Do I Need VPN?

Updated: February 22, 2019
by TJ Salvatore

Do I need VPN? Why should I get it? VPN - a virtual private network - is an application program that allows you to maintain confidentiality by changing or masking the location from which you are accessing the internet, which in the digital world; is called your device’s IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Do I need VPN?

What VPN Can Do For You

However, a salient fact that a lot of people fail to realize is that Virtual Private Networks can do a lot more than just help you to mask your IP address. When used properly, VPNs can help you to unlock a whole new world on the web with immense potential for knowledge and entertainment, while allowing you an incredible amount of flexibility to manage your business on the web. Here are some of the important reasons why you should get a Virtual Private Network.

#1 Increased Security

Today’s online world is filled with fraudsters, scammers and hackers looking to rip off the next unsuspecting victim or trying to steal information through illegal means. These criminals use different kinds of methods like phishing, installation of malware and viruses and other illegal means to obtain private information.

Using a virtual private network helps you to erect a fortified defense around your activities online and helps prevent unscrupulous elements from gaining access to your private information.

It is especially advisable to use VPNs when using ecommerce services online. Even though ecommerce websites pay a lot of attention to security and protecting users’ private and sensitive financial information, some hackers have still managed to create clone websites and tricky links that can lead you into giving up your precious information.

Therefore, while using your VPN, you still need to be extremely careful about the places where you provide your financial information online. Virtual Private Networks however have immense information protection capabilities and can help make your use of the web a lot safer and more secure. 

#2 Enhances Remote Access

Remote Access File Sharing

Do you know that it is possible to access information present on your work system at home? Even when you forget to upload important information to the cloud that can allow you to access information on multiple digital devices, using a VPN to access the internet can give you remote access to files that you need immediately.

This amazing feature of VPNs can help provide remarkable solutions to problems of file sharing and limited access. Using a VPN can also help in investigative duties. As an investigator, using a VPN can immensely help you track the activities of suspicious persons and access files on remote systems from your personal digital device. 

#3 Promotes File Sharing

Using a VPN can also go a long way in helping to make file sharing processes easier and less stressful. If a group exists that needs to share data for a specific period, then a Virtual Private Network can help make this possible.

The VPN helps to create an exclusive and fiercely protected closed file-sharing community that cannot be easily hacked or detected by cybercriminals. This can allow for efficient and easy dissemination of sensitive information like results of investigations, financial reports and information, and passwords among others.

A lot of unprotected file-sharing channels have led to loss and theft of proprietary information. This does not have to be. To help secure all your files and your sharing channels, simply use a VPN to give you peace of mind and an assurance of the safety and privacy of your file-sharing activities. 


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#4 Helps To Provide Anonymity

As mentioned earlier, Virtual Private Networks can help to mask or change your IP address, granting you anonymous access to different websites and web applications. This would make it harder for spies and trackers to keep track of your online activities, thereby granting you the freedom and flexibility to do all you need to do online without constantly having to look over your shoulder.

The anonymity that Virtual Private Networks provide, however should not be misused, and users should always remember that powerful authorities like the government might possess more powerful software programs to keep track of a suspicious individual, hence the anonymity that a VPN affords a user should not be used to perpetrate crime. 

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#5 Allows Access To Restricted Areas

On the internet, there are filters everywhere. These filters use several bases to eliminate unqualified visitors and prevent them from gaining access to specific websites. One very important basis on which filters work is that they can prevent people from specific geographical locations from gaining access to the website they protect.

Some entertainment websites providing amazing downloadable content meant for only specific regions of the world, for instance, might use filters to ensure that only people from authorized geographical locations have access to the contents of the website.

Therefore, to bypass these filters and gain access to these amazing, exclusive contents, you can simply use a VPN to change your IP address to that of an acceptable geographical location, and the filter will immediately grant you access to the website. Typically movie streaming services, some geographically restricted YouTube contents, and download purchases such as music/audio files or ebooks.

Once again, it is important to be ethical and responsible when using VPNs to bypass filters. Those filters were installed for a reason, and individuals should learn to respect some restrictions. If, however, there is no ethical demerit of you gaining access to the restricted website, then you can comfortably enjoy the amazing restricted content that the website provides only to an exclusive population. 

When traveling abroad for a long time, without VPN you often encounter inconveniences when purchasing online based services. Not only downloading but some internet based membership fees, for example. They either block your access or show the pricing option in local currency based on the IP address you currently use. Even a whole site show up in the local language automatically sometimes, without offering you to switch it to an English version. VPN becomes essential in such circumstances. 

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#6 Improved Internet Experience

The use of specific VPNs can also help individuals to experience unforgettable internet surfing experiences by enabling access to faster bandwidths, leading to extremely great network efficiency. Some good VPN services provide a super-fast internet connection with lightning-fast download and upload speeds.

Whatever you choose to do on the internet, using a Virtual Private Network gives you an edge and helps you stand out. You must however remember the ethical implications of your actions and act responsibly in all your online dealings at all times. 

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