John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review

Updated: July 17, 2019
by TJ Salvatore

Before I decided to write my Super Affiliate System review, my first impression wasn't good. I had seen the creator, John Crestani waving a bunch of Dollar bills in front of the camera a few occasions. It's an eyesore, and it implies a get-rich-quick scheme. Because the majority of such images (e.g. someone looking ecstatic under the money shower) are associated with scam products that mislead users to a 'shiny object syndrome'.

However I am happy to tell you the Super Affiliate System is legit, and it will allow you to learn how to be successful in affiliate marketing.

John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review

What Is The Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System is a video-only training program for affiliate marketing. It consists of 50 hours worth of recorded training over 6 weeks that teaches you about CPA (cost per action) affiliate marketing, using paid traffic sources. It also includes free weekly webinar.

The training is focused on copywriting skills, research and data analysis skills. The tuition fee is not exactly affordable for anyone ($997 one-time fee) but it includes regular messages through email, text, push-notifications and voicemail.

It provides ClickFunnels templates, means the users are strongly advised to join ClickFunnels, which will cost $97 per month, although it will give you a manual option to add to your own web hosting service.

Super Affiliate System Review

Product Name:

Super Affiliate System

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Affiliate Marketing


John Crestani




Who Is Super Affiliate System For?

As its name suggests, it is all about affiliate marketing. Therefore anyone who is looking to make money online but doesn't have their own products to sell can consider joining. However, because the training course includes marketing tips that work universally, it is also useful for those who have their own materials to sell.

The bulk of the training is about paid advertisements, means you have to be willing to spend money on ads. In return, a paid advertising option will give you a chance to earn a substantial amount of income in a short period of time. If you want to become a successful internet marketer without spending money, you will have to spend a long time to build a customer base purely from organic traffic before you can start seeing passive income.

John Crestani Money

This is a training course, and there is no guarantee of success, but if you take all the advice that John and other experts provide, you will hopefully see the return of your investment without too many trials and errors.

The training course is in video format, means unfortunately it is not for people who want to digest information in text format, although some information is available in PDF.

In summary, Super Affiliate System is suitable for people who are;

  • Looking to make success in affiliate marketing in a short period,
  • Looking to receive training via video, and
  • Willing to spend money on advertisements and tools.

Training Course Content

The six-week training course is programmed as follows.

  • Week 1 - The System Setup: Join an affiliate network, set up a website and presell page, join ClickFunnels, set up a Facebook ad.
  • Week 2 - Google Ads Setup: Set up Google search ads and display ads, set up Adwords Conversion Pixel.
  • Week 3 - Youtube Ads Setup: Set up a YouTube channel and YouTube ad.
  • Week 4 - Advanced Ad Tactics: Common mistakes and how to avoid and copywriting technique.
  • Week 5 - Presell Pages and Scaling: Split test presell pages, how to scale up your ads within your budget.
  • Week 6 - Product Selection: Choose your niche, ClickBank and other affiliate networks, common mistakes to avoid.
Super Affiliate System 3.0

As you can see, the course is extensively focused on paid advertisements, what the most sellable products to promote, and how you can send potential buyers to presell pages with these products.

You will also learn how to find niche products and identify an appropriate market, as well as how to research the keywords.

Available Resources

You will be provided with useful resources including;

  • Ad swipes: Ad swipe templates in different niches, including bizopp (make money), weight loss, skincare, brain enhancement, etc. It includes Facebook Ad swipe files, video ad files, Google Ad swipe files, YouTube video ad, plus 200+ pages worth of bizopp ads.
  • Presell pages: Landing page templates that you can load onto your ClickFunnels account in many various languages. Also, survey presell pages that you can manually set it up without using ClickFunnels.
  • A list of 150,000 emails that you can use: The actual buyers list that you can load onto Google ads and Facebook ads to create a lookalike audience.
  • Others: including recommended affiliate networks / advertising networks to join, legal resources.

Help and Support

Super Affiliate System is fully interactive. Help and support are available as follows;

  • The Community forum where you can ask questions and give advice to others if you can. It's also useful in motivational aspects.
  • Facebook group where you can also connect with other members to help each other. Over 62,000 members are in the group.
  • Email support: you can expect a response within 24 hours.

Internet Jetset

"Internet Jetset" was John Crestani's original training course, now it's included in Super Affiliate System as a free bonus. The training includes how to choose your niche, social traffic, copywriting tips, authority review sites and tips to build your own website.

Criticism of Super Affiliate System

John Crestani Dollar Bills

I have seen some affiliate marketers criticize this method as an aggressive hard-sell style, and not fully supporting the audience (potential buyers). I would somewhat agree because I believe that affiliate marketing is about helping people who are looking for a solution to the problem they may have. Whereas Super Affiliate System is all about yourself as a seller. If you sell, you are lucky but if you don't, try again. There is no consideration for the people who may or may not buy the products.

On the other hand, I am also aware of the fact that, this is how people make 6, 7 figures. It will be extremely hard to make money if you keep listening to people's problems and genuinely try to be on their side. You have to sell to survive.

Good news is, Super Affiliate System is a very 'helpful' program for the users. It means the existing users believe in this system, and therefore they can recommend it to others and receive an affiliate commission (see below).

50% Affiliate Payouts

Super Affiliate System itself may seem costly at $997, but the good news is it's a one-off charge. Even the better news is that it offers 50% affiliate commission if you promote SAS itself. It means if you refer to two people, your entire training fee and resources will be paid for.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

John offers 30-day "no question asked" money-back guarantee if you feel that the training system is not for you. Every online marketing training platform offers a different style and uniqueness. You'll never know if it's providing you a perfect business opportunity until you are actually on it. So this is a great assurance for you. Although the quality and helpfulness are proven by thousands of existing members.

Super Affiliate System Pros and Cons


  • Great if you prefer to learn everything through video lectures rather than to digest from publication materials.
  • Proven-to-work presell templates and ad swipes.
  • Good help and support.
  • 30-day 'no question asked' money back guarantee.


  • Costly. Although it's one-time fee.
  • Training only. You'll have to be prepared to spend money on web hosting and advertising.
  • Video training only, means you'll have to sit through.

Super Affiliate System Review - Conclusion:

If you were wondering if Super Affiliate System was a scam, by now you know it's 100% legitimate system that provides an opportunity to make a profit online in a short period.

Just like any other internet marketing methods, it requires some trials and errors, plus initial investments. But by following the steps and listen to John Crestani and other experts, it is possible for you to earn six figures a year. The price that you pay is your commitment, and you will see the return (and beyond, as passive income) by focusing on all the advice you receive. I would recommend Super Affiliate System.

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  1. I am professional writer who looking for intern. I will like to write John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review to you. Is it possible? Please tell me what can I do.
    I am looking 2 or 3 another review for your website. I hope you will send me possible to intern please. Thank you. I will wait.

  2. I think you can earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online if you follow this “Beginner Friendly” 3-Step Formula Webinar. Can you make 1000$ every day? I hear that it’s a chance of a Lifetime. John Crestani’s 3-Step “No Product Funnel” can be duplicated to start earning a significant income online. He’ll show an enormous amount of proof on the training that HE and his STUDENTS are doing that pretty effortlessly. So, make sure you register now to claim your spot on this special training.

    Signup for the free training.

    1. Hi Naman, thank you for sharing your thoughts. First of all we had to remove your affiliate link, as it’s against our affiliate disclosure.

      Secondly, we don’t think he or his students are doing any of the work “effortlessly” either. You need to work on it seriously and put as much effort into it to see good results. It’s not a “chance of a lifetime”… That’ll be over-exaggerating, but we wish you the best of luck with this program. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Thanks for thisreview it really helped I was debateing I love it now and I even made a YOUTUBE video about it.

  4. John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review / At the beginning of my trial I had followers and profile views within the …

  5. How do you know this is not a scam expensive and it always come up when ever I watch Youtube. Whats’ to do with showing 100 dollar notes he thinks people will be mesmerised by it lol it not happening people. You pay so much money for nothing.

  6. You can trust this guy 100% because he helped me personally. He will give you all his support only if you are willing to put your effort. Don’t expect something to happen without doing nothing. You have to be proactive. Then this system will work for anyone who wants to make affiliate commissions.

  7. John Crestani is very helpful and he is a very, very nice person. He makes sure he helps people make money with affiliate marketing.. If you don’t believe it just watch the webinar. You will know you will be doing the right thing. Super Affiliate System is the best training program I have ever received by miles.

  8. John Crestani is a freaky geek. He’s obsessed with money. His tricks are dirty. I have some friends who tried his course who said they were not impressed because the content was nothing new. There are other courses that are cheaper but with better quality. But SAS is definitely not a scam.

  9. It’s a lot of money to spend…don’t forget you have to buy traffic otherwise everything that you create from SAS is no use means it could cost you at least 2000 dollars, 10k or more. It’s a gamble if your not serious.

  10. Hi T. J., I mostly agree with your opinions. The course is very good and the money back guarantee is assuring. But it’s vulgar. I really don’t like when John throws cash. Cheap, trashy. childish act. Does he think people like to see money flying around like this, then what kind of students is he looking for.

  11. This is a very good review and we can learn a lot of things from it.
    I believe super affiliate system is a great system and it offers great affiliate program if you promote itself.
    Many people unconditionally learn many techniques. This is a win-win.
    Thank you for your review. This is helpful for every person who reads it.

  12. Thank you. I have not seen it. But it is too expensive for me.
    I like to pay monthly if it’s ok. But if I pay over 1 year it’s 100 dollars. I don’t pay so much as the monthly bill for the same for electricity plus others.
    I look for better course to make money. Please.

  13. Thank you very much for your great post.
    I can learn a lot of new things from Super Affiliate System. I think it’s the most fairly rated programme and very useful training.
    If anybody thinks affiliate marketing is difficult they should try this system. It can blow your mind.

  14. It’s too expensive there asking wrong ppl cos all I receive is usually around 10-50 dollars. I never buy them any ways why ppl send this by email there wasting their big time.

    1. Hi, if you’re referring to promotional emails that you receive on a daily basis – they’re just affiliates who randomly send you a lot of different ‘make money’ invitations, unless you’re interested, best to ignore them in my opinion. Thanks for your comment.

  15. Hi, it’s good to know what Super Affiliate System is about because I can recognize this man and I knew he was selling a bizopp product, I wasn’t sure what exactly was.
    It’s good to know that it’s not an MLM. But it’s bad for me to know that the training is in a video format only because I prefer to learn when I get time at lunchbreak or while commuting. If it’s a video only training then, I’ll have to sit at home and take notes while watching it, that is very difficult for me because I have long shift work.
    At least I want to catch up on the train etc. but it’s impossible. It’s a shame.

      1. Hi Hitesh, thanks for your comment. I agree with you, lack of text material to me personally is a letdown for the exact reason. Though I know it’s a popular & proven system!

  16. Just how many people actually make so much money out of thousands who spent so much money,, this world is evenly balanced, there are winners because they are d same number of people paid for it.

  17. Hi, TJ, your review is very interesting because first, I agree that waving dollar bills is eyesore. It also gave me impression that it’s scam. Because it’s clear that he is selling it to people who are blindly looking for money no matter what kind of method it is.
    I thought it was a pyramid scheme first. But I feel relief to know that it is a legit training.

    I cannot afford to pay so much money. But if I know some people I can refer to, maybe I can introduce it to them to make money. Maybe it’s not for novice like me but it’s for people who already have some experience without good success.

    Thank you for your review.
    Julian Wong

      1. I have heard that you can get 30% off from Clickbank but is it true? I would like to learn his 3-Step “No Product Funnel” can be duplicated to start earning a significant income online showins proof on the training that you can do pretty effortlessly. If so, I would like to make sure ynow to claim my spot on this special training. Thank you for your John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review.

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