. Upon submission, an extra $50 will be added to their account. They may have believed they had made hundreds of dollars at the time of submission. Little do they know is that they'll never be able to cash it. None of them has actually received the money, and none of them will. 

The account manager "Jenny" is also fake - the woman in the photo is a model.

Fake Account Manager

Who Is The Scammer? 

The people behind this scam keep disappearing and coming back using the same platform over and over again but in a different domain name and different (fake) company name each time.

We can't track these people because they're technically not a scammer. They're not physically stealing your money - you're not going to earn a penny with them, but you're not losing a penny, either. Their 'crime' is not serious enough for the FBI or the police to investigate. 

Why Are The Surveys 'Fake'?

They're all fake because they're offering an extortionate amount of prize "to win" in return. As I mentioned earlier, legitimate surveys don't offer a large amount of money to the respondents, otherwise people will start answering them purely to make money, and the research companies won't be able to get the true survey results.

Legitimate surveys should also be taken anonymously, while these spam companies exploit the users' full personal detail, the act of which is in breach of data protection regulations.

Fake Rewards InfluencerCash

There is NO PayPal credit or Walmart gift card with a value as high as $1,000 to give away - they're making it all up to lure users into the data harvesting trick. Because if a legitimate company had such a prize in hand, they would use it much more wisely. They'd run a bigger campaign, which should be authorized by the sponsor, and they would make sure the prize will be awarded fairly. Not to some unknown users for answering a couple of meaningless questions via a scam site such as InfluencerCash.

Why Is The $25 "Signup Bonus" Fake?

You may have seen similar offers made by other companies, such as "$10 signup bonus for the first-time customer". Can you see the difference between such offers by other companies and InfluencerCash's fake "$25 signup bonus"?

"Signup bonuses" are always made as a form of discounts. Or cashback. Whatever the bonus amount is credited to your account, and it can only be deducted when you make your first purchase. Often the minimum-spend threshold is set, for example your $25 signup credit can only be deducted if you spend $75 or more on their products. Companies make sure their customers spend money. Nobody would give you a bonus AND let you cash it without spending any money on them. That would be crazy, and you know for that reason, InfluencerCash's offer is fake.

No Effort = No Money

I hope you understand by now that no company in the world would give away cash for something that you've never worked on. If you've already spent days on InfluencerCash trying to 'earn' money - what you've been doing is barely a job's worth. 

If you work for a company as an employee, you get paid for providing "your value" - helping the company make money. If you work for yourself (both online or offline), you also get paid for providing your value - helping customers/users/followers. What you've been doing with InfluencerCash is not providing any value, you see what I mean? You may have spent a lot of time on it, but you didn't put any real efforts to create money. 

Work Online and Make Money Legitimately

If you want to create your own system online and let it earn passive income online as I do, the only way is to start learning the technique and keep working on it. It won't happen overnight - nothing will. But when it happens the reward will be immense. Join me if you're interested in making money online as an affiliate.

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
November 2023: $8,050.00

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. I decided to do research to see if it was real i did the things the site asked and so on then i had to wait the month for the supposed payment i chose one to paypal i made and the other a paper check to my po box
    nothing came t o either in fact as soon as they promised date came the website all of a sudden was unreachable anymore
    the entire site was shut down or my ip was blocked. so there now i know for fact these sites are actually too good to be true they run under a different name now
    same site set up and all i just cant remember the name nor can i find it now but be careful anything that promises free money for clicks is likely a scam just get a real job
    the internet is unreliable and not worth the headache. a real job WILL NEVER promise to pay you in a month or longer than 2 weeks

    1. Hi Ari, thanks for your comment. Just like I explained, there are many other similar sites, and that’s exactly what they all do. No, there’s no internet job – Nobody will employ you on the internet unless you have a solid resume to prove. If you really want to make money online, you need to start a business of your own. Join me if you’re interested in affiliate marketing.

    1. Sorry to hear that Stanley, but at least you know what it is now. There are so many similar sites with the same layouts, scamming people in exactly the same way. You won’t waste your time ever again…thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi I want to join your wealthy Affiliate. but i am from Pakistan so tell me how can i join. because i really need to join such a website to earn money and i hope you people have an alternate about my problem

  3. Hi will you please recommend me to an online job I can do since my country is not accepted to join your online affiliate networking business.

    1. Hi Faithwhite, online “jobs” generally pay so little that I don’t recommend any. If you want to work from home using the internet, what you should do is to start your own business. Check I don’t personally recommend network marketing as an affiliate either. I can recommend other training programs but it depends on how much you’re prepared to pay.

    1. Hi Olayinka, I just had a look – no it’s not legit (I wouldn’t call it a scam though). Because it doesn’t tell you exactly what service it provides. If it’s a social network, there should be a free option but there isn’t. It’s on a “Rob Peter to pay Paul” basis (only if you refer to 6 people your membership will be free the following month). I wouldn’t recommend it.

  4. My friend was sending out invitations for InfluencerCash and it just seemed too good to be true so I googled it. Thanks for this Review. Shared it to my friend… hope she is warned enough.

    1. Hi Moses, do you mean my recommended program and are you from Nigeria? If so unfortunately, there are a couple of countries that are banned from the program…it’s beyond my control. Really sorry! You could try a VPN.

  5. Thank you very much i was really doubting in the first place due to their 25$ by signing up nw its cnfirmed tank u bt wc side can i use that is legit

    1. Hi Brev, thanks for your comment. There is NEVER a product that pays you money without investing money in the beginning and putting weeks/months worth of work. Affiliate marketing is a good start. Join me from the link above if you’re interested!

  6. tanx 4 d update cos i had it frm a frnd n i deside to google it n i find ur review on it… tankx… plz do u knw any legit site to make moni online…. Alex frm nigeria

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for your comment. There are many legitimate sites (you can view from the top menu “You Too Can Make Money”). But working for yourself online is about running your own business, means it’s no different from starting a business off-line. You’ll either have to spend a lot of money (mostly on advertisements) or if you don’t want to spend much money, it will take months’ worth of effort before you can start making profits. I hope this helps a little – I wish you all the best Alex!

    1. Hi Prince, really sorry, Wealthy Affiliate is not open to some countries including Nigeria. The only way you could get around it is to use VPN – I hope it will be open in the future. Sorry about that!

  7. This is both a scam and wickedness. I saw this from someone I trusted, and I decided to register. I actually worked because I made videos on this and posted on YouTube, and i posted on Facebook, twitter, istagram, Whatsap and made $231, but I was continually denied withdrawal.

    1. Hi Nwoko, thanks for sharing your experience, and sorry to hear that you’ve had to go through all that. What’s worse is that they get you to spread wrong information to your social followers, they’re making you risk losing your loyal audience…

  8. Wow! Thanks so much Ray for this truth. Just got the link yesterday and have tried sharing for others to join too not knowing it all scam. You have really saved us God bless you.

  9. Hi Ray, thank you for the Influencer Cash review. I’m surprised to see this is still going on assuming it’s run by the same scammer using the format that never seems to change. I hope that people will eventually learn from it and they will start to ignore this kind of fake survey scams. Technology changes so quickly and maybe this time next year data harvesting scam may be the thing of the past, do you think?
    Thank you for the useful review.

    1. Hi Hitesh, thanks for your comment. It’s interesting because fake surveys/prize competitions have been around for as long as I can remember – 20 years, at least. Some things never change and people never learn. If this type of scam was to disappear, something else would be to appear instead, I guess!

  10. Its a scam I get this too many times. I first thought was real when i received referral pay notice before I believed it. I don’t get it any more its too similar and too many lies

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