Profit Point Autonomy Review: A Button To Make $500

Updated: August 10, 2019
by Joe Garcia

Profit Point Autonomy is a system that claims to help you make $500 a day just at a click of a button. It sounds too good to be true, in fact, it's impossible for anyone to believe. On top of that claim, it exaggerates the scale of potential profits by phrases such as "24/7, 365 days a year" which is not backed by proof.

You may be looking for more information on this program to make sure you are not being scammed by it, or by any other similar programs. Then I hope my Profit Point Autonomy review will help you understand that no such thing exists as an internet business model, and why you should avoid wasting your time if you're looking to make some serious money online.

Profit Point Autonomy Review

Product Name:

Profit Point Autonomy

Website URL:


Internet Marketing



Launch Date:

August 2019


$47 + upsells


What Is Profit Point Autonomy?

The seller says the Profit Point Autonomy is a "money-making website", but does not explain much about it, apart from saying this is an extraordinary website. You just have to buy it, the setting up only takes a few buttons to click, and some "serious cash will flood into your bank account".

This is a red flag. As Ray and I have both mentioned many times in this site, if you don't understand how it works and be persuaded to purchase this product by the sales video content, you might deserve to be scammed. You really have to know where the money comes from, how it's been earned, or who's paying for it. You cannot make any money just by clicking a button because it's unfair on others. If it was true, everyone would be doing it. If you could make such easy money, why would billions of other people in the world struggle to work day in, day out to pay their bills?

It turns out that Profit Point Autonomy is a rehashed version of Website ATM, which in turn a rehashed version of EasyKits was around for many years until recently and was notorious for providing outdated affiliate websites for extra fees and plugins developed with Amazon, Alibaba and eBay. Plus you'll have to pay for your domain to work. It also contains general "how-to" training videos which are never practical, and even if they contained practical information, the reality is far from "just a click of a few buttons".

Profit Point Autonomy Review

How Profit Point Autonomy (PPA) Works

The product itself is a collection of generic affiliate marketing and ecommerce training videos and the seller's affiliate links to websites to work on Amazon, eBay or Alibaba (AliExpress). It is far from just a few clicks or "all automated" because for the business to work, you will have to;

  • pay extra for the premium website theme: the seller says he will give you websites in exchange for a small fee, but that is not the case.
  • work hard to build your site: you will have to customize it to make the website your own.
  • join affiliate programs: although it's not a difficult thing to do, you still have to fill in an online application form.
  • pay a lot of money to advertise: this is the hardest part. Without advertising, no one will know your website existence. Even if you pay to send thousands (or millions!) of visitors to your site, if they don't purchase anything you will not receive a dime. Online store business is extremely competitive. You will only start making a pocket-money level of income after applying your learned skills, trials and errors.

For all the four reasons above, it is extremely unlikely that you will make any money from PPA. Not only that, but you will be spending a lot of time and/or money for your website to work.

Like I just said, the world of internet business is very competitive. One thing you should not forget is that, there is never, ever a system, method or program that lets you earn money just by clicking, just by copying & pasting or watching video clips or any sorts. It takes a lot of hard work to earn money. If you don't like the sound of it, you might as well continue to do what you currently do. Because there is no difference between online businesses and offline businesses in terms of difficulties.

How To Spot Red Flags Attached To PPA

Not only with Profit Point Autonomy but with any similar programs, there are several factors that you can check and make a decision as to why you should or should not trust them. The following are some red flags to warn you.

#1 The Seller Is Unknown

You can easily tell the person who is speaking in the sales video is a voice actor. Nothing is wrong with it because not every product owner chooses to speak into the microphone themselves. But the seller's information is not visible in the site. If a product is legitimate and the seller is proud of his/her own creation, there should be a header or footer menu called "About Us/Me" "About Joe" etc. PPA does not have it.

Also in the sales video, the seller should introduce his/her related career background briefly. Many scammers introduce themselves in the video (spoken by a voice actor) but they often make up a disastrous financial failure story. For example, he was penniless, wife & kids left him and lost his house, when he found a miracle new method to leverage hundreds of dollars per minute. This is a serious red flag.

With PPA, the seller does not even introduce himself. You really would not want to spend money on a product, the creator of which remains a mystery. You pay today, and the site may be gone tomorrow. The product may have some illegal content. You will never know. To make sure you are buying the right product and your purchase is secure, at least you should know who the seller is.

#2 Fake Scarcity Marketing Technique

Fake Scarcity 13 Positions Left

Scarcity marketing is when a seller often offers a discount for "24 hours only", or displays a (fake) countdown timer on the sales page. Many legitimate sellers/marketers use this technique; I would say 99% of countdown timers are real. Usually you refresh/reload the page or clear the browser cache and the timer will be reset.

For example with a countdown timer, when it hits zero, usually you will still be eligible for the discount that's offered. Or if you refresh the browser, the countdown restarts.

PPA however, claims that there are only "13 positions left". This is fake at extreme because anyone with common sense will know it; a product that is only open to so few people is being advertised so openly. You will notice the cheap trick; if you stay in the page, the number will quickly go down to "8 positions left" within the first minute, then stop. If you refresh the browser page, the message will go back to "13 positions" again.

#3 Fake Testimonials

The people who appear in the Profit Point Autonomy page to claim that they make thousands of dollars within a few weeks are all actors (spokespeople) hired from Fiverr.

Profit Point Autonomy Fake Testimonials

These people publicly make false statements and, we can say they are part of the scam syndicates, in essence. But let's not give them bad names because we don't know how the arrangements were made. The seller may have simply asked them to "act", in which case the seller would be solely responsible for deceiving the views this way.

Not only PPA but usually when they claim to have earned a large sum of money but state an odd number ("I've made twelve-thousand, five hundred and seventy-two dollars" instead of saying "over twelve-thousand dollars") it's very likely to be a false statement.

Is Profit Point Autonomy A Scam?

Yes, I would say it's a scam. Not everyone might agree with me because by paying $47 for this product, you'll still be getting something with a little value in return. However there are enough reasons for me to call it a scam. The seller promises you that you can make money "by pressing a button". In an attempt to add credibility to his claim, he's had fake testimonials created and got other people to lie in public.

You will get "something", but something that you've never expected. Let's say for example, you've never tried Chinese food in your life. You don't even know what it tastes like. You're invited to a 5-star French restaurant for 8-course dinner with champagne for $47. You take it because you love French cuisine and you are only one of 13 people who are offered. At the table, you are served with rather casual, boxed Chinese takeout meals.

How would you feel? If you were adventurous, you would try the Chinese for the first time in your life, love it or hate it, you might enjoy the experience. But if you were more conservative, you wouldn't be prepared to eat something you've never had in your life in such a situation. Anyway, you've come to enjoy a French dinner, it was a bargain price but you've paid for it. No French and no champagne. Wouldn't you call this restaurant a scam?

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

In my opinion, Profit Point Autonomy is worse than that. The video was misleading, you have to learn how an online business works, which you haven't expected to do. You'll have to pay more for it to get it started. But you don't get to learn anything practical such as how to advertise, how to drive traffic to your site, so you will very unlikely to make any money using this product.

Whether you would call it a scam or not, is up to you, but I do not recommend it. You will be disappointed if you purchase it.

"Fake" 60 Days Refund Policy

We have seen many complaints by people who've already bought Profit Point Autonomy, that despite the 60 Day Refund Policy according to the terms and conditions page (, they receive no response to their refund requests.

* September 2019 update - check the comments kindly left by Doreen Cady below, to claim a full refund. Thank you so much for the valuable information, Doreen.

Profit Point Autonomy Pros and Cons


  • You might get to learn a little about online business.


  • False income potential claim.
  • Seller is unknown.
  • Fake testimonials.
  • It will only work if you pay a lot more money, keep trying and testing.
  • No response to refund requests despite of the money back policy.

Profit Point Autonomy Review: Conclusion

I hope my post has helped you understand how business websites work. Not only Profit Point Autonomy but many scammers out there claim that there is a way to make money immediately and easily, which is never true. I do not recommend Profit Point Autonomy.

Even legitimate online tools (such as website builders) claim that they are equipped to help you make success in a short period, but what you must realize is that they are only great tools. If you don't market your business and drive traffic, your perfectly built website will be wasted.

If you would like to learn how to drive traffic by Facebook advertising, I would recommend Commission Hero. Ray has recently reviewed this.

If you would like to start podcasting to make money, you can take a look at my article; How To Podcasting For Beginners.

To your success!

About the author 

Joe Garcia

An adventurer who is self-starting, quick to learn, and well organized. It is my privilege to work with Ray Alexander as his assistant. I occasionally write for this website on various work-from-home business topics, with Ray's help as I am still learning English. Originally from Spain, I now live in the UK.

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  1. I was charged $67.00 and I would like my money refunded in my debit card. I can’t afford this and am taking care of my 83 year old mother with COPD and my daughter. My moms house is going up for foreclosure because of taxes with reverse mortgage. please kindly send my money back, thank you.

    1. Hi Theresa, I suggest that you contact them directly.

      No point telling them that you can’t afford it though. Your personal problem is yours alone, not theirs. If you think you’ve been charged erroneously, that’s what you need to explain to them. Contact your bank or your local law center if needed. Good luck!

    2. Hello Teresa. Thank you for your comment but this is a Profit Point Autonomy review page. Please contact the seller directly.

  2. Don’t let this opportunity to scam pass you by. Get yourself together and don’t believe any affiliate scams like that. You’ll be among the lucky ones. I’m just trying to spam as many websites that me and my husband are here to testify about how we use Profit Point Autonomy scam. Profit Point Autonomy is nothing but a scam now to achieve our financial goals as well as having an independent business. An ATM machine anywhere in the world can be hacked with this programmed blank scam card. As a result, we can now say that we are rich and will never be poor again. If you withdraw up to 4 cents every day, you will lose more than a thousand dollars a month, you will be embarrassed by all the high school kids because nobody believes such BS. If you withdraw up to 2 Euros daily, you will lose thousands of dollars. The people trying to fool each other are so stupid. There is some technology in it that prevents tagging, and a technique that prevents Autonomy children from detecting you. For details and costs on how to get yours today, don’t email anybody but keep quiet.

  3. I want my refund. Please send my $47 back I haven’t been able to get online for profit autonomy thanks

  4. I love when the man in the vid starts his statement that he is giving this away free… then you put all your info in, to find they require $47, and it’s a ONE time fee.. that’s not usually the case.. you’ll find later that you are being charged that monthly…

    This video does not explain what they are selling… how they all make their money is by desperate people looking to find a way to get ahead. (not trying to insult anyone, but the people that pray on others)
    each one that pays that $47 is how they make their money…

    again, he’s saying: these websites are free… i’m still listening while typing this…

    Please, please people, do not fall for these scams…
    you pay them the $47, get nothing in return and then are not able to get your money back… i’ve been looking at these for years…. I’ve never paid for or fallen for any of these scams, but hope to save others from falling victim…..

    1. Hello Katie, thank you for your comment. Like you say, this is a typical scam product, we should never believe in any invitations like this one.

  5. I still keep the thought if it’s too good to be true…then it is! Also when you look at the so-called “checks” people are holding up the $ amount is printed $342.755,678. That is a REG FLAG! And once again too good to be true it usually is 99.9% of the time!

  6. Ray,
    Thank you for posting this. It saves many people from being scammed.
    I do have a question. Do you have any advice for someone who is looking to work online to help supplement their current income? I have a hard time with finding real companies who will hire someone to work at home part time. No get rich quick, just you do the work, get paid, but can do it from home(as I currently have a full time job). It is hard to tell what is real and what isn’t.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Lucy, thanks for your comment. To answer your question, as far as I’m concerned there is no decent employment opportunities online, and the only way is to sell your skills – advertise yourself on networks such as Fiverr and Upwork.

      Otherwise legitimate “make money online” schemes are all essentially training platforms, so you pay your fees and “learn to” make money, which takes a long time before you can start earning constant income.

      If you’re interested in building a website and making money as an affiliate by blogging – you can join me from the link in the post above. Great community, extremely helpful, it’s equipped with all the tools. But then again it will cost a lot to learn all the way (free to join though!)

  7. This is a joke your a real Angel for taking all our money. I hope you get your ass hemed up you pos!! I want my money back I will not stop until I get it.

  8. Glad I didn’t go through with the purchase! I’ve learned over time to research all of this get-rich-quick schemes and always find out they windup being scammers.

    Everyone would like to get rich quick to get out from under debit and relax on the beach. It would be great to live without spend 50+ hours a week making the corporate heads millions and put that money in there own pockets.

    The truth is, it’s virtually impossible! So keep working hard and focus on saving the necessary capitol to make your own dreams come true!


    Are the money making ads listed on this site legitimate programs or just more scams pushed through by Google ads? And has anyone had success with making money with little to no cost systems?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Travas, thanks for your comment. The ad inserted here ($6k per month) is about how to make money by blogging as an affiliate, and that’s how I make money. So it’s proven, but like you say, you need to keep working/learning and you need to be able to “write” (don’t have to be a good writer though… I’m not!)

      Yes, any “make money” products with a sales page that’s focused on “no more debt, relax on the beach” are fake, I would say!

      1. Ray, Joe,
        I want to help my friend who is homeless. He only has internet access occasionally. Is there any way he can make money? It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as he can set himself up when he’s online and make some passive income in the future. Any idea?

        1. Hi Gaby, such a thing never, ever exists, unfortunately. Online or offline, there’s no difference. You only get paid for the work you’ve done. Setting things up is the easiest part. And more importantly, you can only try something yourself and recommend what YOU think is the best to your friends, as you know. Sorry to disappoint you! Check this post – “I’m Homeless. Can I Make Money Online?” Thanks for your comment.

  9. Best way to hurt these scammers is to call your credit card company and request a “chargeback”. That is when the bank yanks the money back from the scammer. A merchant with too many chargebacks will be dropped by the credit card network (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). If Visa drops them, that would put a big dent in their ability to scam people.

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Jon. That’s the best way, it takes time but it’s worth it. Although the problem with many people seems to be that they use a debit card and they’re not entitled to chargebacks? Thanks for your comment!

  10. Everyone, please call , 1-888-793-3429. Give your transaction ID number. Do not fall for the $24 refund. Say, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee and you want your full $47 refund.
    Good luck all. I just called and demanded I get my full refund, and I did.

  11. I want my money back. I found that there is no phone number to call anybody. I want my 47.00 back. I checked the internet and you have many people saying that this is a scam. I want my money back.

    1. Yes, the scam’s disappeared again. See what your receipt says, also speak to your card company and ask if you can dispute the transaction. I really hope you’ll get your money back…good luck!

    1. Hi Johnson, sorry to hear that. Take a look at the email receipt and see if you can find a link to “request a refund”…? If you can’t, it’s best to dispute against your credit card company.

      (1) Firstly you need to contact the seller by email, and make sure you have a copy of your email – this is just to prove to your card company that you’ve made a contact, but you haven’t had a response.

      (2) Wait for a few days, contact the card company and ask to dispute. They might have to send you a form for you to fill in, etc. But it’s worth it. The reason should be “I have received a wrong product and the seller has ignored my messages”.

      I hope this helps…any more questions don’t hesitate to get back to us!

    2. I was also scammed into thinking this would work. I payed the $47, took me all day to go ever all info, setup 2 businesses.
      I called the 1-888-793-3421, with my transaction ID number. The person I spoke with was Jade. She was only going to give me a $24 refund, I refused that and said your site say 60 day full money back. Put on hole a few mins. Then she said your correct. I I am expecting a full $47 refund within 7-10 days

  12. I made a big mistake and used my credit card for the 47 dollars.i just want my money back.
    Profit point autonomy.
    It is a big scam.

  13. I wish I had looked into this further before I purchased it. Now I am trying to find contact information so I can try and get a refund but cant find any info to contact anyone for Profit Point Autonomy. Do you know if there is any contact info to get ahold of these people?

    1. Hello Susan, thank you for your comment, it’s best to dispute against the payment clearance source; it should say on your receipt email. If you paid via ClickBetter, you can ask ClickBetter to reverse the charge. Because the seller might simply ignore your refund request and it would take days to sort it out. Or dispute against your credit card company if you can?

    2. Susan M, call 1-888-793-4329 refund as stated . 60 day money back, do not agree for the $24, get the whole $, must have your transaction ID number

  14. I submited a payment to profit point autonomy but did not get access from the emails I received. Please advice my email is. thank you.

        1. Hi Dawn, looks like many people are complaining about this product. The website URL has disappeared since Joe wrote this review…

          See my advice to Johnson above – if you got an email receipt from the seller. If not, it’s best to contact your card company (or PayPal if you used it) and ask them to dispute? You can tell them that (1) what you received was not how it was described, (2) the seller didn’t leave the contact detail, (3) the website is gone and (4) basically you’ve been scammed. I hope they can help you get a full refund!

        2. Hi Dawn. Please call 1-888-793-3429. Have your transaction ID number that was sent to your email. Call and ask for a refund. DO NOT agree with the $24 refund, demand your full $47 refund as stated in the 60 day money back.
          Hope this helps you.

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