Cash4Clickz Scam Review – Stop Daydreaming!

Updated: November 10, 2019
by Ray Alexander

If you think what's being offered by Cash4Clickz sounds too good to be true, you're right. Since when did anybody start giving out cash for barely doing anything? Have you ever received as much as $25 - in cash - from a local shop or restaurant before you even spend any money on them? My Cash4Clickz review will help you stay sane - whether online or offline, nothing like this ever exists.

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Data harvesting scam


Cash4Clickz, Pty Ltd. (fake company)

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October 2019


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What Is Cash4Clickz?

Cash4Clickz is a data harvesting scam. The only purpose is to collect and sell as many users' personal data. It will get you to sign up and encourage you to participate in fake surveys and fake prize competitions. Upon joining each survey or prize draw, you're required to fill out a form - that's where you're tricked into giving out your full detail voluntarily.

Once your detail (full name, phone number, street address as well as email address) is exposed to these fake survey companies, you know the consequences. You'll start receiving unsolicited emails, promotional phone calls, text messages and junk mail in the post.

Cash4Clickz Scam Review

You Will Never Get Paid

Pretty much everything that's being said on the Cash4Clickz site is made up. It's not an influencer network. It does not have 225,000 members, it has not paid $68 million. In fact it has never paid anyone a dime, and it never will. Your account balance will grow pretty quickly as you complete these "tasks". It will get you excited and motivate you to do some more tasks - that's the whole point of the scamming trick. It claims to pay you $10 each time you refer your friend, so more people will fall victim to this fake system.

The truth is, you'll never be able to cash it. Cash4Clickz will simply ignore your withdrawal requests. Contact the support, and you'll never hear a response if your message is about the payment. If you persistently keep complaining to them, they'll block your access, and the whole site will be eventually shut down.

Why Won't Cash4Clickz Pay?

They won't pay you because they can't. They're not making money. Cash4Clickz is just an affiliate for those fake survey/prize draw companies. Each time you give out your personal detail and complete the fake "task", Cash4Clickz will receive a very small amount of commission from the fake task company, usually a dollar, no more than two dollars. That's all Cash4Clickz makes. How can they pay you as much as $30 when they only receive $2? They can't. It's impossible. 

Yes, in its FAQ page, it says "the money is generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products". Simply, that's a lie. It displays several company logos such as Burger King and McDonald's in its homepage, which might give you an impression that Cash4Clickz is sponsored by these companies, but it's not. If it was, it would clearly say "this site is sposored by (Burger King, etc)".

Cash4Clickz Fake Sponsors

Merely displaying companies' logos does not mean anything. This is just to mislead the users to think that there may be some connections between Cash4Clickz and these world-famous companies. Cash4Clickz will not pay you money, because there's no money to pay. Simples!

It's The Same Serial Scammer

Cash4Clickz Registration

Cash4Clickz says it's been operating since 2015. If it was true - has been giving away $25 to every person who signs up for the past 4 years - any casual social users would know about it.

And of course it's not true. has just been created for the first time. The website is brand new. The "payment proofs" are all fake - can easily be created using graphic software. 

But the site is almost identical to numerous other data harvesting scam sites including ReferralPay, ViralPay, CloutPay, CashOG, ViralMarket, etc., all of which have the same format. If you search these names on social media, you'll find many complaints about them. Cash4Clickz is the latest site but it's the same old attempt by the same scammer, targeting new users. 

Same Scammer

Is Cash4Clickz Really A Scam?

The site is created with full of dishonesty and malicious intent. It may be bad enough to call it a scam. But it's not technically a scam because it's not stealing anyone's money.

Over the past decades, thousands of advertisers have asked users to sign up with their prize competitions - real or fake, users often never know - just to obtain personal data so that they could bombard them with promotional mail. Sites like Cash4Clickz have crossed the line by openly lying to users. 

The only things that Cash4Clickz is stealing from you are your precious time, and your personal data. If you were to report it to the authorities, the activities would not be serious enough for them to call a crime. 

So whatever you call it, you won't lose your money to Cash4Clickz, but you'll waste your time, pointless effort, and lose your freedom. 

More Serious Consequences

Cash4Clickz may not steal your money but someone else may do, if you expose your personal data by joining those fake surveys. You see, some of them ask your date of birth, including the year. What for? The full personal information that you've given out via a fake survey will be sold to third-party advertisers. Then these advertisers will sell it to someone else...

Spammers very often exchange a big list of personal data - I personally know some people who do it - in CSV files or text files, including your IP address. Your sensitive data will be spread, and who can say none of them along the line is a serious hacker? Using all your personal information including the date of birth, it could be possible for them to access your bank account, or borrow a large sum of money from a loan company in your name.

If you voluntarily give out your personal data to these unknown companies via Cash4Clickz, you will also risk some serious consequences like that!

"How Can I Get Cash4Clickz To Pay Me?"

If you've already "earned" a few hundred dollars with Cash4Clickz, I hope you understand that now you'll never actually get paid that amount. You may be desperate and frustrated, I feel for you.

So is there any way you can get this fake company to pay you?

Absolutely not. 

Yes, they promised to pay you, they lied to you. But their "promise" is not supported by consideration, made with intention to create legal relations. In other words, it's not worth suing them because you've barely done any work for them, you don't deserve the money! Merely signing up with a website is not generally considered to be worth $25. Sharing a link on social media here & there is generally not considered as a job, no one will give you a dime for that. 

Imagine a company promises you to pay $1,000 an hour if you work as a receptionist. You "work" for an hour, sat at the reception. After an hour, the company turns around and says "Actually we don't have money. We can't pay you." You sue them. The court will not order the company to pay you $1,000. It will likely to order them to pay you a normal receptionist job rate ($10-20?) because that's the most reasonable amount for you to receive for the work you've done.

So don't waste any more time trying to chase Cash4Clickz for the money you never "earned". Lessons learned. If something sounds too good to be true, it definitely is. All you can do is to move on.

Are There Any Legitimate Sites?

"Do you recommend any system that pays you legitimately?" This is a question that I get asked very often.

Yes, I do. But before you ask that question again, you might want to clarify what your question means - what you mean by the "system". Frankly, anyone who sells a "make money online" product but describes it as a system, is a scammer. Because that person/seller is trying to give you the impression that there is a system that cannot be explained in other words online. As if there is an unknown territory where you can make money online.

But the truth is, the online business world is no different from the offline business world. Just like any business owners describe what they do. "I own a Mexican restaurant." "My insurance company is making a lot of money right now." They never say "My system is..."

Here's something you should remember - ALL the legitimate "make money online" products are essentially;

  • Training courses.

Yes, all of them. All the products are training courses. The prices may include tools such as a done-for-you website, free web hosting fee, etc. Then you need to learn how to use them and more importantly, you need to learn the techniques to get people to pay. If you want to earn money online, you need to get somebody to pay for it. So ultimately you'll have to take a training course and learn how to sell.

How Do YOU Want To Make Money?

Let's go back to the question again - "Are there any systems that pay me legitimately?" There are two choices, depending on what you want to do;

#1 Work for someone else

Either you do a job search and find an employer (which you may not want to do), or sell your skills - data entry, virtual assistant, etc. You can advertise yourself on networks such as and You can start free. But you want to learn how to advertise yourself effectively so that people will find you easily and want to hire you.

#2 Run a business

Either sell your own stuff or advertise other people's products and make money. As I mentioned earlier, all the legitimate "make money online" products are training courses. There are different platforms - YouTube marketing, email marketing or using your own website - whichever platform you use, you pay to receive training and learn how-to's. 

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to build your own website, promote the products that you love and start making money, join me from the link below and learn all about affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate, proven business model. You can join free, but only if you want to put your effort seriously. 

Anyone can have a big dream and work hard to achieve it, so you can, too. But if you still believe that there may be some easy money system like Cash4Clickz, you'll never get anywhere. If you really want to step forward from where you are now, stop daydreaming and start working seriously. And here's your chance!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
February 2023: $5,760.00

About the author 

Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Please I need somebody to help me… I lost so much money to online betting, forex and dating scams, some of them are I’m sure illegal sites. I contacted almost all the lawyers in the area I live but they will all charge an extortionate amount of fees I cannot afford even 1/10 of it.
    Is there anyone who can recover all the lost money for me? I need a company who can act quickly & deliver service quickly. Otherwise I will be kicked out of the house very soon. I am running out of time.

    1. Hi William, I don’t think you can recover any money that you lost in betting or forex trading because you lawfully lost it. As for dating scams, I don’t think you can retrieve your money either, assuming you voluntarily give out your money. Sounds to me like you need to declare bankruptcy unless you can find a local job, but I’m not at a position to give you legal advice, I suggest that you contact your local authority. I hope something positive will be in your way.

    1. Hi Luke, you can’t delete your account completely, unfortunately… I always have a few spare (“disposable”) email addresses for trying new programs like this one. I only change it to my usual email address at a later date if the program turns out to be a legit one.

  2. I signed up with somebody else then I started to receive emails from some one called Carol she is a scam. She said active commission but there was no commission. Then she sent Cash4click link then I have seen this already before. Be careful of emails from strangers they are all scam.

    1. Hi Jaimee, yes it sounds exactly like what you say. The senders’ names are all fake anyway, and if you don’t want to receive spam emails from solo ad sellers (i.e. those promotional emails) – it’s best to delete them without opening them, because every time you open and click the links, you are showing your interest to the email sender. Thanks for your comment.

  3. There is someone called John Robbins who trys to scam people by sending emails including cash 4 clicks scam link. He sends about 3 times a day. He may be behind this scam.

    1. Hi Kurtis, thanks for the info. Spammers use fake names, and I’ve seen several of them who ‘promote’ Cash4Clickz in their emails. They may be the people behind it, or they may be their ‘affiliates’ believing that they can make money from it.

  4. Hi, thank you for the warning. It didn’t sound right to me when my teenage daughter first told me about it. I’m glad I decided to Google it. First time learning about scams online. Thank you. Earnest

    1. Hi Earnest, thanks for your comment. This particular type seems to be going viral among teenagers, the whole point of which is really pointless. It’s wasting their time, while the advertisers at the other end will not be making much money out of kids. Anyway, now you know what it is!

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