Boosting Failing Conversion Rates

Updated: September 3, 2018
by CyberCash Worldwide

Could your business be doing better in the conversion rate department? Want to learn what simple tactic Exxel employed to increase mobile conversion rates by 272%? Here is a quick hint. Walmart did the same and just about doubled mobile sales. Hint number three, it has something to do with mobile devices.

Infographic by Subscriptionly

Infographic by Subscriptionly

But, those are the only hints I am going to give you. To find out exactly what these companies did, you are going to need to do your homework. Don’t worry, this is easy homework. All you have to do is check out the latest infographic from the Subscriptionly team, featuring all the information that you need to know to sky-rocket your ecommerce sales. Okay, I am feeling generous, so let’s have a taste, shall we.


There is nothing sweeter to someone than the sound of their own name. And, frankly, there really is no excuse for you as a business not to use it. But personalization goes beyond that. It means taking all the information that you know about a client and storing it for future consumption.

It is a lesson that you can learn from brilliant networkers, but it is also an excellent sales tactic. The more you know about someone, the more personalized the offer you can make. It is something that American company Target does in a very subtle way and it works.


Let’s say that you lived in New York and you and your neighbor got coupons from Target. Have you ever compared the coupons that you both got? Why bother because they are both the same, right? Well, actually, you could be wrong.

Sure, there will be some general coupons everyone gets, but there will be others personalized to you based on previous buying patterns.

Let Them Shop As They Want To

You’re having a hard enough time running your online store so why look at other options as well? Because people increasingly want to be able to shop through different channels. So, if you do already have a brick and mortar store, it is time to look into adding an ecommerce store as well.

Or, if you don’t have a brick and mortar store, can you have an app designed for your shoppers? How good does your site look on mobile devices? What about arranging a pop-up store every now and again to get in even more business?

Look Into Automation

Look Into Automation

Automation can be used to great effect to improve the service offering to your clients. It doesn’t have to take over the whole experience but can provide simple guidance where necessary. A simple chatbot can be inexpensively created and can be set to answer the basic questions.

That way, the client doesn’t have to wait until regular office hours to get a simple question answered. That is a huge boost towards a positive client experience. If the bot cannot answer, it can refer the query to a human consultant.

The simplest lessons that we can take from the infographic below are that it should always be about the customer. Businesses up until now have worked on a more business-centric model. If they want to achieve success, that has to change.

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  1. Hey Josh, awesome post here. I’m planning to start an e-commerce site later on this year and the information helps to start me up a big deal. Look forward to your future posts. Kaju

  2. Pretty good advice for me thanks. I Particularly agree about coupons I receive from super-market. If they are not for food I never usually buy they are never useful but thankfully they are very clever almost all the coupons are for food I often bought in the past few months. My question is, I want to start my own ecommerce store but I have no idea what kind of software can do that? I appreciate if you can recommend one I can take a look. Thanks.

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