InfluencersEarn Scam Review – 170,000 People Got Paid?

By Ray Alexander

Is InfluencersEarn scam? What is all about? Of course it's a scam. And it's all about stealing your personal identity. When you look it up on social media, you may notice quite a few users say "I got paid so quickly and I'm so impressed! Join me from the link below..." Of course, they're fibbing. They have to - just to try it out. Little do they know is that they'll never actually receive a penny, but instead, they'll start receiving spam emails offering fake supermarket vouchers and fake COVID masks for free. That will be it, if lucky. Today my InfluencersEarn review will explain why you should avoid joining a scam site like this one, and I hope it will help you learn what it is to make real money online.

InfluencersEarn Review

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Influencers Earn

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Data harvesting scam


Influencers Earn, PTY LTD (Fake company)


September 2019




What Is Influencers Earn? is a data harvesting scam. The site is affiliated with spam agents whose only aim is to collect users' basic personal information and sell it to third parties. Personal information typically includes the users' full name, email address, street address, phone number, and date of birth. Fake surveys and prize competitions are used as bait and, users are asked to submit their information in return for a reward, which never usually exists.

Likewise, InfluencersEarn's aim is to get as many users to pass their personal information to these agents. It falsely offers you cash such as;

  • $25 just for signing up.
  • $10 each time you refer a friend/social follower (to motivate you to refer as many people).
  • $30 each time you complete a (fake) survey and give out your information.

Once you've submitted your personal information, sooner or later you'll start receiving unsolicited emails, texts, and cold calls. 

InfluencersEarn Scam Review

Earnings You Can Never Withdraw

So each time you refer a friend or complete a task, your InfluencersEarn account balance will increase accordingly and quickly. It's pretty easy to "earn" a few hundred dollars per day. But of course, this money is not real - when you actually send a withdrawal request, it'll be simply ignored. Someone may respond to you to say that there's a delay in payment, but they'll never send you any followup messages. If you keep chasing them, what they'll do is easy & simple - block your access to the InfluencersEarn account. You'll never make a single cent, and that'll be the end of it.

Risk Exposing To Hackers

If you start receiving spam emails, all you can do is to ignore them, change your email address, etc. But the scarier thing is, the personal information you give out via those fake surveys will be passed from one spammer to another. Those illegitimate agents couldn't care less about ethical business practices or regulations. It means you never know where it will end up and risk being used for malicious purposes by hackers. They may try accessing your bank account, getting you into debt by borrowing a large amount of money in your name, for example. You don't have to be paranoid about it, but these things do happen, you know.

Your "Preferred Payment Method"

Yes, when you sign up with InfluencersEarn and log in for the first time, it will ask you to add a payment method to your account profile - how you want to get paid; PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash App, or by check. Just to make it sound believable. That's all. 

They're NOT "In The Business For 10 Years"

Influencers Earn says, "Are you guys just giving away free money? We get asked that question a lot." The explanation follows, but it doesn't make any sense. They've been in the "business" for over 10 years, when they first started they paid users 10 cents for every referral, but since then, their service has grown and the value of their referrals has grown.

Firstly, the site was only created in September 2019. Although they've had numerous similar data harvesting sites over the past few years, they're not running a business. They're just a deceptive affiliate to spammers. Registration

Secondly, there's no such thing as "value of referrals"...! Millions of people share website links on social media every day, even children do, you see what I mean? Referring to someone to something is not even a "job". It ONLY creates value if the person you refer to starts to spend money. Okay, I'll explain it a little more in detail.

Nobody Pays You Cash

Has any business ever given you cash just for referring to your friend? Any brand, online store, online professional service? How about a local restaurant, hardware shop?

Nobody would pay you cash when a friend of yours signs up with them for free. However, they often offer you a discount/cashback for your next purchase, if your friend signs up and spends some money on them, right? They would give you their discount voucher to make sure you'll come back to buy their products at some point in the future. That's a business. No one will stupidly give you a good amount of cash to let you go and buy anything you want elsewhere.

The "Tasks" Are Not Tasks

As you can see from the Task Wall that the InfluencersEarn's main target victims are teenagers who may have less understanding of online advertisements. The majority of the "rewards" are kids' favorites such as McDonald's gift cards, chicken wings, Fortnite for Android...etc. 

InfluencersEarn Task Wall

When you click any one of them, you'll be directed to a spam site, where you'll be asked to answer a few ridiculous questions such as "Who are you going to use the gift card for?" It will then ask you to submit your full personal information. It will tell you that your gift card claim is "successfully registered" as if it's ready to post it to you, so that you may provide a genuine address of yours.

Now that's a "task". You'll receive a free $100 McDonald's voucher plus $30 cash from InfluencersEarn... If this is not fake, what is it?

As I explained earlier, all you will receive is a series of spam emails and nuisance text messages. You'll never get a cent out of it all.

Fake Payment Proof

The "payment proofs" displayed in the testimonials page are obviously fabricated - anyone can create images like those by using two smartphones and free graphic software online. Get some royalty-free portrait images from sites such as Pixabay and make some collages by pasting several images. 

Fake payment proof

For example, these three screenshots. This person may appear to have received $640, $420 and $1,100 on three different occasions, but the time of the email is shown as at 9:48pm on all of them. The scammer must have used one Gmail screenshot and pasted different fake images.

Fake Company and Address

According to the terms page (, this site is owned by Influencers Earn, PTY LTD, and its registered address is 330 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia. The address is fake because when you look at it on Google Maps, you'll find a National Australia Bank's branch.

You cannot find the company name in the Australian company registration database either. However when you look at the contact page (, it says the headquarters' address is Earl Pl, North City, Dublin 2, Ireland. Nothing appears on Google Maps. So the whole company information is fake. 

Influencers Earn Fake Company Address

Is InfluencersEarn a Scam?

These people are deceiving users by making false promises and misdirecting them to spam sites. But technically, you cannot really call it a scam because nothing's been stolen. 

If you've already spent some time "trying to make money" with InfluencersEarn, I know you're disappointed to learn that you're not getting any money. But even if these people were hunted down, legally the judges couldn't make them pay you. Because you haven't lost your money to them. You may have wasted your time, but that's partly your fault believing something too good to be true.

Imagine a child says to you, "Give me a piggyback, and I'll give you a million dollars" - basically this is equivalent to that. Giving a child a piggyback is not a million dollars' worth. What you've done with InfluencersEarn is not a job worth a single cent, you know what I mean?

There's No "Easy Way"

You know by now that InfluencersEarn is a scam, you'll never actually get paid anything. So which one's legit and who offers "easy money"?

The answer is no one. Nobody is a charity for random people in the world. There's absolutely nobody online who pays money for barely doing a job. So you must stop looking for "easy ways" to make money online now, you don't want to keep daydreaming, forever looking for a pitfall the never exists, that'll be a huge waste of your time - waste of your life!

You can register with sites such as and and sell your skill, e.g. designing, data entry, translation...etc. But hundreds of others are already actively selling their skills and unless your skill is unique and you're very good at it, you may struggle to find someone who's willing to hire you.

Set Up Your Own Business

You can create your own website and monetize it by recommending your favorite products to others as an affiliate. It's probably the easiest way to start - not easy to make money, as you need to learn techniques, but it's definitely easy to start. Because affiliate marketing requires very little initial investment and does not require you to have your own products, stocks, or speak to anyone personally.

If you're serious about making money online and would like to start blogging on your own site, join me for free, try it out and see if it's something you want to pursue as a lifetime career - either full-time or part-time. Good luck!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
August 2021: $7,250.00

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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  1. How do u know peopl are fibbing on social media. i have seen many of them not jst a few they all say they got money within a few days. they all liers?

    1. Hi Dave, yes, they are liars ? You may have noticed the majority of them are teenage kids. They’re hoping for others to join them via their referral link. $10 will be added to their account each time someone joins them, but as I explained in the post, that’s just happening within their account, not real money. They’ll never be able to cash it.

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