eCom Cash Bot Scam Review – A Typical Scam Sales Copy

The sales copy of scam products is normally designed to make the viewers daydream. eCom Cash Bot's sales page is a typical one. Ridiculously lengthy, never explains what it is and totally focused on a luxury lifestyle that the product falsely promises to give you. 

Today my eCom Cash Bot review will look at how the sales copy is deceptively constructed. Have I actually bought the product? I always buy a product and test it before I write a review - unless it's obviously a cheap scam to my eyes. This one is too stupid. I'm not buying it and immediately demanding a refund not just to waste my own time but to waste the payment clearance company's time!

eCom Cash Bot Review

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eCom Cash Bot

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e-commerce guide


Unknown (under the pseudonym "Trish")




What Is eCom Cash Bot?

eCom Cash Bot claims that it allows you to earn a large amount of money by using a "power of e-commerce" on a regular basis. The seller simply calls herself "Trish" and claims to have stumbled upon the method while browsing a web forum. 

The seller merely refers to how big the global e-commerce industry is. But she never mentions how you're supposed to be the part of it by using this particular method. Whatever the business model you choose, the bigger the industry is, the more competitive it will be. And the e-commerce industry is extremely competitive. She fails to acknowledge this very basic fact, which may give you the impression that the seller actually doesn't know much about the industry.

The creator is unknown, it's sold for just $9, the seller makes unrealistic but inconsistent income claim throughout the sales video. All these elements should conclude that the seller is a scammer.

eCom Cash Bot Scam Review

A Typical Scammer's Sales Copy

You can assume that a product is a scam whenever you are presented with a sales page that is;

  • Video-only, with no supplementary explanation in text, and
  • The video cannot be rewound or fast-forwarded.

This kind of sales page is designed not to give viewers time to think twice. So today in my eCom Cash Bot review, I've looked into what the seller says in the video by listening to it sentence by sentence carefully. (I'd rather waste my time doing this silly exercise than checking the actual product which I know is boring and useless!)

Attention - "Easy" To Make Money and "No Experience Needed"

The copy starts with what the product is about - making an unrealistic amount of money "easily", followed by an "anyone can do it" statement that typical scammers use. The video starts off to say;

"Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to make as much as $10,000 in just 7 days? Have you ever thought about what it'd be like to make over $40,000 every single month? Well, making that kind of money is easy." Then she goes on to say;

"It's a genuine way to make thousands of dollars online. You don't need any special skills to use this software, you don't need any online experience and you certainly don't need to spend hundreds of hours hunched over your laptop to be successful. In fact, all you need is to spare 20 minutes and you could start making up to $1,500 per day!"

You may notice in the first couple of minutes that, the potential income that the seller suggests is awfully inconsistent, while the headline of the page says you could earn up to $2,000 per day ore more.

Mysterious "Software" Sends Money To Your Bank

"Make money online scam" products are usually targeted to computer-illiterate people (is that phrase obsolete?) Scammers often don't have to say that the product is "software", and "programmed" by "developers" so that all the users have to do is to click a few buttons to get the money automatically sent to their bank account.

eCom Cash Bot is no exception. The seller says it's "little known software that makes up to $500k per year", and the "software is incredibly simple that requires just a few minutes of your time from the comfort of your own home." 

Then she goes on to claim that she has "SO MUCH MONEY in my bank account, but thanks to this software, all my dreams have become a reality." Never mind kind of software it is, but it's just magic.

eCom Cash Bot False Income Claim

What It's Not

Typical scammers say what the product they're selling is not, but never really explain what it is. This particular seller says; "Just to be clear here, I am not talking about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, forex trading, or any of the usual suspects. And I'm certainly not talking about anything illegal!" Unfortunately, instead of explaining what kind of business model it's relating, she moves on to brag some more.

The Next Important Few Minutes

A typical scam sales video says something like, "In the next 4 minutes, you will discover the power of...(e.g. software)" But the scammer never reveals anything during that 4 minutes.

The eCom Cash Bot seller says "All you have to do is to listen VERY CAREFULLY to what I'm about to share with you. Pay very close attention for just a few minutes more as THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT." Then she talks away. Some more evasive expressions to follow.

Nothing Else Works, And It's Not Your Fault

"There are plenty of bogus "get rich quick" schemes out there that promise the earth and then don't deliver. And I have no doubt that in the past you've tried to make money online and failed. That wasn't your fault." This is the start of the "You and I are the same, we are the victims" phase, never mind the fact that eCom Cash Bot is a typical get-rich-quick scam.

She goes on to say, "Making money online is impossible unless you have a degree in marketing or you're programming genius, which I am not. And I'm sure you're not, either! "

"Loser's Approach"

The seller continues by falsely trying to vindicate her action by trashing legitimate marketing/advertising methods and training programs. 

"I tried content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and affiliate marketing, but none of it worked. And not only did I waste hundreds of hours on that nonsense, I also lost hundreds of dollars paying for seminars and courses that got me nowhere! I was at a total loss as to what to do."

She's basically taking a so-called loser's approach, blaming successful businesses or the society as a whole. "I'm supposed to be an XYZ (profession, e.g. soccer player, scientist, Hollywood actor) but I can't, because everyone else is cheating" kind of thing, you know what I mean?

Let's Daydream

False Claim Spend A Few Minutes

Now the scammer tries to get you to daydream before sharing her fake sob story.

"When you're making that much money, all your dreams can become a reality. Walking wardrobe bursting with designer labels, the very latest tech gadgets or to live your life with permanent vacation. You can have it all."

"With the eCom Cash Bot, you can work from just about anywhere, the train, a café, your local golf club... In fact, I'm speaking to you from my luxury suite at the Four Seasons in Koh Samui, Thailand right now. There is no better way to live than waking up to breakfast in bed, spending a few minutes on my laptop to check my profits, then enjoying the rest of the day at the beach, sipping Pina Coladas and spending time with my beautiful daughter."

Boring Sob Story

The majority of the sales video is spared for the seller's sob story. Nice try, but it's insanely lengthy and, like any other scam products, the story is cheap and boring;

  • "Far from idyllic background". Single parent, no money, bad neighborhood. Gave birth to a daughter when she was 18. The father of her daughter unknown.
  • She was raised by a single mom in a bad neighborhood. She never knew her father. Gave birth to her daughter when she was 18. The father of her daughter is not known.
  • No job available in town, she juggles two low-paid jobs, one of which is a cleaning job in the evening which she's embarrassed about. Feels bitterly envious of people with a lavish lifestyle who work online.
  • She tries to learn how to make money online, spends money on ebooks and seminars, becomes seriously out of pocket.
  • The doctors tell her that her daughter may have leukemia. Devastated. Needs more money for chemotherapy etc.

Miracle Happens

Another scammy sales technique, saying she thought it was another scam but turned out to be real, which is eCom Cash Bot, she found on a "small, relatively unknown forum." Someone was posting about how they were "automatically" making a lot of money and paying off their mortgages.

"I couldn't believe my eyes! I thought that surely, this HAD to be another scam. There was no way that it could be possible to make SO MUCH MONEY so quickly and easily, using an automated tool.

"But I was desperate. So I ignored my gut instinct and downloaded the eCom Cash Bot. And for the first time in my life, my gut instinct was wrong! I was working for less than 20 minutes each day and my profits were coming in automatically! I was speechless."

More Fantasy

The seller once again takes you to the fantasy world. She quits the job, her daughter didn't have leukemia, she moved into a large house and bought her first car. "We ordered our first passports and we've now traveled to 16 countries in 4 continents of this beautiful world. My life feels like a dream." "With eCom Cash Bot, you'll have paid off your mortgage, bought a new Lexus LS and booked a six-week cruise around the Caribbean."

About eCom Cash Bot

eCom Cash Bot False Life of Luxury

Finally, she tries to explain WHY you're able to make so much money with the eCom Cash Bot, but it does not make sense or whatsoever. She simply says because e-commerce is a lucrative industry.

"In 2017, e-commerce was responsible for around $2.3 trillion in sales and is expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021. In the US alone, e-commerce represents almost 10% of retail sales and that number is expected to grow by nearly 15% each year. So your annual income of $500k with eCom Cash Bot is almost insignificant because the eCom giants such as Amazon, Alibaba and eBay won't even notice you."

With this logic, your success would also be guaranteed, say, if you opened a restaurant. Simply because the global catering market industry is also worth billions!

Time For Imagination Once Again

Towards the closing of a sales video, a typical scammer psychologically gets you to imagine what a life of luxury would be like by casting some silly questions. 

"Now let me ask you a question. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Take a moment to really think about your answer. What life do you want to be living in? What goals do you want to achieve? Are you still stuck in the same 9 to 5 job? Do you have children? Are they being taken care of? Do you have a nice house? Do you travel? Or are you wishing that you'd done things differently?

"eCom CashBot could completely change your life. Gone are the days of waking up for work before sunrise. No longer will you have to put up with annoying colleagues or take abuse from your boss. And you'll never have to worry about debt or bills ever again! This is the escape you've been looking for. You'll have the freedom to work whenever you want, wherever you want. From today you are your own boss."

Fake Scarcity Technique

Just before closing the sales video, scammers almost always say that "this site will be taken down shortly" as if to say the chance for you to get their product is now or never. The seller of eCom Cash Bot is no exception. She says;

"You need to take action RIGHT NOW. More and more people are finding out about this and so the developers will be taking it off the market shortly. In a matter of mere minutes, this opportunity could be gone. If you cross off this page you will be walking away from the opportunity of a lifetime."

Again, this does not make sense at all. The seller claims that eCom Cash Bot is successful simply because it's to do with the e-commerce industry, and the developers want to hide it because...? Without explaining what makes this product stand out from thousands of other eCommerce-related products, this explanation really doesn't make sense at all.

The Closing

Lastly, the seller urges you to press the button and make a purchase, emphasizing how quickly you can achieve the return of investment.

"No repeat payments, no hidden costs. When I first saw the price, I was gobsmacked! And I made more than 10 times that amount within the first hour of signing up! Honestly, I have no idea why it's so cheap. This software could sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars!"

She offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, and probably this is the only thing that's good about this product. Because this particular product is currently sold via ClickBetter, so if you contact the support via your email receipt, you can get a 100% refund fairly easily. 

eCom Cash Bot Scam Review - Conclusion

Never trust any products like eCom Cash Bot. You know there's no magical "software" like this exists, and the price of $9 is far too cheap to get you to move forward if you want to make good success in online business.

I've had my own e-commerce business in the past and I can confirm it is hard work. Yes it is a big, popular industry and therefore it's extremely competitive. Millions of e-commerce owners thrive to try and test different marketing techniques day-in, day-out. You cannot just buy a $9 product and expect it to generate income automatically. Not recommended. Stay away!

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