TrafficG Review – Don’t Expect Much From An Outdated Strategy

Updated: July 24, 2018
by Ray Alexander

TrafficG, "Traffic Generation Network" is another one of many free traffic exchange sites. Easy to join, and it's usable right away. Advertise your webpages to other entrepreneurs while you surf and view theirs in return. In this TrafficG review I've listed what you can do with it whether it's worth a try or not.

TrafficG Review

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TrafficG Quick Overview

TrafficG was established in 2001, so some of the ideas are pretty outdated, and some features no longer work. So this is simple; 

  1. Traffic exchange: the TrafficG members visit each other's webpages.
  2. Banner exchange: allows you to place a small banner in the TrafficG exchange frame.
  3. Referrals: credits for the traffic/banner exchange are awarded as you refer TrafficG to others.
TrafficG Review

The site is not mobile friendly - you'll just see the desktop version on your smartphone and you'll have to set it up using the desktop. Once set up, you can surf to earn your credits using your phone.

TrafficG Top Menu

#1 Traffic Exchange

When you've signed up with TrafficG, the very first thing you can do is to get your website ready for the exchange.

Go to "Add Site" in the left menu, add your page URL, choose an interest channel (i.e. your niche category) and geographic targeting (worldwide, continent or specific country). You can add unlimited number of webpages here. 

Next, go to "Surf 4 Credits" menu, and start viewing other members' sites. Choose your languages (there are sites in other languages available). Click "Start Surfing" button and you'll be directed to another member's site - a little annoying to be directed in the same browser screen rather than opening a new tab. Means if you want to go back to the TrafficG dashboard to check something else, you'll have to open a new tab and visit the site again.

Timer & Captcha

There's a 12-second timer and captcha at the top of the browser, so you must stay on a site for 12 seconds before you can click the captcha to visit the next site.

  • 1:1 exchange ratio: Means each time you visit a member's site, 1 credit will be added to your account and it will be used for your site to be viewed by another member. You view 20 sites = receive 20 credits = 20 people will visit your site in return.
  • The captcha ensures that no one can use bots to visit the sites.
  • 24 hour unique visitors: no same visitor will visit your site twice in a 24 hour period.

Now here's a thing. Normally with this kind of traffic exchanges or "view ads to get paid" schemes, a credit will only be awarded when each site or ad browser is active in front of you for X seconds. No cheating. The moment you move away from it by clicking another tab or checking your mail application, the timer will pause. And it will only resume counting as you come back to the viewer.

With TrafficG, the 12-second timer ends regardless to the browser activity, so you don't have to actually view each site and wait for 12 seconds each time. You can just leave the TrafficG running in one of the browser tabs and do something else. Keep clicking to earn a credit whenever you feel like it, and immediately go back to whatever you've been doing!

Assuming everyone's doing this with TrafficG's exchange scheme, you cannot expect anything rather than some human visits with probably very close to 100% bounce rate. Although there is a possible way to draw the visitors' attention...

TrafficG Exchange Ads

You'll see many ludicrously outdated sites with a number of crazy banners all over the place (just like the image above) in TrafficG exchange viewer. So what you can do to stand out of the crowd may be to;

  1. Create a modern and minimalistic opt-in page...
  2. with just a few words or maximum of a couple of lines...
  3. containing some killer phrases to draw the viewers' attention. 

Note that quite obviously, adult contents and any contents that suggest violence are not allowed. Whatever you write, it should be truthful to the actual content of your site, otherwise it'll be your site that suffer the damage if you care to try.

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Buy Credits

Alternatively if you simply want some traffic sent to your site, you can purchase it, starting from $7 for 500 credits (500 visits). The good thing is the visits will be made by real humans, not bots. The prices are as follows.

Visits to your site:














#2 Banner Exchange

Gif Animation

Although millions of banners are created by marketers and can be used effectively when used in the right environment today, the whole idea of banners is old-fashioned.

Banner exchange sites were pretty interesting 15+ years ago. Today people would only click one when it appeared in the right place at the right time. Most banners are tacky, especially a home-made flashing gif image can look so cheap. And sadly, when several of them are placed in the same screen on a random basis, we all know there's no credibility.

#3 Referrals

There are 5 levels of referral system and credits are rewarded to you upon your referrals' activities. For example, each time someone you referred TrafficG to becomes an active member, you'll receive 50 credits. If that person refers to someone else (level 2), you'll receive 20 credits and so on. The credits cannot be cashed but can only be used for the traffic/banner exchange.

TrafficG also runs a "referral contest" even month, giving away prizes to the members who have referred the most active members. The 1st prize being 5,000 credits...7th prize being 400 credits.

TrafficG Review Summary

If I was to compare TrafficG with LeadsLeap (which also offers traffic exchange), I find LeadsLeap far more superior, as it equips many useful tools such as link tracker, rotator, cookie generator, etc. On the other hand for the same reason, the majority of LeadsLeap users are entrepreneurs and the registered sites are mostly in business opportunities or investment niches.

Whereas in TrafficG exchange, variety of niche sites can be found in the traffic exchange viewer which is interesting. It's free and setting up won't take you a few minutes. It's good to introduce your sites to other members, but whether it helps to grow your business dramatically, I very much doubt it.

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Good review !!!

    TrafficCg is great website and so far i only got one referral by using this platform for nearly 1 year. Its great for Paid to Promote websites, just add PTP website and visits will be start to increases but still i find TrafficCg bad for getting referrals because as you said everyone is here for credits earn and its 0.001% possibility that anyone convert into referrals.

    In Conclusion, TrafficCg is good for increases visits and 100% far better than Autosurf websites as it doesnt damage our website credibility but if you here for generating Referrals than one should have endless patience.

    1. Hi Asmil, thanks for sharing your experience, I agree with you it’s better than using an autosurf website. I think the problem with traffic exchange websites is everyone wants to promote their own business, pays very little attention to others… I guess it depends what you promote. If your site is about a new way of helping entrepreneurs (not “generate leads”, we’ve seen that too many times before!) perhaps it will attract more attention? Just my personal opinion… Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

  2. Great review, Ray!

    I agree, someone’s mentioned about autosurf traffic exchanges but autosurf sites are absolutely useless, and that person is missing the point. If you want to purely increase your Alexa ranking for no reason, you might as well buy bot traffic for $0.001 per visit.

    The thing about autosurf is that your website will risk losing its credibility and harm your reputation. Whereas with manual traffic exchange sites like TrafficG, at least you can see who’s around and what they’re up to. I too prefer LeadsLeap. Not many good sites are found in TrafficG.


  3. Well u are absolutely right.
    The main thing here is Yes Hitleap is the best Yes I use them but u have to make a difference between autosurf and manual traffic exchange. Manual traffic exchange is 100 % real traffic, autosurf mean automatically receive/earn hits without needing to be on the PC.
    READ MY BLOG where I have been written specifically post about TRAFFIC EXCHANGE how they work, best of them, how to use it and many more.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. With TrafficG you still have to click to view the next site, so it’s not exactly an autosurf though. I remember Autosurf sites became really unpopular (many years ago!) when some registered sites had them loaded with popups after popups, some of which were phishing bypassing the security. I don’t know any autosurf sites nowadays… Because it offers zero engagement value and 100% bounce rates I don’t see the point. Thanks for your input!

  4. I’ve known about Traffic G for many years. It hasn’t changed and like you say most of the sites look so dated. I think old marketers routinely use Traffic G because I have seen some of the same sites month by month for so many years.

    1. Hi Johan, thanks for your comment. As long as it provides a benefit to your site, I have no objection to TrafficG or any other traffic exchange services. Especially this one’s completely free (though paid option is offered), so there’s no harm for anyone to spare a couple of hours to try it out, I guess.

      1. Ladsleap is definitely better. There are a lot more things to do like writing reviews and using tools. Traffic G is just to exchange traffic, it’s boring really.

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