Social Bounty Review – Same Old Scamming Technique

By Ray Alexander

Make $500 today with Social Bounty - don't believe that. Imagine an easy game for kids. A game that would allow them to collect like 20 million coins within a day. Same principle. You can make fictitious $500 with Social Bounty today. It's the easiest game that will rot your brain, waste your time, and worse still, steal your personal identity. Today in my Social Bounty review, I'll explain why you should stay away from it and any other similar sites to protect yourself. They will do more harm than good. In fact they won't do any good!

Social Bounty Review

Product Name:

Social Bounty

Website URL:


Data harvesting scam


Social Bounty, PTY (fake company)

Launch Date:

January 2020


Free to join


What Is Social Bounty?

Social Bounty claims to be the "#1 Influencer Network in the world". It claims to pay users a lot of money for completing ridiculously easy "tasks", such as $30 for entering a prize competition each time.

Social Bounty's only aim is to collect users' personal data and sell it to third-party spammers (i.e. illegitimate advertisers). The "tasks" such as prize draws, opinion polls and surveys are all fake. They all offer a chance to win fairly valuable prizes in exchange for users' full personal detail including their email address, phone number, and street address. Of course, there are no such prizes and no one's going to win.

It means there are two tricks to scam new users;

  • The easy money ($25 just for signing up, $10 for referring to others and $10-50 for each "task") will keep them hooked, and
  • Winning prizes will encourage them to give out their real personal detail (e.g. "Which address do you want your winning prize to send to?")

As for all the payments - of course it's never going to pay a penny. When a user requests to withdraw it, the request will simply be ignored and the user's access to Social Bounty will soon be blocked. Eventually it will shut the site down and that'll be the end of it. 

Social Bounty Scam Review

How Do We Know This Is A Scam?

Because the same person (or a syndicate) has been playing the same tricks, using numerous websites with the same layouts and the catchphrase ("Make $500 Today" "We are the No. 1 influencer's network") over & over again. If you click to view the "help video" within Social Bounty's dashboard, you'll discover that the video is about another identical scam ViralMarket.

SocialBounty ViralMarket

Who Are The Target Victims?

There are a few reasons that the target victims may be primarily naïve teenagers. Because;

  • The fake prizes often include game-related items such as consoles, apps and vouchers, as well as $100 McDonald's gift vouchers.
  • Social Bounty specifically invites anyone aged 13 or over.
  • It claims to be an "influencers' club", targeting influencer-wannabe's who have no idea as to what takes to become one.

Using a Photo of a Murderer!

The testimonials are all fake. These people always use random stock photos, and the photo of the woman ("Maria") is taken by a Brazilian photographer, available on Unsplash. The same woman appears on another dodgy site called, most likely to be owned by the same scammer because of the uncanny similarity of the site appearances, and there's one more reason.

Social Bounty Fake Testimonial 1

The woman appears as "Kiya Kramaric, the CEO" on the Youtustar site. But on the Social Bounty's "About" page, the CEO of Social Bounty is also Kiya Kramaric. (But her photo appears as a user named Maria). All made up, you see.

On the other hand, the photo of the boy who appears to leave a (fake) testimonial for Social Bounty is actually a chilling teenage murder suspect from 2013 ( Obviously his name's not Jerome. How the scammer randomly chose to use a photo like that, it's pretty morbid, isn't it?

Social Bounty Fake Testimonial 2

Anyway, the testimonials are totally fabricated. It does NOT let you have any money like this fictitious woman claims, and the boy has NOT been using Social Bounty for 2 years - the site was only created earlier this month (January 2020)!

Fake Company

The terms & conditions say that this site is owned by Social Bounty, PTY, Melbourne, Australia, but such a business registration cannot be found. Also on the Social Bounty's homepage says its address is 970 Pine Road, West Deptford, NJ 08096. If you google search this address, there is no "Pine Road" - there is Pine Avenue, but no number as large as 970 exists. It shows that the company is also totally fictitious.

Falsely Appears To Be Legit

Upon registration, it will prompt the user to decide how they want to get paid - via PayPal, CashApp, by Bitcoin or by bank check, just to appear that Social Bounty is seriously prepared to pay. (But it won't!)

Another thing is the "Fraud Policy" page - it tries to prohibit users from cheating, threatens to terminate their account and ban them permanently otherwise. The actions of which include;

  • Repeatedly clicking your own referral link
  • Using a VPN to click your own referral link
  • Sending fake traffic to Social Bounty site

Basically it tries to appear strict to divert the users' attention from its own fraudulent activities!

Easy Way To Make Money?

Here's my crucial advice to you if you are new to online marketing, online business, or whatever way to make money using your spare time.

Don't ever trust anyone who introduces their "make-money" method and tells you that it's easy. They are either (a) fibbing or (b) not understanding. I tell you what these mean.

  • (a) Fibbing - they're trying to sell you their affiliate product for a commission. They know that you can't make money by using the product "easy".
  • (b) Not understanding - they think it's easy but they haven't actually got paid as yet. Sounds familiar? Yes, just like Social Bounty. You see your account balance increase as you share your link and complete tasks. You think your wealth is guaranteed, but it hasn't physically sent ANY money yet (and it will never do!)

Never Stop Learning

Let me repeat this; there really is no way of making money online without learning the techniques. Not difficult to learn, but you have to learn, and keep listening to the experts for their tips and advice. Even expert entrepreneurs - no matter how successful they are - never stop learning. We all have to keep up with the latest trends and technology updates.

So don't believe in such "easy tasks" like surveys and prize competitions - they're NOT tasks. You'll only earn a good income for the amount of time and effort that you put in. If you want to know how to make a passive income from affiliate commissions and receive the first 10 lessons for free, join me from the link below. All the tools, training and active community in one.

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Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

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  1. Ah! Not only social-bounty but there are many similar sites that scamming people. Same template and content. I’ve also reviewed the same but these scammers are operating in different domains. If this is fair, the admin of this website can allow his readers to read my content also. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Ray! I’m redirecting people to this post – Socialbounty review. I hope people can learn more from you. Thanks for approving my comments.

  2. Seriously i thought it was too good to be true. i did everything and my cash out offer was rejected and i got frustrated. so anyone know any legit sites to make actual money?

    1. Hi Sophia, thanks for your comment, and sorry to hear about your experience. I’m afraid I can confirm that there is absolutely NO site that “makes money for you” but we all have to make our own legit site to make money. What I mean by that is, to make money, somebody has to pay for it. So you build your own blog website or YouTube channel…or podcast channel…that appeals to the public. Your audience will pay for the ads or products and you’ll receive a commission.

      Of course, there are other legit sites that “let you” make money such as surveys-for-cash, but they only pay a few dollars for all the effort you put in. There’s no easy way.

  3. Wow! Thank you Ray for telling the truth. I only signed up a few days ago and tried sharing with some people I know. I must admit I have been excited but thought it was too good to be true. But I didn’t know it was all scam. Thank you for saving me from wasting time! Have a good day.

    1. Hi Nevil, thanks for sharing your experience. There are many other similar sites to Social Bounty, offering the same false promises. Now you’ll know instantly when you see one from the way it looks. Thanks for your comment, I wish you all the best!

  4. He is not selling people social bounty. it’s free to join. He is not charging people so it’s ok if someone doesn’t believe it you can try it.

    1. Hi Cam, yes it is free but it’s a trap, as I explained in the post. If you really want to try, I suggest that you sign up using a fake email address and never give out your real identity. Whatever you do, you’re not gaining anything from it.

  5. Social Bounty was a forum about 10 years ago but the site had too many ads and people started to complain about it. It became unusable and one day it was shut down all of a sudden. It may be owned by the same guy? If you know can anybody remember the name? Thanks

    1. Hi Tylan, thanks for the info but it may be a different site, owned by someone else, e.g. (This one is The scammer has created various sites that sound similar to an authentic site in the past, such as “swagpay” against “SwagBucks” to confuse new users. I didn’t know about the original Social Bounty though. Thank you Tylan.

      1. yes I am another sucker with social bounty, I finished my 10 tasks and 10 referrals and 20 hits and I should be able too withdraw $2127 or 3177 Aust dollars and according too website i did all steps right and my nam ed appeared in notifications on top of page as being paid. But in 3 days time when i checked if i got paid well i could not log in because password was changed and I was blocked from my account. Yes I was scammed once again but thank goodness I lost no money keep fingers crossed

        1. Hi Trevor, thanks for your comment. The good thing is if you see a similar site in the future, you’ll know you have to stay away. And more importantly, you know that those “tasks” are not tasks worth getting paid money for. You know what it is to work online. I wish you all the best!

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