Is Affiliate Marketing Ever Good?

Updated: March 16, 2019
by TJ Salvatore

Is affiliate marketing good for anybody? We entrepreneurs all thrive to generate income and earn our living in a variety of ways through different types of businesses. One such business model is affiliate marketing. Though it can be a very profitable business model, it takes so much learning and patience to get on the track to start with. It also takes continuous, sometimes a ridiculous amount of, effort to keep the business going. 

Therefore anyone can try it out but the business model is really not suitable for everyone. Not everyone who plans on doing affiliate marketing will see success. Like almost any other sort of job, it's only suitable for certain types of people, and some just cannot get the grips of it. In this article, I would like to explain some of the common difficulties that affiliate marketers face. Hopefully, this article will aid you in structuring your business plan if you wish to start a new affiliate business.

Is Affiliate Marketing Good?

It is Not Quick Money

Let's just get this misconception out of the way. Affiliate marketing is never easy money. You're not getting anything fast either. The internet is open globally and is accessible by billions of people. Maybe because of that, people somehow get this lazy idea out of nowhere... that goldmines are everywhere and that there are many more opportunities to earn money than simply working under employment and receiving a salary.

What they fail to understand is, yes, there may be countless numbers of income sources in this vast world, but it's also extremely competitive accordingly.

For that reason, if you start off in the field of affiliate marketing without a willingness to learn numerous techniques, the chances are that you will not make anything at all. This business model takes time and requires a lot of patience.

There are however some ways to generate income a little quicker; pay for it. Invest a lot of money wisely on web traffic and advertisement. In this way, the more you spend, the more ROI you will see. Once again, you'll have to learn how to effectively spend your money. Without knowing the technique, you will be throwing your money down the drain. If you do not wish to invest money and rely on organic traffic, then you will at least have to wait for 6 months or so before you start generating a substantial amount of income.

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
May 2022: $6,310.00

High Expectations Without Valid Reason

As of March 2019 according to, almost 4.2 billion internet users exist globally, and 1.7 billion websites exist. You can imagine so many people decide to start affiliate marketing every single day, and so many people become disillusioned and quit every single day accordingly. People who start off with high expectations eventually realize that things are not like what they thought would be.

For example, if you think affiliate marketing is simply about sharing product links on various social media platforms... You need to realize that within the next fraction of a second, your social post will be overshadowed by more attractive, more carefully crafted posts by experienced marketers. But if you keep publishing the same post too often, you'll be considered a spammer. Once again, like any other business, it's very rare for someone brand new to make instant success. Never have a high expectation of the result in the beginning unless you have a valid reason.

Lacking Passion

If you don't have a passion for what you're aiming to do, it will take you a long time before you get the right result that you want. Work, hobby, sport, matter what you do. If you're not too sure about the outcome and blindly let things go ahead, you know you're not making it very far.

This applies to affiliate marketing too. If you want to believe that you will succeed, you will set a mindset to it. And if you have the right mindset, then you should naturally become passionate about it.

You can learn the skills by receiving relevant training, reading guidebooks or watching tutorial videos. But if your heart is not in it and has a positive attitude to it, you will not make it big. A lack of passion can convert your amazing idea into a failure.

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Understand Your Audience

The fundamental rule of any business is that you understand your audience. The audience is primarily determined by niche, then is determined by the brand. The product that you're marketing must generate a benefit for the audience.

For example as an affiliate, if you were to promote a "make money online" product but market randomly to the world at large, your audience would include "get rich quick dreamers" who are not prepared to pay a dime, or people from wrong countries (e.g., different languages, developing countries). Then if the particular product were "college students to make money online", any audience other than students would be wrongly targeted.

Your chance of affiliate success could be spread out unnecessarily that way and wasted. 

Watch Experts Do The Right Way

Right Way

You have to keep learning and keep trying what you've learned using the correct mediums such as websites and funnels. You have to learn or steal the "formulas" that experts have proven to succeed. You must listen to advise from others. You cannot always have your way. With an affiliate marketing model, you cannot trick the system in the way you think you can.

For example, we often see new affiliate marketers create a brand new Facebook account, "make friends" with anybody randomly and try to sell products by sending random messages to other users. They somehow believe the method will work because they think they have excellent copywriting skills, etc. Essentially what they do is spam without the slightest knowledge of marketing.

Is this the kind of thing that any affiliate marketing experts do? You know the answer. Experts are trustworthy, and trustworthy people don't randomly send messages to promote unknown products. Anyone with a brand new Facebook account has not built the lowest level of trust as yet. What they need to do is to copy, or learn from what trustworthy marketers do, before they even try to promote their own products.

When setting your objectives and planning your strategy, you shouldn't be afraid to ask experts for advice and take the right steps to develop your business in order to become a top-notch affiliate marketer. People who are used to find a shortcut for everything often find themselves struggling with affiliate marketing because it's all about building up.

Don’t Give Up

No matter how much you learn and how much in-depth knowledge you have, in reality, you will experience failures. And you will learn invaluable lessons from each failed experience. You need to have a mindset not to be afraid to fail. Would you be ready to fail a few times or would you give up the first time that you realize that you’re not going to make it?

Being an affiliate marketer, it's essential to improve your patience and make sure that you don't give up easily. It is a long journey, and you will need to work for a long period before you make a good income. As already mentioned, if you want something quick and easy, affiliate marketing is not for you, do not waste your time on this.


Everyone wants to earn money, and they want to earn easily. But the only time you find your job "easy" is when you genuinely enjoy it. And if you enjoy what you do, your business is already on the track to success. Financial success is only going to follow if you keep learning patiently, being at it persistently and are determined not to give up.

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