MoneyGuru Scam Review – How Much Can You Make?

By Ray Alexander

Note that this MoneyGuru review is about a scam site,, not to be confused with which is a legitimate and useful loan-lender comparison site. Obviously intended to confuse users, not only is it deceiving the public but it's harming the reputation of the real business. Today my review will explain why you should stay away from this scam site to protect your personal identity. Read on.

MoneyGuru Review

Product Name:

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Data harvesting scam


MoneyGuru, BV, PTY. (fake company name)


Free to join


What Is is a data harvesting scam. It works in partnership with fake advertising agencies who offer fake gifts and prize competitions in exchange for completing "tasks". Your "task" is to answer a few silly questions such as "Do you like to shop online?" and to install some random apps on your phone. But to complete each task, you're required to submit your full personal detail - full name, email address, street address, date of birth, phone number...all of which will be sold to third-party spammers. 

The gifts are fake, you'll never receive any of them. Instead, you will start receiving unsolicited emails, sales texts and cold-calls from companies that you've never heard of.

MoneyGuru Scam Review

MoneyGuru's aim is to get as many people to submit their personal data, so that the scammer can receive commissions from those illegitimate advertising agencies. So it falsely offers an unusually high value of cash such as;

  • $10 just for signing up.
  • $5 each time you complete a "task".
  • $5 for each friend/follower that you refer to.
  • $10 for posting your referral link on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or TikTok.)

Your MoneyGuru account balance will certainly increase each time you complete one of these, but you'll never be able to cash it. When you actually send a withdrawal request, it will reply to say you're not eligible. Shortly after that, your MoneyGuru account will be abruptly canceled. You'll no longer have access, and that'll be the end of it.

Basically, everything that's being said in site is untrue. You'll never get paid a single dime from it, and you'll potentially risk exposing your personal data to fraudsters instead.

Serial Scammer, Fake Testimonial Fake Testimonial

MoneyGuru is actually a copy site of - as you can see, the exact photo of the man who claims to have made a lot of money with MoneyGuru also appears on This is just a stock photo used by many other sites. The man's name is not "Matthew Young" like it's claimed, he's just a stock photo model.

If you check "" on social media, you'll find quite a few complaints from the users, and GoEarn is, in turn, a copy site of other similar scam sites such as FameCash, InfluencersEarnCashGem, Paid2Share...and so on. So this proves that MoneyGuru has been created for exactly the same intention by the same scammer.

Is This The Scammer?

MoneyGuru Scammer

The owner of is unknown, but the man who appears in the video on the homepage is either partly or wholly responsible, for telling users that he's earned over $7k with this site and giving instructions. The same video clip can be found on multiple YouTube channels, which means either the same person or a syndicate has been uploading this video multiple times in an effort to maximize the exposure to YouTube viewers. 

Just to be clear (in case you're still confused), the amount of over $7,700 showing on the screen means that he only earned it within the MoneyGuru site. But it's not real money, he can never actually have it in cash.

If this man is the scammer himself, he'll be damned. But if he's just a user, he should be ashamed of himself for publicly recommending a scam.

So Why Do Some People Say They've Made Money?

As I explained earlier, you can "earn" as much as you want within your MoneyGuru account, but you can never withdraw a penny out of it. If this man is not the scammer himself but just a user, he "believed" he had earned over $7k at the time of recording the video, and was trying to refer MoneyGuru to as many people to earn even more money. 

You may see some others (mostly teenage kids) promote MoneyGuru for the same reason - they may say "I got paid today!" just to get referrals but they don't know the fact that they won't be able to actually cash any of it. 

Fake "Task Wall"

Think about it this way, then you'll understand why these tasks are fake. Why would anyone pay cash and fairly big rewards like gift cards and game software to some random users (=you) for answering silly questions and submitting personal detail?

These rewards are valuable, and companies may give out valuable stuff for free sometimes - only if they consider it beneficial to them in the long run, right? They give out free stuff to their regular customers out of goodwill, as a way of 'thank-you', so that the customers will spend more money on their products in the future. Nobody would waste their money by giving out stuff to random internet users. That would be unethical!

Review Wall - Malicious Attempt! Review Wall

"Review Wall" section is there in a malicious, gloomy attempt to deceive new users. 4 x review sites are listed, they're all named "Scam Alert Blog", "Fraud Observer Blog", and so on as if they are some kind of watchdog sites. All of the 4 blogs basically say, "Our site is about spotting various online scams, but after our investigation, we can confirm that MoneyGuru is legit." They've obviously been written by an insider, using fake names.

$1 will be awarded to your account each time you visit one of the sites, stay on the page for at least 5 minutes, and leave a comment.

The scammer is trying to get these sites ranked on Google by getting people to visit for more than a few minutes. Nice try, but the Google algorithm doesn't quite work like that.

Anyway, if you visit one of these pages, $1 will indeed be added to your MoneyGuru account, which again, will not be real money. You won't be able to cash it.

Risk of Identity Theft

If you think, yeah, I wouldn't mind being bombarded with spam emails, I don't check them anyway... You might also want to keep the worst-case scenario in mind. Because I can tell you that the personal data that spammers passing around is not security-protected. (I saw a few sets of database going around when I was involved with a solo ad business.) You never know who's hand your information will end up with; fraudsters, hackers can use it to access your bank account or borrow a large sum of money in your name, if worse comes to worst. Let's hope that kind of thing won't happen to you from this particular scam site. But this is how identity theft starts. So keep it in mind, stay away from MoneyGuru scam!

The Fake Sponsorship Information

MoneyGuru Fake Sponsorship

On the homepage, MoneyGuru claims to be sponsored by some major brands, including Amazon, Epic Games, Burger King, etc. It just simply says, "Their support helps make it possible to accomplish all that we do" but it doesn't anything further. Sponsorship is not a charity donation, there should be a mutually beneficial business transaction between MoneyGuru and each of these brands. With no valid explanation, it's clear that the information is fake and the scammer has used the brand logos to make the site look credible.

Fake Company

Talking about sponsorship - some legal information is displayed underneath the MoneyGuru's address on the homepage; VAT number and the Dutch "Chamber of Commerce" registration number. Very stupid thing to do for two reasons;

  1. Each of these numbers is unique and easily identifiable by searching, and
  2. It makes no sense that a company shows these registration numbers on the website without describing the real nature of the business (what kind of value it provides to its customers.)
MoneyGuru Fake Address

Anyway, I googled the numbers and found out that MoneyGuru had simply copied information from "The Next Web" site, run by a tech media company, pretending as if its own.

However, on its terms & conditions page (, the company name claims to be "MoneyGuru BV, PTY" which cannot be right. It claims to have an office in Melbourne, Australia, but the address is incomplete, and such a company cannot be found in the Australian company registration database (similar company names can be found but they're clearly unrelated.) 

MoneyGuru Fake Australian Address

Payment Method - Delete Your Information Now!

Upon logging on to MoneyGuru for the first time, you'll be prompted to enter your preferred payment method (how you want to receive your money) - it claims to pay you either via PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, by Bitcoin or by mailed check.

The scammer's only doing this in an attempt to make it look real ("Get ready to receive your payment now!") As I've already explained, they'll never make any payments to you. 

Although the site itself is encrypted, you'll never know how the owner of MoneyGuru or anyone can access your saved information, so if you've entered your information already, I suggest that you should log back in and delete it (or replace it with fake address instead) now.

Now The Reality - Have You Actually "Earned" Money?

I hope you understand by now that any money that you may have "earned" with cannot be cashed. No point wasting any more of your precious time with it, you'd better stop it all right now. Well, if you still don't believe me, you can keep trying, but you know the consequences - hundreds of previous users (if not thousands) tried to "withdraw cash" and miserably got blocked access to their account.

Now, here's the reality. What tasks have you done to deserve money? Installing an app, answering a silly survey question, or sharing a link on social media here & there is not a task. Even children can do these tasks, in fact, bots can do these tasks. Nobody pays that kind of money for barely a "task", you see what I mean?

4 Ways To Make Money Online

If you want to seriously start making money but have yet to decide what you should be doing... The first thing you can do is to check the following 4 options and eliminate what you don't want to do - it should be easy for you to decide and you can start forming your ideas.

Option 1: Use Reward Programs

Use a reward program (or called "GPT - Get Paid To" sites), they look like MoneyGuru but legitimate, like Swagbucks and Clixsense. Anybody can do it, and the pay rates are so low. No one pays decent money for doing the job that anyone can do. All you do is clicking. Not using your brain. You'll spend a lot of unproductive hours just to earn a few cents.

Option 2: Work For Someone Else

You can find an employer online and work for them by using your skills. Data processing, virtual assistant, designing, developing, etc. The hardest part is to get someone to hire you. It works just the same as your local job search, if not harder - just like you don't trust anyone on the internet, no employer will trust you unless you can prove your skill them and convince them to hire you.

Option 3: Investments

Avoid any invitations from anyone online at all costs! People often message you to tell you how you can make good profits with Bitcoin, Forex and various other investment options. They're just trying to sell for a commission and, what they don't tell you that the risk of losing it all. You need to have good knowledge of a particular option and enough money with you before you start investing. And if you did have good knowledge, you wouldn't be reading this!

Option 4: Start Your Own Business

The only way to make decent money at your own pace is by starting your own business. To simply put, you will earn money because other people pay for it. You can sell your skills as a freelancer, and you can start your own drop-shipping (e-commerce) site which I personally think is hard to establish nowadays. What I recommend you do is to start affiliate marketing - to promote other peoples' products and receive a commission.

Affiliate Marketing

First, there are a few basic winning formulas that you need to learn. Then there are some different ways of promoting affiliate products. Some people sell shiny objects incognito, which works when it works (!) but that's not the way I recommend. You see, there are enough "good products" in this world. What I mean is that fewer people solely look for value for money and more people look for products that are recommended by someone trustworthy. You can be totally yourself and monetize your genuine passion by being a trustworthy affiliate marketer. If you want to know more about it, join me from the link below and see if this something you want to pursue. Good luck!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
May 2021: $4,299.00

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Thanks, this really help, so now how do we kniw the legit online business so as to be engaged because i need to make the best use of my phone and time online

    1. Hi Moreblessing, thanks for your comment. A “business” is something that you run, so the first thing you need to do is to learn how any particular model works – what you sell, how you sell, who pays money and what portion is your profit. There’s no such thing as a “new legit online business”. It’s all about discovering the audience (who pays money to you!) You do need a desktop/laptop to start running a proper business but meanwhile you can learn the technique using your phone. I recommend Simple Traffic Blueprint, see if you’re interested. I wish you all the best!

  2. Hie Thank you a lot for this usefull information. I had opened account with hoping to earn some money. Last time I lost about USD65 to a fake investment site called . There are many fake sites. Keep on updating us. Thank you

  3. Thanks a lot for making me not to waste my time and data on something that won't profit me. I received a referral link and info about this Site from my facebook friend, I asked her for proof but she said she haven't cashed out. I decided to search on goggle If is legit and I landed here, Exposing me to the real fact about the site which is that they don't pay. Thanks once again…..

  4. Hello Friend. I'm from Brazil and this scam got here too. I received a referral link from a close person and started doing research to understand it better, and that brings me here. Many people are spreading this misleading proposal. It is unfortunate to know that they will not receive their payments. Tell me something: do you know that those responsible for this type of fraud are prosecuted and arrested? Thanks for listening.

    1. Hi Susana, thanks for your comment. No they’re simply lying like a 5-year old kid and haven’t stolen anyone’s money, so they can’t be “arrested and prosecuted”. No one can claim any money against them because they haven’t really done anything that’s job’s worth. We just have to be aware of spamming and stay away from any sites like this one. Thanks Susana, I wish you all the best!

  5. I knew it was scam but it’s good for me to know this now because somebody called Shaun Dylan try to get me to join again & again I never signed up with him. he said you can start your business now with I emailed back to complain but he ignored. If Shaun Dylan emails you be careful. he’s a scammer.

  6. Some ppl say they got money an he said u can make money wit a phone asap then how come ru saying all lyers? 💰

    1. Hi Sophie, yes they are either lying to you to get a referral credit and/or are carried away just by looking at the credit balance. Little do they know is that they’ll never be able to cash it.

  7. Interesting article and subject!
    How about photography as a way to make money!?
    Making money with photography sounds like the stuff of dreams, doesn’t it? Especially if you’ve loved picking up a camera and getting creative for as long as you can remember.

    You’d get to indulge in one of your true passions on a daily basis, finely tune your skills, learn more about humans and what makes them tick, create beautiful pieces of art and still manage to pay your bills at the same time.

    You could wave goodbye to your unfulfilling 9-5, stop having to answer to your boss and start living life on your own terms.

    It’s not going to be easy, of course.

    If anyone is interested I've written a 'how to guide for how to make money with photography' here:

    Hope we can all make some more money online and especially with photography.

    Let me know if I missed anything or you have any other good ideas, I'm always trying to learn more. 🙂



    1. Hi Franklin, thanks for your suggestion but your comment is unrelated to the post, and I’m afraid I don’t agree with the idea of recommending “photography as a way to make money” to anyone. Obviously you need a relevant technique, and if you do have a technique you would have considered it already by now. I wish you all the best.

  8. I read your article. so, this is a nice article. i have not tried MoneyGuruScam it’s nice to know that this is scam. Also I understand your business options it is very useful for me because my company is trying to let me go in the next 2,3 months I really have to start something. Thank you for your information.

    1. Hi Marco, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear that you may be losing your job. I’m afraid setting up your own online business will take time, and you won’t be able to see instant results… You may have to look for a new job elsewhere, but meanwhile I suggest that you start learning techniques and build your skills. Sooner the better. I wish you all the best!

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