Webtalk Review [Beta Version] New Social Media Replacing Facebook?

Webtalk is a new social media network. No, not another one... There was 90% of "yeah, whatever" and 10% of curiosity in me when I joined. I joined because (a) it's free, and (b) the Webtalk is currently invitation only. I was invited and I'm an easily-persuaded pushover especially for anything that's free.

If you are like me, without reading it further and think "whatever that is, I'll join and decide how I feel", then you're more than welcome to join me. Remember it's invitation only, you can't just google Webtalk and create an account.

And there's a reason for it. If - if - Webtalk becomes one of the biggest social media networks, you'll be benefitted from it. So it's good to join as early as you can, I'll explain it later.

What Initially Put Me Off

Webtalk Landing Page Summary

Who said "If you can't explain your business to the person who lives next door in 60 seconds, you're failing to sell"...?

I've always thought that's so true, and unfortunately Webtalk doesn't tell you exactly what it is either. The summary of description in the landing page is pretty ambiguous and nothing that says screams out to me. Having said that, there are enough social media platforms out there already and it may be hard for a new brand to explain why it might stand out from the crowd in just a few sentences. 

The 6+ minute long, introduction video is a typical one of those you see in many MLM landing pages; talk a lot but say very little. You might pick up two things;

  1. Big words and fancy expressions. (e.g. "Building and maintaining a credibility is extremely important in all aspects of life.")
  2. Webtalk offers a multi-level referring system that pays you so much, it's so amazing.

Webtalk - What Really Is It?

Well, who am I to criticise someone else's marketing method? So I ignored all the blah's, picked up some key features and thought, okay, maybe it's worth joining.

  • Webtalk is another social media but it allows you to segment your contacts - professional and personal.
  • It's totally free right now, but some paid services will be available just like other social media and e-commerce (advertising, premium upgrades, transaction fees).
  • And if your referral spends money on any of these paid services, Webtalk will reward you a commission.

There are a couple of features that Webtalk is going to offer but no other social media platforms proactively offers.

#1 LinkedIn Plus Personal Network

While with any other social media accounts, you only have one set of "friends" or "followers", Webtalk allows you to create a multiple list of networks. It means you can choose to access their personal data only, professional data only, or both. 'Data' as in news, photos, videos, files and profile.

Webtalk Contact

Webtalk is probably close to LinkedIn because it's primarily business user focused by the looks of it.

But with LinkedIn, you wouldn't add your friends & family to your network, nor would you post a photo of "party last night". LinkedIn is not the right place.

Whereas your Facebook "friends" include your real-life friends, Facebook-only friends and business relationships altogether. Whatever you publish on your Facebook timeline is visible to every "friend" of yours, unless you specify who can see it individually.

With Webtalk, you can publish your leisure-related posts only to your friends, business-related posts only to your clients, work-related posts to coworkers, etc.

You could still argue and say why would you need another social media? Almighty Facebook cannot be beaten right now, and everyone's happy by using different platforms wisely. Having said that, Webtalk will come in very useful once it becomes popular. It's achievable if the users -you and me - keep spreading the words, and it might come back to us as a monetary reward.

#2 Referral Commissions

Webtalk is going to share its revenue with its users - that's not something new, WowApp is doing it pretty well. But Webtalk is aiming to develop Facebook-like advertising platform and LinkedIn-like premium membership feature, so its primary revenue will likely to be collected from the users.

Webtalk Commission Rates

It will offer a 5-level referral commissions. If any of your referrals, their referrals, x 5 decides to take a premium subscription (starting $30 per month), you will receive 10% residual commission while they're subscribed. 

Other rates including;

  • Promo Ad Commission - 2-9% will be paid out to you if your referral buy from advertiser via "Buy Now" ads.
  • Digital Service Commission - 5% will be paid out every month if your referral purchase a monthly service from a third party ad.
  • Market Place Commission - 1% if your referral shops from Webtalk's Marketplace or App Store (in the future).
SocialCPX Stats

Your commission stats can be viewed in a separate website, SocialCPX, which is disabled right now, but when it's ready your current affiliate records will automatically be transferred. 

"Invite them before they invite you!" The slogan only makes sense - if  Webtalk becomes successful, you will want to be the one who's close to the top of the tiers, right? And want to refer your friends and acquaintances before they're stolen by someone else.

Improvements Needed

It's a beta version, so there's still a lot of stuff missing. No FAQ, no Help menu, certain features don't work, so I contacted the support but never had a response. I contacted RJ Garbowicz (Founder/CEO/CPO), and received a reply from him within minutes - his team is working on them.

As I mentioned earlier, what I would like is a lot more inviting landing page - the page that makes my referrals instantly go "Wow, sounds like fun. Okay, I'll join." I don't want any of them to feel what I felt (i.e. "What really is it? Another social media what for?") 

It's still an early stage, and I look forward to seeing how this new social media grows.

Webtalk Story

Talk to me in plain English so that I can understand?

1.45 million users

Approaching 1.5 million users as of November 2018

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