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If you've been wondering if something may be wrong with EarningCash because it seems to pay out ridiculously high rates of commission for barely doing any real tasks... Your guess is right, my EarningCash review will show you how this scam site works - pretty much everything that's being claimed on that site is untrue, and you'll never get a penny out of it. After all, sites like EarningCash target victims who have not had real previous experience in making money online. So if you are looking for an income opportunity for the first time, I hope the information on this page will help you get started "the right way".

EarningCash Review

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What Is EarningCash?

EarningCash is a fake reward program that falsely claims to pay users a lot of money for doing ridiculously simple "tasks", such as downloading apps and taking surveys. The Trustpilot screenshot, payment proof screenshots, and user testimonials displayed on the homepage are all falsely made up to lure new users in. 

The only aim of this site is to collect users' personal data and sell it to illegitimate advertising agents, i.e. spammers. With each "task" you are required to submit your personal detail such as full name, email address, street address, phone number, date of birth, etc. It means sooner or later, you'll start to receive unsolicited emails, texts, and cold-calls.

As for the earnings - $50 will be added to your EarningCash account each time you complete a task, but of course, that's not real money. It claims to "pay you instantly" once you request to cash out, and also to contact you by email if there's a difficulty concerning the payment. What happens is, when you request to withdraw your money, it will indeed email you but only to tell you that you're not eligible. It will say that it has found some unauthentic activities in your transactions and therefore your account will be canceled. Something like that - basically, it will make some last-minute excuse, and subsequently delete your account. 

EarningCash Scam Review

Fake Task Wall

The "tasks" listed in the Task Wall never explain what your actual tasks are. Instead, each line describes some kind of deceptive gift information such as;

  • "Enter your details and get an Amazon gift card!"
  • "Enter your email address to get a brand new iPhone 12!"

They don't even tell you that whether they are prize draws - can give you the impression as if you can receive a fairly decent gift AND a cash gift of $50 just by entering your personal detail. 

Of course, none of the invitations is real. None of them is authorized by the brand such as Amazon or Apple because if it was, the prize/gift would be advertised to the real consumers. In other words, a prize draw is usually a part of advertising campaigns for the brand (e.g. Amazon, Apple) to attract more customers in the long term. It won't be offered to some random people who join a fake, free membership site like EarningCash.

EarningCash Is Just An Affiliate

EarningCash is actually affiliated with these advertising agents who offer free gifts in exchange for submitting the users' personal data. Each time you submit your information (name, email address, etc.) via a task, EarningCash will receive a small amount of commission (approximately $1-$2) from the ad agency.

You see, the owner of EarningCash makes very little each time, that's why they want as many people to submit the data so that they can make decent money for themselves, and that's why they encourage you to invite your friends and social followers.

So you understand why EarningCash is never going to pay you because, how can it promise to pay $50 each time you complete a task when it only makes a revenue of up to $2?

EarningCash also claims to pay;

  • $30 each time you refer your friend/follower.
  • $40 each time you promote EarningCash on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.
  • $50 each time you promote EarningCash on TikTok.

Again, it only falsely promises to pay you a lot of money just to encourage you to invite as many people. None of this is genuine, you'll never get a single cent out of it.

Breach of Amazon Affiliate Agreement

EarningCash Amazon Prime

Another thing that I've noticed is that one of the "task" items is "Amazon Prime Video 30-day free trial". Every time an EarningCash user joins access Prime Video from the link and starts a free trial, EarningCash will receive a $2.50-$3 commission from Amazon (as of late 2020).

It's clear that the owner of EarningCash is an Amazon affiliate, but according to the Amazon Associate's operating agreement, (1) the affiliate needs to indicate to users on the website that they're earning commissions, and (2) the affiliate must not deceptively promote the products (i.e. falsely offering $50 if you try Prime Video!) 

EarningCash is doing a silly job because the Amazon Associate's admin will trace the link and easily find out that the affiliate disclaimer is not displayed on the site and Prime Video is deceptively promoted. So EarningCash will highly likely be banned from the Amazon affiliate program at some point soon.

Fake Proofs

EarningCash Fake Payment Proofs

As I said in the beginning, hardly anything that's being written on the EarningCash site is true. The screenshots are all made up - you can tell that the payment proofs are fake if you take a look at them closely. For example, the display on what appears to be like "PayPal notifications" is inconsistent; one reads $360.00 with two decimal places but another one reads $1,500 without.

According to the WHOIS information, he EarningCash site was only newly built in October 2020 (as per image below), but the dates shown on these take payment notifications and the "user testimonials" are dated before October, which proves that all of this is fabricated.

EarningCash.co Whois lookup

The Trustpilot information is again, totally fake. It does read "Rated 4.7 out of 5 - EXCELLENT, based on 1,035 reviews" but if you click the link, you'll only be directed back to the EarningCash homepage. EarningCash is not even reviewed on Trustpilot, needless to say.

Fake "Community Chat"

What looks like a normal chat screen also turns out to be totally made up. If you check the code behind it, the conversations are all pre-typed and all the avatar images are predetermined. And whenever you try to join the chat and type in something, a warning message pops up to say "Sorry, the community chat is currently down for scheduled maintenance."

EarningCash Fake Chat

Technically Not a "Scam"

By now you know that almost everything about EarningCash is fake, therefore you should avoid it or any other similar sites. Now, I have indeed called this type of deceptive site a "scam" for convenience's sake. But you haven't spent any money on EarningCash, there's nothing for you to claim against it. And also to clarify, don't assume that you're entitled to such easy money just because a site tells you so. If you've already been "working" on EarningCash, you're not legally entitled to claim any money because you haven't actually done anything worth getting paid. Installing an app or answering a few silly questions is not a job. So you'd better get over it and move on to learn some ways to make real, decent money online.

Affiliate Marketing

Earlier on I've told you that EarningCash itself makes a few bucks as an affiliate. The only wrong thing that it's doing is the way it deceit users. Affiliate marketing itself is a legitimate business model that you can learn and start with no or very little initial investment. 

As an affiliate, you don't have to have your own products or services but you promote other people's products/services online. Affiliate marketing is easy to start, and because it's easy to start, many misunderstand the concept and think it's also easy to make money. The worst thing you can do is to be dishonest to people and try to make some short-term cash by cheating, which is exactly what EarningCash is trying to do. Every year, hundreds of thousands of new affiliate marketers try to sell stuff by misleading users, build zero trust, damage their reputation and quit, you see. 

Instead, you can recommend products/services that you truly believe in to others and make passive income in years to come through a good reputation - just like we all do on social networks.

If you're interested, join me from the link below for free - we'll take you through. Good luck!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
November 2021: $10,104.00

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