Best Affiliate Marketing Course: Simple Traffic Blueprint Philip Borrowman Review

By Ray Alexander

The Simple Traffic Blueprint is probably the most helpful, practical, and easiest-to-follow affiliate marketing training course I've ever seen. The tutor Philip Borrowman is one of the most trustworthy niche affiliate marketers himself to say the least and frankly, I don't know why I didn't try to follow his training any earlier. Anyway, I stumbled upon Philip's training course only recently and believe that it will help many of those who are not happy with the level of income they currently generate. Today in my Simple Traffic Blueprint review, I'll show you what this training is all about and how it can help you get your real niche affiliate marketing business right on track.

*** Please note that I am not affiliated with this program or Philip Borrowman, not has Philip ever asked me to write a review.

The Simple Traffic Blueprint Review

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The Simple Traffic Blueprint

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What Is The Simple Traffic Blueprint?

Firstly, Taking Action Online (TAO) is Philip Borrowman's internet marketing training course, teaching you right from scratch (choosing a niche, building your website...) to intermediate to expert level including traffic strategies, lead generation, stepping up to the next level...basically covers everything.

The Simple Traffic Blueprint (STB) is a simplified version of it. It teaches you how to generate leads and sales by sending your audience;

  • from YouTube
  • via squeeze pages and blog posts
  • to your affiliate offers.

You will learn how to start creating your own YouTube videos without appearing on them yourself. Philip's SEO tips to get the videos ranked, then to get the viewers to sign up with you before you send them to your affiliate page.

It means that you'll generate leads and make affiliate commissions without spending any money on traffic. You will have to spend some money on tools such as web hosting, but it's an absolute minimum because everything that Philip recommends is the most decent tools/services in the cheapest range.

Simple Traffic Blueprint Philip Borrowman Review

Why Do I Recommend Simple Traffic Blueprint?

I'll tell you why I think this training program is good in a little while, but like I mentioned at the beginning, I have no form of sponsorship from Philip. I'm rating it a full 5 star (which I rarely do) because I genuinely think it's good and would like to recommend it. 

Then the next question you may have is, have I made a good financial success as a direct result of using this method? My answer is no. You can't always write product reviews purely based on your own results, anyway.

I have seen other training programs that teach the same or similar methods already. And in my opinion, STB is the best of by miles because it's;

  • So transparent and sincere (=trustworthy),
  • So thorough (you get to learn some secret techniques),
  • So organized (easy to digest).

As I compare this one with many other affiliate marketing training programs that I can think of... To get to learn all this content for $50 is undoubtedly the best value, hence 5 stars from me. I hope you understand what I mean.

Who Is Simple Traffic Blueprint For?

The course is perfectly suitable for beginners because it's so comprehensive throughout. It's also suitable for those who just cannot take the first step to YouTube marketing because of their lack of knowledge or confidence.

If you've been trying marketing online for a while but haven't seen full-time income equivalent kind of results, then I think you'll find the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in this course.

This is a training course and it's not an "all-done-for-you" program. Great templates are provided, nothing's technical and all steps are easy to digest. So I can tell you who the Simple Traffic Blueprint is NOT for in a reverse way; if you're not willing to learn and cannot follow this training course, you cannot make money online successfully using any other program!

What's Included in The Simple Traffic Blueprint?

Here's what you'll get for the one-off price of $49.99.

  • 30 modules (video lessons with the transcript underneath each video!) across 4 phases.
  • Supplementary PDF materials; productivity cheatsheet and video script planning that I've never seen so good (I'm not exaggerating.)
  • You'll also get bonus access to the first half of the Taking Action Online VIP course, which is a more in-depth training consisting of 20 steps. You'll get access to 1-12 steps.

The Creator/Tutor - Philip Borrowman

Philip Borrowman

Philip started his online business career in 2012 and he says that he tried almost every strategy in the first 2 years and failed. The businesses include drop-shipping, Facebook ads, reselling templates, a "free product, just pay shipping" website, and several other blog sites. Then he made a success by recommending services and products that he had personally tried, used, and liked as an affiliate.

Honestly, when I started affiliate marketing back in 2015, Philip Borrowman was already a renowned expert in the field. I was hugely inspired by his product reviews on countless occasions, so I had no idea he, like every successful marketer, had gone through a lot of trials and failures. Philip started his Taking Action Online training course in 2018 to teach his own proven success method, and as I've already said, the Simple Traffic Blueprint is a part of it.

What I Like About Simple Traffic Blueprint

Without a doubt, it's the way Philip teaches. I've never seen a training course that's relatively short with a short video in each lesson but so focused, a lot of details but not overwhelming. Each lesson is so important but easy to follow and easy to understand. I keep thinking to myself, he either must have so carefully crafted this entire course, or is he just a genius? Or it's the combination of both?

You know, some tutors talk so powerfully that they can be intimidating sometimes. Some tutors talk about how their massive amount of earnings have dramatically changed their life and financial freedom and all. Their stories can be inspiring but not necessarily relatable because although you're learning how to make money, the money is not the only driving force in life, you see.

Philip does not do a big talk that's irrelevant to you. Everything he talks about is the actual steps, so you can stop each time and apply it to you. His past experience including failures is relatable to you. And he tells you that he's approachable so you can pluck up the courage to ask him any questions. It will make you feel you can actually get somewhere if you follow this man, you see what I mean?

What I'm Not Keen About Simple Traffic Blueprint

Well, it's not that "I don't like it" - I'm working on it. 

Not every marketing method works for everyone, and without a doubt, YouTube is my personal weakness due to a speech problem that I have.

Philip says that you don't have to appear in the video if you are camera-shy or for whatever the reasons, but you will need to speak with your own voice. I agree, 100%. I could use a text-to-speech converter such as Speechelo or Vidnami but that would (almost) defeat the purpose - you can't really gain trust from the audience by using the voice of a least for now, anyway.

The Course Content

STB is not a "brand new method" - remember, there is no such thing as a secret new method that nobody else has tapped into. STB is a proven method that I may have seen some successful marketers take. As I mentioned earlier, what's different is the way Philip teaches that's so easy to understand, and many of his own success tips - do's and don'ts - in a small detail that you don't hear from other tutors.

Phase 1: Introduction

  • Intro and overview of the strategy
  • FAQ
  • 2 x case study videos

Generally, I don't like watching "case study videos" because they're often overhyped and not relatable, I would easily get bored. But I find this section very useful because Philip explains exactly how he arrived the results and how YOU can replicate it over & over again. Usually, you rarely feel the need to view the same case study more than once, but this one you will. (And Philip advises you to come back and watch these videos again after you've fishiness the training - so you can see things from a different perspective, which I absolutely agree!)

  • Essential tools you need - page builder, free slides and screen recording software, autoresponder, microphone, and web hosting. Philip shows you exactly how you get each one step-by-step, so it's not overwhelming.
  • Live examples of his students who use this exact strategy and REAL testimonials.
  • "Unannounced" bonuses: these materials are so good, I would pay money for these (if I may say so without sounding patronizing.) I'll explain it later.

Phase 2: Getting Started

Simple Traffic Blueprint Method
  • Choosing a niche Part 1, 2 & 3

Many other affiliate marketing tutorials may teach you to plan and research a lot before you finally decide a nice. Whereas Philip tells you no to overthink it but just pick one and continue with the training NOW. Because you'll learn 10x times more by doing it than you will by “researching”, even if you fail.

  • Choosing a domain name.
  • Building a website - how to get a WordPress-ready web hosting step-by-step.
  • Creating a new Google account and setting up a YouTube channel.
  • Email set up
  • Building website: finishing touches (adding necessary legal information - all the templates are provided here.)

Here, Philip shows you how this proven strategy works; to get YouTube viewers to click the link, send them to your landing page, and get them to sign up with you before passing them on to your affiliate offer.

Phase 3: Implementation

  • Content Creation - The Purpose Behind Content

"The whole idea of affiliate marketing is to solve people's questions and queries. Your goal is not to sell. You need to put the user intent first, then the sale comes later."

This is probably the single reason why I decided to follow Philip Borrowman in the first place. I've heard many experts say "your job is to solve people's problems", then they tell you to sell every new product one after another "to maximize your profits". They're not helping people, they're taking advantage of people with the problem.

Philip emphasizes the importance of only recommending the products that you genuinely believe in. That's a huge difference, you see what I mean?

  • Keyword research - theory: The simplest way to see results
  • Keyword research - practical: It's about YouTube's algorithm and it all makes amazing sense.
  • Content research: 3 steps to distribute content based on user demand. To me, it was simple but eye-opening.
  • Choosing a product to promote + CTA
STB Building Website

Philip explains why you shouldn't promote products from certain marketplaces, but what you should promote instead. Some important tips that you should never forget in order to keep the same YouTube video for a long time!

  • Creating video (planning): 4 tips to prepare before recording.
  • SEO cheat sheet + checklist: 4 absolutely essential, simple but actionable tips to get your videos ranked on YouTube at the beginning. It provides a more advanced SEO cheat sheet that you can start using as you gain more experience over time.
  • Creating video (recording): 3 x video creation software (free slide templates, recording software, and free slide creation tool) are recommended here.
  • Uploading Video: How to upload your video step-by-step, and the importance of creating a good thumbnail. Recommended thumbnail creator.
  • Designing The Landing Page: Philip will show you how to design your landing page and how to connect it to your autoresponder step by step. 

Phase 4: Conclusion

  • Tidying Up Loose Ends: Everything you need to get your WordPress site optimized and indexed by Google. Use or a link shortener plugin and an essential SEO plugin.
  • Rinse & Repeat: "It is not as easy as uploading 20 videos and sitting back and enjoying “passive income”, that is not how this works." Once you get everything rolling, you'll need to get into certain routines. Philips shows you a list of things that you need to "rinse and repeat".
  • "Do you have what it takes?"

“Do you have what it takes to become a successful online marketer?” Philip talks to you about some "uncomfortable truths". 

Philip tells you five important factors that you MUST remember if you want to be successful online. 4 of them I absolutely agree. Well, I agree with the 5th one too, which is "stick with one strategy." Don't try different available methods as you find them one after another. Stick to one.

Here, I'm trying to catch up with YouTube marketing which I know I'm not good at after all these years, you see. If I started focusing on the STB method, inevitably I'd sacrifice my time for what I'm doing now which I'm happy with. I think I'll take Philip's word, organize some time to create videos. The Productivity Cheat Sheets will help me with that!

  • Final Overview - Most Important Video: There are very powerful tips from Philip indeed, that you ought to remember to make your affiliate marketing business a successful one.

Useful Materials

The two bonus materials are in PDF format, and I found them both extremely useful. I mean, useful. I've seen a lot of "cheat sheets", "checklists" and "mindmaps" that come as a bonus with training programs but often get disappointed to find them just a summary of the program. Some are made by using an automatic "cheat sheet generator". They're just blowing up the volume of the training content, which often makes me ask myself, "am I actually learning anything from this?"

Whereas I learn a lot from Philip's bonus PDF's, they're not just to skim through to check, but they're actionable and should be referenced over & over again, in my opinion!

Simple Traffic Blueprint Bonus Materials

#1 Productivity Cheat Sheets

15 checklists across 17 pages. It's not a ready-made, box-ticking checklist. Philips advises you how to create plans, set goals, and how you make each day productive...actually spend a day (from morning to evening) This on its own I think is a great guidebook.

#2 Video Script Planner

I think this one is amazing for a beginner YouTube marketer. Philip tells you how a video should be scripted in 6 parts. The planner is editable and reusable. In each of the 6 steps, Philip gives you an example, and there's a big box underneath where you can type in what you're going to say in the video. So you can use this format for each and every video that you create. This will help you stay focused and organized throughout.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you're not happy with the Simple Traffic Blueprint, contact Philip within 30 days of purchase. He offers "no questions asked" full money-back guarantee. 

Take a look at the website and see this is something you can do:

The Simple Traffic Blueprint Pros and Cons


  • Proven method to generate leads and make affiliate income via YouTube.
  • You don't have to be on camera.
  • The best way to gain trust from the audience. No hypes.
  • You're NOT spending extra money on traffic (paid ads, solo ads, etc.)
  • Extremely easy to follow.
  • Great bonus materials, templates and extra access to in-depth training.
  • One-off fee, 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • You have to use your own voice; if you have a speech problem like me, you may struggle.
  • Not for you if you're not willing to learn and be patient (see below). 

The Simple Traffic Blueprint Review - Conclusion:

Well, I just said it's not for you if you're not willing to learn...but if you're not willing to learn you're not getting anywhere whatever other training program or "all-done-for-you" tool you may use. Philip's training is so comprehensive that if you can't follow it, you'll really have a problem with any other training programs, that's my opinion.

If you've bought more than one "make money online" products that promise thousands of dollars of income, then it's about time you got real. Get Simple Traffic Blueprint, make it as if your last chance and focus on training from top to bottom. I believe it will help you set realistic goals and achieve the goals.

If you've already joined STB or you're still wondering, let me know what's in your mind - leave you comment below. Good luck!

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  1. To help someone has great satisfaction and I think Simple Traffic Blueprint is the one that can help everybody who wants to receive affiliate marketing courses. Thank you to this man, I fully appreciate the training & useful tips.

  2. hi alexander are you being paid by phillips and you say he's not updating website is his course still one you recommend?

    1. Hi Osvaldo, his other website (“I-Poop Cash”) is a product review site and I don’t think he’s updated recently. I think Philip has moved on to providing tutorials instead, which is this Simple Traffic Blueprint is about. That’s right, as I mentioned in the post above, I don’t get paid by Philip for recommending his course but yes, I genuinely think he’s helpful and I sill do recommend it.

      You can perhaps search on Google or YouTube and watch the way he explains stuff and see how you feel. Any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me at any time. Thanks for your comment, I wish you all the best!

  3. Hi i need ur advice coz i have tried websites too many times + made no momney. I wantto start you tube and email marketing is this one best if so how co i join. thanks.

    1. Hi Kamal, as I explained in the post, this course is about leveraging your YouTube channel and build your leads, and Philip will share great email marketing tips so I believe it will you help you. However you will still need a website, the platform where you get people to sign up. Any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me. I wish you all the best!

  4. Hey Ray, I love your review and I find this affiliate training course really interesting. I agree with you about some tutors who are hyped up and talk about so much unnecessary stuff. Some tutors are just motivators, not teachers. It sounds like this guy is the exact person everyone should follow, this is valuable information for me. You said you first met him in 2015, was he a WA member? You also still promote WA but which do you recommend more? Thanks for a good job, Ray.

    1. Hi Tomasz, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you agree. No I’ve never “met” Philip, his product review pages popped up in Google search often and I found them so useful (he no longer seems to update the site).

      No, he’s not from Wealthy Affiliate. To be perfectly honest, “WA method” is about making money purely from writing content and what’s missing is YouTube marketing and it’s becoming oldfashioned, but I still value it for the competitive web hosting plan + keyword research tool. I thoroughly recommend Simple Traffic Blueprint to those who are on a budget, whereas WA to those who can afford to pay the monthly fee AND plan to run multiple websites. I hope it’s clear, any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tomasz, I wish you all the best!

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