Survey Junkies Scam Review [Counterfeit Site]

By Ray Alexander

Survey Junkies, not to be confused with Survey Junkie. It's not a reward program and it's nothing to do with opinion sharing. has been created to misdirect users who genuinely wish to take surveys for rewards to this counterfeit site. The intent is to maliciously collect users' data and sell it to spammers. Pretty much everything that's being said in this site is fake. My Survey Junkies review will show you how you can spot "scam factors" so that you won't get fooled by this one or any other similar sites in the future!

Survey Junkies Review

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Survey Junkies

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Data harvesting scam



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October 2019


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What Is Survey Junkies?

Survey Junkie ( is a legitimate surveys-for-cash site. But this review is NOT referring to that site. I'm reviewing a different site named Survey Junkies (, which is a data harvesting scam. 

With the slogan "We are the #1 influencer network" and by falsely claiming to pay a lot of money for doing barely any "tasks", it attempts to draw the attention of mainly teenage users. It lets users "earn" $15-50 for completing a ridiculously easy task each time, but it's all only happening within the user dashboard. When they request to cash it out, nothing will happen. Their email messages will be ignored, eventually their access will be blocked, and that will be the end of it.

SurveyJunkies offers bogus prize competitions, where users are required to fill out their full personal detail (full name, email address, cellphone number, street address and date of birth). Various illegitimate advertising agents are behind it, start sending spam messages to the users and sell the detail to other third party spammers.

Survey Junkies Scam Review

How Does It Steal Your Data?

The key area is "Task Wall". Usually with a legit reward program, a task wall is where users take surveys to earn points. But SurveyJunkies' task wall is full of bogus prize competitions - none of them is a legitimate survey for researching purposes. So this is what happens;

  1. SurveyJunkies promises to pay $60 each time you complete a task. It doesn't explain what a task will be. It just says "complete the steps".
  2. All the items in the task wall are high-value items like "Get Samsung Galaxy!" "Get a $100 McDonalds Gift Card!" "Win 13,500 Fortnite V Bucks!"
  3. You may be tempted by 1 & 2 above and click to start one of the "tasks".
  4. You'll be redirected to a fake prize competition run by a spam company.
  5. The "competition" will ask your full personal detail (email, phone number and so on.)
  6. When you've completed the fake prize competition, $60 will be added to your SurveyJunkies dashboard.
  7. Now you've given out your detail to the spam company, you'll start receiving unsolicited emails/text messages/junk mail in the post.
  8. Like I explained earlier, $60 or any money that's added to your SurveyJunkies dashboard is just a number. You will never be able to withdraw it.

As you can see, the SurveyJunkies' Task Wall will do nothing but harm, risk exposing your personal data to spammers and potential hackers for any malicious intent.

SurveyJunkies Task Wall

The "Tasks" Are Fake Because...

You might get carried away as you see the high payout rates and attractive prizes one after another. But if you stop for a minute and think about what a "tasks" should be, you can easily work that out. You'll know what Survey Junkies is asking you to do is not a "task", see what I mean?

Filling out your name, email and phone number and answering silly questions such as "how many times do you shop in a week?" None of that is a job worth getting paid for. Either online or offline - that's not how businesses work. No legitimate company will pay any money so randomly for something that anybody can do. There is no privilege, accomplishment or whatsoever. You only get paid for your time and effort you put in - that's the rule, wherever you are in this world. The "tasks" you see in Survey Junkies have zero value and therefore they're fake.

The Prize Competitions Are Fake Because...

You'll also know why these prize competitions don't make sense if you think about it logically. When a legitimate company offers a prize draw, they do it to show their appreciation for their valued customers, and also to attract new customers. Otherwise they'll be throwing their valuable prize away for nothing, which won't be good for their business. If a prize competition is real - for example, if a company if offering a "$100 McDonald's gift voucher", then they will;

  • Properly disclose that the competition is officially sponsored by McDonald's.
  • Run a bigger & better campaign via the trusted site, not some unknown site like SurveyJunkies.
  • Make sure that the competition is beneficial for the company as well. "If you buy our product, you'll be eligible for entering the McDonald's prize competition", for example.
  • NOT ask every participant for their full personal detail.

The last one is most important because data protection regulations prohibit companies from collecting personal data more than they should. In the case of a prize competition, they don't need each and every participant's full name, address, etc. They only need to ask for an email address, right? Only after the draw, they can contact the winner by email and ask for other details if they need to. 

"Do you want to win a Samsung Galaxy? Enter your full detail." "Do you want to win a $1,000 Walmart gift card? Enter your full detail." They're not allowed, and so they're data harvesting scammers.

Fake Profiles

SurveyJunkies claims to have started in March 2015 in Amsterdam, and it also says it's owned "Tap2Earn" from the same year. At least we know that these two sites are owned by the same scammer because Tap2Earn ( is another site whose only purpose is to steal the users' personal data, using exactly the same scamming technique.

SurveyJunkies Whois Lookup

Unfortunately website registration record proves that neither of these sites started in 2015. Tap2Earn site was only created in September 2019 and SuveryJunkies was created the following month.

Influencers Network?

Some new teenage web users are desperate to be the next social influencer but have not worked out how they can become one as yet. SurveyJunkies' aim is to take advantage of that fact, and so it primarily targets them by overusing the magic phrase "influencer network".

Of course, you're not influencing anyone by sharing a referral link here & there across social networks. 

Video Testimonials

SurveyJunkies Video Testimonials

A few people have left testimonials on YouTube, only because one of the "tasks" is to promote SurveyJunkies and get $50 paid. Again, $50 will be added to your SurveyJunkies account once you've uploaded a video with your referral link on YouTube, which you'll never be able to cash out.

These people say "I've made X dollars in X hours!" in the video, but little do they know is that they're actually never getting paid. None of them has actually received a cent from SurveyJunkies at the time of making the video, and none of them will.

Also from a "making money" point of view, they're too inexperienced to convince (=influence) others because they are unable to explain where the money actually comes from, unfortunately. 

So Where Does The Money Come From?

That's the thing. Money is not coming from anywhere - there is no money. SurveyJunkies mentions "advertising" but it fails to explain how it creates revenue, where & how it advertises or who the target audiences are.

Even if SurveyJunkies had a lot of money to share, why would it share it with some random internet users? No company in the world would be so stupid enough to throw money away like that. If a legitimate company were to share the profit, it would either;

  1. distribute a share of profit to the shareholders, 
  2. offer a massive discount to its existing customers, or
  3. donate it to charity.

SurveyJunkies works as an affiliate to these fake "prize competition" agents. Each time you give out your personal detail and complete a "task", SurveyJunkies make a small amount of commission, approx. $1-2. But if promises to pay you $60 for completing a task. How can it pay $60 when it only makes up to $2? It simply can't. SurveyJunkies will not pay you any money because it doesn't have any money to pay!

Make $500-$1,000 Daily?

There are people who make $1,000 or more daily, by using a method such as Commission Hero. They're not special; if you want to be one of them, you can. But there are 3 things you need to do.

  1. Receive an extensive training course and build a skill - not difficult, you can do it if you are willing to learn.
  2. Spend a lot of money (hundreds, if not thousands of dollars) on advertisements. It may cost you first, but you'll get a much bigger return.
  3. Be determined and persistent. 

Like I've said over & over again, there is no way you can make such easy money by sharing a link or answering ridiculous survey questions. You have to learn the necessary online marketing technique.

Earn a Decent Income with Affiliate Marketing

I just said "spend a lot of money" (No. 2 above), but there is a way to start with little cost and make a living as an affiliate - by blogging as I do. If you can write and are determined to keep writing, you can be a content writer and receive affiliate commissions by advertising products that you recommend. You don't have to be a perfect writer because, look at me, I'm not! If you're interested in seriously learning content writing, join me free from the link below.

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May 2021: $4,299.00

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. I thought it was too good to be true. I just made my account with the real surveyjunkie but it doesn’t pay much too. Which one is the best?

      1. I thought about swagbucks but it’s not open to the country I live. I’m sick of surveys is there any other legit sites that pay.

        1. Hi, thanks for your comment. It really depends on what you want to do. If you want to learn affiliate marketing – recommending products to users to make commissions, join me from the link above. Other easy jobs such as data entry and surveys never really pay much.

  2. Hi Ray, thanks for your Survey Junkie”s” review. I seem to remember the same scammer tries to scam Swagbucks users using a very similar name? (Swagpay)? I bet some people will get trapped because when they talk about making some cash online, one of the first methods that come up is always a survey program.

    The section in your post “Where Does The Money Come From?” is very useful for many people because if you don’t understand the underlining businesses and how they generate revenue, you don’t understand why it’s impossible to make easy money like Survey Junkies. Great review, Ray. I hope this will help many people not to get involved with scam programmes.

  3. I thought something was wrong because I knew about survey junkie before. I did swag bucks and was not earning much, I tried to join survey junkie then it said make 500, 1000 dollars per day. I thought something was wrong, too good to be true. I didn’t know s in the end and signed up. I made a big mistake.
    How can I delete my account?

    1. Hi Marta, thanks for sharing your experience. Unfortunately you can’t completely delete your account. If you’ve entered payment information, you can delete that bit, and in the future perhaps you can create a “disposable” free email address to use to sign up with any scheme that you’re not sure of. Thanks for your comment.

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