LeadsLeap Review – The Secret Is In The “Tracker”

LeadsLeap is all about generating traffic/leads and list building. It offers many useful tools to advertise your website and affiliate links - and it's free. Whether you have your own website or advertise your business elsewhere, LeadsLeap is powerful and definitely beneficial to you (since it's free!) There's nothing to lose and no reason why you shouldn't give it a try. Today in my LeadsLeap review, I'll show you what you can do with it.

LeadsLeap Review

Make Money While Surfing Ads (Very Little!)

If you think, ah, it's another ad exchange... Yes it is, and just skip this section because it gets better later on.

You can create your own ads​ with an affiliate link (or link to any site, subject to approval by admin) within LeadsLeap, which are viewable by other members. In order to create an ad, you need to earn credits. And in order to earn credits, you need to view at least 10 ads for at least 5 seconds each per day.

PRO: You don't have to advertise yourself, you can keep viewing other members' ads, build credits and cash them.

PRO: Slightly different from other ad exchange sites. You don't have to "buy adpacks" like a lot of others do. LeadsLeap ads don't come with a timer and, you will earn credits every 5 seconds for up to 3 minutes. It means (a) you must wait for 5 seconds before you open another ad to earn credits, but (b) you can view the same ad for as long as you like, and you'll still keep earning credits every 5 seconds, but maximum of 3 minutes per ad.

CON: You earn very little. Your earnings are derived from 5-10% of LeadsLeap's income so how much you can get varies, but roughly we're taking about viewing 500-1,000 ads in order to earn $0.10.

LeadsLeap Credit Ad

So you might as well use the credit to advertise yourself. Placing an ad is super easy. Insert the destination URL, ad title and text. Choose the category and type of ad you want, then submit.

CON: The thing is, your credit will be forever zero because the moment you earn a credit by viewing another member's ad, that credit will be used to advertise yours. The longer you spend clicking other ads, the more number of members your ad will be exposed to. If you like spending all day clicking ads, then it's a PRO, but I see it as a soul-breaking pastime so it's definitely a CON.

Another point is;

PRO: LeadsLeap claims its ads are more effective because there's no timer attached to the platform, hence viewers (other members) are not obsessed with the countdown and are likely to pay attention to the actual ads. You could probably say that again - I find myself checking what other entrepreneurs are up to. But.

CON: Check what other entrepreneurs are up to... We all know the idea of ad exchange itself is pretty old fashioned. Advertising aimed towards advertisers - you can't expect great results by targeting the wrong audience.​ They only click to earn credits, the best they do is to check up your strategy. They don't buy you, they want you to buy them first!

Add LeadsLeap Widget To Your Site To Make Money

Add LeadsLeap Widget To Your Site To Make Money

This is a little better way to make money - from the leads. You create your ad (mentioned above) first. Then you place other members' ads anywhere in your website by adding the LeadsLeap widget script. When your visitor click an ad - although it means the visitor will leave your site - you'll earn a credit. And that credit will automatically be used to advertise your ad in someone else's site. 

Actually they don't leave your site entirely because it opens up a new window. LeadsLeap says the widgets are used across 4,000+ sites.

Make Money Using The Real Tracker (TRT)

The Real Tracker (TRT) is a very useful set of tools that LeadsLeap offer...for free. There are 3 tools; #1 TRT Link tool that you can use on its own, plus #2 Rotator tool and #3 Ad Bar tool that can also be added to TRT link.

#1 TRT Links​

The Real Tracker (TRT) allows you to find out whether the traffic you've received is a real human or not. You can track visitors to any page that you own. 

LeadsLeap Link Tracker
  • The report shows the number of total visits and unique visits (i.e. the same person visiting multiple times will still count as one).
  • "Real" visits - visits that stayed more than 5 seconds. LeadsLeap treats any visits for less than 5 seconds as "not real", i.e. bots or spiders.
  • Response - when a visitor takes a further action such as clicking a button, playing a video or filling a form.

The detailed report shows the visitors by date and duration of stay, and also by the country.

  • Convert A / Convert B - this is a very useful feature. Each one provides a specific HTML code that you can place in your confirmation page, opt-in "thank you" page, etc. A and B are identical but each one provides an individual code, so you can just use A or use both.

For example if you have 2 x call-to-actions in the same page (e.g. one to sell a product, the other one to opt-in), add Convert A code in your "thank you for the purchase" page, and Convert B code in your "thank you for your subscription" page.

Leads Leap Tracker Surfing Duration

Another example is to test your buttons.​ If you place two buttons in your sales page; one somewhere in the middle, and another one further down the page, to test which button converts better. In this case you'll have to prepare two identical "thank you" page to insert Convert A code and Convert B code respectively.

CON: I wouldn't expect perfection from this fabulous feature, but I think the "Real Visits" indicator is a little meaningless. It's not like you can block the fake visitors by IP address for the future. And visitors who stayed less than 5 seconds are not all necessarily bots or spiders, anyway. 

#2 Rotators

LeadsLeap Rotator example

Another powerful feature is TRT Rotator, where you want to send your visitors to more than one webpage randomly. The visitors will be redirected to one of the links in the rotator based on the weightage you’ve specified.

I have set 3 x pages of mine in the rotator as an example, and have now been provided with a rotator link; http://trackr.leadsleap.com/r/98kf81hn (Premium membership allows you to create more meaningful link URL).

I have placed the rotator link in my button below. If you click it, you should be randomly redirected to one of the three pages I've set.

The rotator is particularly useful for split testing several different sales pages.

#3 Ad Bars

A LeadsLeap Ad Bar can be added to your TRT link, which then will be shown at the top of the link destination page.

LeadsLeap Ad Bar

I've already added a bar to each of the link examples, so you can view it from the button above... Pretty tacky, isn't it? But it's quite "in your face" which is really what you want if you want to sell. I don't think it's too bad.

Lead Generation

I think this is a terrific bonus if you want to build your leads (subscribers) and start email marketing right away without spending any money. LeadsLeap can let you do this all for free. PopupXpert will let you create an opt-in form to capture leads, and integrate it with LeadsLeap's autoresponder pretty easily.


PopupXpert is almost like a whole nother program, but accessible from LeadsLeap dashboard. Click the menu and it opens up a new tab/window. PopupXpert allows you to create not just animated opt-in forms but other animated widgets such as exit popups, slideup bar, corner slider, animated sidebar widget, etc. (All free...have  I already mentioned it?)

Link the opt-in form to "Internal List" to connect to LeadsLeap's autoresponder, or alternatively you can connect it to a third party email marketing software too.

The opt-in form - and also all other fancy widgets - can be added to your website by copying & pasting the script code. Also a plugin is available for WordPress users.


LeadsLeap Autoresponder

LeadsLeap's autoresponder is not a series of follow-up emails. It sends one follow-up confirmation email to your new leads (subscribers), i.e. double opt-in.

And it's still a good feature (an essential feature), otherwise you may be collecting fake email addresses.

Your opt-in contacts will be collected and viewed here. In order to send subsequent emails to your leads, you need to set up an SMTP mailer - if you have a hosting account with Hostgator, Bluehost etc, you should have an SMTP account with no extra cost. You can set it all up within the LeadsLeap autoresponder screen, and broadcast from there.

LeadsLeap warns that, Gmail provides free SMTP service but you mustn’t use that, as Gmail prohibits mass mailing by their terms. 

I wouldn't use Gmail, Hotmail or any free email to send out bulk emails - they're most likely to end up the recipients' junk mail folder. You should really buy a domain name and set up an email account. Any domain name service providers will let you do this at no extra cost. If you buy a domain such as www.yourwebsite.com, then you can create info@yourwebsite.com

And always go for .com domain. Don't get fancy ones like .life, .online etc. They're available for cheap but equally crappy - treated spammy and your emails will likely to be send to junk mail folders.

LeadsLeap Review Summary

I thoroughly recommend LeadsLeap, actually. I've never mentioned about Pro (premium) membership, which enables you to earn more % of referral commissions and more versatile access to all areas, but there's so much you can do for free. 

Also there's a great royalty-free product that you can have and give away to your visitors as part of a promotion. Join now and don't forget to take a look at that, too.

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