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By Ray Alexander

Legit Guide is the latest release by Jamie Lewis. It's an internet marketing video training course. It's more than just a guide, and it's certainly legitimate. If you've never heard of Jamie Lewis before and watch the sales video, you might think "this can't be serious!" Jamie likes to show his funny side and he is a fun-loving guy. But you won't know until you witness his teaching style - he explains exactly what a new affiliate marketer needs to do without going too technical or complicated. He's helpful and actually supportive of you.

My Legit Guide review will explain how this course can help you learn how this multi-million entrepreneur does to make money online, how it will help you avoid making mistakes to take a shortcut to success.

Legit Guide Review

Product Name:

Legit Guide

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Affiliate Marketing


Jamie Lewis

Launch Date:

October 2019


$27 + upsells


What Is Legit Guide? Overview

Legit Guide is a set of video tutorials on affiliate marketing plus weekly live webinars by Jamie Lewis. Previously released as Affiliate Shortcut, this is an updated version and some new videos are added. The course mainly covers;

  • Getting expired domains that receive a lot of traffic but sold at a bargain price.
  • Turn each of the domain into a money-generating site, and also to sell it for a thousands of dollars eventually.
  • How to generate traffic and find leads.
  • Sign up as an Amazon affiliate for different niches.
  • Warrior Plus Wallet and Profit Injector demos.

The guide also includes a weekly webinar, where the members get to learn the latest and the most effective campaigns that convert and also they can interact with Jamie one-to-one.

All the affiliate basics and the types of traffic are covered, so the course is beginner friendly, in fact particularly useful for new affiliate marketers.

The course is offered for a one-time fee of $27 (plus optional upgrades, shown later).

Legit Guide by Jamie Lewis Review

Who Is Jamie Lewis?

In the past decade, Jamie has made over $15 million sales and sold over $900,000 in websites. He has launched 15 products including Affiliate Shortcut, Domainer Elite, Crypto Prophecy, Wealthy Agency. Jamie is a certified ClickBank Platinum seller and his Google ads have also officially been certified. 

In spite of such a high profile, he's a very friendly and laid-back guy. He's renowned for teaching online marketing methods in the most honest manner. No over-exaggeration, straight to the point and easy to understand. 

Why Should You Get Legit Guide?

For a one-time fee of $27, clearly Jamie is not selling this course to make money. Many internet marketing training courses by other tutors, so-called "proven methods" are actually based on Jamie's originals, and some of them charge tens of thousands of dollars just to teach the basics over and over again. So you see how you can get essential success tips from the original guy for such a low cost.

The Main Contents

Legit Guide is mostly the video tutorials. The first thing Jamie asks you to do is to book a webinar, but if you don't have in the beginning or if you feel you want to get to know the basics first, you can start watching the recorded video first ("Affiliate Shortcut" - 21 videos in total).

#1 Sign Up To The Webinar

Legit Guide Webinar

You're encouraged to join the webinar but to fill out a "webinar interview" form before you join so that Jamie will know where you are in terms of internet marketing success level. This is NOT for Jamie to sell you anything but purely to help him to help you, so the submission of the form is not compulsory. The form questions include;

  • Your current revenue.
  • Who you consider your competitors to be.
  • Whether you have a funnel or not, if you do, what it is and how you find it.
  • Your specific questions for Jamie.

#2 Affiliate Shortcut

  • Tutorial for newbies - the importance of Google accounts (Adwords, Gmail, Docs), Facebook account, Craigslist. Autoresponder (AWeber), web hosting and/or ClickFunnels, domains. Advantages of running a webinar. Monetizing options - ClickBank, Amazon, Commission Junction, CPA networks.
  • Expired Domain Philosophy - find expired domains that receive a good amount of traffic. How to check the domain history using WayBack Machine. Buy it and build a sales funnel or place your affiliate link directly.
  • How to set up an Amazon Associates account, how to use text short link and Stripe. Forward your newly bought domain to the affiliate link.
  •  Detailed tutorials on traffic - what kind of traffic is available, how you want to drive as an affiliate (or as a vendor), secret tips, examples and case studies.
  • Warrior Plus Wallet explained.
  • Profit Injector (one of Jamie's other products) explained - how you can integrate YouTube videos with this tool to monetize.

#3 Extra Video Tutorials

Business strategy mapping, how to get on top of the game, the latest webinar recordings.

#4 Text Documents

Prep times calculator, marketing broadcasts and campaign swipe files, various sample advertisements and email responses.

Legit Guide Course Contents

Upsells / Upgrade Options

Various upgrades are available to you if you want to learn at deeper levels and see good results quickly. All the upgrade options are at a one-time payment.

#1 VIP Upgrade ($67)

The VIP membership will allow you to receive a one-on-one personal mentoring program twice a week with Jamie FOR LIFE. You'll learn all the do's and don'ts by speaking to Jamie directly and asking him questions about your own business. As someone who's been in the internet business for years and mastered sales and marketing in different areas, he can give you advice pretty much in any business model. This also includes access to Jamie's past webinar replays since 2011.

#2 Software Suite ($87)

This bundle include;

  1. YouTube Finder software - make money using YouTube without having to produce videos or paying for video ads.
  2. Expired Domain Finder software - mine expired domains and redirect traffic to your affiliate sites/offers.
  3. Business Profit Calculator software - use the "calculator" to find the perfect business model.

#3 Ultimate Download + Special Bonuses ($127 *Recommended*)

Legit Guide Downloads

This package has full of useful materials that you can't get from anywhere else, such as;

  • Google Adwords campaigns for EVERY niche that Jamie has ever done for you to use. The campaigns are plug & play ready for you to use for your own Adwords or any other network campaigns. Very useful because setting up an Adwords campaign can be a painfully complicated job.
  • Over 80 of Jamie's best converting, most profitable websites. You can place your own affiliate link to make money.
  • VSLs (Video sales letters) and infomercials that can be added to your own websites and use them for Facebook Ads or any other network ads.

Each upsell option actually has a discount offer, so my advice is not to buy it right away - there will be a "No thanks" link underneath the "Add to cart" button. Click it once and you'll be presented with an approximately 50% discount. #3 "Ultimate Download" can be obtained for $67!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Legit Guide is covered by 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not happy with it, you can send a support request within 30 days of purchase and claim your refund.

Legit Guide Pros and Cons


  • You will get to learn the logic of how an actual multi-millionaire makes money as an affiliate. 
  • Video tutorials are comprehensive.
  • Low cost.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Great upgrade options - access to the tutor's own templates and one-to-one advice for life.


  • Upgrade options can be costly.
  • I feel that some videos are not displayed in the right order, though soon you'll be able to work that out.
  • Mostly video tutorials - not for you if you want text-rich materials/transcripts. 

Legit Guide Review - Conclusion:

Legit Guide allows you to learn one of the most vital elements in any online business - different ways to drive traffic and the best options to achieve success in that area in the shortest time. Taking advantage of expired domains is what this guide is mainly focused on, and you'll receive the best techniques from Jamie Lewis. At a one-time fee of $27, I personally think it was well money spent. If you're interested, take a look at the website.

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. I think this guy is clinging on to his glory from the past. His not being totally honest an his now getting his son to get more money using an old method. He gets similar videos out repeatedly just to get new peoples attention. I have nothing negative to say about this guy but I think his videos are over rated.

    1. Hi Dupal, thanks for your comment, though I’m not sure what you’re saying. You have nothing negative to say about Jamie Lewis but think he’s a dishonest guy and his video quality is not up to standard??

  2. Thanks for sharing nice info about Affiliate marketing. I would like to learn digital marketing training from a legitimate guide. It looks like this is a good experience to learn beginners level. Am going to implement these techniques for my business very soon.

  3. One thing I’m not so sure is this guy’s been too long and his method may be saturated by now because everyone is copying his methods. There are too many programs that teach the same way. Also I’m not so sure of his personality I really like his way of teaching but not everyone will like him.

    1. Hi Glen, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think after all, there are only a few campaign methods that work, and if you know the basic key elements anyone has the potential to sell as an affiliate. As for the personality, despite of his flashy image, Jamie is quite softly spoken. As long as this program can get your online business started his ‘personality’ may not matter though. It’s up to you to decide.

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