CashJuice Review – Handy Small Network

By Ray Alexander

CashJuice is a social network for online entrepreneurs. "No, not another one" you may say. Exactly. But it's a relatively small community, which means your engagement value will be not as wider as Facebook or Twitter but it will be closer, which could be a good thing. The members include quite a few marketing experts that I personally know. So today in my CashJuice review, I'll explain what you can do to gain greater exposure for your business. Free to use but a pro option is also available.

CashJuice Review Review

Product Name:


Website URL:


Internet Marketing


Z5 Internet Ltd (Darren Merrett)

Launch Date:

November 2018


Free or Pro ($29.50 one-time)


What Is CashJuice?

CashJuice allows you to promote your business to other business owners. It allows you to;

  • Post updates - Just like Facebook posts, allowing you to place link URLs and an image in the post. Affiliate links are allowed.
  • Post "rotator campaigns" - have your post updates advertised on the CashJuice phone app. As the name suggests, your post update will show up on the app randomly among other members' updates.
  • Follow other members, message each other, "like" each other's posts and leave comments.
  • Join an ad exchange community (Traffic Ad Bar) and promote any sites (up to 5 sites).
  • Follow other members, message each other, "like" each other's posts and leave comments.
  • Extra advertisement on CashJuice members' dashboard - but this is a paid option. $5 for 5,000 impressions.
CashJuice Review

Free Membership

CashJuice is free to use, but there are some limited restrictions. As a free member, you can only post 3 x updates every 24 hours, run one rotator campaign at a time, and follow up to 200 members. 

An upgrade is available for $29.50 (one-time fee), allowing you to post up to 10 x updates every 24 hours, run 5 x rotator campaigns simultaneously, and the maximum members you can follow will increase to 500. The upgrade option also includes free 5,000 impressions for the dashboard ads.

Pro Membership

Once you've paid $29.50 and have your account upgraded, there will also be a further "pro" (monthly premium membership) option available. It will cost $4.95 for the first month, $19.99 per month thereafter.

The pro option will allow you to post an unlimited number of updates, unlimited number of rotator campaigns, set auto messages to your referrals/followers but the maximum members you can follow will be 1,000.

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Money-Back Guarantee

CashJuice is a ClickBank product and it promises a 56-day (8 weeks) money-back guarantee, so if you've paid for an upgrade but not happy, you can claim your money back via your ClickBank receipt.

20,000 Members?

The homepage does say "20,000+ members" however, within 24 hours of joining I saw my ranking ("League Position") shot up to around 500th. From the 3rd day onwards, my position is yo-yo-ing around 300th. (The position is updated every 10 minutes.) This shows that there may be 20,000+ registered users but the number of active users may be as low as 300-500?

CashJuice League Position

It's not a bad thing, it means less competition - the smaller the community is, the deeper the engagement value can be. Your campaigns in the "rotator" will appear more frequently.

Earn Commissions

There are 2 ways to earn commissions;

  1. When you refer CashJuice to others and each time your referral upgrades their account of pays for CashJuice services such as paid ads. You will earn 15% of whatever they spend.
  2. This is only available if you are an upgraded member - earn commissions based on your activity, the activity of your referrals and downline. The more active you and your team members are, the more commissions you will receive.

Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar ( is a traffic exchange site that's been around for the past decade. The site is also owned by Darren Merrett, and all the CashJuice members are encouraged to join Traffic Ad Bar.

Traffic Ad Bar

It's a traffic exchange site, where members promote their business with one another. You click any of the sites listed in the top bar, view a site for 10 seconds and earn a few points each time. You can use the points to promote up to 5 webpages (affiliate pages are allowed).

I personally don't have a lot of positive things to say about traffic exchange, unfortunately... The advantages may be;

  • You'll get to check what other internet marketers are up to, and might find something interesting. If you are brand new to this industry, every other page in a traffic exchange may interest you.
  • If your target audience is specifically online entrepreneurs (e.g. web tools or lead generation solution), your campaign may draw the attention.

 However, traffic exchange has quite a few disadvantages;

No Point In "Exchanging Traffic"

The idea of "traffic" exchange is outdated now - in the old days, the number of visitors to your website would have affected the search engine ranking position but that algorithm is long gone. No matter how many people visit your site, 10 seconds of the visit each (then to leave) will add zero value in terms of SEO.

"Me, Me, Me"

Traffic/ad exchanges site is basically where everyone has an opportunity to sell themselves. The flip side of it is, members are hoping to draw the attention of other entrepreneurs, whilst barely any of them is interested in anyone else's businesses. It's a "me, me, me, look at me!" platform.

Landing Pages with Outdated Design

Landing pages that appear in a traffic exchange site often look outdated. And as you keep browsing, you'll soon notice that the majority of the landing pages are for "make money online" products. You may also soon come across with the same old catchphrases over & over again, such as;

  • "Complete Autopilot"
  • "24/7 Like Clockwork!"
  • "Ka-ching!"
  • "Make $3,456.78 in 7 Days!"

As online marketers, we all know that these typical phrases can only appeal to first-timers or get-rich-quick dreamers. Yet they keep appearing in traffic exchange, i.e. targeting fellow marketers. They're not very beneficial to the members.

10 Seconds - You Don't Even Have To View

As soon as you click a link at the top bar, the 10-second timer starts. But you don't even have to be physically viewing each site for 10 seconds. You can keep doing something else on a different tab of the browser, come back to Traffic Ad Bar from time to time and click. Imagine everyone else is doing it, then your ad won't be properly viewed either.

CashJuice App

CashJuice App

CashJuice has a nice little app that available to download for free via Apple or GooglePlay. The Post Rotator is the main feature. Members' posts randomly pop up (rotate), which you will view for at least 5 seconds to earn points. In return, you can use your points to add your posts to the rotator. You can designate one of your posts that you've already published and add it to the rotator from desktop, or you can directly post an update on your app.

It allows users to "like", share, and save posts. You can also send messages to other members and read notifications on the CashJuice app.

The Diamond Club

Each month, the top 10 members of the "League" - those who have the most referrals and followers will be awarded the "Diamond Club" status, the next 20 are awarded Gold, the next 30 Silver, and the next 40 Bronze. It's not like they're given a cash prize, but the Diamond members, their photo and profile are featured in the page as recognition of their hard work.

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Comprehensive, But A Little Confusing

This is not so much of a big deal, I soon got used to it, but I find some of the menu items confusing. I've already mentioned earlier but;

  • "Ads" - it's a paid option. You display ads on the CashJuice members' dashboard.
  • "Plan" - I'm not sure why it's called so, but it's actually a link to Traffic Ad Bar.
  • "Rotator" - Only viewable on the phone app, though you can set it up on your CashJuice dashboard on desktop.

Having said that, what I like about CashJuice is that unlike some of the other entrepreneurs' networks, it's not hyped up with big decorative words and over-exaggeration. Every feature has a brief description and/or a step-by-step instruction video by Darren. All comprehensive, and I find it helpful overall.

Help and Support

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the owner (Darren) by sending a message via a web form. Facebook page is also available, where you can send a message.

CashJuice Pros and Cons


  • Small Community with limited number of following - better engagement?
  • Allows you to post updates just like Facebook.
  • Easy access from CashJuice app.
  • Paid option - 56-day money-back guarantee.


  • Traffic exchange is never generally reliable.
  • You may not need another social network for entrepreneurs.
  • Referral commission rate isn't great (15%).
  • Free version only allows you to follow up to 200 members.

CashJuice Review - Conclusion:

CashJuice is a nice little community where you can find out what some of the successful online entrepreneurs are up to. Comparing to other free communities such as IBO Toolbox, LeadsLeap, and Webtalk, CashJuice is a much smaller scale considering the maximum number of members you can follow. 

At least it's free to join, it's totally legit, so you can try it out and see how you feel. It's up to you to decide whether this is for you.

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Hi, Ray, now I’ve read your review, I know what Cash Juice is about. I understand what you mean by “me me me”. Everyone wants to promote their business so they post their link and leave the site without caring about others. I have also tried Leadsleap and IBO Toolbox before but Cash Juice is just as almost the same. I didn’t like Leadsleap because I found clicking the traffic exchange boring, I didn’t like IBO because some of the messages I received were spam-my.

    I have 2 questions for you. One is about the app. Do you have to have an app to be a Cash Juice member? The other one is, Out of these Entrepreneurs community, which one do you think is the best?
    Thank you for your review, this is very interesting. Sam

    1. Hi Sam, thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts with other ad exchange communities. I agree with you, traffic exchange can bore you. About your questions – you don’t have to install the app. I don’t know many entrepreneurs’ communities… I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member and I’d say it has the most genuine and spam-free community. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

  2. Is it autosurf or do you have to click each time. If it’s autosurf then its beneficial for new people who have a new campaign site.

    1. Hi Brent, CashJuice is not a traffic exchange site. Traffic Ad Bar is, but it’s not autosurf, which is an outdated technique that doesn’t serve any benefits to users. Whether new or old, autosurf sites should be avoided at all costs in my opinion. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Ray. I find your review interesting and helpful. I’ve always wanted to know how traffic exchange works and how effective it is. I’ve also wondered why most of traffic exchange sites look so dated and now you explained to me I understand why it doesn’t work. It makes sense that everyone is trying to sell similar businesses then it’s difficult to get others to buy into anything. But networking in the community must be effective if they exchange tips and advice. Is there a Q&A thread you can ask other experts for help?
    Thank you for your review, Ray. It’s good to know that you can give it a try for free.

    1. Hi Clair, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Q&A thread would have been a great idea in my opinion, but no, there isn’t one, unfortunately. Let’s see how it develops in the future!

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