WP Online Support Review – 50+ Premium WordPress Plugins

Updated: November 9, 2019
by Ray Alexander

If you're looking to transform your website into something that stands out from the crowd, WP Online Support is the one. The company offers top premium WordPress themes and plugins as a package, all properly licensed and the value is pretty insane. And of course, it provides full help and support. Today my WP Online Support review will show you what you can get at a bargain price and how you can use each plugin/theme to grow your business.

WP Online Support Review

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WP Online Support


From $69 per year or $139 lifetime


What Is WP Online Support?

With WP Online Support (WPOS), you pay either an annual membership fee or a one-off lifetime user fee and receive over 50+ premium WordPress plugins and 10+ premium themes for free. All licensed under GNU and therefore you will receive your license key. The company provides full support as well as documentation for each product/theme.

All the available plugins are primarily to improve usability, hence increase the engagement value. Every single one of them has received positive feedbacks from the existing users.

WP Online Support Review

Why Premium Plugins/themes?

There are literally tens of thousands of free WordPress plugins and themes available out there. Then why would anyone spend money on premium versions? Because they're better, simples. 

There are actually very few plugins that are developed by WordPress itself. The majority of innovative plugins/themes are created by third-party developers, which means it costs the developers money to maintain and offer support. Free plugins are free for a reason; cheaply made, they don't require much of updates, or they get sponsored elsewhere. Otherwise they provide an introductory ("Lite") version with limited access to their features and paid version with full access.

When you start building your first WordPress site, you may not need to spend any extra money for sure. But as you go along you'll know what kind of features you want. You want to display testimonials? Cast surveys? Image galleries? Better layouts? Whatever they are, generally free versions are not as good as premium versions. That's when you want to invest money.

Now WP Online Support offers a bunch of best plugins to its members for low cost, so you don't have to shop around and buy one by one. Also it offers help and support for all of them, which means if you have a question on no matter how which plugin/theme, you can contact the WPOS help desk.

Who Are WP Online Support For?

The plugins particularly, the package contains a variety of sorts. So it's really for any WordPress users - bloggers, designers, business owners, e-commerce owners, affiliate marketers, non-profit organizations...

However it's not like you can have all the 50+ plugins on your site (because too many plugins will slow down the loading speed), but you can download them any time you want, and they're all yours. You can take time to play around with each one and find out which ones suit your site best.

Next, I'll show you the summary of each plugin you will get from WPOS.

Plugin Packs

There are just too many plugins to show you here one by one but WPOS has 3 x "all-in-one" package plugins (also included in the price). These packages are good because each one has many modules and you can only activate the modules that you want to use. The packages are;

  1. InboundWP - marketing-focused plugin,
  2. SlidersPack Pro - image galleries in various styles, and
  3. PowerPack - some of the most used features by WordPress users.

I'll now show you the contents of each package.

#1 InboundWP

InboundWP is a complete marketing package that serves multiple tasks including;

  • Spin Wheel - Visitors to fill in their email address to spin for prizes/coupon code. You can set custom coupon code in wheel and redirect user to a specified URL. It sends email notification to user about coupon code. It stores the users' email addresses and export the data. Great way to generate leads. It supports WooCommerce and EDD. 
SpinWheel WordPress Plugin
  • Marketing Popup - 5 x popup options based on cookie (subscription form, target URL, announcement, get phone calls, and social traffic). 4 types of popup (bar, modal, slider, push-notification) Enable/disable popup globally and individually. Time triggered or exit intent.
  • Testimonial/Review - Fully responsive testimonials in a slideshow and grid. 20 x predefined designs.
  • Social Proof - Display real-time customer activity data and create a custom notification popup (see image below - custom notification or 5-star review rating).
Social Proof
  • WhatsApp Chat Support - Fully responsive module to display WhatsApp chat support. You can add multiple agent, set agent status with custom messages.
  • Deal Countdown Timer - Countdown clock with multiple designs. For WooCommerce product you can add a stock progress bar. Work with WooCommerce or EDD single page.
  • Better Heading - Provides multiple different titles for a blog and split test to find out which title converts the best.

#2 SlidersPack Pro

3D Slider

3D Slider example

SlidersPack is a complete image gallery package. What's good about it is there are 10 x different gallery modules and each module has several different styles. Image gallery plugins often have a few issues; free plugins only provide one or two slider or carousel types, and many of them take a long time to load. While with WPOS's gallery pack, you can display different gallery types out of the choice of 10 on different pages.

Swiper Slider

Swiper Slider example

  • BX Slider - 7 x various slider and carousel types with call-to-action. One of them is a "ticker" display (get logo images to move from right to left). Horizontal, vertical and fade modes, space between each slide.
  • FlexSlider - 6 x various slider and carousel types. Options include arrow, pagination, fancy box, slider mode, animation type, thumbnail underneath.
  • Owl Slider - 5 x various slider and carousel types. The options are arrows, pagination, autoplay, fancy box effect, left-right padding, auto-width, and free drag mode.
  • 3D Slider - 4 x Carousel with 3d effect, center mode, image overlap position, rotate-image, and stretch.
  • Swiper Slider - 7 x various slider and carousel types. Fancy box effect, center mode, horizontal & vertical modes, space between each slide, and show/hide thumbnail option.
  • Wallop Slider - 5 x slider types. Designs, arrows, pagination, autoplay, fancy box animation effect.
  • Un Slider - 5 x responsive slider types. Arrows, pagination, autoplay, display content or not, fancy box animation effects.
  • SliderJS - 5 x full-width slider options. Arrows, pagination, autoplay, slide & fade, and "speed" effect.
  • Nivo Slider - 2 x full-width slider options including arrows, pagination, autoplay, "speed", fancy box, fancy box animation, slider effects, and 16 transition effects.
  • Scattered-polaroid Gallery - a gallery with scattered polaroid photos effect.
Scattered Polaroid Gallery

Scattered Polaroid Gallery example

#3 PowerPack 

PowerPack has all the essential features that business owners would use on their website but the default WordPress editor doesn't have. Here are some of the main features. For example the FAQ "accordion" style (=click to expand and reveal the answer) makes it so much easier for the users to find what they want to ask. The feature is also useful for any casual blogger to display simple questions & answers.

FAC Accordion

FAC Accordion example

  • FAQ Accordion - Adds, manages and displays FAQ on your website. 15 x style variations.
  • Logo Showcase - Displays your logos of your clients, partners, and sponsors in a grid, slider or carousel view.
  • Cookie Consent - Displays GDPR Cookie Consent as per EU GDPR/Cookie Law regulations.
  • Team Showcase - Displays your team members/staff in a grid or slider view.
  • Security - It protects your login screen and hide WordPress identity from hackers. Prevents XML-RPC DDOS attack.
  • Post Slider - A fully responsive module that displays posts in a beautiful slideshow.
  • Testimonials - Displays testimonials, reviews or quotes in a grid or slider view.
  • Portfolio & Projects - Displays portfolio or projects with title, description and creative mobile touch slider image gallery.
  • Video Gallery - An HTML5, YouTubeDailymotionVimeo and other video galleries in a grid or slider view with a popup.
  • Timeline & History Slider - Advanced module that showcases your life history or your company's story.
  • Buttons - Builds custom buttons with icon, hyperlinks or creates a group button. Solid buttons, round and with font icon, with border, group buttons and icon buttons.
Buttons with Style

Some of the button examples

  • Instagram - A fully responsive plugin to display your Instagram images in a grid, slider or carousel view.
  • Ticker Ultimate - Displays WordPress default post, custom post, and RSS Post in a ticker mode with effects.
  • Google Fonts - Adds Google fonts to any theme without coding and integrates with the theme.
  • Login Customizer - A quick and easy way to customize the login screen the way you want.
  • Before And After Image Slider - A simple plugin that makes it easy to highlight the visual differences between two images. Horizontal or vertical styles.
Before and After Image Slider

Before and After Image Slider, horizontal (L) vertical (R)

Premium Themes

Currently 11 x premium WordPress themes are included in the price. All of the themes have pretty clean and stylish designs, therefore they're versatile enough to please everyone. Most of them come with;

  • 4 types of layouts (list, masonry, grid, and mixed)
  • 5 types of post formats (standard, video, audio, quote, and gallery)
  • Predefined widgets such as post slider, post list/slider, recent posts, featured post, social icons, and trending post widgets
  • 300+ Google fonts.
Premium WPOS Themes

All mobile responsive, needless to say. And they were all developed by WPOS, which means all the themes have the settings and controls in the same or very similar layout. They can be found under the same menu in the WP-Admin dashboard. Particularly easy for you to find what's where if you run multiple websites and use a different WPOS theme on each one.


There are 3 pricing plans. Whichever plan you choose, you'll receive the same package - the ONLY difference between each plan is the number of websites that you can use it for. One website ("Personal" plan), up to 5 websites ("Pro" plan) or unlimited ("Professional") plan. Let's recap what the package contains;

  • 50+ WordPress premium plugins including 3 x multi-functionality plugins (InboundWP, SlidersPack, and PowerPack)
  • 11 WordPress premium themes
  • Full product support (email, chat, and documentation). 
  • All present and future plugins and themes
  • All the updates.

1 site License

Annual Plan

$69 per year

1 year updates & ticket support


Lifetime Plan

$139 one-time

Lifetime updates & ticket support


Unlimited sites

Annual Plan

$129 per year

1 year updates & ticket support


Lifetime Plan

$349 one-time

Lifetime updates & ticket support

20% Discount On Renewal

You might want to review your website marketing plan for the future - how many sites you currently own and how long you are determined to keep them for. If you have a lot of niches on your plate, you might want to consider "Professional" (unlimited sites) plan.

You will receive 20% off the original price on renewals, means from the 2nd year onwards, you'll be paying;

  • 1 site license (Personal) - $55.20
  • 5 site license (Pro) - $79.20
  • Unlimited sites (Professional) - $103.20.

If you intend to keep your website(s) for 2 years with the annual plan, it will cost you;

  • 1 site license: $69 + $55.20 = $124.20
  • 5 site license: $99 + $79.20 = $178.20
  • Unlimited sites: $129 + $103.20 = $232.20

WPOS says 5 site license (Pro) lifetime plan is the most popular choice, because it will be cheaper than paying the annual plan for 2 consecutive years.

If you intend to keep your website(s) for 3 years with the annual plan, it will cost you;

  • 1 site license: $69 + $55.20 + $55.20 = $179.40
  • Unlimited sites: $129 + $103.20 + $103.20 = $335.40

Lifetime plan will become more economical for 1 site (Personal) license.

The lifetime plan for unlimited sites may be a lot to pay in one go. But by all means, the one-off payment of $349 will give you freedom, not having to worry about the number of websites you may or may not keep, newly create or delete in the years to come.

Help and Support

Any questions and problems, you can always send a support ticket and expect a reply within a few hours up to 1 working day. The live chat is also open at a limited time during the day.

Refund Policy

Because of the nature of downloadable products, WPOS only offers a full refund if you have a technical issue that they are unable to fix within the first 15 days of purchase. If you simply change your mind or there's a conflict between a WPOS plugin and another third-party plugin (that WPOS can't fix), then they won't refund money. I think that's fair enough. 

WP Online Support Pros and Cons


  • It has all the essential features to monetize a website.
  • Value for money.
  • You will receive any newly developed plugins and updates for free with your membership.
  • No technical skill is involved.
  • You will save time from searching for adequate plugins to your site.
  • Good support.


  • You may be overwhelmed by the number of plugins that you receive at first.
  • You may not make use of all the plugins.

WP Online Support Review - Conclusion:

WordPress is the most used website editor to this day, and the plugins play a vital role to add versatility to your site. But searching for the most appropriate plugin that actually works for your needs can be a painful job. WP Online Support provides an all-round package for a set fee, so you can just pick and activate the ones you require.

Very useful and convenient, nothing technical. Any of them can be installed and run immediately. Recommended.

About the author 

Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Hi, WP online support is the best service to provide very useful WordPress plugins and everyone should give it a try. I have made good sales within 2 weeks of using their plugins and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so pleased I joined WP online support because people are also very helpful to give you step by step. They are currently thinking about increasing the price so get it now before its too late!

  2. Ray,

    I’m a little confused as to what happens if you use more than one similar plugins and they overlap each other. How many of the plugins do you use on your site? You are a Thrive Architect user from my understanding. What’s your honest opinion in comparison?

    1. Hi Richard, if you use two similar plugins at the same time, what happens depends on what kind of plugins and how they’re made, generally. WPOS will give you advise if there’s a conflict between their plugin and any third parties’. Yes, I use Thrive Architect which covers many functions, and I only use 3-4 plugins per site. I still recommend Thrive but the pricing structures are different and what they have are different, I’d have to create a new review post! Thanks for your comment. Any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to me.

  3. Hi, it does sound like you get a good deal from this service the number of plugins-wise and by the look of it it has everything you need, great, but no you can’t install all of them at the same time. In the past was wondering why my site was slow it turned out I had 15 or more plugins activated. You could spend hours & days searching for the best free plugins, try out then buy premiums etc. Bundles like this one definitely save your time.
    Cheers for the review.

    1. Hello, thanks for sharing your experience. Wow, 15 plugins at a time, sounds like a lot to manage. Yes the bundle plugins are good as introductions for beginners, and time-savers indeed.

  4. Overall it has good packages but it lacks real basic essential plugins that most WP users use. All in one SEO, comment spam and image optimization. If these 3 were included in one plugin, would be really good.

    1. Hi Markus, thanks for your comment. I see what you suggest but those 3 have totally different purposes from one another, and also they’re available for free anyway. I don’t see the point of having them all in one plugin (?) What would be the benefit, am I missing something?

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