Best Online Marketing Sites That Convert

By Joe Garcia

If you are ready to start making serious money, you might wish to learn some techniques from some of the best online marketing sites that convert. While it is important to leverage advertisements to drive quality traffic to your site, your effort will be wasted if you cannot turn those visitors into qualified leads.

I will explain what a typical good online marketing site does to get the visitors to subscribe, stay loyal to the brand and make purchases. By following the technique you will be able to maximize response rates and ultimately generate a good level of monthly income from your website.

Best Online Marketing Sites That Convert

Create Pillar Content

Pillar content, also known as cornerstone content, is a series of informational posts that represents your site's best work. says that in order to create pillar content, you should;

  • Understand your audience and identify what they need,
  • Publish good articles accordingly and update it as needed, then
  • Promote your pillar articles regularly.

Pillar content is a kind of article that encourages visitor interaction through comments and feedback, but also through sharing. Good content will make the visitors irresistible to share with people they know.

How To Build Pillar Content

Here is the step to build pillar content for your website. Research and do the work as much as you can by yourself, but if you get stuck with any of the following, you can outsource the job. Find someone who can do some of the jobs for you on Fiverr, for example.

  1. Firstly, find some of the hottest topics in your niche and write them down. As many topics as you can come up with, but think about 3 or 4 at least.
  2. Form your ideas and see how many articles you can write (or create videos, infographics or even audio files.) At this point, you may want to break the topics down or combine two or more topics. For example, the two similar topics can be discussed in one article.
  3. Research and find out problems that people have relating to each topic, find solutions and alternative perspective on the problems. People may have already discussed the topics in sites such as Quora and Reddit. Read the discussions, form your own ideas.
  4. Start writing a draft.

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Identify Your Traffic Sources

In order to convert visitors into leads, it's crucial to identify your traffic sources and qualify that traffic. If you blindly advertise your site on Facebook or Google Ads without knowing your target audience, the most that you get is irrelevant traffic, comprising of people who are not interested in your niche. They will unlikely to read your content or hear your recommendations, let alone buy your products. Using solo ads will unlikely to work because most traffic vendors have one general email list that covers all niches.

The key is to start with pinpointing your target audience and evaluating your traffic sources. So how can pros flood the best online marketing sites with the highest quality traffic that will convert? The following are a few ways which you can do, too.

Offer Something For Free

The easiest way is by offering a related product that others would sell for free. Ebooks or downloadable software are good options and you can often obtain them from PLR sites, either for free or less than, say $10. It can be a collection of ebooks, images, or infographics too.

Whatever the product is, it should be related to your niche. For example if your website is about weight loss, then a book that's related to weight loss, otherwise you will only attract a wrong crowd.

Your free offer can be shared across social networks and entrepreneurs' community forums. Needless to mention, if it's something valuable at absolutely no cost, people who find your offer may start to share with others, which will multiply the possibility of the traffic as well as the number of inbound links to your website.

Guest Blogging 

Many online marketers write guest blogs for the link building purpose and also to establish their authority and credibility within the niche market. By being a featured contributor on established websites, their readers will be interested to see what you offer on your own site.

Submit Guest Blog Post

Alternatively, you can approach some leading websites in your niche and ask if they offer paid advertisements, but this won't produce the same results. Guest blogging is the way to siphon their traffic onto yours for free.

Submit Your Guest Post - CyberCash Worldwide

You can find guest blogging opportunities simply by Googling; use keywords such as "submit a guest post", "write for us", "guest blogging opportunity", etc.

Create A Landing Page 

A landing page is an essential factor to increase conversion. If you are sending traffic to your blog index page, then no wonder your conversion rate is not satisfactory. You need to create a landing page that tells your visitors exactly what your website is about and exactly what they need to do; to sign up with your newsletter.

A landing page is the face of your site, although it is possible for you to have multiple landing pages, or as many landing pages as you want according to the objective. For example, if your site is about weight loss and muscle building and you have two separate mailing lists, you can have two separate landing pages. You can have one landing page for hybrid customers and another landing page for those who are on a budget.

Your landing page can be linked and featured within your navigation menu, so that your visitors can find it easily, whatever the internal page on your site they first arrive.

There are some elements in which you can add to your landing page in order to convince your visitors to opt in, such as;

  • Offering a free downloadable product as explained earlier, in exchange for opting-in.
  • Explaining the subscription benefits (members-only discounts, monthly tips & advice, for example).
  • Testimonials by existing subscribers.

Eliminate Distractions

Not everyone has the same taste or opinion. Some may like Product A that you recommend while others may like Product B that you also recommend, based on their past experience, lifestyle, personality and so on. For that reason, It is understandable that you may be tempted to promote several products on one page. But this is not necessarily the best idea unless the page is about a product comparison.

By giving too many "options", you may be simply distracting your visitors, making them harder to make decisions. It's vital to clarify the objectives of each page, and which product you recommend them the most. If there is more than one product, explain the reason clearly and briefly.

Spreading ads such as Google Adsense ads and Amazon recommendation boxes throughout the page is a distraction. Keep them to a minimum.


If you start with evaluating your traffic sources and focusing on driving relevant, targeted prospects, you will be able to transform your traffic into qualified leads.

Best online marketing websites are created internally and externally. On-page focus such as creating pillar content and crucial landing page. Plus off-page engagement techniques such as social network promotions and connecting with other marketers via forums in order to help you find better quality traffic sources.

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Joe Garcia

I work with Ray Alexander as an assistant. Self-starter, quick-learner, and well-organized adventurer. I occasionally write blog posts on this site with Ray's help as I still learn English. Right now I'm based in Spain.

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  1. Hi Joe, thank you for your advice, there are many tips that I can use right now. I am very interested in contributing a guest blog also. I just checked your guest blog submission page. Is there an approval process?

    1. Hi Katy, we will appreciate your input as a guest blog contributor. Just email Ray casually then he will respond to you. Thanks.

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