2Captcha Review – Your Life Deserves Better Than This

Updated: August 2, 2020
by Ray Alexander

One of the popular suggested "ways to make money online" is by solving CAPTCHAs. Well, that's what we often hear. If you've been looking for a 2Captcha review, hoping to make some extra income using your spare time, let me stop you there, because it ain't worth it. Whoever suggests captcha-solving as an online job option, they're being pretty irresponsible as far as I'm concerned. It barely pays, it wastes a lot of your precious time, and it's soul-crushing. Not healthy! Your life is worth much more than captcha-solving, I would say. 

2Captcha Review

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What Is 2Captcha?

CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart", and you know what it is. The one where you're asked to retype the word written in a skewed font or click images of traffic lights, crosswalks, and fire hydrants to prove that you're not a robot.

CAPTCHA recognition services exist to help those who need to bypass the test for whatever reasons. You'll be working for 2Captcha, which means you'll get paid by solving CAPTCHAs on their customers' behalf. The customers' captcha data will be sent to you via API, you solve it and submit it. The solved captcha will then be transmitted back to the customers' app.

2Captcha has been around since 2014. It's perfectly legit as far as the service is concerned. Anyone can sign up to work for 2Captha, take an easy test for 10-15 minutes, and start solving CAPTCHAs right away. You can work either on a desktop or smartphone. But as you can imagine, this is an unskilled work at extreme, and therefore the pay is extremely...indescribably low!

2Captcha Review

You Must Solve Them Correctly

If you repetitively answer the captchas wrong, your account will be suspended for a day or two. If you make too many mistakes too often, you'll be permanently banned by the moderator. So you want to be reasonably careful. 

You know, we all have a frustrating experience from time to time in real life when a text captcha we're trying to solve is too confusing. S or 5? l or 1? x displayed diagonally looking like t... 2Captcha doesn't advise you what to do if you see one that's unclear, it just tells you not to make mistakes. It looks like you can pass it by clicking the "stop" button, then click "start" to resume with a new captcha to solve.

How Much Can You Earn with 2Captcha?

Well, according to the homepage, 2Captcha pays $0.30 for solving 1,000 CAPTCHAs and $1.01 for solving 1,000 reCAPTCHAs (captcha service hosted by Google). CAPTCHAs and Google reCAPTCHAs pop up on you randomly. 

2Captcha Payout Rates

And according to 2Captcha, the average speed is around 30 seconds for solving each, which means it will take 500 minutes (8 hours 20 minutes) to solve 1,000 CAPTCHAs and earn between $0.30 - $1.01.

I've tried it myself for 30 minutes and managed to earn less than 1/2 cent ($0.004). That's partly because I had to skip some of the unreadable captchas, and also because it often seemed to take a while for the next captcha to come up.

1 cent per hour

According to 2Captchas, it's quicker during the US working hours. But even so, my test experience tells me that 2Captcha would let me earn one cent per hour. If I worked continuously 7 hours per day for 30 days, I would earn $2.10. How does that sound to you?

Referral Program

2Captcha offers a referral program - if you invite your friends and they start working for 2Captcha, you'll receive 10% of their earnings as a referral commission. Your commission will be added to your balance automatically at the end of each day. Not that I'm saying you should invite anyone to join to "make some additional income" though.

Payout Methods

2Captcha Payment Methods

Unfortunately, 2Captcha cannot transfer your earnings to your bank account, credit card, or PayPal account. It only pays out for the following; WebMoney, Perfect Money, by Bitcoin, AdvCash, uphold.com, Payeer, or AirTM.

The minimum payout threshold is $0.50, and I don't know what you make of this. If you think, every cent literally counts, then it may be good news for you? Or have 50 cents transferred to your Bitcoin wallet and hope the value to grow in the future, perhaps?

You're Not Getting Anywhere With This

You know by now that there's no way you can earn a decent income with 2Captcha. Work all day to make 30 cents, is a joke, right? Well, 2Captcha is not the only CAPTCHA solving service, there are quite a few out there. But you'll be wasting your time looking for one that pays out the "best rate" because they're all more or less the same.

But more importantly, the job is...

  • so repetitive,
  • so unproductive,
  • so physically unhealthy, and
  • so lonely...

...that it can damage your mental health if you don't know how to keep your daily life in balance. No matter how desperate you may be for money, you don't want to lose your social life and daily exercise routine (i.e. even walking from here to there!) to this silly captcha solving job. And lastly,

  • there's no career growth.

Yes, this job is easier than working in a factory. No commuting, work any time you want, no boss that yells at you... But you're learning absolutely nothing useful from this job, you see what I mean? When you quit, you'll be left with nothing. 

Use Your Precious Time To Improve Yourself

"But I don't have any skills and I don't have anything to do. I need something to keep me busy" you may say. Well, then, get some skills. Would you receive 30 cents for doing a depressingly tedious job all day, or would you rather spend money on a training course to get some online business skills so that you'll make a bigger return in the future? I would definitely take the latter option if I were you. Life's too short to mess around!

2Captcha Pros and Cons


  • Free to join.
  • Anyone can start.
  • The minimum payout threshold at $0.50.


  • The payout rates are too low.
  • The job's unproductive, wastes your time.
  • No payment by wire transfer, to your credit card or PayPal account. 

2Captcha Review - Conclusion:

If you're looking for an "easy" way to make money online, 2Captcha is it, and this is the reality. As you may know already, any unskilled jobs are low-paid either online or offline. The only way to earn a decent income is to start learning business techniques like millions of others who work from home do. If you're interested in building your own website and monetizing it as an affiliate marketer, join me from the link below. Good luck!

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