Rebatest Review: Cashback Site for Amazon Users

Updated: August 12, 2019
by Ray Alexander

My post today is about cashback. You're not getting extra cash but you'll essentially receive some products for free or at a discount rate. I hope this Rebatest review will be of use, and you'll give it a try if you live in the USA or UK.

It's been a couple of years since Amazon stopped allowing incentivized reviews. The sellers used to have opportunities to offer products to Amazon customers for free in exchange for leaving a review, but Amazon disallowed such schemes in 2016. Since then, I've seen quite a few "product trial and rebate" websites come up with other ways to work around it. Now is often chosen to be the best one - it's free to join, and you'll get chances to buy selected everyday items and get a full or partial cashback.

*** June 2020 update: I've received some complaints about Rebatest for not making the payment as promised. Since I don't have a proof myself but because several users have complained, right now I'm not able to either recommend or not recommend Rebatest.

Rebatest Review

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What Is Rebatest? Overview

According to 2017 State Of Online Reviews by, 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decision. It means that when we make a purchasing decision, the majority of us almost always choose a product with good reviews over other similar products with no review.

The eCommerce industry is extremely competitive and, particularly new sellers on Amazon struggle to have their products listed towards the top of the page. For that reason, they are desperate to receive positive reviews on the products they're selling.

Rebatest provides a mutual benefit for both the sellers and buyers. Here's how it works;

  1. Sign up with Rebatest (and confirm your email address).
  2. Browse the products listed by category in your Rebatest dashboard.
  3. Find a product that you want for free (or at a specified discounted rate).
  4. Click "Apply Now" button - in a few hours, the seller will approve your request.
  5. When approved, click the "Buy Now" button - you'll be directed to Amazon page.
  6. Buy it as you normally buy a product on Amazon. Pay the full price. You will receive the product as you normally do.
  7. Go back to your Rebatest account and leave your 'trial report' (review of the product).
  8. Rebatest will post your review to Amazon on your behalf.
  9. You'll receive your money back from Rebatest.
Rebatest Review

What Do You Need To Get Rebates?

You need to be a US resident or UK resident and have your local Amazon account ready. You also have to have an account with PayPal because it's the only way to receive your cashback.

Who's Behind Rebatest?

We don't know. It makes me a little suspicious that we cannot find the company information or where the office is situated. Although it has all the social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram as well as YouTube) and it says it operates in California.

Does It Really Give You Cashback?

Yes, it seems to do (I've not tried it yet myself!) But I have found some real users (see Quora, for example). If in the case of not getting your money back, you could return the product and get a refund from Amazon. So you are protected in that sense.

What Kind Of Products Can You Get For Free?

The products are listed by category - Health & Beauty | Babies & Kids | Electronics | Clothing & Jewelry | Sports & Outdoor | Home & Garden | Travel & Vacation | Office. Various items priced around $6 - $80.

At the time of writing this, I can see just over 120 products for US and about 60 for UK. Each listing is time-limited, so you might want to check every few days (if not every day) to see if there's a new product that interests you.

The list can be sorted by price, amount of rebate (although 100% cashback is offered for most of the items), newest/oldest, or countdown (the listing period).

Rebatest Products

How To Write Your Trial Report (Review)

The product review form will be ready for you to fill in, and click to send. The required fields of the form are;

  • Star rating
  • Review title
  • Pros & cons
  • Suggestions (e.g. it would have been better with a side pocket
  • Target audience (e.g. suitable for any children under 10, perfect as a gift for men)
  • Conclusion

It's a lot easier to be guided this way than writing a review in one big box. And if you're still not used to writing a review, you can check the same or similar product on Amazon and see if you can get inspired by what other reviewers say.

Is It Ethical?

Well, that's the thing... I've recently bought an ultrasonic fly repeller (NB: unrelated to Rebatest) because this particular device had 4.5 star rating out of 5, reviewed by over 100 people on Amazon. It didn't work. I found no effects or whatsoever.

I checked the reviews closely - over 40 reviewers gave 1 star saying 'totally useless', 'it doesn't work, do not buy it.' Whereas about the equal number of people gave 5 stars, saying it worked amazingly - eliminated flies, spiders, mice and other rodents. Their writing styles were all strangely well-constructed. I couldn't help but convince myself that they must have got the device for free in exchange for writing a review.

Although you are supposed to write an honest and unbiased review, if you do leave a bad review of one product, your next "free product for review" application may not be approved. Psychologically you could feel inclined to write positive reviews for that reason, and that wouldn't help genuine Amazon shoppers.

Is It Worth Trying Rebatest?

As far as a product testing experience is concerned, getting something for free for the sake of writing a review is not a bad thing. You get something that you would have never paid the full price for, means you'll gain knowledge of what better products are out there. It will also help you develop your attention to detail, hence you'll have more chances to influence others on social media, or as a blogger if you haven't already.

Rebatest Pros and Cons


  • Get products for free!
  • You can develop your attention to detail by writing reviews regularly.
  • You'll receive your cashback within 48 of submitting the review. (A few users have pointed out that it's no longer the case.)


  • USA or UK residents only.
  • The choice of products may be limited at times.
  • You might find it hard to write a bad review if you don't like the product.

Rebatest Review: Conclusion

If you like to leave product reviews on Amazon or any online store sites, Rebatest gives you great opportunities to receive a reward in the form of cashback. It's best if you join free and see what kind of products are on offer yourself. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Found a new way to save my hard-earned money. In July 2020, I had my first try on Rebatest, applying a pet toy for my cattie. It was a bit hard time for me because of the process. I contacted the support teams several times and finally figured it out and got my money back. So far, it saves me more than $400. Brilliant ! ! !

  2. I use this site for nearly one year now. I was not familiar with the rules at the beginning. So I sent emails to their customer service to ask for help. They replied very quickly and they are helpful always. You can get many free products from the site and I am sure that you will like it.

  3. Scam website! Did a review for them and they never paid me. They kept saying there was a problem at their end and they will fix which they never did. Then they sent me a message, sorry it’s over 3 months now. Basically a scam website.

    1. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience, and sorry to hear that you’ve had a problem with Rebatest. Since you’re not the first person who’s said it, I’ll reflect the post accordingly. Thank you for your input. I hope you’ll get paid soon!

    2. Dear,
      We are sorry to hear you’ve had difficulties to reach us.
      We at Rebatest can be contacted 24/7 via our Support Center and Live Chat.
      Please feel free to contact us here:
      Please check your account and reply to the message we have sent to you regarding your particular case.
      Best Regards
      Rebatest Customer Service

        1. Have you finished all steps that they requested? It is so weird, as I have used it for several months, and got rebates back each time. I think it is a good site. At least for me, I have saved a lot of money on this site.

          1. Once you register you can bet your money back yeah but you have to keep an eye on your email notifications coz things are all so popular you if you don’t register early they are all gone. Check your spam folder if you register but haven’t received notifications. Whitelist Rebatest.

    3. Has your review been deleted by Amazon? Your comment needs to stay on the product page to be detected. You should find customer service in time.

    4. I can always get my cash back,you should follow their steps,man.I guess your review did not live on Amazon.My daughter loves this site,she loves to write reviews.

  4. I would never recommend anyone join Rebatest. After purchasing many orders, Rebatest doesn’t even allow you to upload your order photo for verification, making it impossible to get your rebate. Products almost always cost more on Amazon so you are not getting a 100% rebate and their website is misleading (this doesn’t even include PayPal fees). This interface is not user-friendly and the Help section is not helpful. Customer service is slow and it is very difficult to delete your account fully.

    1. Hi Carrie, wow, thanks for the feedback. It doesn’t sound as good as I initially thought…! No mention of the PayPal fees sure sounds misleading!
      Thank you for your input, I appreciate it.

    2. I have also encountered the problem of not being able to upload photos, which can be solved by changing a browser or operating on the PC.

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