Selling An E-Commerce Website

This is a post from a personal experience. There is no doubt that there are many opportunities in business that we can invest in. In my earlier post on ways of making money online from home, I talked about a website reselling business. In this post I am going to expound on the same. It is possible to make some money with little capital by creating and reselling websites. But in order to make a decent profit, your selling site must be making a decent profit, i.e. essentially you're selling off your business.

Selling An E-Commerce Website

I have sold my web store and made a good profit in the past. If you have physical products or downloadable products to sell, you can build an e-commerce site, run it for a few years and eventually sell it off.

Building a website from scratch involves domain registration and web hosting, which will be in your name and therefore transferring it to your buyer can be tricky. The easiest method is to open an ecommerce website on a speciality platform. The first site to visit is Another one is Both charge $29 per month and offer 14-day free trial. You can try both, but I have always used Sellfy.

Both the online store services provide good training and support. If it's your first time, there may be a lot to take in, but soon you'll be comfortable listing your products in your store site. It does not matter at this point whether anyone will buy the products or not. The most important thing is to start driving target traffic. Create social media pages and accounts for the website for the purpose of ensuring that you are promoting the products. When the accounts have more followers, it is also a chance that your website will become more profitable.

Once this is done, register for the Google ad network and start advertising on the website. Depending on the number of clicks on the website, the website's value increases and attracts more value when someone expresses interest. It is also important to note that as long as the products are selling on the website the value and your bargaining power increases. There was a time my website had more than 12k unique page visits per month.


When the website is making more than $1,000 a month in terms of sales, it is ready for sale. There are many sites that will help you in valuing your website. You can choose to use these websites. My favorite to use is takes into account different things including fact of whether the website is making more profits, the period the website has been operative and the number of unique visitors per month.

There are stores that have their domain at the end of the name you decide to give your website. An example of this is However, you can decide to make your store have a custom url, like This is possible when using e-commerce platforms like

If you are using other platforms, purchase a domain name, hosting plan and then upload your store to this domain. It's easier than you think, but you need certain skills and as far as SEO is concerned e-commerce platforms have more advantages. For that reason I would recommend e-commerce platforms.

I would also like to indicate that for the value of the website to increase, select the advance/pro version of the e-commerce store. The benefit is because all the features are at your disposal. They help in making sure that you engage with your customers/clients in an easy way. 

When selling on you can do it as an individual or you can select to use a broker. Using a broker is the best option despite the fact that it is 5% more expensive. However a chance of your website selling is 63% likely.  

My website had operated for four years making a profit of $900 averagely per month. The valuation I received was between $36,000 and $56,000. I sold it using a broker for $48,000.

Creating and selling websites is a venture that can be done with anyone with computer knowledge or without. You can also contract web developers on and they can work for you. The most important thing is for you to remain patient and with time you can generate a good money if you continuously resell several websites simultaneously.

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Sarah B

I can easily tell he’s not talking from his own experience.. You can build a site and resell it, but that is the exit solution, not to make money.. Possible 10 years ago but no longer. This is so misleading.

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