Easy Retired Millionaire Review – Don’t Buy It, It’s A Scam

By Ray Alexander

Easy Retired Millionaire Claims that it has a 'system' to make you earn $1,000 - $2,500 every single day with no more than 12 clicks of your mouse. But the seller says it's not a 'get-rich-quick' exaggeration, while it sounds like it exactly is.

The actual content is a collection of outdated video guides, a small amount of guide in text and 3 x PLR products. In this Easy Retired Millionaire review, I'll explain why I think this product is far, far overpriced, also how you can spot a scam like this one when you see it advertised.

Easy Retired Millionaire Review [2019 Update]

Product Name:

Easy Retired Millionaire

Website URL:



Get Rich Quick Scam


"Chris and Kathy" (fake name)




What Is Easy Retired Millionaire?

The main dashboard of Easy Retired Millionaire has two parts.

The first part named "The Emergency Cash Generator" has just 6 videos that suggest a few different ways to make money.

The second part named "Facebook Article Sharing" has just 5 articles with some links to ClickBank products. The idea is for you to share each article on Facebook, but whatever the products that are linked in the article are no longer available. So the second part is totally unusable.

There are a couple of affiliate marketing text guides, simply copied and pasted from ebooks elsewhere.

That is it.

The original content is at least 3 years old, in fact one of the videos was recorded in 2011. Online marketers often talk about 'evergreen' content and 'rinse & repeat' - what's selling now can be sold over and over again. It is true to some extent, the principle may not change for years. But with the fact that the marketing trends change at a fast pace, Google algorithms change every few years pretty dramatically, and new tools and better systems come in constantly, some things go obsolete so quickly.

Easy Retired Millionaire is a typical example of it - the video quality is pretty bad with low resolution, you watch it for a few seconds and just know the material is old.

I'll now show you each element in a little bit more in detail.

Easy Retired Millionaire Review

"Emergency Cash Generator" Videos

The video guides are very confusing. The first three videos talk about what you can do to make some extra cash, but all of a sudden the 4th video talks about how to drive traffic - traffic to where??? The topic suddenly jumps to online marketing but the basic guide is missing from it. The 5th video is about lead generation - if a user doesn't know how to build a website, they wouldn't even understand the topic.

Video #1: CashCrate

CashCrate is a site that recommends a few different ways to make some pocket money - paid surveys and reward programs such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars, PrizeRebel, and Vindale. Plus some part-time job recommendations (as a taxi driver, child/pet carer, food delivery driver), as well as cashback schemes on shopping.

We all know that surveys-for-cash don't pay more than a few dollars a day. Some reward programs listed here are data harvesting scams. Offline job recommendations are irrelevant and useless, so are cashback schemes. None of the options will "generate cash for emergency".

Video #2: ZoomBucks

Zoombucks is another reward program, pays a few cents upon completing surveys and watching videos. The original source, the video recorded by a person called John, is unknown and it has an awful visual quality - perhaps intentionally blurred out in an attempt to mask the source information.

Emergency Cash Generator Scam Videos

Video #3: "Copy This EASY Method for $100/day Income"

The video suggests that you first become an affiliate for a car auction site (www.gov-auctions.org), and list a car on Craigslist as if you are the owner. When someone's interested and send you an email query, you reply to say "the car is actually at an auction right now. Take a look >>> (your affiliate link)." The problems are;

  • You're not making money. People sign up with Craigslist to specifically look for a private sale, the majority of them are annoyed when they're directed to a commercial/auction site.
  • This has been a method used by scammers for a few years on Craigslist. Your listing is likely to be reported to the admin and your account can be banned subsequently.

Video #4: "Forgotten Traffic Plans" by Lucas Adamski

It would have been a great training video when newly released 8 years ago, now the methods are outdated. It suggests an article directory submission to draw traffic to your site, the method of which is now considered to damage the SERP position of your site.

Also the video suggests that you use Squidoo. Squidoo has been bought and taken over by HubPages since 2014.

Basically users are paying to receive wrong advice - it's a video training to avoid!

Video #5: "Effective List Building Blueprint"

It's a 1 hour 15 minutes long general guide to list building. I don't think the content is too bad, but because the original video would have been picked from a series of online business training, the video on its own will be no use for a new learner.

You can instantly tell the original video would have been created several years ago - the audio quality is pretty bad. Again, some suggestions are outdated, such as the use of ad swaps and exit popups which are considered to be ineffective. The creator of this video is unknown.

Video #6: "ClickBank Takeover Part 1" (There's no Part 2)

The less than 4 minute video simply explains what ClickBank is! This is absolutely useless!

Facebook Article Sharing

Part 2 of 2 is, as I briefly explained earlier, totally unusable.

It has 5 x blog articles for you to share. Each article has an advertisement for a ClickBank product. If someone on Facebook clicks to read the shared article, notices the ad, clicks the link, and finally purchases the product...you're supposed receive a commission. It doesn't work because;

Facebook Article Sharing
  • The products are no longer available on ClickBank. The viewers will see the message "This site is no longer in service or has been disabled due to a term of service violation."
  • Even if the products were available, the link would have to be your unique affiliate link, but the function is disabled.
  • Even if everything was working - if you think you can make a PPC commission just by sharing blog articles, you are being too ambitious! The chance is virtually zero. That's why thousands of online marketers strive to promote their businesses using paid Facebook Ads. Imagine these 5 articles are meaninglessly shared by every Easy Retired Millionaire users over and over again - there'll be no effect or whatsoever.

Recommended: Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard Review

Bonus Materials

There are 3 x bonus materials; "Business Vitality", "Extreme List Building System" and "Video Marketing Kit" - all of them are collections of ebooks and/or audio files, all of them were originally released in 2014-2015 as PLR products. They are just "how-to" guides. You can find these old materials for free by googling and download them for free, so they're worth nothing...unfortunately.

How To Spot A Scam

Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam? YES. If this isn't, what is? It claims in the invitation video; 

  • "$600 can be added to your bank account within the next 5 minutes" and
  • "No more than 12 clicks" will be required. 

You pay $47 and all you get is general guides that are confusing, outdated and some information are wrong.

Here are a few typical "red flags" that you can remember - so that you can spot scams like this one easily and stay right away from them in the future.

Owner Is Unknown

The video script is read out by a voice actor - if you can distinguish the tone. Nothing's wrong with that. But then the seller calls himself Chris and says his wife's name is Kathy. No surname. Only one photo of them is briefly displayed and the photo quality is brilliant. If you cross-examine these elements altogether... You know the seller is hiding the true identity.

Fake Owner Easy Retired Millionaire

The photo is of course, a stock photo that's been purchased. The couple is not the owner of the product.

Video-Only Sales Page

If a sale page has headline, followed by a video, but has no detailed descriptions to follow (unless it's intended for a specific purpose), then it's most likely to be a scam.

The video is usually at least 15 minutes long, up to as long as 1 hour. Obviously meant to be made for people who have nothing better to do and who also cannot be bothered to digest information by reading.

Watch and Listen To The Testimonials

You may have guessed by now that the people who appear in the Easy Retired Millionaire video may be unreal. Yes, they are hired actors from Fiverr.com. You can check the site, go to "Video & Animation" menu > "Spokespersons Videos", and see which ones look familiar. These people will say anything that they're told to say in front of the camera for money. (Not all of them, I hope.)

Fake Testimonial Easy Retired Millionaire

You may notice that all they talk about is;

  • How much they've earned in the past X days/weeks. Always some random exact amount, e.g. "I've made 3,456 dollars and 78 cents in the past 3 days!"
  • How their life has dramatically changed, and life of luxury that they're enjoying (sports car, vacations, etc.)
  • How easy it is to use the 'system', but they never explains what is easy and what it actually is.

"Within The Next X Minutes..."

Scammers often say things like "...because in the next 3 minutes 20 seconds, you will discover exactly how this amazing system works..." usually at the beginning of a video.

If you hear a phrase like that, pay very close attention, and see if you really discover something in the next 3:20. They'll never ever explain what the product is about, but they'll keep talking away.

Easy Retired Millionaire is no exception. The seller says in the video, "Give me two and a half minutes, and I'll prove it to you." The following 2.5 minutes he only keeps talking about how amazing it is, but he never describes what it is.

False Scarcity

Well, almost every marketer uses this technique to urge people to buy their products - legit or scam.

Don't believe countdown timers, you refresh the browser or clear the cache, and the timer will reset, usually. Amazon, eBay and many other eCommerce stores also use a scarcity marketing technique. "Hurry! Only 2 stocks left"... All they do is top up the number little by little. They actually have lots of them in stock.

Easy Retired Millionaire says "We only have 15 spots available today." It doesn't necessarily make them a scammer just by saying it, but don't let it urge you to do anything. The seller also says "We have already helped many people all over the world", then why are only 15 spots available today - it doesn't make sense, right?

"Server Fee"

Many scammers use that funny excuse. I'm giving you this secret system for free "because I'm genuinely want to help you", that's a load of bollocks. But instead they ask you to pay a small fee to maintain their server.

Sure, some of your payment may go towards their server fee as long as they keep their website. But it's a fixed fee (varies from $10-$100 per month, depending on what kind of website they have). They pay the same fee whether you buy the product or not, whether 1,000 people buy it or nobody buys it. Asking you for a payment for their server...never makes sense.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

One good thing is, this product is under 60-day money back guarantee by ClickBetter. Take a look at your email receipt - you can access to a refund request page on ClickBetter and ask for a full refund.

Easy Retired Millionaire Pros and Cons


  • 60-day money back guarantee by ClickBetter.


  • False income claim.
  • False identity of the seller.
  • Fake testimonials.
  • Materials are old and the information is outdated.
  • "Facebook Sharing" module is totally unusable.
  • General guides barely help you make money.

Easy Retired Millionaire: Conclusion

Now you know without a slightest of doubt, Easy Retired Millionaire is a scam. Out of the recommended "methods" here, the best you can make is no more than a few dollars per day using those surveys-for-cash sites.

The product is not worth a penny because the materials are old and can be obtained for free. I don't recommend it to anyone.

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
May 2021: $4,299.00

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

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  1. Great article, it is useful. I nearly bought Easy retired millionaire not realising it was a scam. Some people pretend to be my mentor and recommended it to me. I am glad I received informative ideas after reading this review article it is useful for me.

  2. It’s a scam but clickbetter is also scam!
    I regretted it as soon as I bought it. I asked for my money back but they changed my refund request to support request. I don’t want support I want refund. I know clickbetter said it’s refund is guaranteed.
    They told me to contact the seller why should I contact them? Should I contact my card company?

    1. Hi Isa, sorry to hear about your experience. ClickBetter is increasingly becoming untrustworthy. You might have to contact them AT LEAST every day and persistently insist that you have the right to receive a full refund, according to their refund policy. Tell them that you will take “further action” otherwise. If they still do nothing, yes, contact your card company. But let me know what happens – I think all other potential buyers ought to know about the bad service. I hope your problem will be sorted soon. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I was scammed by easy retired millionaire but got all my money back now. It all started with one email it sounded so believable. i watched the video and thought it was all good to be true but because of the money back guarantee I decided to take a chance. It was stupid of me believing thing like that. I am desperate for money I have two small children to look after. Which one is legit? They all sound like scam to me I do not know what to belive. But I got all my money back from Clickbetter I keep this money to reuse it. I am a retired nurse, don’t have any skills or experience. Please help.

  4. This is a piece of very vital information, thank you. I was almost scammed by Easy Retired Millionaire but this page helped. If you need assistance with regards to your lost money to Easy Retired Millionaire, do not give up and ask anybody you can think of for legal advice. Do whatever it takes to get your money back. Just because they scammed you does not mean you totally lost out. Good Luck to you.

  5. I have lost over $5k to an unregulated binary option broker who denied my access to my account, found myself wading through complicated terms. I was hoping to recover all my lost funds using Easy Retired Millionaire. I needed some assistance and a guide on effective steps to take and get back some of my lost funds.

  6. I wanted to use this system to retire early and was very much interested in it, I have been trying to earn my money online since 2008 but have never been given the right information and have not managed to make more than $10. I finally signed up for easy retired milionaire and now I kept getting notifications messages saying they were sending my money, thought I was finally making more than I expected including my bonus that showed in my account but all of a sudden they closed the account on me I don’t know why. Its been over a year I tried to contact but no one answered my questions and instead I was getting some new invitations to the same system. I am not impressed.

    1. Hi Hannah, thanks for sharing your experience. You may be referring to the spam emails that you’ve been receiving from various solo ad sellers who promote Easy Retired Millionaire. If that’s the case, never believe a word they say in their email. Nobody is “sending money” unless you’ve worked for it and earned it. As you can see from the post above, this product itself does NOT generate money. You’ll never make a penny out of it.

  7. I wouldn’t trust any system with a name EASY. I wouldn’t trust any system with a name RETIRED. I wouldn’t trust any system with a name MILLIONAIRE. 3 of them together you must know it’s nothing but a scam. It has at least 5 websites so far. Selling the same old shambles. If you see the name just close it. You are wasting time.

  8. Hi, Ray. I have seen the same sales page over and over again. I know this is done by the same person because they cannot sell it, they change the name and add a little tweak and sell it again. We should not be fooled by it.
    They also change the website address many times. I have seen it again and again for at least the past 12 months or more. People send emails to promote it should be also blamed.

    1. Hi Jay, it sure sounds like the seller is “rinsing and repeating” the methods that no longer work. The seller is unknown/fake, so it should not be trusted. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

  9. This is really bad. I almost paid money but at the last minute I decided to check your site I’m glad I did. Really bad scams like this one should be banned.

  10. Hi, I’ve just read your review and also your other review on Compoundly. Noticed old recordings are bad on this one but it’s ok with Compoundly with 6 years old video training then what’s the difference?
    I appreciate that this page has full of scam elements and there’s nothing as good in the actual product. This is truly bad, if you ever want to work online you should never believe in making money so fast so easy. Your review explains it well and I think everybody should read it to understand how online marketing works. Thanks for the compelling review. Best regards A.J.

    1. Hi AJ, thanks for your comment. To answer your question – the difference is simply the content. No matter how old the original material is, if it’s useful today, then it’s useful! The materials in Easy Retired Millionaire are not. Thanks for sharing your thoughts too, I wish you all the best!

  11. Hi Ray, thank you for the review and your warning. It’s very useful for me to learn how to spot scams, because I’ve never thought about checking the stock photos or checking Fiverr for paid actors.
    I have seen some of these sales pages and I’m learning to know the formula but these videos are too long I get bored half way.
    It’s good to know about the actual product inside, and it’s so bad that some of the features are unusable. I wonder if this seller is making any money from it, because everyone should ask for a refund!!!
    Thank you, Ray, for your helpful review!

    1. Hi Premia, thanks for your comment. Yes, video-only sales pages are how they’re meant to be, just like I explained in the post. People who buy products like this may not even know how to ask for a refund (even though it’s explained that they’re entitled to…) Scammers survive using whatever it takes. It’s best to learn what they are and stay away. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  12. I bought it before when it was sold by Clickbank. I think it was worse before it didn’t have anything like that. I got my refund. I don’t want to be scammed by the same person but we don’t know who it is do we.

    1. Hi Jan, you’re right, we never know who’s behind these scams but as long as they’re sold via ClickBank or ClickBetter it’s easy to get your refund. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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