How to Make a YouTube Channel and Monetize It Using CPA

Updated: May 5, 2020
by Jess Adeola

In our article, you’ll find out how to create your own channel, make it popular and monetize it using CPA.

YouTube has become the most popular platform for video hosting. Millions of users from all over the world download and watch videos, reviews of goods and services, programs, step-by-step instructions, blogs, etc., and each channel owner finds his audience. Vlogging has turned from a hobby into a very profitable business.

How to Make a YouTube Channel and Monetize It Using CPA

Why YouTube

YouTube has several advantages that make it the main platform for monetizing video content.

  • UX interface. It’s easy to upload a video, create playlists by themes, and optimize content for search results.
  • User-friendly search. The search engine on YouTube works quite efficiently delivering targeted results both on YouTube and Google search.
  • Active links. For work with CPA (cost per action), this is a crucial requirement, because it would be very difficult to track orders if there were no active affiliate links. The ability to add many links to the description allows you to make lists of products advertised in the video and redirect users directly to the website.
  • Various advertising formats. With commercial breaks, advertising banners on the main page, and banners in the video itself, you can redirect users to a website or your YouTube channel.

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How To Monetize Your Channel?

  • Direct advertising. Once you become a well-known blogger with 1000+ live active subscribers, you can start working with advertisers like brands, other bloggers, shops, or services. They will offer a fixed price for mentioning them in your video. They usually don’t expect any special KPI from the blogger, the placement format is aimed mostly at increasing brand awareness and an access to a narrow audience.
  • YouTube affiliate program. You provide your videos as a platform for advertising. The platform has the following requirements for the channel: 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of viewing over the past 12 months, the use of sound tracks that are allowed for free distribution and compliance with the musicians' copyrights. All parameters are tracked automatically. If you need more subscribers and activity, buying real YouTube views for channel is also a good idea. 
  • Affiliate marketing (CPA work). You can work with affiliate networks through YouTube in the same way as through other channels: a blogger selects an offer from an advertiser who tells about products in his videos and attaches links to related products in the video description. When a viewer follows the link and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a % reward of the purchase price or a fixed amount for each order.

For more information about monetization, visit the platform’s official page

If you already have a successful YouTube channel with a loyal audience and want to start working with CPA, all you need is to integrate affiliate links into your content. If you are a beginner, make your channel using these steps:

  • Decide on a theme
  • Choose a business model
  • Create a channel
  • Attract traffic
  • Choose an offer
Monetize Your YouTube Channel

How To Make Your Channel Popular and Attract Audience?

  • Cooperate with other bloggers and agree on advertising on a barter basis. Depending on the format and topic of the blog, you can record a video together. 
  • Self-advertising. Announce the release of new videos in your accounts on social networks, add links and short attractive promos on Instagram.
  • Do SEO for all your videos: title, description, and tags. The better it will be indexed in a YouTube search, the more viewers will see it. Your video can be recommended on the search results page as well, so it’s worth working on the description.
  • Make your content viral. Make people want to share your video: add humor, organize contests and challenges.
  • Test paid context advertising.

Working With CPA

CPA Cost Per Action

How to begin working with CPA?

  • Upload 5-10 videos and connect to the advertiser's offers. It’s important for an advertiser to see what content you will be doing and what traffic you can potentially attract from your vlog.
  • Go to the program catalog (try to test as much affiliate program as you can), filter the offers by product category and select the brands you would like to work with. Browse the catalogs of goods and storefronts. Find the information about the target audience in the description and check if it intersects with yours.
  • Carefully read the terms of the offer and the permitted types of traffic, read the section "Frequently Asked Questions". If you have any questions regarding the offer, write to the support team. Find out all the points in advance and analyze the offer indicators such as CR, EPC, confirmation percentage, and cookie lifetime.
  • Upon connection to the program and receipt of an affiliate link, it's time to place it correctly. Use the link reduction service, such as The links should be placed in the description of the video. Write briefly, but clearly. Give your viewers the opportunity to make a choice, for example, from several stores selling goods. You can also add links to complementary goods, promotions, and discounts. 

YouTube Channel is a good place to work with CPA. Create informative and interesting content. The more benefits you bring to the users, the more often they will make purchases by your recommendation.

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