Worldprofit Review – Pretty Disorganized

By Ray Alexander

We've seen a lot of complaints about Worldprofit, while others (i.e. affiliates) say it's the best membership site they've ever been. It's gotta be wrong. Today in my Worldprofit review, I'll look into each element and try to be as unbiased as I can. 

Worldprofit Review

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Internet Marketing


Worldprofit, Inc.

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Free or $99 per month


What Is Worldprofit?

Worldprofit (or sometimes spelled World Profit) is an online entrepreneurs' membership site that provides tools, solo ad traffic, advertising opportunities, and training. The site is ancient - it's been in operation since 1994, so it's trusted and supported by mainly long-standing (i.e. senior) members.

Worldprofit is free to join, but "Silver" membership that allows access to more features will cost you $99 per month.

Worldprofit Review

Members Area

The first thing that struck me was the awfully outdated design of the site. The homepage/landing page looks pretty modern, but once I got in the members' area, I found it too busy with menus all over the place, small fonts and yellow highlights over the text. Some of the pages seem to be in a new format, so perhaps the site is slowly being overhauled and upgraded. 

I also feel that there are too many menu items and they're not categorized clearly. There's no FAQ. The invitation to the premium ("Silver") membership is all over the place - "Order Silver Membership", "Order Silver", "See Our Best Deals", "Awesome Login Bonus", "Earn More Money"...and so on, all of which are under separate menus but they're all invitations to the Silver membership. 

Worldprofit's referral system allows a free member to earn a 5% commission on anything that's purchased by their referrals, a Silver member to earn 20-100%, depending on the product offered by Worldprofit.


George Kosch and Sandi Hunter

George Kosch (L) and Sandi Hunter (R)

Worldprofit is owned by Worldprofit, Inc. The co-founders are George Kosch (CEO) and Sandi Hunter (President). 

George is the main instructor for Worldprofit's training series and has invented over 100 technical applications for business owners/entrepreneurs worldwide. Whereas Sandi is involved with research and development, member services, sales, and also training.

Firstly I'll now show you some of the features that Wordprofit offers.


You'll find quite a few free downloadable ebooks, software and sales packages, but most of them are outdated PLR products, which you can obtain from free elsewhere.

  • "Lead Generators" - Selection of PLR products, but they're over a decade old. Overnight Cash Pump from 2010, Sales Page Rapid Fire from 2008.
  • "Your Goodies" - 50 x internet marketing and cryptocurrency-related books. Some of them are written by the founders George and Sandi themselves.
  • "PLR Product Vault" - more PLR products (230 x old ebooks and video packages)

Ad Exchange Opportunities

Most of the Worldprofit's features are based on ad exchange and traffic exchange, which may have worked decades ago, but the whole idea is old-fashioned now. I'll explain why in a little while. There are numerous ad/traffic/banner exchange opportunities such as;

  • "Multi Commission System" - 18 x "traffic generating sites", i.e. ad/banner and traffic exchange sites. You are given your affiliate link and, if someone signs up under your link and makes purchases, as a free member you'll receive a 5% commission. My antivirus software tells me that some flashing banners are linked to a phishing scam, so I wouldn't recommend you to try it.
Phishing Warning

Phishing scam alert appeared on me.

  • "500,000 FREE Credits" - 8 x traffic/ad exchange sites are listed here. By joining you'll earn some credits, which you can use in Worldprofit (e.g. to download ebooks).
  • "Free Classified Ads" - Another ad exchange. You have to be subscribed to the Worldprofit Associates newsletter. 10 ad credits allow you to place an ad for 7 days across 2 categories. 99%+ of the ads are related to home business opportunities. Duplicate and triplicate categories that are confusing.
  • "Top 20+ Traffic Sources" - 44 traffic/ads exchange sites are actually listed here.
  • "Free Mini Blog" - You can write a blog on Worldprofit's "social network" site (, allowing you to add any links and images to your blog.
  • "50,000 Free Guaranteed Visitors" - Another ad exchange scheme.
  • "Extreme Traffic Package" - Join 11 x extra ad exchange sites for a one-time fee of $97.
  • "Affiliate Link Blaster" - Have your ad listed on Worldprofit's ad exchange sites and solo ads. $97 per year.
  • "Gold Banner Rotator" - $27 one-time payment for 5 banners that rotate in banner exchange sites. A banner exchange is also an ancient technique, and unfortunately the benefit of zero. I wouldn't recommend it.

50,000 Guaranteed Visitors Tested

This feature allows you to send 50,000 visitors to your specified webpage. But it doesn't explain over what period (lifetime?) or how. All you do is enter the headline and URL, and Worldprofit will send traffic.

I've tested it, and the result after 24 hours was that I received just 2 visitors.

Worldprofit Free Traffic

The IP address in my link tracker tells me that these 2 visitors seem to be genuine (human). However the stats in Worldprofit say "Guaranteed visitors delivered: 29". The discrepancy is significant and, perhaps it simply means 50,000 impressions, NOT 50,000 visitors to your site.

Why Ad/Traffic Exchange Never Works

Worldprofit Ads

Ad exchange/traffic exchange may have been worked decades ago, when the whole "online business industry" was new. Entrepreneurs would have been looking for something new through an ad exchange. Social media started to give us that opportunity years ago.

Ad exchange/traffic exchange no longer works because you never find your target audience there. Every single member is an online business owner. Everybody wants to sell themselves and nobody's interested in anybody else's businesses. If they're genuinely interested to know what others do, they'll find you on LinkedIn, not in some ad exchange site with flashing banners all over the place. 

Email Exchange

Solo eMailBlaser is where email exchange opportunities are offered. Basically Worldprofit members can spam each other. You'll receive up to 10 x promotional emails from other members per day, while your promotional email will be delivered to 3,000 people over 3 days.

It allows you to compose your email in HTML editor, add any images and links within your email.

You can specify your admin email address (to send your promotional email from), and your recipient email address (to receive promotional emails from others). 

It means that (if you ever use this feature and) if you don't want to receive spams from others, you can use an unused email address, or create a new email address just to receive them, because you really don't know what you're going to receive...

Assuming many other members are doing the same, I doubt that Solo eMailBlaser will do any good to you. Nobody will open your campaign email and click the link unless shockingly stands out from the crowd.

"Login Ads"

Worldprofit will insert your full-page ad in its associated site's login screen. From $47 for 5,000 visitors. 

I don't know how effective it will be when I think about it from the receiver's viewpoint. Whenever I log into my account of a site - any site - my focus is on typing in my ID and password (obviously!) If an ad popped up at that stage, I would immediately close it without looking.

Solo Ad Packages

Quite a few solo ad packages are sold on Worldprofit, such as "Super Solo Package""Ruby Solo Blaster Ads", and "Sapphire Solo Ads". Most of them will cost $47 - but the fundamental information is missing... $47 for what?

They only emphasize the list size (how many subscribers they have), which is irrelevant. Many traffic providers' sites are listed and, they do have tens of thousands of subscribers in total, but it does not mean that they'll send your campaign to all the tends of thousands of people. 

What we need to know is how many visitors they send to your landing page (or affiliate page) and the quality of the visitors. 

$47 is normally a price for 50-100 visits. But these solo ad packages don't disclose how many visits are guaranteed. They may not send anyone to your page at all. They may send 200 visitors but the visitors can be teenage kids who have no interest in your business, or even bots. With no transparency, I just cannot recommend you to use any solo ad services offered by Worldprofit.

ClickBank Super Store

Only available for a Silver member. It allows you to create a ClickBank store site, hosted by Worldprofit. This plugin will allow you to list ALL the ClickBank products on your site with your affiliate link already loaded.

CB Super Store

It may sound great however, the ClickBank products will be simply listed by category - title and description of each product one after another. My concerns are;

  • (a) You sill have to send traffic - the right traffic - to the site.
  • (b) As a viewer, unless they "feel like looking to buy something from ClickBank", there's no reason why they should be interested in your particular store site and go through the list.

Live Help

Now something positive. If you have any questions you can ask on live webcam chat, which is on all the time on the homepage (they can't see you but you can see them). The majority of them are friendly seniors. I respect those Silver members (I mean, literally) who are willing to spare a lot of time to help others - at one time I saw this gentleman falling asleep in front of the camera, bless him.

You may not necessarily learn something because they mostly tell you how to use the tools and basically, they're there to sell Silver membership. They don't tell you how you can be realistically benefitted from those tools. But by all means, you can ask them by typing any questions, and they'll give you an answer realtime.

"No Refund" Policy

The terms of service say that you're not entitled to a refund due to "the retail value of bonuses given at the time of purchase". I personally think it's unfair because;

  • A "retail value" of anything is subject to its quality.
  • There should be a cooling-off period.
  • Customers should be entitled to claim a refund for a service they're not happy with.

Anyway, Worldprofit does not offer a refund, so you'd better be very careful before making any purchase. 

Can You Make Money With Worldprofit?

By recruiting others and encouraging them to upgrade to Silver membership, you can make a referral commission for sure. I see many members promote Worldprofit but purely focusing on the number of features.

But as I mentioned earlier, so many similar features are spread all under different headings and not grouped together. I find it confusing and difficult to use as a tool. And as you can see by now that most of the tools and methods introduced by Worldprofit are considered worn-out. I personally think it's unlikely to help you improve the sales of your business. 

Worldprofit Pros and Cons


  • Free to join and explore some free stuff.
  • Live webcam for some support.


  • Outdated site design.
  • Outdated promotional methods.
  • Menus are all over the place, too confusing.
  • Ad/traffic exchange with a risk of phishing scam.
  • The terms of the solo ad services are not clear.
  • No Refund policy on any premium products/membership.

Worldprofit Review - Conclusion:

Does Worldprofit work? In my personal opinion, no. The whole idea of traffic/ad/email exchange it old-fashioned, and the site is outdated. You might manage to fool some prospects who have no knowledge in online marketing, but you'll lose your credibility by inviting people to such an old system. In other words, you'll embarrass yourself by recommending techniques that are obsolete, unfortunately.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. hello Ray Alexander, I will keep this short based on your some what negative view of WP. I was trying to find when you made this post that still does not matter. What matter ant at the end of the day and to others in the WP business. Does it work i personally could not care if a site is outdated /old. if it is bringing me traffic/conversions I am good with that. i could nit care hoe fancy looking a site is with all the bells and whistles… no traffic, no money.

    That is it that is all.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for sharing your thoughts, although I cannot say I agree. No traffic, no money…that much is true, but my whole point is to provide quality value to the audience, not just to “make money whatever it takes”. You can’t really earn trust or be truly proud of your business by showing an outdated site and saying it’s better than any other sites/products. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it. I wish you all the best!

  2. They are scammers, do not pay any membership with them. I had platinum vip for life and they suspend my account and ask me to pay for new membership on a new account. I lost all my work and everything I set up on that website.

    1. Hi Costel, thanks for sharing your experience with Worldprofit. We’d be grateful if you could tell us how that happened…but anyway that sounds so bad and I feel sorry to hear that. Thanks for your comment, appreciate it.

  3. Dear Ray, as a Platinum dealer I like to check out reviews on Worlprofit

    When you did this review, as the screen shots are faily dated?
    You must have upgraded to be able to gain access to the dealers area

    In answer to the outdated site. Yes the the whole site being overhauled and upgraded, by George, who has already given us the choice of using the New Modern menu or the old Classic

    George is always improving andd adding new features for all dealers to use, including New PLR products
    Sandi Hunter is also involved with designing landing / capture pages

    1. Hi Graham, thank you so much for the information, good to know that the site’s being updated. I’ll update the post accordingly. I appreciate your comment! Meanwhile I wish you all the best in continued success.

  4. Yeah Worldprofit is really old. I know it for a few years but yeah you are right,
    most of the members are old. They popup in other traffic exchange and
    promote Worldprofits saying it’s the best platform.
    I say it’s not the number of things you can do but the quality of them. It’s too old it looks as if they refusing to take new ideas. Also 99 dollars charge is too high.
    Anything else that promoted, do you know?

    1. Hi Vincent, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Some parts of the site are in a new format, so let’s see if the whole site changes in the near future. Still a traffic/ad exchange but at least it may be tidied up a little! Thank you, I appreciate your comment.

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