Cash Formula Review [2019] – False Income Claims

By Ray Alexander

Cash Formula is another product that promises you that you'll make large sums of money. It claims that the 'system' was discovered by Ukrainian coders in 2010. This secret system was introduced to the seller 6 years go by his cousin. It's supposed to make you a multi-millionaire just by clicking a few buttons. He kept this secret for 6 years as he promised to his cousin. Now he's selling it publicly for $37.

Does it sound good so far?

Cash Formula Review

Product Name:

Cash Formula

Website URL:


Affiliate Marketing How To's


Michael Green (fake name)

Launch Date:

January 2019


$37 + upsell


Cash Formula - Overview

I was expecting just a little more something mysterious that this - Cash Formula is a set of ebooks. About how to promote products from Amazon as an affiliate, and also about selling your own products on Amazon (Amazon FBA). The 'Ukrainian coders' discovered it a little too late, as the Amazon Associate program has been there since 1996.

Cash Formula Review

Can You Make $5,000 Per Day?

If you are sat down and watch the sales video, within a few minutes you'll notice the inconsistency of the seller's claim. Most notably his problem in adding up numbers when he says how much money he makes per day. Such as;

  • The seller says he makes up to $10k a day himself.
  • He also says, "Without bragging, I make more in a minute than most people make in a year with this system." ...If he makes $10,000 per day, it will be $7 per minute.
  • But he also says, "I've made $5,761 in the past 24 hours", which is far less than $10k.
  • Then he goes on to say he could make up to 6 figures in profit (up to $100,000) in the next 30 days, meaning he'll be making $3k per day.
  • He says, "I've let 152 members joined, and they've all made up to $5,000 a day using this system." (Means none of them has made more than $5k a day.) But he also says he's "created 52 new millionaires just the past 90 days." 90 days x $5,000 = $450,000. Unless he calls people who generally make a lot of money 'millionaires'!

In all honesty, you will NOT make such a large amount of profit as an affiliate for Amazon, let alone in the next 24 hours. You will not make a cent of profit in the next 24 hours with business, which is extremely competitive.

Start Here

What Is The Cash Formula 'System'?

So this is just an 'affiliate marketing how-to' guide. And of course, there is no such thing as a secret discovered by Ukrainian hackers.

Firstly it recommends you to join the following paid services.

  1. Sign up with SiteGround, a web hosting service (Approx. $80 per year)
  2. Sign up with Mangools KWFinder, a keyword search tool ($49 per month)
  3. Buy EasyAzon, an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin ($47)
  4. Sign up with JungleScout, Amazon product research tool ($25 per month)
  5. Sign up with QuuuPromote, a social media promotion tool ($40 per month)

After you spend $37 on Cash Formula, the seller will prompt you to spend further $240 in order to be able to follow his guide. So you will not make any money, you will pay. And if you're naïve enough to pay for these tools, the seller of Cash Formula will receive an affiliate commission from each tool provider. He's not making $5-10k while he's trying to make less than $100 commission off you.

In the sales video the seller says, "Long story short, I invested $200 to start", but doesn't explain what he invested for. Perhaps he's referring to these costs (not). He also says it only takes 5 minutes to set up. It will take a lot longer than that!

The Actual Product

The actual product that you pay $37 for contains;

Access to Azassociate WordPress theme


Good news is, assuming the seller has an agency license to Azassociate premium WordPress theme, worth $39. The bad news is the license is held by the seller, so if you cannot receive support from Azassociate directly.

4 x Ebooks

"Cash Formula Guide", "Amazon Affiliate Essentials", "Amazon Affiliate Blueprint" and "Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Guide". The guide contents are information that you can easily find out by googling. There is no secret, nor any tips 'to make $5,000 today', because there is no such a way.

Amazon FBA is nothing to do with affiliate marketing - you have to have your own products to sell and list them on Amazon. Amazon stores your products in its warehouse for you, does packaging, shipping, returns and refunds on your behalf. Even if you have something to sell, you'll have to learn how to set up your store in Amazon and you're extremely unlikely to sell anything immediately.

Fake Testimonials & False Scarcity Claim

Cash Formula Testimonials

In case you don't know, the people who appear in the video - users who claimed to have made so much money - are actors, hired from Fiverr.

Fiverr Spokespeople

The false scarcity claim - the seller says there are only 7 spots left, and there'll always be 7 spots as long as this site exists. Obviously he's hoping to sell this $37 product to as many people, but my heart goes out to anyone who's watched this video with scripted testimonials and think "I must apply to become his final 7 now!"

Deceptive Advertising Method

No matter how much the actual guide may help new internet marketing hopefuls, the sales video never reveals what it's about and clearly targeting people who have no experience in online jobs. Someone who already is an Amazon affiliate could purchase this (although very unlikely), and if they did, it would be a total waste of time because there's no uniqueness about this guide.

Anyway there's no Ukrainian code-breaking secret loophole "that has a 95% win ratio" as the seller describes. "Only 5 minutes to set up" is an absolute lie. Misrepresentation and total dishonesty.

Invalid Disclaimer

Disclaimers are supposed to protect sellers from legal action. If you used this product and spent all the money on the seller's affiliate products - SiteGround, KW Finder, etc. that are not owned by the seller - you couldn't legally claim the cost against the seller.

Cash Formula Disclaimer

But when the disclaimer itself is making a false declaration, the buyers may be able to argue this and possibly claim compensation against the seller. It reads "Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product..." Clearly not in the sales video.

Refund Policy

As per the disclaimer, Cash Formula offers you to claim a refund within 60 days if "you do not enjoy the financial freedom that you expected", requests you to forward your receipt number. It will then make a refund typically within 24 hours. However since it's a ClickBetter product, I suggest that it will be easier for you to dispute against ClickBetter for the deceptive sales method, so that they can look into it while they proceed to refund your money safely.

Pro's and Con's


  • You'll get to use Azassociate WordPress theme.
  • 60-day money back guarantee by ClickBetter.


  • Product is nothing as advertised.
  • Video is a total fabrication, including fake testimonials.
  • It's just an affiliate marketing guide.
  • It would cost you a lot more if you were to follow the steps.

Cash Formula Review - Summary

I wouldn't say Cash Formula is a scam. It's a "product marketing with Amazon how-to guide" but unfortunately no different from thousands of other guides that internet marketers openly share with readers for free. Cash Formula therefore is not worth paying money for. I can only give the lowest rate for the way the product is sold in a deceitful manner. Don't buy this product.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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  1. It's people like these guys who give internet marketers bad names. They try to hook newbies or people who are having a hard time figuring out how to make money online.

    1. Hi Wes, thanks for your comment. Yes, I guess. But on the positive side, while scammers have always been around and will never go away, more people are able to spot them easily as they try to work online now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. This is a scam. Somebody I knew recommended it to me he asked me if I would be happy if I could make 1/10th of 5000 per day and I said yes. He said it would be possible so I paid Cash Formula. This is all BS. I asked for my funds back right away but received no reply. I asked and asked. It was stupid of me did not realise I could ask Clickbetter directly wasted a lot of my time. But now I have been able to recover all my cost from Clickbetter.

    1. Hi Rose, thanks for sharing your experience, and I’m sorry to hear that. It doesn’t sound like the person who recommended it to you was being honest. But now you know how ClickBetter’s customer support and refund policy are good. From the next time you purchase something and if it’s sold via ClickBetter (or ClickBank!) that will give you assurance. I wish you all the best. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Hi, if you Google his name you’ll find a lot of spam comments mentioning his name. I’ve seen literally hundreds of almost identical messages via the Messenger – don’t trust any of them. Someone who can genuinely help people do not use Gmail!

  3. This page is hugely valuable information for those who have been scammed before.
    I was scammed by cash formula of 37 dollars but I learned a good lesson from it I’m not regretting it.
    I did not think about recovering my cost because it was my fault.
    But now I know information like your page can help thousands of people like me. Never buy scam software online. Just take small steps and think about it. I will tell this information to all my friends.

    1. Hi Brenda, thanks for your comment. You’ve been misled, so I wouldn’t say it’s all your fault though. I wish you all the best of success with whatever the online business you may pursue!

  4. Thank you for your information. This is very good because I did not have something to be start for online business. It is almost I believed this but I did not because there was no writing. I did not spend unnecessary money. I will not buy cash formula. Thank you.

  5. I’m pretty sure I had exactly the same product about 2-3 years ago.
    I think the seller stole the content from someone else, changed the affiliate link to his own, then reselling it.
    Full of lies. This shouldn’t be allowed, man somebody should report it and find out his ip address and ban him.

  6. Hi Ray, I read your review with interest because the actual product doesn’t seem too bad but the creator’s intention is only to collect affiliate commission via the buyers upsell purchase. Plus full of lies in the video. This is so crazy and it shows how millions of scammers are selling useless products by deceiving people. I am not impressed. Thanks for your review.

  7. I had to laugh when I saw those fake testimonial photos. They don’t know what happens in their future with Fiverr. This is a killer lol. It’s great to advertise work just like that if you can speak in front of a camera. Then they will be remembered for giving fake statements for the rest of their lives.

    1. Hi Anna, yeah they must be in a very difficult situation. Each seller from Fiverr don’t have their own terms and conditions, they don’t say they would refuse to make fake statements. And this happens…

  8. This is so stupid. I hope the seller realizes the consequences. He will lose his reputation and will never be work online again. He is being so disrespectful.

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