Swagbucks Review – Is It Worth Joining?

Straight to the point. I joined Swagbucks last week, have played around with it and concluded it may be worth it if you often shop online. In this Swagbucks review, I'll show you what it is, what I like about, and how it can be beneficial for you by joining Swagbucks.

Please note I reside in the UK therefore the prices shown in this page are in GBP Sterling. I'll put USD equivalent where applicable.

Swagbucks Is It Worth Joining

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks.com offers rewards to members in exchange of answering surveys (no, no again!?), watching video ads and playing easy games. It has a point system ("Swagbuck" or "SB"), and when you've earned enough points, you can redeem by giftcards such as Amazon gift certificate.

It also offers a "cashback" on online shopping. Partnered with hundreds of high-street shops and supermarkets. By accessing these stores via Swagbucks website, you'll receive 3-6 SB's for every $1 or £1 spent, which works out as 2-4% cashback.

Swagbucks operates in 6 different countries; USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, India, but its headquarters is in El Segundo, California.

Swagbucks Daily Goal

What's The Redemption Arrangement?

So you can redeem your points in exchange of a gift voucher. It does not offer a cash back to your bank account, but instead you can receive a Paypal gift voucher, or a Visa reward card (prepaid card with some money in it). The following should give you a rough idea;

  • Typically earn 15-30 SB (Swagbucks) by answering a 10 minute survey. But that's if you're lucky. You spend an hour to may not receive as much as 10 SB.
  • It gives you a daily goal to achieve in your dashboard (shown as 40 SB in the image above)
  • You need about 850 SB to receive £5 ($6.5-7) gift certificate.
  • You need about 1,000 SB to receive £5 Paypal voucher.

It really depends on your luck. Spend up to an hour a day and, to earn $5-$10, it could only take you 2-3 weeks if lucky, a few months in reality.

Swag Button and Swag Search

Joining Swagbucks and Installing a Swag Button

Signing up with Swagbucks doesn't take you a minute. Confirm your email address and you're a member. You will be given 20 SB instantly for free, which is very persuasive in the beginning. It also suggests that you should install "Swag Button" on your browser to receive 50 SB instantly.

The Swag Button is a small icon in the toolbar. It is available on Chrome (PC & Mac), Firefox (PC & Mac) and IE 7+ (PC) only.

It's useful if you're determined to earn some "bucks" on a daily basis - it will take you to the Swagbucks page just by clicking it. 

Friendly Interface​

ClixSense also offers rewards in its own "currency" Clixcents with surveys. Comparing these two, Swagbucks has much more friendly interface than ClixSense's. Easy to navigate and easier to get into it for the first time. While ClixSense has an outdated design and the navigation can be confusing. Swagbucks I think is definitely more "inviting".

Search Bar (Search The Web & Earn)​

The Swag's search bar is generated by Yahoo and I personally find it useful. Just as anyone - Google is set as my default search engine, but I do also check my web page ranking positions in Yahoo periodically.

As the name "Search The Web & Earn" suggests, there is a chance to earn (win) SB's daily by using the Swag search bar. But that's hardly a killing two birds with one stone. With a normal search I wouldn't win anything and, ended up typing in some current affairs such as "Donald Trump" "Coldplay" "Police Shooting" "Brexit"...until I win something. One day I won 20 SB, another day 9 SB.

You can default your search engine to Swagbucks.com, optionally.


Swagbucks Surveys

Like any other survey programs, answering a survey takes up a lot of your precious time. Surveys are often targeted towards specific group of people. Unless you are overweight, single mother of 8 children, dismissed by employer because your husband is a murderer, you're often "not the right person" for the survey. Spending the first 10 minutes answering your status only to be told you're disqualified to proceed, is quite soul-destroying.

Upon completing the survey, you'll receive around 5-20 SB (more if lucky), large surveys could offer over 100 SB. Each survey tells you approximate time taking like the image above, but it never tells you what it's about. Big ones are often time-wasters - I'm a normal, healthy person and unlikely to be qualified. 

It gives you 1SB if you're disqualified by the way!​

Cash-Back on Shopping

Swagbucks Avis Rent A Car

If you think "every little helps", then it may be worth checking Swagbucks site before making an online purchase - your favourite stores may be partnered with them, offering (typically 2%) cash-back. (But not Amazon).

It's not a reduction of the purchase price. But by accessing the store via Swagbucks site, you will earn some SB's upon purchasing​, which works out as equivalent to a percentage of "cash-back".

Swagbucks Walmart cash back

Walmart (US) currently offers 7% - 7 SB per $1 spent. You spend $100 on grocery and receive 700 SB, which doesn't sound too bad.

Big Bucks Offers

There are some big special offers, typically by signing up with​ an online casino or betting agent.

Casino Betting bonus

By signing up with a casino to receive 3,000 SB, that's equivalent to £15 ($20) Paypal voucher. See my ClixSense Review - the same betting shop Ladbrokes popping up here again, but the offer is not as good as in ClixSense. I've decided not to proceed a trial on any of these this time. It may be worth giving it a try, but with caution!

Referral Program

Refer someone to Swagbucks and you'll receive 10% of whatever they earn. You can refer your friends by sending an email from your dashboard, or you'll have your own referring link which you can send to anyone....like I'm doing now! http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/raymundoww


Swagbucks is there for you to save a little money on online shopping and provides an opportunity to earn a gift voucher (most notably Paypal and Amazon) every now and again.

You web search on a regular basis, right? I use search engines daily, if not hourly. I Google by words and phrases at least 100 times a day. For that reason I've started using the Swagbucks search bar (=Yahoo generated) in conjunction with Google. If I win some SB's, lucky. Then I'll see how long it will take to earn my first £5 Amazon voucher. I'll let you know in this space.​

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