ClickBetter Review – A Reject Shop For Affiliates!

Updated: May 8, 2020
by Ray Alexander

When is a guarantee not a guarantee? Well, terms of service should clearly state exclusions. Otherwise it's a breach of duty of care. Simple. I have said in the past that ClickBetter is good because of its money-back guarantee policy. Whatever the product may be, your purchase experience will be protected. When I claimed a refund for the first time a couple of years ago, I got my money back within 24 hours. The support agents were friendly... Well, not anymore. Today in my ClickBetter review, I will reveal the negligence reported by our readers and also share my own recent experience with regards to a refund claim.

ClickBetter Review

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What Is ClickBetter?

ClickBetter is an affiliate network and an e-commerce platform for digital products. It assists content creators in generating revenue by advertising their products to affiliates, who then promote them to consumers. The affiliates are free to sign up with ClickBetter, free to promote any of the listed products, and are offered up to 80% commission upon sale of each product.

It also operates its own payment clearance system and accepts credit cards, bank wire transfer, or Bitcoins.

The marketplace is open to promote products in any niches, but the majority of - almost 100% of - products are related to a wealth niche, i.e. make-money-online, forex, binary options, etc. 

Furthermore, many of these products promote affiliate marketing. For example, instead of teaching forex trading, they often encourage users to join a particular forex trading agent and recruit others for a commission. It means that many of the purchasers via ClickBetter have the potential to also become a ClickBetter affiliate.

ClickBetter Review

Advantages For Affiliates

The affiliate package seemingly has some competitive advantage offers, such as;

  • Many products are pre-approved, so you can sign up for free and start promoting any ClickBetter products on the same day.
  • 365-day cookies.
  • RevShare commission up to 80% or a flat rate CPA commission with no refunds or reserves.
  • Get paid by check, direct deposit, wire transfer, Skrill, or in Bitcoin.
  • Some vendors offer 2nd tier commissions, good if you have a list of affiliates so you can earn a commission on their commissions.

They're All "ClickBank Rejects"

Frankly, that's what the majority of ClickBetter products are. Sold via ClickBank 2 years ago, banned and disappeared, now reappearing on ClickBetter. In other words...outdated scam products. 

ClickBetter Top 10 Products

The list of top 10 products says it all... Cash Formula, Easy Retired Millionaire, Explode My Payday, Instant Email Biz, eCom Cash Bot... They all use an outdated sales page builder with fake scarcity popups, and they all falsely claim to make thousands of dollars "within the net 24 hours with only a few clicks".

Obviously they would have received numerous complaints from ClickBank purchasers and ended up in here. ClickBetter is a savior of those scammers. 

Having said that, I often see these products heavily promoted by spammers. I guess these products are still "popular" in terms of sales to this date. And that's not good, because these products are scams. That's a fact. If you have half a brain, you know these are - they tell you the product that they sell is a brand new "system" to make you a millionaire with just 15 minutes of work every day. The actual product turns out to be a decade-old affiliate marketing how-to videos. So there may be many email marketers who generate a lot of money for themselves, for the vendors, and for ClickBetter, but only by sending out deceptive email swipes incognito. They're selling scam products, they know they have to hide their identity!

Whose Side Are They On?

One of the best things about affiliate networks is that they take care of transactions as an intermediary, so if there's any trouble between the product seller, the affiliate, or the purchaser, they can intervene and make a fair decision.

However, just like any agent, affiliate networks take commissions from the registered sellers, not from affiliates or buyers. You're not their customer. Some networks totally act in favor of the sellers - and that's the problem we often seem to have with ClickBetter. The sellers pay ClickBetter 10% of the produce price plus $1 on every sale. But of course, it doesn't mean they can team up with scammers and refuse to refund for supplying inferior products.

The complaints we've received are from those who purchased those products and about their trouble getting their money back. 

'No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee - Not True!

The ClickBetter's terms and conditions page ( says, 

"All the products are sold with a 60-day 'no questions asked' money-back guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll provide you with a prompt, hassle-free refund."

Clearly not the case - this is a comment I received on one of the ClickBetter product reviews. 

ClickBetter Negative Comment

This person has never got back to me for an update since, but this is almost exactly what has happened to me recently. I shared my bad experience with a ClickBetter product a while ago in this post.

I purchased a product but never received it - seriously, the seller never gave me access (I would have expected a login detail and temporary password). I contacted the seller, who responded and told me to wait because the system was down. It was clear the seller was not telling me the truth, their excuses were inappropriate and unacceptable.

As a consumer, I wouldn't waste my time repeatedly arguing over the product I haven't received. So I sent a refund request to ClickBetter. What ClickBetter did was to switch my "refund request" to "support request" and simply forwarded it to the seller again. 

I contacted the ClickBetter support directly, explaining the problem in detail and asked for a refund. And this is what I received;

ClickBetter Support Carl

The URL that this agent Carl forwarded me already had lengthy messages between me and the seller. So it was clear Carl either hadn't read the thread properly or had decided to completely ignore it.

Cut the long story short, I had to challenge the robotic answers both by the seller's representative and ClickBetter agent Carl persistently and threaten to take legal action before I finally received a refund in full. This proves that ClickBetter's refund arrangement was;

  • NOT "no-questions-asked money back",
  • NOT prompt, or
  • NOT hassle-free.

Low-Refund Level Unexplained

On the other hand, ClickBetter's homepage tells the potential sellers something that may sound assuring to them, but it doesn't actually quite make sense;

"Our advanced fraud management system also significantly lowers refunds and makes chargebacks almost non-existent."

We often hear about abusers who take complete advantage of the guarantee policy and repeatedly request refunds. ClickBank, for example, warns buyers in its cancellation policy that a buyer may be blocked from making future purchases if they request repeated returns. Yes, that's fair enough, abusers should be banned. 

But whatever the "fraud management system" that may be in place, (a) abusing the guarantee policy is not a fraud, and (b) that's not the point. People would request a refund because they feel the quality of the product sold via ClickBetter is not worth the price they paid for. They may ask their credit card company to chargeback only if ClickBank doesn't act quickly as promised in its terms of service. That would be their last solution, i.e. when they feel they've been scammed. 

For example, the "top 10 products" listed above - if someone totally new to an online business were tricked into buying all these 10 products, I would definitely advise them to request a refund for at least 7 of them. That wouldn't make that person an abuser, that would simply be the consumer's right.

60-Days or 30-Days?

By the way, ClickBetter's terms say that all the products were sold with a 60-day money-back guarantee, but I see some products were with a 30-day guarantee. (The screenshot is from Millionaire Biz Pro.) So if you ever buy a product via this affiliate network, I suggest that you should check the term carefully before you decide to make a purchase.

ClickBetter Refund Policies

So if you ever buy a product via this affiliate network, I suggest that you should check the term carefully before you decide to make a purchase.

Would I Recommend ClickBetter?

As I explained earlier, ClickBetter support does not provide good support to purchasers in my opinion based on my recent experience. I wouldn't buy a product if it was sold via ClickBetter if I were you. 

Likewise as an affiliate, I wouldn't promote any of the products. Because you ought to check it carefully to make sure you're not going to recommend something of low-quality or scammy. But to check the product, you're likely to go through a bitter purchasing experience yourself. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it.

Other Alternative Affiliate Networks

There are other affiliate marketplaces where digital products are advertised and high commission rates are offered to affiliates (20%-100%);


ClickBank Homepage

Without a doubt, ClickBank is the best network for digital product sellers and affiliates. I'm not saying every ClickBank product is great, but the bestselling products are all generally trustworthy. Buyers are protected by its strict guarantee policy and scammers are banned.

Warrior Plus

WarriorPlus Homepage

Countless good products including marketing training courses have been seen over the years, sold via Warrior Plus. The big problem is that many of the sellers are also affiliates, so they team up to repeatedly leave a "user testimonial" on each other's product sales pages. They may be genuinely endorsing each other's products, but the testimonials are not credible for that reason - as a buyer, you just cannot trust them. 

Many of the regular sellers/affiliates on Warrior Plus generate big bucks that way, so there' a high barrier to entry for new affiliates. (Again, I'm not saying every seller is!) Also, Warrior Plus admin does not get involved with refunds - buyers have to negotiate with the seller directly.


JVZoo Homepage

JVZoo is another trustworthy affiliate marketplace. Good, innovative software can be found there, as well as many inferior products. The list of products is easy to sort for affiliates to find the best products to promote. Your request to promote needs to be approved by each seller before you can get your affiliate link, but I find it generally easy with JVZoo sellers (means most of them approve your request within 6-24 hours).

ClickBetter Pros and Cons


  • It is a legitimate affiliate network.
  • The affiliates are pre-approved to promote any of (or most of) the listed products.


  • Many outdated scam products, previously sold via ClickBank, are among the list.
  • It does NOT provide buyers with a "prompt, hassle-free refund" which is a breach of warranty.

ClickBetter Review - Conclusion:

The majority of ClickBetter products are popular among those who run random affiliate campaigns incognito or under a pseudonym, and it means something. The product quality is inferior, the money-back "guarantee" is not guaranteed. They know that they're not genuinely recommending ClickBetter products to help users. They will only risk losing their integrity if they reveal their identity.

I wouldn't recommend you to buy any of ClickBetter products, nor would I recommend you to promote them as an affiliate, unfortunately.

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  1. I agree 100%. Clickbetter sells too many scams. but in my experience it was ok. I bought home cash club but it was a scam. I asked for my money back and got it back within 1 day.

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