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Updated: May 17, 2020
by Ray Alexander

Today, my review will explain how this counterfeit site will trick you into the silly game, and I hope this post will help you understand what it is to make real money online. is a data harvesting scam site. Not to be confused with, which has its own history but now just a reward program review site. Cash Crates with an "s" in the end is run by a serial scammer, whose intention is to sell your personal data for money. You will not get paid a dime by this site. Read on. Review

Product Name:

Cash Crates

Website URL:


Data harvesting scam


Cash Crates, PTY (fake company)


April 2020


Free to join


What Is is a data harvesting scam. It encourages you to complete tasks by falsely offering a large amount of money and gift prizes. The main "tasks" are fake surveys, requiring you to submit your personal information (full name, email address, street address, phone number, and so on), which will be sold to spammers. 

Cash Crates claims to offer a lot of money only to attract new users. $50 just for signing up, $50 for answering a survey, $10-30 for sharing a link on social media and get your friend/follower to join each time. What they do is simply not pay. When you become eligible to withdraw whatever you've "earned", you send a withdrawal request as instructed. You won't hear a response. If you email the "support", they might come back to you with an excuse and ask you to wait for X days/weeks. Then your access to Cash Crates will suddenly be blocked. That'll be the end of it. 

Meanwhile, your personal information has been passed to third parties, which means sooner or later, you'll start receiving unsolicited emails, texts, and cold-calls.

Cash Crates Scam Review

How Do We Know Cash Crates Never Pays?

Because the same scammer has copied the same site numerous times in the past, added a new name, replaced the logo and published it with a different URL.,,,,, to name a few. Number of users have already complained about these sites across social media. This proves that is just another site, created by the same scammer.

Similar Scams To CashCrates.Co

Testimonials, Proof of Payments... All Fake

The people who appear on the "testimonial" section and the "influencers" are all fake. The scammer uses these people's photos unauthorized, and also downloads some stock photos and pretends that they are the real users. These photos are reused on all other scam sites mentioned earlier. 

Needless to say, proof of payments are all fake. You know that anybody can create screenshots like those using graphic software easily.

Fake Profile

CashCrates' "About Us" page says it's based in South London, but it never tells you the address. However, in its terms & conditions (which don't really exist!) page that the site is owned by "Cash Crates PTY, Melbourne, Australia". Again, the name cannot be found in the Australian company registry database

About Us Cash Crates

It says it primarily works with influencers on social media including Facebook and Instagram, but the link from the social media icons at the bottom of the page is broken.

The "About Us" page also says it first started in 2015 ("partnered up with a series of small businesses"), but I can tell you the website was only created in April 2020 - you see it's brand new. Basically it's entirely a bogus company, everything that it tells you is falsely made up.

CashCrates Whois Lookup

Why Doesn't Cash Crates Pay? will NOT pay a cent to you simply because it's not earning enough money. The revenue that Cash Crates generates from selling personal data is relatively small. Those spam agents usually don't pay more than $2 a data, which means it is impossible for Cash Crates to pay each users $10-50 each time they sign up or complete a simple task!

It Pretends To Be Legit With The Word "Fraud"

CashCrates sets out its fake "fraud policy" and displays it on one of the pages, prohibits certain actions such as;

  • Using different devices to click your own link
  • Buying fake traffic
  • Signing up under your own referral link
  • Using a VPN or software to create fake clicks

It only does this so CashCrates will appear to be a legitimate business. Basically by saying to you "don't cheat", it tries to mask the fact that is the one that's cheating.

It has also created some fake review sites, published fake positive "Cash Crates reviews". 

  • "Fraud Reveal Blog" by Spencer Roveilli
  • "Fraud Spotter Blog" by Luis Mancionette
  • "Fraud Observer Blog" by Even Elevenor
  • "Scam Discover Blog" by Madeilaine Baile
Review Wall Fake Sites

Inexperienced internet users may fall for the dirty trick because of the site names; as if to say "As a fraud/scam watchdog body, we can confirm that Cash Crates is legit." It's all fabricated.

It also offers to pay you $25 each time you visit one of the sites, stay at least 5 minutes and leave a comment. If you do, $25 will be added to your account, but again you'll never be able to cash it out.

Task Wall - They're Not "Tasks!"

As I mentioned earlier, "$50 Task Wall" is where those illegitimate advertising agents steal your data and sold it to third parties for money. Each task is titled such as;

  • Get McDonald's $100 Gift Card
  • Fortnite For Android!
  • Get Visa $1000 Gift Card... etc.

As if you'll automatically receive a gift (as well as cash from Cash Crates) upon completion of each task. If it sounds too good to be true to you, of course it does, and it is.

Task Wall Cash Crates

When you click one, you'll be directed to a spam site, displaying a bogus offer and asked silly questions such as "how many times do you shop a week?" They pretend to be a survey-for-rewards service but they're not. They're not even prize competitions. They just flash a value item as a bait to get you to send your full personal detail. You will NOT receive anything in return - all you will start receiving is spam emails, marketing text messages, etc.

So Which One Is Legit?

You might say, okay, I understand is a scam. So tell me which one will pay me the most...

The answer is "none"! There is no easy job that pays a good rate of money online. Seriously, think about it. There are two reasons for this;

  1. People get robots (i.e. develop scripts) to get any easy jobs done to save costs. AI (artificial intelligence) is already taking over some of the most complex jobs, too. Nobody needs human beings to carry out simple tasks online.
  2. Nobody pays decent money for an easy job. Sharing a link on social media is not a job-worth. Millions of people share links every single day and they never get paid. They share a link because they think it's useful for their followers. If they start sharing links for money, not only will they lose their trust but the company who pays them will also lose their trust!

The ONLY Way Is To Run Your Own Business

If running your own business sounds like something impossible to do, it's really not. Start affiliate marketing - it's a legitimate business model where you recommend products to others and you will earn commissions on sales. You don't "sell" products - you recommend them, just like you recommend stuff to your social followers. Many teenage kids start to learn the technique, and affiliate marketing certainly does not require qualifications; college dropouts can make a full-time income from it.

If you are interested in building your own website and making money from blogging, join me from the link below - this is where I learned to make $6,000+ per month online.

Any question, leave a comment below. Will get back to you within 24 hours. Good luck!

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About the Author

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. I have been scammed more than 1000 dollars so far and I think it was called cash craters but I am not so sure. It’s very differnt to me because I had several credit cards and the company say they cannot tell me if I don’t know which one. Can you help me please to get my money back. Thank.

    1. Hi Cassie, sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed, but have you reported to the police? You need to be able to explain how you made your payments, to whom via which websites, and how each incident happened exactly. Then your card companies and the authorities will be able to help you. Make a list. Good luck!

  2. Wow it’s good to know was a scam. I knew it but at first got it confused with Cash Crate com. It’s trying to divert new users to this scam site I have lost so much money to scams like bitcoin, online betting, etc. I cannot afford to waste any more money. Thank you for the info, it helps me a lot.

    1. Hi Steven, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear that you’ve lost a lot of money but at least this site isn’t that kind. Moving forward, I hope you’ll find your way to start working online. Any questions don’t hesitate to get back to me. I wish you all the best.

  3. OMG! Glad I have read this before completing the silly tasks. They would only let you refer and complete those bullshi*ts tasks then leave u hanging. Lol IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN ITS A FRAUD! Thanks a lot for this,Ray! Such a big help?

  4. I never got paid! It was supposed to be released today but the pending date just changed to 10th Oct. I reach out to the account manager on Skype, there's no response. I find the skype id to be something very shady. Now there's no other way to reach out to the support team. I am sure it's all a SCAM! If I actually will get paid. I will update the review but I doubt that will happen.

    1. Hi Shruthi, thanks for your comment. As I explained in the post, you’ll never get paid and you’re not supposed to get paid for the “job” you’ve never done. I suggest that you stop wasting your time now and focus on your online business. I wish you all the best!

  5. Hey i TOTALLY agree with you. i just signed up to and noticed that the format was strangely VERY similar to that of so i hesitatted from doing any of the tasks and went to check if cashcrates is also a spam like spinincash and i am soooooo glad i found ur review before i posted any info or completed any tasks. OMG THANK U SO MUCH FOR PUTTING LIGHT TO THE TRUTH!!!

    1. Thanks Aiman for your comment. There are hundreds of sites with the same/similar content. Now when you take a second look at any one of them, you know that you’ll just how to stay away. I wish you all the best!

  6. I have been using cash crates for 2 months.
    I cashed out and was waiting for my paypal which never arrived. I skyped them and they gave me some speech about the payments being late due to covid19.
    Then they blocked my access to cash crates sit.

    SCAMMERS!! You’ll never get paid

  7. A friend of mine suggested the website recently and I was very intrigued. I tried it out and upon doing some of the things that grant money like referrals clicks excetra I noticed that some of the stuff wasn’t actually counting right and that my quote-unquote sign up link was invalid and it was taking people to an error page which meant that I couldn’t do with my things I need to do to earn money with the web page. Then I messaged they guy who suggested it to me and he said he got paid yesterday and that he got the money so I asked for the proof and he screenshotted money on his PayPal account and that’s when I knew it was a data-mining. So I contacted everyone I sent a link to and was like sorry this was a scam. My suggestion is to just stay away from a diamond sign up because now I believe that my information is with them but if you want to do stuff you can do like actual surveys and I know it won’t be a lot but they do pay

    Thanks for bringing light to this scam!

    1. Hi Chaeyote, thanks for sharing your experience. You’re absolutely right, stay away from any company that offers “sign-up cash bonus” because nobody randomly gives money away for nothing that way. I wish you all the best!

  8. I decided to try before researching it. BIG MISTAKE! I completed all tasks and it said my tasks were being reviewed to se if tey were legitimately done 2 days later, my status on cashing out said confirmed. I was set to receive my money to my paypal 2 weeks from that day. I made sure to take a screenshot with my payment confirmation number and where the money was going to my payoal address- everything was correct. Fast forward 2 days before my cash out date- I logged into the site, and lo and behold, when I checked my payment, somehow my paypal where I’m supposed to receive the money was changed to a paypal address I’ve never seen before in my life. Since the payment was not to be sent until 2 days from then, I went back in my out and updated it once again to my correct paypal address. But you can believe that before I changed it, I took a screen shot of it. Now, here we are on July 1st- 2 days AFTER I was supposed to receive that nice big payout, and absolutely nothing is in my paypal. If you try to contact the company on twitter like they say you can, you’ll find out their account has been suspended on twitter. Only other way to contact them is via skype. Which I did- I left 3 messages for my “account manager” and they have not responded, yet. At this point, I know 150% it is a scam, but I just want to see what answers they are going to give me and build up more proof, so I can share it with others and they don’t waste their time on this garbage.

    1. Hi Kristina, thanks for sharing your experience. Now you know next time you see a site like this one, you’ll just have to stay away. You might be interested to know how they’re going to answer…but they usually just make some excuses saying you’re not qualified and will block your account. So no more wasting time! Thanks for your comment.

  9. This is an amazing opportunity to earn income! I was skeptical at first but I’m so happy I did it!

    1. HUGE MISTAKE! It may look like you’re getting money, they’ll even send you a confirmation number and everything will look legit, but you will NEVER get a single penny. It’s a scam and a big waste of time!

  10. I knew this was a scam the moment I saw it, I had seen very similar sites before and the same person always sends me emails and tries to persuade me to join some of these sites. I try to tell people on social media that they are scammers and I’m not falling for any of them again. My inbox is already full of scam emails because of sites like Cash crates.

    1. Hi Florence, firstly I don’t sell my own products. I only recommend products I think that are good. Whether you believe my word or not is entirely up to you. In fact you shouldn’t blindly trust my words because although I try to keep my opinions as unbiased as I can, it is one-sided. You should always google and see what others say about the same product. Remember, the final decision is always yours. Any questions don’t hesitate to get back to me at any time. Thanks for your comment, I wish you all the best.

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