What Is A Landing Page Website? [A Beginners Guide By Thrive]

Updated: June 23, 2017
by Ray Alexander

What is a landing page website? Today I'd like to share what I think the best landing page guide for beginners, created by Thrive Themes. It's downloadable for free (!) it's very concise, not only does it answer simple questions such as "What is a landing page by definition?" but it tells you how you should build it effectively; when, where and how.

I genuinely think it's a very useful landing page guide for beginners. It doesn't teach you how to build one step-by-step (it will teach you further on), but what it says in every section is important. It won't take you more than a few minutes to read it, so download it now. It's free, it's free!

What Is A Landing Page Website? [A Beginners Guide By Thrive]

If you've started with content marketing, you might not know whether you need a landing page at all, what it's really for and what to promote. And if you don't have a clear objection and build one blindly just for the sake of it, your landing page can be constructed badly and it won't function as it should.

On the other hand if you've started ​your online business using an off-the-shelf landing page, with a lack of knowledge in SEO, the chances are you have to rely on paid advertisements entirely. It may do well for a short term, but you want a little bit of more knowledge in order to grow your business from there.

Thrive Landing Page Builder

Thrive Landing Page Builder Templates

Thrive Landing Page Builder Templates. (from L-R) Sales/1-Step Opt-in page, "Coming Soon" page, Review page.

Thrive Landing Page Builder is part of its visual editor (comes free with Thrive Architect). There are plenty of templates (over 150+) to choose from according to your needs. Such as a sales page with either 1-step or 2-step optin, "Coming Soon" page, product review page, webinar page, Podcast page, etc etc.

One thing I wish it had, is a preview window. The templates are listed with thumbnail, but you can't click to enlarge it. You just have to load it onto your page (doesn't take a few seconds), and if you don't like it, you have to go back to "Choose a template".

Actually that's pretty minor... Should I suggest it to Thrive? ​Maybe I should...

You could of course create your own landing page from scratch. But these templates are all fully customisable, and mobile responsive too. There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't start from a template. It could take you hours to create one from scratch in order to achieve the same quality as Thrive's pre-made template's.

Thrive Landing Page Builder Optin Form

Opt-in form is super-easy to manipulate and connect to your email service provider instantly by either using the API or copying & pasting the HTML code. You can edit, delete or even add more opt-in forms in the same page - although probably not a great idea to have more than one form in one landing page (that would make it too distracting!)

Anyway, the downloadable guide from the Thrive. I hope it will be useful to you. Take a look at my Thrive Architect review and get your landing pages to give the maximum effect.

Thanks for reading!​

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