What Is Udimi Solo Ads?

Updated: July 16, 2016
by Ray Alexander

Udimi is a network where advertisers and publishers exchange trades specifically for solo ads. Currently there is no other major network similar to Udimi where any individuals are free to join. So what is Udimi solo ads? Today I'd like to show you what it is and review the services I often receive there.

What Is Udimi Solo Ads?

What Is A Solo Ad?

"Solo" as in single, meaning one mailshot that goes out to a list of people. A publisher ("Solo Seller") has a list of email addresses which is confidential to themselves. You as an advertiser write a sales letter in email format ("email swipe"), with a link to your webpage, or whatever page you want the recipients to visit. And a solo seller sends your email swipe out on your behalf for a fee.

How Much Does Udimi Cost You?

You make a payment in advance, but will be charged per click. Means you'll only be charged each time a recipient click to open your webpage. Plus $3 flat administration fee to Udimi each time you place a solo ad order.

With sellers advertised in Udimi, typical fee is around $0.35 - $0.60 per click. The number of clicks starts from 50 up to 1,000. So if a seller's fee is $0.50 per click and you want your swipe email clicked by 100 people, it will be $50. Plus $3 admin fee = $53 in total to pay in advance. Does it make sense? I'll show one Udimi seller as an example later on this page.

How To Find A Good Seller In Udimi

Good sellers on Udimi

The list of solo ad sellers can be filtered by earliest available date (Today, Tomorrow....), how many clicks you want, charge per click, number of ratings, niche etc. The image above are filtered by ratings, showing 3 of the best solo ad sellers as of today. Niche can be filtered by Marketing, Finance, Health, Mobile or Social.

As you can see, the top seller Malik here, charges a lot more than other two, but while 2,005 buyers have rated good (thumbs-up), only one has rated thumbs down. It means satisfaction's almost guaranteed with this seller.

Udimi Buyer Feedback

Buyers have an option to rate the seller. A lot of sellers "over-deliver" the clicks as a complement and, in this happy feedback example above, 185 clicks were delivered where only 150 clicks had been requested. 50% opt-in meaning about 90 people of which became this buyer's subscribers, which is great.

Solo Ad Statistics

After your solo ad has been delivered, you'll be able to see the statistics, i.e. information of each individual who clicked your ad. It includes the time of the click, country, operating system, browser, desktop or mobile and the IP address.

Placing A Solo Ad Order

Ordering Solo Ads

When you've chosen a seller, the next few steps are;

  1. Choose a desired date to get your email ad sent out. The available date for the seller is shown in bold.
  2. How many clicks you want to buy - in this example, the seller charges you $0.42 per click.  So if you want to buy 50 clicks, it will be 50 x $0.42 = $21. Plus $3 admin fee, to pay.
  3. Filters - Only T1 - "T1 countries" are wealthiest countries of the world including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore. With this example, 88% of the recipients are from T1 countries and, if you want 100% clicked by visitors from T1 countries, check the box here. However you'll be charged 10 cents extra per click.
  4. Filters - No Proxy - visitors who use transparent proxy cannot be identified by their IP address. They can be excluded by paying 15 cents extra per click. 2% of the visitors that this particular seller in the example use transparent proxy.
  5. Filters - No Mobile - visitors on mobile devices can be filtered by paying 15 cents extra per click. Useful if your site is not mobile-friendly. 5% of the visitors in this seller are on mobile devices.
  6. Type - Email solo ad means the seller will send your swipe to own list of subscribers, whilst Web solo ad means they will put your link on own website, social media page such as Facebook that has relevant traffic to your ad.
  7. Swipe - this is where you type in your swipe ad. Title in the subject box, then your sales letter in the main box. As you can see it is in basic HTML format (font size, style, colour etc with hyperlink to add).
Ordering solo ads

There are a couple of more optional extras you can choose;

  1. If you're not confident enough to write a swipe ad yourself, this example seller offers to write it on your behalf for $5.50. Not everyone offers this.
  2. You can become an Udimi Prime member for 1/2 price. Normally $99.60 for 6 months, but in this occasion you are offered 50% off. The benefit of Prime account is explained later.

So in this example above, the total is shown as $24. That's 50 clicks x $0.42 per click plus $3 flat fee = $24, without choosing any extra options.

Udimi Prime Membership

Udimi Heatmaps

Attention Heatmap (Left), Scroll Heatmap (Right)

So usual prices is $99.60 for 6 months, often discounted by 50%. I think it's only worth it for very heavy users. The advantages with Udimi Prime membership are mostly to do with the traffic analysis, including heatmaps feature.

  • Click heatmaps, Attention heatmaps and time spent on site.
  • You'll be able to watch how the individual visitors use your site on video - just like SpyVisit.
  • Statistics of Udimi solo ads (time of each click, country, operating system, browser, desktop or mobile, IP address) are archived after 60 days. But the statistics of Prime members stay forever.
  • Free access to SoloCalendar.com - this is an advantage of sellers to monitor, schedule and manage solos and buyers.
  • Udimi has its own advanced filtering system to exclude false or useless traffic. For Prime users, additional filtering levels are added, average of 14% more useless traffic will be excluded.
  • Prime members can have their support tickets answered quicker. They have an access to Live Chat, which is not open to free members.

Udimi Solo Ads

I see solo ad services as essential tools in order to grow your online business. Udimi is a handy platform to find solo ad sellers. And by keeping good relationship with good sellers, you can steadily increase the number of subscribers, hence increase your sales. Signing up with Udimi is free, I'd recommend to create an account and look around.

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Hello Ray i am a new in udimi and i just want someone to give me a claire explanation how may start it, and do i need to make a deposit to start what is it the first step to do?

  2. Thanks for your beautiful post. Solo ads are essential to growing organic traffic for businesses. There are many sites from where you can buy solo ads. Udimi is one of them. Is there any site from where we can buy solo ads at a reasonable price?

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment but you’re not making sense. Solo ads are (1) NOT essential, (2) they are nothing to do with organic traffic, and (3) the answer to your question is… Udimi, right?

  3. Hi Ray
    It would be great f you could assist me.
    I have a Website with 7500 Approx with products in various categories and really require assistance in solo Email ads.
    Also, realising that Traffic is the name of the game & assistance as to best avenue would be helpful.
    Please get back to me regarding your pricing structure etc.


    David Lewis
    Shop 4 Scents

    1. Hi David, thanks for your comment.
      Solo ad traffic such as Udimi only works on a lead capture page (i.e. to collect subscribers). You have an email opt-in form right at the bottom of your homepage. You need to create a simple page that invites visitors to sign up first. Then you can promote your product to your signed-up subscribers?

      But before that – you don’t mind me saying this, but your homepage lacks “credibility” – there’s no legal page (terms of service, privacy policy, etc.) It doesn’t tell you who’s behind this shop, no special discount or anything that attracts visitors – you may want to rebuild the page first?

      I wish you all the best with your business!

  4. Great post! I am actually getting ready to across this information, It’s very helpful for this blog. Thanks for sharing wonderful content.

  5. Nice article Ray 🙂

    I would like to add some inputs.
    I would recommend Udimi and AmitSoloAds. Both of these are great and known for quality and transparency. AmitSoloAds also has an affiliate program that gives 25% commission on every order and thats lot higher than Udimi. That has helped me to get some handsome income every month.

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I’ve never tried Amit Solo Ads myself but if they constantly send reasonably responsive traffic for less than $1 per click that’ll be good. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hi Ray,

    Thanks so much for such a detailed overview about Udimi. I was desperately looking for a platform where I could promote my businesses and attract real visitors and opt-ins. I have an account with Udimi (since quite a while) but never used it because I didn’t have the right guidelines and found it expensive to just go into it not knowing what I was doing.

    So, thanks to your clear tutorial, I am going to give it try and considering the comments you are receiving from your readers, it is clear that I must go for it.

    Best wishes,


    1. hi John, thanks for your comment. Finding the right traffic sellers for your needs can be so tricky, I hope that Udimi sellers can send responsive visitors to your webpages. I wish you all the best of success. I appreciate your comment!

  7. Ray you wrote a very nice post. I also use Udimi and I have a Prime subscription, it allows me to buy only high-quality clicks. Ray tell me how long have you been using Udimi?

    1. Hi Emma, thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been using just over 3 years on and off. Yes, the prime subscription sounds like the most sensible idea! I often buy via prime filter to avoid bot traffic too. I wish you all the best of every success. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Yeah definitely something’s going on in there re: affiliate program. Every single buyer of mine seems to have an affiliate and their commission is deducted so I get paid less. In turn I only receive $4.99 every single month. I referred Udimi to someone and that person definitely placed an order but I didn’t receive my commission. When I pointed out the support said that order was canceled. It was BS because I asked him and he said he didn’t cancel it. Udimi is definitely pinching your commission erroneously.

  9. Hi Ray, I think there are mixed feelings online about udimi. I find some people say that it is a good traffic source while others say all sorts of bad things about it. I think I’ll just go ahead and give it a try to see how it works for me.

  10. Udimi is the best place where you can buy solo ads. I use only Udimi, this is a secure platform and all vendors are verified. If you want to buy quality traffic you need to buy it on Udimi.

  11. Hey, what do you think of the Udimi’s affiliate system? I think there’s something going on. With almost every sale that I make, a payment to affiliate is deducted. I’m very suspicious about this. Every buyer is referred by someone to join Udimi? Also I’ve been promoting Udimi for over a year now but all I get is the same amount $3.99 every single month although I have over a hundred referrals. I think Udimi is deducting affiliate commission from every sale, and not paying out the affiliates? That’s my conspiracy. What do you think?

    1. Hi Dave, yes I suspected that! I’m receiving a similar amount but the same amount every single month from Udimi. I’ve stopped selling traffic via Udimi because every time payment to an affiliate was deducted and I was making very little, whereas one affiliate commission for exactly the same amount came in every month, I wondered if something was going on. But I don’t want to speculate it based on that. I’ll say no more! Thanks for your comment Dave.

  12. Thanks Ray,

    I have tried sending some Solo Ads in the past. But, not in Udimi. No benefit out of that. All I felt was wasting my time with that.

    Could you share your results with Udimi Solo Ads?

    1. Hi Nirmal, thanks for your comment. And sorry to hear that you didn’t get a good result by using Udimi. With a good lead generation page, you could receive up to 40-50% opt-ins. Some people try to get solo ad traffic directly to an affiliate page, expecting visitors to make a purchase on the spot, but that’s a common mistake. Solo ad service should only be used to collect leads (subscribers).

      My typical results were around 40% (means I would order 100 clicks, and 40 people would subscribe to me) If a seller gave me a low opt-in rate, say less than 25%, then I complained, and the seller sent some extra traffic. I hope this makes sense, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me any time. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  13. I have bought more than 50-60 times from Udimi and made hundreds of sales. I’ll tell you, you will make money, almost guaranteed. Everyone should try it.

    1. Hi Irina, thanks for sharing your experience with Udimi. It sounds great that every time you buy traffic from a Udimi seller you make sales, but there must be other elements on your part (the product you sell is good, your sales page is excellent, etc). So I wouldn’t say ‘sales guaranteed’ though. If you want a good legitimate traffic source, try Udimi, I would say. Thanks Irina, I appreciate your comment.

  14. You can even not read this comments, just try to buy advertising for your business and see result. For me it is good and profitable, as for you, just try and see or buy the smallest amount of clicks and test it.

    1. Hi Franz, thanks for your comment, I appreciate it! Yes as you say, it’s a good idea for anyone who’s never bought traffic via Udimi to try out 50 clicks, starting around $17-20. And if they’re happy, buy some more – the greater the number of clicks they buy, the more discount many buyers offer.

  15. Regards from Panama ?? Dear Ray,
    I am new in this Marketing field, Dont use Udimi yet but your post about it are very good and well explained.
    Few days ago a girl contact me via Facebook offering me SoloAds service, she treat me very good but I notice that she was rushing me a little to take the service, I really don’t like that kind of rushing beat, can I trust her to take her service?
    Next thing, can I use Udimi to promote refferal links from Aliexpress, Clickbank and other to get buyers? If it so how I have to do?
    Thanks for sharing and helping many many people to earn money online.
    God Bless You!

    1. Hi Rigoberto, thank you for your comment.

      There are many solo ad sellers and their assistants on Facebook. They reach out to anyone who has has ‘internet marketing’ in their profile (I guess you do, too) trying to sell their services. In your case – can you trust her to take her service? It may be a little harsh to say this, but I wouldn’t trust her. There are some researching you can do about her though;
      (1) Ask her for her solo ad website. If she doesn’t have one, then it’s a big NO.
      (2) You could join “Solo Ad Testimonial WITH SALES” Facebook groups, and check if she has a history of delivering a traffic AND the buyer actually made some sales from it.
      (3) If you accept her order – do not pay more than $35 per 100 clicks.
      (4) If she’s offering her service for less than $30 per 100 clicks…too cheap. Her traffic’s not trustworthy either.

      Whereas Udimi, you might pay higher rates ($40 – $65 per 100 clicks or even more), you’ll find more trustworthy sellers.

      Your next questions – can you use referral links from Aliexpress, Clickbank etc?
      My answer is unfortunately, no. You can use the links, but you cannot expect the visitors to buy something from Aliexpress or Clickbank on the spot.

      Udimi (or any other traffic service) is great to collect subscribers for your website. Then you can start sending emails to your own subscribers to promote products from Clickbank etc again & again. You shouldn’t ask Udimi sellers to send visitors to Clickbank site directly on your behalf.

      I hope it makes sense…but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me, or contact me FROM HERE.
      Thank you for your visit, I wish you the very best of luck with success!

  16. Selling in Udimi more than 3 years and have good result. The fact is when you are new one and have fresh list of subscribers, you get easy money and buyers that like your service. With a time you have regular customers and sometimes it happens that they are not happy with your service, because there are no new opt ins or sales. So my advise is to buy from good sellers with updating subscribers list or a new ones that can provide you good quality service.

    1. Hi Alhamed, thanks for your advice. I so agree, new sellers often sell traffic while they’re building the list themselves so they tend to deliver very good optin rates, it doesn’t mean they could maintain the level of service over time. It’s hard to find sellers who update subscribers list regularly though, they all claim they do!

  17. Feel free to use Udimi, I do not know if it is profitable to sell on Udimi, but i can guarantee that buying here is pleasure.

    1. Hi Senioret, thanks for sharing your opinion. I agree with you, there are many trustworthy sellers with potential buyers in their list in Udimi, so buying experience is great. As a seller, you’d have to have a huge list to make a good profit but it’s about building a trust from the buyers (building a number of feedbacks) so it’s a good platform also.

  18. When I paid $38 I only got 18 opt ins out of 100c I ordered. Also the seller only gave me 10% od. Next I went for an expensive seller I paid $55 and he gave me 25% od’s and I got more than 80 opt ins. So don’t waste money by going for cheap sellers.

    1. Hi Nik, thanks for sharing your experience with Udimi. Firstly the OD (over-delivery); it’s usually given by the sellers in case there is a discrepancy in the stats (between theirs and the buyers) so it’s all at the seller’s discretion. Secondly there are mainly two different factors to determine the opt-in rate. One is the quality of a seller’s list and the other one is your sales page. A seller who charges more does not necessarily means he/she provides better opt-ins. It’s not easy & straightforward to find good traffic providers, so check the feedback carefully. Any questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks for your contribution!

  19. I sell traffic on Udimi from time to time, the thing is I don’t necessarily want customers via Udimi because of the hefty charge + affiliate charge. I normally charge $45-60 for 100c. Through Udimi I can only receive like $15-30 because (a) of the fees and (b) its own filtering system I end up sending like 180c, 80 of which will be filtered out. I’m sceptical about the affiliates as well. Every buyer seems to have an affiliate and I wonder they’re just allocated automatically rather than them actually referring.

    1. Hi Benjamin, as a seller I agree with you. As a buyer it’s well worth using Udimi, because of the safe filtering system and good support. There are a lot of affiliates, but I guess that’s because a lot of campaigns are about make money online / generate leads, so it does make sense to me. Subscribers become affiliates, it’s good, right?

  20. I totally trust Udimi, I paid 42c per click for the first time, made 2 sales. The 2nd time I paid over 50c per click but I’ve made 6 sales so far. It’s totally worth it. I have used solo ad sellers in the past and was always sceptical. Udimi sellers seem much more trustworthy. Great system.

    1. Hi Subin, I don’t think it does, I’m afraid. As I said in the post, the niches can be filtered by 5 categories (Marketing, Finance, Health, Mobile or Social). For any speciality niche site owners, using a traffic service is a waste, in my opinion.

      For example there is no solo ad seller who specifically owns a list of subscribers who are pet owners or interested in pets. It’s best to advertise on Google ads or Facebook ads.

      Thanks for your visit, any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me.

  21. I have spent over 5,000 Usd on Udimi to build my list. Now I’ve made a double or more of that amount in affiliate marketing. So I can trust Udimi’d traffic. Some sellers are rippoffs selling almost a dollar per click but I’m careful when I choose a seller. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jona, firstly congrats to you for being successful in affiliate marketing using solo ad traffic via Udimi. As you say, you need to check each seller’s reputation by reading feedbacks. Udimi’s filtering system provides good quality traffic so it is an opportunity for anyone who’s looking to build a big trustworthy list just like you do. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  22. Hey Ray can you actually make money with Udimi even you don’t have a website. I don’t have one right now, but if I invest say $50 and make a sale of $100 then i’ll Be able to start other promotions by starting my website. Also are there any scammers in Udimi? Unlikely but question just in case. You have a beautiful site and I admire you. Thank you. Kym

    1. Hi Kym, thanks for your comment (and compliment!) Udimi, or any other paid traffic services are best used to generate leads (i.e. collect subscribers), so that you can introduce yourself with them first and hopefully promote your products (or affiliate products) more than once in your emails.

      You can ask Udimi sellers to send traffic directly to a product page via your affiliate link, but I would say you’ll only be lucky if anyone will make a purchase on the spot. So I would strongly recommend you to have a website and get a traffic sent to your optin page. Check my other post “How To Build A Sales Funnel On A Budget”

      Udimi has a very good helpdesk and its monitoring systems, not just the traffic monitoring but the reputations of signed up members (i.e. sellers as well as buyers). So there is no scammer. If there is, all you have to do is to pass a complain, you’ll receive a response within hours, and if you’re proven to be scammed, the money you’ve spent will be refunded to you.

      I hope the above makes sense, but any more clarifications please don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks for your visit!

  23. Hi Ray, thanks you for your full Udimi review. I have purchased several times from Udimi sellers and it’s been hit & miss. Last month I bought 100 clicks from one seller and he gave me almost 80% optins in a matter of a few hours. I immediately thought about bots. I wasn’t happy because some leads were real but majority of them never responded to my subsequent emails. I complained to the seller and the seller gave me a full refund.

    I bought another 200 clicks from another seller and within a few hours, he gave me about 20 clicks and I made sales out of 5 of them. I thought it would be a great traffic. But afterwards it stopped for full 2 days. 20 clicks in the first few hours, then nothing. After 2 days, he sent the rest of 180 clicks + OD in a matter of an hour! All of them were useless. I didn’t make any sales, and only about 20 optins. I was very disappointed.

    I guess I’ll have to choose sellers by reading feedbacks and be more careful.

    1. Hi Sanjay, thanks for sharing your experiences. Yes I think it’s crucial to check each seller’s profile including feedbacks. Especially when a buyer who is a newbie online marketer says “65% optins! Great!”, it makes me wonder if they are real human clicks. It also proves that buyers with a double optin often only receive 10-20% optins (or even less). Having said that, I still think Udimi has a very good, strong filtering system, filtering out many “useless clicks”. I’d go for sellers with years of experience, though every seller has to start from somewhere. Thanks for taking time to leave a comment, I appreciate it.

  24. Hey Ray do you buy or sell on Udimi & if so whats your experience in terms of optins. I know there are many sellers with number of thumb ups but the buyers might not be tracking right and I want to hear an experts opinion, thanks.

    1. Hi Zed, yes I do indeed, buy as well as sell on Udimi. It’s the filtering system that I trust. As a seller, you may be delivering bot clicks without knowing but Udimi will strictly filter out any suspicious or useless clicks, so the visitors can be assured they are receiving responsive traffic by real people. As a buyer I do check what other buyers who left bad reviews actually said, and the date of the review. Thanks for your visit. For any more clarifications please don’t hesitate to ask.

  25. Hello Ray i am a new in udimi and i just want someone to give me a claire explanation how may start it, and do i need to make a deposit to start what is it the first step to do?

    1. Hi Hakim, thanks for your comment. You don’t need to make a deposit. The first thing you want to do is to find a seller. Depending what you’re promoting (what kind of webpage you want the traffic to be sent to), each seller’s profile indicates what they’re specialised in. For example suitable for “make money online website”.

      When you’ve found a seller and decide how many visitors you want to your page, it automatically tells you how much they charge. For example $38 for 100 clicks (=visits). You fill in your detail (your page URL) and pay! Paypal is accepted as well as credit/debit card.

      If the seller does not feel that your webpage is suitable (i.e. they are not confident that they can deliver good traffic to your page), they’ll reject your order, and you’ll get your money back fully.

      I hope this explains a little…but if you have more questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks for your visit!

  26. Do they deal with any niches?
    I’m selling health food products right now but I don’t have a website. Can I use Udimi, guessing they can still send traffic to my social media accounts or direct to the product page.


    1. Hi Darren, thanks for your queries. Each seller on Udimi states what kind of niches they’re marketing, and you can also send a message and ask before you purchase a traffic.

      Yes you can get visitors sent directly to the product page via your affiliate link. Though it’s more effective if you have your own website and build up leads (send visitors to your opt-in form and build your own subscribers). Then you can invite them to the product page as many times as you wish later on. This page explains: How To Build A Sales Funnel On A Budget.

      I wouldn’t recommend you to send traffic to your social media accounts, although it’s not impossible, because the visitors would have to log in before they can view your, Facebook page for instance. Facebook and Twitter have their own paid advertisement facilities which will be more effective than solo ads.

      By all means, Udimi sellers are free to accept or reject after you’ve ordered a traffic (your money will be refunded fully if rejected). So do give Udimi a try. Build your own opt-in page if you can – any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me.

      Thanks again for your comment.

    1. Hi Femi, to answer to your question, whether you make sales or not really depends on you (your site). But solo ads especially from Udimi help by bringing real visitors who are looking for the products you’re promoting. The key is to focus on lead generation (collecting subscribers) rather than expecting them to buy your products on the spot.

      Any more questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me, thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

  27. Thanks for your insight on Udimi! I’m new to affiliate marketing. Can Udimi’s solo ads help me promote others product without having my own website? Thanks again!

    1. Hi Mohan, thanks for your comment. The answer is yes! You don’t have to have your own website to promote affiliate products on Udimi solo ads. You can either write an email campaign yourself, or ask the solo ad vendor to write it for you. You are allowed to give one link URL, which can be your affiliate link direct to the product site.

      Good luck with promoting, if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks again for your visit & comment!

    1. Hi Ashish, thanks for your questions.

      I’ve recently started to become a seller at Udimi, and feel the competition is pretty fierce, means I can say that Udimi works. If a buyer doesn’t receive a good result they can leave any (negative) comments they want. So it’s important for me to monitor the progress while delivering a traffic and communicate with my buyer. I’m prepared to deliver more extra clicks, ore refund money in the worst case, should my buyers be unhappy in any way.

      Also I’ve discovered that Udimi has much more strict filtering system than others therefore it only delivers ‘good quality traffic’. As a seller (like many other sellers), I use Clickmagick to filter out bad clicks such as spiders and bots, so that I can make sure I’m delivering a genuine human traffic to my buyers. But Udimi then re-filters my traffic and does not deliver what Udimi thinks is false. So this is great for the buyers so that they’re assured real genuine people visit their website. Also great for the sellers to re-analyse their list of subscribers to improve the quality.

      Udimi is a service to send people to your websites – any kind of sites. So if you’re promoting products as an affiliate, Udimi will help you to sell more, providing your web page has an ‘ability to sell’ or not, which you can only find out by testing! I hope this makes sense.

      Thanks for your visit Ashish, any more questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me.

  28. Hi Ray,

    I wasn’t really sure what this type of advertising was beneficial for at first but you have really helped me to understand much better than I previously had!

    I see that the major benefit to this type of advertising is the ability to grow your mailing list which is an absolute must for anyone looking to make it in affiliate marketing.

    Great job! Looking forward to hearing more from you soon!

    1. Hi Alec, thanks for your comment. I’m glad it helped a little. Solo ads are beneficial not just for affiliate marketing but for any kinds. How effective it can be depends on the type of niche, the ad seller, time and day, how you write your swipe etc. Thanks for stopping by.

  29. Thank you for your Udimi review and for such a detailed explanation. I only found out about Udimi lately but I now find many sellers and use the service weekly. Is there any particular seller that you recommend, I appreciate. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Zhen, thanks for your comment. So you’re using Udimi service on a weekly basis, you must be getting optins and sales regularly from it. Then it’s good news. There are many registered sellers that I personally know of and some of them are trustworthy. (I won’t name them here to stay fair on other sellers).

      1. Udimi solo ads give you full solo ad traffic control of your online marketing from anywhere you want to work. Control any kind of solo ad traffic that is running on Udimi and use the registered traffic vendors, at various cost and instantly. Onboard changes of access from email swipes gives you access to 100s of lead generations to improve services in health, wealth and all kinds of niche selections. The integration comes with each member’s skill, range of Udimi leads that they have, and how accepted worldwide.

        1. this is the one i am searching google to read, very nice information i will share your article to all my friends and whatsapp groups.

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